UKIPT Season 3 Online: Final table, level 1-4 updates (blinds 15,000 - 30,000 ante 3,000)

5.30pm: First blood to Barzantny

Wojtek Barzantny has won the first significant pot of the heads-up battle, he bet all three streets of a [8♠8♦5♦6♦A♥ board, I missed the flop sizing but it was 250,000 on the turn and 420,000 on the river. At showdown he revealed 9♣7♦ and Moorman mucked his hand.

The players are now on a 20 minute break, you'll find level five updates in a new post shortly.

5.15 pm: Rafael Porzecanski eliminated in third place (£41,090)
And we're now heads-up here in Bristol.

From the small blind Chris Moorman made it 65,000 to go, Rafael Porzecanski moved all-in for around 600,000 from the big blind and Moorman swiftly called.

Moorman: Q♥Q♠
Porzecanski A♣4♠

The board ran 5♣9♥8♥9♣3♦ to eliminated start of day chip leader Rafael Porzecanski in third place, the Uruguayan collects £41,090 for finishing third.

ukipt online_final table_rafael porzecanski2.jpg

Rafael Porzecanski

5pm: Chris Moorman doubles through Rafael Porzecanski
I missed the pre-flop action but it appeared from the pre-flop action that Chris Moorman had raised from the small blind and Rafael Porzecanski had called from the big blind.

On the 4♦J♦Q♣ flop, Moorman checked and Porzecanski bet 95,000. Back on Moorman he check-raised to 242,000, Porzecanski moved all-in and Moorman called all-in for an effective 1,042,000.

Moorman: K♠Q♠
Porzecanski: K♦5♦

Moorman was ahead, but he'd have to fade Porzecanski's flush draw. The Q♥ turn took away one of Porzecanski's outs and the J♠ river was a blank and Moorman doubled through to around 2,300,000, whilst Porzecanski slipped to 630,000.

4.45pm: Chip counts
Since three-handed play began Wojtek Barzantny has been in the ascendency he now leads with a stack of 2,300,000, Rafael Porzecanski is in second with 1,600,000 and Chris Moorman is the shortest stack with 1,400,000

With the big blind currently 30,000 though there's plenty of play left in this tournament.

ukipt online_final table_wojtek barzantny.jpg

Wojtek Barzantny

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000 ante 3,000

4.30pm: All-in action
After a lull in the action, you sensed a big pot was brewing and the railbirds got one.

From the button Rafael Porzecanski raised to 51,000 and Chris Moorman defended from the big blind. On the 5♥3♦J♥ flop Porzecanski c-bet 62,000, Moorman check-raised to 152,000 and Porzecanski made the call.

The 2♣ fell on the turn, Moorman deliberately pushed out a bet of 255,000, Porzecanski moved all-in and Moorman swiftly called.

Porzecanski: 6♣4♠
Moorman: 6♦4♦

Both players had turned the nuts meaning the pot was chopped and three-handed play continues.

4.10pm: Moorman moves in
Chris Moorman had lost some ground this level but he's certainly not afraid to play big pots. He opened from the small blind to 57,000, Rafael Porzecanski three-bet to 130,000 from the big blind, but folded when Moorman moved all-in for around 1,250,000.

4pm: Three handed chip counts
Approximate three-handed chip counts are:

Seat two: Wojtek 'piper_kl88' Barzantny, 2,000,000
Seat four: Chris 'Moorman1' Moorman, United Kingdom, 1,200,000
Seat seven: Rafael 'zugzwang16' Porzecanski, 2,100,000

3.45pm: David Lenz eliminated in fourth place (£30,817.50)
And we're down to the final three and it's the three who started the day as the top three and, amazingly they're still in that order.

In a flurry of pre-flop raises David Lenz six-bet all-in with A♦Q♠ for around 900,000 and Wojtek Barzantny snap called with A♥A♣.

The 3♥J♥K♥ flop gave Lenz hope of an unlucky outdraw, but he was cleaned out as the 4♥ and J♦ completed the board.

ukipt online_final table_david lenz.jpg

Lenz, scratched from this tournament in fourth

3.30pm: Chip counts
Players are back in their seats, here's the 100% accurate chip counts as things stand:

Seat one: David 'komisch99' Lenz, 475,000
Seat two: Wojtek 'piper_kl88' Barzantny, 1,165,000
Seat four: Chris 'Moorman1' Moorman, United Kingdom, 1,500,000
Seat seven: Rafael 'zugzwang16' Porzecanski, 2,200,000

It's still Rafael Porzecanski who leads, but Chris Moorman is lurking ominously in second place.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000 ante 3,000

3.05pm: Moorman wins a huge pot
In a pot that extended into the break, Chris Moorman near doubled up and now has 1,500,000.

Moorman told me that pre-flop Wojtek Barzantny raised from the small blind, he three-bet from the big blind and Barzantny made the call. On the 2♦3♠5♠ flop Barzantny check-called a bet from Moorman and there was approximately 375,000 in the pot as they went to the turn.

The [10h] fell on fourth street, it checked to Moorman who bet 188,000, Barzantny check-raised to 400,000 and after much contemplation Moorman made the call, leaving himself 315,000 behind.

The 7♦ completed the board, Barzantny checked to Moorman who moved all-in and Barzantny swiftly mucked, Moorman is up to roughly 1,500,000 whilst Barzantny is down to arond 1,150,000. Official chip counts will be done during the 15 minute break that players are now on.

2.50pm: Joep van den Bijgaart eliminated in fifth place (£20,545.00)
Chris Moorman is very much back in business after eliminating Joep van den Bijgaart in fifth place.

The pot was opened by Moorman, Van den Bijgaart moved in for around 250,000 and Moorman made the call.

Moorman: A♠K♦
Van den Bijgaart: K♠J♠

The board ran [10s]7♣[10c]5♥3♣, Van den Bijgaart made a point of walking round the table to shake everyone's hand and wish them good luck. After that hand Moorman is up to around 775,000.

ukipt online_final table_joop van den Bijgaart.jpg

The Dutchman was done in fifth

2.40pm: Top and tail
No big pots of note in the last 20 minutes, to give you a flavour of five-handed action I just saw Chris Moorman get a walk.

As it stands Wojtek Barzantny,and Rafael Porzecanski are way out in front with around 1,800,000, Chris Moorman has around 575,000, David Lenz has just under 450,000 and Joep van den Bijgaart is the short stack with around 265,000.

ukipt online_final table_rafael porzecanski.jpg

Rafael Porzecanski

2.20pm: Dan Smyth eliminated in sixth place (£14,381.50)
Two hands in a row have done for the lone Irishman at the final table, as Dan Smyth has just busted in sixth place and he was a touch unlucky to do so.

In the first (and most important hand) it folded to Chris Moorman in the small blind, he moved all-in for 238,000 with K♥J♠ and Smyth called from the big blind with K♣Q♦. The Q♣[10s]9♥ flop hit both of them, but hit Moorman decidedly harder.

His straight stayed in front on the 9♦ turn and 5♣ river, leaving Smyth with less than two big blinds. That went in on the very next hand and he couldn't beat Wojtek Barzantny's A♠9♠ on a 6♣Q♦3♥6♠8♥ board.

ukipt online_final table_dan smyth.jpg

Dan Smyth - out in sixth

2.05pm: Chip counts
Here's the rough chip counts at the start of the level:

Seat one: David 'komisch99' Lenz, 625,000
Seat two: Wojtek 'piper_kl88' Barzantny, 1,700,000
Seat four: Chris 'Moorman1' Moorman, United Kingdom, 215,000
Seat five: Dan 'danloulou' Smyth, 260,000
Seat six: Joep 'Pappe_Ruk' van den Bijgaart, 425,000
Seat seven: Rafael 'zugzwang16' Porzecanski, 2,100,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000

1.50pm: Trying to get the monkey off his back
Chris Moorman is undoubtedly the UK's most successful online tournament player of all time. However, he's not even the most successful live tournament player in his own house! Sort of.

He's being railed here today by his girlfriend and his father, Simon. We'd like to imagine a giant scoreboard in chez Moorman with a big Simon 1 - 0 Chris adorned across it.

You see Moorman Senior has something Moorman Junior doesn't, a major live tournament title to his name. His Dad won a GUKPT event in 2009, an event Chris staked him into. Chris, who's had some near misses of course, will be hoping to even up the scoreboard today. His dad told me, "He always gets ribbed about it by his friends."

1.40pm: David Lenz doubles through Chris Moorman
Bad news for Chris Moorman fans as he's just lost a fair chunk of his chips to David Lenz.

The Brit opened from under-the-gun+1 with pocket nines, Lenz moved all-in for 323,000 from the big blind with A♣K♣ and Moorman made the call. The 4♠K♥J♠2♥[10c] board gave the pot to the overcards and Moorman slips to around 165,000.

1.30pm: Two chip leaders go at it
From under-the-gun Wojtek Barzantny made it 32,000 to go, Dan Smyth re-raised to 81,000 on the button and Rafael Porzecanski then four-bet to 162,000 from the big blind. Back on Barzantny he made the call (although he thought it was less than 162,000) and Smyth got out the way.

"Live fish," said Joep van den Bijgaart at Barzantny's live 'misclick' as the dealer fanned a Q♣7♥A♣ flop. First to act, Porzecanski bet 205,000 and Barzantny mucked his hand saying: "Unsurprisingly I fold."

1.20pm: Ben Jenkins eliminated in seventh place (£9,245.25)
It didn't take long for the first serious action of this final table to occur. From the cut-off Wojtek Barzantny opened, Ben Jenkins shoved for around 20 big blinds and Barzantny made the call.

Jenkins: 8♠8♠
Barzantny: A♠Q♦

The board ran 6♣J♠4♥[10c]A♣ and Barzantny, who started the final second in chips, is now the chip leader.

ukipt online_final table_ben jenkins.jpg

Barzantny (left) knocked out Jenkins (right)

1.10pm: UKIPT online final set to go live
Welcome to the UKIPT online final table, which is playing out live here in Bristol, England. A field of 587 players was whittled down to the final eight on on October 14th-15th.

Although, only seven of the eight have made it here as Sergey 'Seradja' Sergeevich Prostakov a 21-year-old student from Moscow has been unable to attend.

The other seven are now all in their seats and the seat draw has been made which is as below. If you'd like to know a bit more about those at the final table click this link and you'll see an excellent piece that the PokerStars blog made earlier.

Seat one: David 'komisch99' Lenz, 369,562
Seat two: Wojtek 'piper_kl88' Barzantny, 1,524,837
Seat three: Ben 'gs08bjohnson' Jenkins, 360,233
Seat four: Chris 'Moorman1' Moorman, United Kingdom, 562,818
Seat five: Dan 'danloulou' Smyth, 485,659
Seat six: Joep 'Pappe_Ruk' van den Bijgaart, 545,565
Seat seven: Rafael 'zugzwang16' Porzecanski, 1,530,528

And here's what they're playing for:

1. £77,126.03
2. £55,471.50
3. £41,090.00
4. £30,817.50
5. £20,545.00
6. £14,381.50
7. £9,245.25

The blinds will start at 8,000 - 16,000 ante 3,000 and each level is an hour long. Let's shuffle up and deal.

ukipt online_final table_final seven.jpg

The elite eight seven

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Bristol: Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT