UKIPT Bristol: Final table, level 22-24 updates (12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

2.50pm: Break!
That's the end of the level. The players will be taking a 20 minute break to freshen up then war will begin again as they continue six-handed.

See you in a moment.

Updates from level 25 onwards will be shown in a new post.

2.37pm: Sidark and Barzantny go to war
They had a battle or two yesterday and the Swede and German are at it again.

Amanda Sidark suffered in the first hand, raising from middle position to 52,000 and picking up a call from Barzantny in the blinds.

The flop fell 5♦5♥3♦, Barzantny checking, Sidark leading for 100,000 and Barzantny now making it 210,000. Sidark reached deep into her stack and put in the third big bet of the hand, 320,000, though a fourth raise from Barzantny saw the Swede back down - a big hole made in her stack.

She recovered somewhat soon after however, calling one of Barzantny's frequent 50,000 raises preflop from the big blind and check-calling his 75,000 c-bet on the 9♠7♥6♥ board.

The pair checked through the 3♦ on the turn, and come the T♠ river, Sidark led for two big blue stacks totalling 200k. Barzantny made the call only for Sidark to showdown J♦8♥ for the nuts!

Sidark up to 1,100,000 million, Barzantny down to a still mammoth 3,300,000. -- RS

2.32pm: Murray flips out - 7th (£11,600)

Niall Murray has exited the tournament in a classic coin flip situation. The hand started with Wojtek Barzantny making his usual opening raise to 50,000, and Murray with around 300,000 - a perfectly-sized shoving stack - moving all-in.

Barzanty had a genuine hand and made a call with pocket tens, racing versus Murray's A♥Q♠.

The flop fell a decisive T♦2♦2♣, Barzantny making a full house to scupper any serious intention Murray had of winning the pot. A 4♣ on the turn and 6♥ on the river completed the board, Murray departs in 7th place for £11,600 and we are down to 6 handed. -- RS

ukipt bristol_day4_niall_murray.jpg

Niall Murray

2.30pm: Rivalry developing
There's still some definite needle between Craig Goddard and Anthony Forsyth-Forrest after that earlier hand. Just now Goddard made it 50,000 to go but folded when Forsyth-Forrest made it 125,000 on the button, the latter showed J♠9♦ as he took the pot. -- NW

2.25pm:Craig Goddard doubles through Niall Murray
Just two hands after losing that big pot to Anthony Forsyth-Forrest, Craig Goddard got a much needed double up.

He open-shoved for 234,000 with A♠[10h] and Niall Murray looked him up with A♣K♠, the board came a montone K♥2♥6♥A♥Q♥ and Goddard doubled to around 500,000 whilst Murray slipped to 400,000. -- NW

2.20pm: Anthony Forsyth-Forrest doubles through Craig Goddard
A big pot had been brewing between these two for some time and sure enough one exploded into life and there was quite a bit of needle after it too.

Forsyth-Forrest made it 50,000 to go from under-the-gun and Goddard called from the button. On the J♥K♦A♦ flop Forrest led for 57,000, swift call from Forrest.

The A♥ landed on the turn and Forrest slid out a bet of 144,000 leaving about 300,000 back. After a short dwell Goddard moved all-in, but grimaced as he did so. After a quick glance at his cards Forsyth-Forrest announced call.

Goddard: K♣9♥
Forsyth-Forrest: A♠Q♥

When Goddard saw his opponent's hand he said: "Why did you umm and ahh? That's such a slowroll."

"That's a little harsh, sorry if you feel that way, I didn't think it was," said Forsyth-Forrest.

The dealer burned and turned the 4♣ and Forsyth-Forrest doubled up to 1,050,000 whilst Goddard slipped to 250,000.

"Keep your head Craig," said a railer of local-boy Goddard as he handed over the requisite chips. -- NW

2.12pm: Murray fights back
Craig Goddard raised to 50,000 for the third pot in a row, Wojtek Barzantny flat called, only for Niall Murray to move all-in for 490,000. Both Goddard and Barzantny gave it up. -- NW

2.02pm: Greenwood halts rampaging Bull
Once again Greenwood showed his mettle, calling a min-raise from the small blind Robert Bull, leaving the pair to contest a 9♠9♦7♣ board.

The fireworks kicked off now, Bull leading for 36,000, Greenwood making it 72,000 and Bull thinking hard before putting in the 123,000 three bet.

Greenwood had a think then moved his stack all-in once more, a disconsolate Bull making a quick fold and a determined-looking Greenwood sweeping up another chunky pot that sees him breach the 750,000 mark.

Bull's countenance quickly changed however as he raised the button to 50,000 and picked up the blinds - his first successful pot in some time - causing a big smile to break out across his face.

1.58pm: Greenwood shows his muscle
He's had a relatively quiet final table so far, but Greenwood has shown when he gets in a pot, he is loathe to back down to aggression.

The first signs of this saw him raise the cut-off to 41,000, only for the active Craig Goddard to re-pop him from the button to 76,000.

Greenwood ran his hand through his hair before pushing his 407,000 stack over the line, leaving Goddard with a decision for a big chunk of his stack.

He mulled it over, doing various mental calculations before folding his hand.

"It was close," he revealed, "If that had been 307,000 instead I'd have called."

1.52pm: Sidark deposes Prince - 8th £8,800
With 16 big blinds or so in the cut-off, Jonathan Prince decided K♦J♣ was too strong a hand not to make a play for the blinds and moved all-in.

He can't have felt too confident when Amanda Sidark in the big blind made a snap-call, suggesting a strong hand and when she flipped up A♠K♥ he was staring elimination in the face.

A board of 3♥5♣5♥4♦T♥ was good enough to seal the deal, and Prince is our first elimination of the day in 8th spot, collecting £8,800.

Amanda Sidark meawhile soars to over the million chip mark, her claims on becoming the first female UKIPT winner gaining a massive boost.

ukipt bristol_day 3_jonathan prince.jpg

It just wasn't Prince's day

1.45pm: Chip counts
It's still Wojtek Barzantny who leads, although Robert Bull has had the best start to the final table, increasing his stack to 1,800,000.

1 - Amanda Sidark, Sweden, 600,000
2 - Robert Bull, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,800,000
3 - James Greenwood, United Kingdom, 475,000
4 - Craig Goddard, United Kingdom, 880,000
5 - Wojtek Barzantny, Germany, PokerStars Player, 2,600,000
6 - Jonathan Prince, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 400,000
7 - Niall Murray, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 500,000
8 - Anthony Forsyth-Forrest, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 440,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000 ante 3,000

1.35pm: Slow down, no show downs
A bit of a lull in action here as over the past 10 hands there have been zero showdowns and zero big pots.

James Greenwood won his first pot of the final table with a simple raise and take and Jonathan Prince has twiced moved all-in but got no takers.

Eight handed play continues. -- NW

1.22pm: Bull charges into Forrest
Anthony Forsyth-Forrest tried the Sidark trick, raising his button to 45,000 as well, but he met strong resistance in the form of Robbie Bull, who had his opponent well-covered and moved all-in.

No histrionics from Forsyth-Forrest, who quickly passed. He is starting to be in danger territory now however, his stack falling below the 400,000 mark...

ukipt bristol_day 3_anthony forsyth forrest.jpg

Ran from the Bull that time...

1.17pm: Sidark chipping up
In the early stages, Amanda Sidark is more than holding her own.

She has already taken a few chips off Wojtek Barzantny, calling one of his min-raise opens on the button before calling his 37,000 c-bet on a J♥3♦3♥ board - the pair checking down the 9♦ on the turn before a final 65,000 bullet from Barzantny on the river was picked off by Sidark to boost her stack by over 100,000.

Most recently she check-raised a c-bet from Niall Murray on an A♠T♦5♠ board raising his 42,000 bet to 85,000 eliciting a fold before raising her button to 45,000 and picking up the blinds.

Very effective stack building from the young Swede at the moment, she's up to 750,000.

1.15pm: Rowdy rails
There's a few railers in today, including UKIPT Brighton Season 2 champion Chris O'Donnell. They appear to be cheering on Anthony Forsyth-Forrest and Jonathan Prince. After Craig Goddard, who's wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt, took a pot from Forsyth-Forrest he turned to his rail and cheekily said: "You can go have dinner now lads, your boy doesn't play many pots."

The rail quipped back, "That's rich coming from a sailor," it was all good natured though and is contributing to a relaxed atmosphere at the final table. -- NW

1pm: Murray likes to move it move it
It's not only Robert Bull who's been moving all-in, Niall Murray has now been all-in three times without getting a call.

Having already moved in on the first hand (see 12.32pm) he's got two more shoves through. The first of these was a button shove, with both blinds folding.

The second time he had more of a sweat, Wojtek Barzantny opened to 40,000 and Murray then moved in over the top for 385,000. The German wanted a count and after he got one he considered calling for around two minutes before folding his hand. -- NW

Level up. Blinds 10,000-20,000 ante 3,000

12.45pm: Six-bet jam
The players are not hanging around here, no bedding in period at this final table.

From the cut-off Robert Bull min-raised to 32,000. To his immediate left James Greenwood riffled some chips before sliding out a bet of 73,000, although Wojtek Barzantny looked interested he let his hand go and it was back on Bull.

After asking Greenwood how much he started the hand with (about 725,000) he slid out a re-raise, making it 131,000 in total. This sent Greenwood into pensive mode, he looked down at the felt, riffled chips for a while, mentally totted up his own stack then slid out a five-bet of 195,000 total.

After chewing over this new development for about 20 seconds, Bull then announced he was all-in and Greenwood instantly mucked his cards. -- NW

ukipt bristol_day4_robert_bull.jpg

Robert, is being bullish in the early stages

12.40pm: Wojtek in aggressive mode
Wojtek is here to play some poker, although so far, his chip stack is heading in the wrong direction.

First up he raised to 32,000 from UTG+1, only for fellow big stack Robbie Bull to re-pop the German to 88,000.

Wojtek deliberated, then made the call.

The dealer laid out a T♦5♦3♥ board and Bull made the obligatory 64,000 c-bet.

Call from Wojtek and the pair moved to a 4♣ turn card.

Check, check.

The river fell the 4♦ and again the pair checked it down, Bull showing A♣K♠ to claim the pot as Barzantny flashed the narrowly-pipped A-Q. -- RS

12.32pm: First hand ship!
No hanging around for Niall Murray as he moves in first hand. "I had a hand!" he laughs, showing down pocket tens when everyone folds. -- RS

12.30pm: Play is underway
Cards are now in the air here in Bristol, there's just over 15 minutes left in the current levels. -- NW

12.20pm: Play is about to start
A short delay whilst the players conduct their interviews and have their photos taken and we are about to start. The players are riffling chips and are fired up and ready to go.

Can anyone stop Wojtek Barzantny's charge on the title?

Stay tuned to find out... -- RS

11.50am: UKIPT Bristol final table: Wojtek goes for the double
Hello and welcome to the final table of UKIPT Bristol. It will be contested by six Brits, a Swede and a German. If you'd like to know a bit more about them all click here for our final table profiles.

It's safe to say that all eyes will be on the German, as Wojtek Barzantny goes for a unique double. Earlier this week he took down UKIPT Online and could win his second UKIPT title in five days should he triumph today. And he's the overwhelming favourite to do just that as with 2,880,000 he has 36% of the chips in play and starts with double the stack of second placed Robert Bull.

Play is scheduled to start at noon, so stay right with us as we play down to a winner here in Bristol. Here's how the final table stacks up.

UKIPT Bristol final table

1 - Amanda Sidark, Sweden, 523,000
2 - Robert Bull, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,342,000
3 - James Greenwood, United Kingdom, 744,000
4 - Craig Goddard, United Kingdom, 1,039,000
5 - Wojtek Barzantny, Germany, PokerStars Player, 2,880,000
6 - Jonathan Prince, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 407,000
7 - Niall Murray, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 343,000
8 - Anthony Forsyth-Forrest, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 691,000

ukipt bristol_day3_wojtek_barzantny4.jpg

Barzantny has a big chip lead

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Briistol : Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT