UKIPT Season 3 Online: Barzantny topples Moorman to win UKIPT Online title and £77,126

It took four hours, multiple chip-lead changes and plenty of skill, but in a heads-up battle, in which the only all-in and call was the final hand, Wojtek Barzantny defeated Chris Moorman to win the inaugural UKIPT Online title and £77,126.

"It's very special to win UKIPT Online and beat such a strong table," said Barzantny before adding. "I'd like to dedicate this win to Dr. Alexander Maurer whose life was taken earlier this year."

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Wojtek wins

It's perhaps fitting that to claim the UKIPT Online title Barzantny had to defeat the UK's best online player. To use a gaming analogy it's almost as if Moorman was the end of level boss, there as a fail safe in case anyone got past all the other obstacles in their way. In the end Barzantny filled up his 'flip metre' and used his power ups at the right time to seal the victory.

ukipt online_final table_chris moorman.jpg

Moorman - had to settle for second

The final hand saw Moorman open to 160,000 with A♣3♥ then call all-in for an effective 1,680,000 after Barzantny shoved with Q♥J♦. "He had 20 big blinds left and I thought that was a good stack size for me to shove broadway hands as he can still have a light opening range there," said Barzantny.

"I had decent equity in the hand," he added. Indeed he did, Moorman was just a 55.67% favourite to win the hand. The Brit stayed in front on the flop but a jack on the turn saw the hand and the title slip from his grasp.

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It's all about the trophy

The elite eight had actually started as a final seven, Sergey Prostakov unable to make it here for the final from Russia. It would be a fast start as Barzantny knocked out the other Brit at the final table, Ben Jenkins losing a flip with pocket eights to Barzantny's A♠Q♦, an ace on the river 'Greensteining' Barzantny into the lead.

ukipt online_final table_ben jenkins2.jpg

Jenkins (right) out in ninth

It then seemed that Moorman, who had started the final table third in chips, was going to have his day cut short. The other German at the table - David Lenz jammed with A♣K♣ and got there against Moorman's pocket nines to leave the latter with less than ten big blinds.

Having recovered a touch Moorman then got lucky to stay in it, shoving from the small blind with K♥J♠ but running into Dan Smyth's K♣Q♦. However, Moorman flopped a straight, Smyth was left with two big blinds and out the next hand in sixth

ukipt online_final table_dan smyth2.jpg

Smyth - got very unlucky to bust in sixth

Just 30 minutes later Joep van den Bijgaart would become the third player eliminated in the opening two levels. The Dutchman never got anything going and got the last of his chips across the line in bad shape, his K♠J♠ failing to get there against Moorman's A♠K♦.

ukipt online_final table_joop van den Bijgaart2.jpg

Joop van den Bijgaart

When David Lenz was sent packing in fourth - his A♦Q♠ going down in flames to Barzantny's pocket aces in a button versus small blind battle - the three players who were left were the top three going into the final table, the lines between online and live becoming ever more blurred.

We'd hardly heard a peep from start of final table chip leader Rafael Porzecanski, but he'd quietly accumulated chips and was still in the lead from Barzantny and Moorman.

However, he was soon to lose the first big pot he played, a flopped flush draw against Moorman's top pair saw the chips go in, Moorman's hand improved whilst Porzecanski's didn't and he was suddenly the short stack.

Fifteen minutes later Moorman finished what he'd started, pocket queens starting and staying in front of Porzecanski's A♣4♠.

ukipt online_final table_rafael porzecanski3.jpg

Rafael Porzecanski finished third

Much was known of Moorman before this tournament started and with the chip lead he was undoubtedly the favourite as heads-up play began. And Barazantny, a 24-year-old social science student from Germany, was well aware of who he was up against. "He's probably the best online poker player ever, I knew it wouldn't be easy. But, the stacks were deep and it was real poker still. I liked that."

Heads-up play would last longer than the rest of the final table, it was a battle Barzantny described as a boxing match. Both players had more than 80 big blinds when it started and were keen to see flops and play pots.

Indeed, until the final hand there were no all-in and calls throughout the entire heads-up match. The chip lead changed hands five times and although both players established a two-to-one-chip-lead, for the vast majority of the match there was just a handful of big blinds between the two of them.

"He's a living legend," said Barzantny of Moorman in a post-game interview. The German has, perhaps, made his first step towards similar status with this victory.

ukipt online_final table_wojtek barzantny2.jpg

UKIPT champion Wojtek Barzantny

UKIPT Online final table results:

UKIPT online main event
Buy-in: £735
Game: NLHE
Players: 587
Prize pool: £410,900

1.Wojtek Barzantny, Germany, PokerStars online qualifier, £77,126.03
2. Chris Moorman, United Kingdom, PokerStars online qualifier, £55,471.50
3. Rafael Porzecanski, Uruguay, PokerStars online qualifier, £41,090.00
4. David Lenz, Germany, PokerStars online qualifier, £30,817.50
5. Joep van den Bijgaart, Netherlands, PokerStars online qualifier, £20,545
6. Dan Smyth, Ireland, PokerStars online qualifier, £14,381.50
7. Ben Jenkins, United Kingdom, PokerStars online qualifier, £9,245.25
8. Sregey Sergeevich Prostakov, Russia, PokerStars online qualifier, £6,163.50

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