UKIPT Season 3 Online: Final table, level 5-8 updates (blinds 40,000 - 80,000 ante 10,000)

9.55pm: Wojtek Barzantny wins UKIPT Online (£77,126.03); Chris Moorman eliminated in second place (£55,471.50)
It's all over and as seemed increasingly likely it came down to a a flip, between two players who couldn't be separated.

From the button Chris Moorman made it 160,000, Wojtek Barzantny then moved all-in and after checking his stack and his cards Moorman called all-in for an effective 1,860,000.

Moorman: A♣3♥ (55.67%)
Barzantny: Q♥J♦ (43.85%)

The 6♥5♥8♠ flop kept Moorman in the lead, his Dad was leaning on the table mouthing 'come on'. The J♥ turn saw the crowd, most of whom were cheering on Moorman, take a sharp intake of breath as their man was now just one card away from elimination. The [10d] completed the board and the two combatants shook hands as a round of applause rang out.

Wojtek Barzantny is the inaugural UKIPT Online champion, he takes home £77,126.03 and a seat to the champion of champions event. It was a great effort from Chris Moorman but that live win in the UK still eludes him.

A full wrap of the day's play will be on the way shortly. Whilst Day 1A of UKIPT Bristol begins tomorrow at noon.

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Say Käse!

9.45pm: Barzantny still getting the better of it
We're still waiting for the big clash between the two players, but over the last dozen or so hands Wojtek Barzantny has stretched his lead further and is really putting the pressure on Chris Moorman.

The German now has around 3,200,000 to Moorman's 2,200,000. This heads-up battle has now gone on longer than it took to go from seven to two players.

9.30pm: Barzantny getting the better of it
No big clashes of note, but the bigger pots are going the way of Wojtek Barzantny. After the two of them had traded walks and Chris Moorman had a raise and take, Barzantny won the most significant pot of the last 15 minutes when he four-bet to 830,000 over Moorman' s 360,000 three-bet.

He's now into the lead, albeit a slender one of 2,850,000 to 2,550,000.

9.15pm: Back to evens
Chris Moorman is now back on level terms once more.

He raised to 160,000 on the button and Wojtek Barzantny made the call from the big blind. The 9♥5♦4♣ flop was checked to Moorman and he bet 150,000. Back on Barzantny check-raised to 415,000 total. After a short think and a check of his cards Moorman moved all-in and Barazntny mucked his cards.

ukipt online_final table_chris moorman2.jpg

Moorman has evened it up once again

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000-80,000

9pm: Big pot for Barzantny
And just like that, Wojtek Barzantny is back on top, he now has 3,800,000 to Chris Moorman's 1,600,000 after the following hand.

On the turn of a J♣3♥[10c]9♥ board Moorman led for 450,000 into a pot of 800,000, dwell then a call from Barzantny. The 7♦ completed the board, Moorman now tanked for a long time, before eventually electing to check. Action was on Barzantny he too tanked for an age, before moving all-in. After a brief think Moorman released his hand.

8.45pm: Back to even
Chris Moorman has just re-established chip parity with Wojtek Barzantny.

On a K♠A♦7♣6♦ board it was checked to Moorman who bet 200,000 into a pot of 450,000, call from Barzantny. The 7♥ completed the board, it was checked to Moorman who fired out a chunky bet of 1,025,000. This sent Barzantny into the tank, he eventually folded, showing the A♣ as he did so.

ukipt online_final table_chris moorman2.jpg

Chris Moorman - back on level terms

8.35pm: Calm before the storm
There have been zero showdowns or river cards, precious few turns and very few flops in the last 15 minutes. Chip movement has, as you'd expect been minimal. At the moment Wojtek Barzantny has 3,200,000 to Chris Moorman's 2,200,000.

8.20pm: The fuse is lit, but no fireworks
You sense that this is the level where the UKIPT online title is going to be decided one way or the other. But as of yet there's been no pots of note, but here's what's happened in the opening 15 minutes of this level.

- Chris Moorman has won the only pot that's gone to showdown, he called a bet of 65,000 on the river of a K♣6♠5♥J♠2♥ board and A♥2♣ was good.

- Two raise and takes for Wojtek Barzantny, one for Moorman

- A walk for Moorman

- One four-bet from Barzantny, he opened to 120,000, Moorman made it 300,000, Barzantny popped it to 550,000 and Moorman folded.

8.05pm: Back from the break
The players are now back in their seats and play is back underway.

7.50pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break, chip counts are currently 2,800,000 for Wojtek Barzantny and 2,550,000 for Chris Moorman.

7.45pm: Barzantny the aggressor
In the last few hands Wojtek Barzantny has really upped the aggression and as a result re-taken the chip lead.

First he three-bet to 240,000 over a 100,000 open from Chris Moorman and took the pot down. Hen on the next hand he made it 100,000 to go, Moorman three-bet to 240,000 but was forced to release when Barzantny made it 490,000 to play.

It's now roughly 2,800,000 to 2,600,000 in the German's favour.

ukipt online_final table_wojtek barzantny2.jpg

Barzantny - his aggression is paying off

7.40pm: Internet issues
The internet has either been down, painfiully slow or non eixistent, hence the reason for lack of updates. Hopefully all the gremlins are now taken care of and it can be business as usual.

7.20pm: Moorman retakes the lead
The back and forth nature of this heads-up battle continues, Chris Moorman is now back in the lead.

He'd won a few small pots, to get back to around 2,050,000 before the following hand played out.

He raised to 100,000 from the button, Wojtek Barzantny re-raised to 250,000, Moorman made it 365,000, Barzantny upped it to 700,000, Moorman moved all-in and Barzantny snap-folded his hand.

Chip counts now roughly 2,800,000 to Moorman, 2,600,000 to Barzantny.

7pm: Barzantny jumps out to the lead
For the first time in this heads-up match Wojtek Barzantny has taken a significant lead after tanking for almost four minutes on the river, before making what proved to be a very good call.

Pre-flop Chris Moorman made it 100,000 on the button and Barzantny made the call. On the 6♦4♦K♥ flop Moorman c-bet 130,000 and Barzantny tagged along. The 2♠ hit the turn, bet of 230,000 from Moorman, call from Barzantny.

The [10s] completed the board, Moorman emptied the clip, betting 475,000 when it was checked to him. It was now that Barzantny took his time, riffling chips for a few minutes before announcing call.

Moorman picked up his cards but kept them face down and moved them towards the dealer, a sure sign he thought he'd lost, Barzantny turned over A♥4♥ and Moorman mucked his hand face down.

The chip counts are now roughly 3,600,000 to Barzantny and 1,800,000 for Moorman.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000-50,000 ante 5,000

6.40pm: Level pegging
A few small pots have gone the way of Wojtek Barzantny and stacks are now pretty much even. Both players are over 65 big blinds deep and even when the blinds rise in six minutes they'll still have over 50 big blinds.

This heads-up could go a while.

6.30pm: Barzantny gets some back
This is an enthralling heads-up battle with both players having their purple patches. It was Wojtek Barzantny's turn to rake in a big pot this time.

With 410,000 in the pot and a flop of 8♦K♣4♦ on the felt Chris Moorman led for 155,000, Barzantny raised to 340,000, Moorman re-raised to 555,000 total and Barzantny then moved all-in.

Moorman took a swift look at his cards before mucking, stacks are now roughly 2,900,000 to Moorman and 2,500,000 to Barzantny so it's back to where heads-up started.

6.20pm: Moorman takes a big pot
The pendulum has now swung firmly back in Chris Moorman's direction as he now has a two to one chip lead over Wojtek Barzantny.

There was 430,000 in the pot (suggesting a three-bet pot pre-flop) as the two of them took a K♥3♠J♦ flop. First to act, Moorman led for 180,000 and then called after Barzantny had raised to 425,000.

Both players checked the A♠ turn to see the J♣ complete the board. Very carefully Moorman slid a bet of 300,000 over the line and, after getting a count, Barzantny made the call, Moorman rolled over J♠7♦ for trip jacks and Barzantny mucked.

Approximate chip counts are now 3,600,000 versus 1,800,000.

6pm: More for Wojtek
All the big pots are going the way of the German right now. I only caught the river action but with a full board of J♠5♠K♦[10s]3♦ on the felt, and roughly 550,000 in the pot, Wojtek Barzantny bet 245,000 and after a couple of minutes Chris Moorman made the call.

The German rolled over K♥[10h] for two pair and Moorman mucked his hand, Moorman had taken a few small pots so stacks are pretty much even now.

5.45pm: Heads-up for the title
So just two players remain, one of whom you probably know a lot about, Chris 'Moorman1' Moorman has been a doyen of the UK online poker scene for many years. He's got the chip lead with 2,900,000.

He's facing off against Wojtek Barzantny, a 24-year-old student from Kaiserslautern, Germany. And although with 'just' 2,500,000 he faces a slight chip deficit, he's not afraid to take on big names. He recently won the Big 109 on PokerStars beating Joseph 'subiime' Cheong heads up and he's also got a couple of live cashes to his name and finished sixth in the Malaga leg of the Estrellas Poker tour in March 2011.

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Heads-Up action in Bristol

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Bristol:Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT