UKIPT Nottingham: Poker's longest day draws to a close with Chris Brammer out front

ukiptthumb.JPGWhen Cornelius Ryan put pen to paper on the book that would become the John Wayne vehicle The Longest Day, one can feel safe to say he had never attended UKIPT Nottingham season three. If he had, one suspects his novel and then movie portraying the D-Day landings could at best have been called The Second Longest Day.

Here at Dusk Till Dawn, we have just wrapped the third flight of the first day of this monstrous poker tournament: three sets of 11 one-hour levels, plus dinner and other breaks, stretched over 42 hours (if commute and admin is taken into consideration too). Take that Cornelius. And you Marion.

Following Marcin Milde and Ken Isaksen into the exclusive club of day one chip leaders tonight is Chris Brammer, whose 180,800 was the most accumulated by any player today. Brammer was the first player to double up what seems like months ago, getting set over set in the first orbit. He purred like a well-oiled machine from there.


Chris Brammer: a very familiar face at the top of the charts

Brammer, the UKIPT season one leaderboard champion seems set to return to the top echelons after a cash-less season two.

It was a day on which no one player really ran away with it, and so the likes of Don Campbell (166,600), Gareth Teatum (160,000), Tim Clarke (159,900), Nathan Kieley (153,000) and Richard Young (152,900) are also close behind.


Don Campbell: will also be safe cycling home


Gareth Teatum: not far behind

The good news for all those hardy souls is that their continued success will be worth a packet. The official numbers were calculated at the mid-point of the day and we soon learned that 1,625 players had each parted with £700 to join the fun. That created a prize pool of £1,137,500, of which £210,400 will go to the winner. Full details of the breakdown is on the prizepool page.


Mandatory arty shot

The stars also came out to play, and we saw the likes of Jake Cody, Toby Lewis, Julian Thew, Kevin MacPhee, Max Silver, Nick Abou Risk and Dave Ulliot in the day 1C field. But none of them would last the day. The Team PokerStars Pros Victoria Coren and Marcel Luske also came and went.


Jake Cody, on a fleeting appearance


Victoria Coren: came and went

But the famous livery will still be modelled on day two by Liv Boeree and Jude Ainsworth. The former was an early chip leader after being the beneficiary of what even Boeree conceded was a cold deck. By the end she had been pegged back to 25,200.


Liv Boeree: What might have been

Ainsworth played a much more patient game, weathering a tough early table that also featured MacPhee, but then gliding through the gears, particularly in the last few levels, and ending with 97,600. It's not exactly Ainsworth's natural game to be circumspect, so that late move has put him right into contention.


Jude Ainsworth: It's not that bad

The full list of chip counts will appear on the chip-count page when they are made official. And you can drift off into the land of nod by reading our level-by-level updates by clicking the links below.

Levels 1-4 updates
Levels 5-7 updates
Levels 8-11 updates

Day two resumes at noon tomorrow, when all the survivors will be under one roof for the first time. We will also be under that same room, notebooks and pens in hand.

Until then, goodnight.

Photos for PokerStars Blog from Nottingham by Mark Gregory/PhotoShy.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT