EPT9 London: Marc Daubach wins UKIPT High Roller for £101,950

Marc Dubach last night topped the UKIPT High Roller beating out a tough final table to secure his first six-figure score. The likes of Byron Kaverman ($1,296,799 career live winnings), Martin Hanowski ($407,289), and EPT winner Zimnan Ziyard ($962,578) were close on Dubach's heels.

Tom Hall's 6th place finish did more than win him £18,050 it also just put him out front in the UKIPT Player of the Year race, pipping Neil Raine at the last to collect a season's worth of UKIPT Main Event packages. A season of freerolls? Must be nice. You can read more about that tussle here.

One of the faces of the UKIPT, Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren, also ran deep but was first out on the final table. She busted in 9th for £7,650, which she seemed pretty chuffed with all in all...

EPT9 London, event #D
Date: 9-10 March 2013
Buy-in: £2,150
Game: NLHE High Roller
Players: 246
Prize pool: £477,280

Marc Daubach

1. Marc Daubach, Belgium, £101,950
2. Byron Kaverman, USA, £67,980
3. Martin Hanowski, Germany, £41,410
4. Zimnan Ziyard, UK, £32,930
5. Gautam Sabharwal, India, £25,490
6. Tom Hall, UK, £18,050
7. Gordon Huntly, UK, £14,230
8. Joao Barbosa, Portugal, £10,620
9. Vicky Coren, UK, Team PokerStars Pro, £7,650
10. Christopher Frank, Germany, £7,650
11. George Danzer, Germany, Team PokerStars Pro, £6,800
12. Zoltan Purak, Hungary, £6,800
13. Hamad Almannai, Qatar, £5,950
14. Diego Gomez, Portugal, £5,950
15. Chris Moorman, UK, £5,100
16. Mikhail Petrov, Russia, £5,100
17. Albert Daher, Lebanon, £4,250
18. Wojciech Lozowski, Poland, £4,250
19. Max Greenwood, Canada, £4,250
20. Jason Gray, Australia, £4,250
21. Karl Rudwall, Sweden, £4,250
22. Alain Bauer, France, £4,250
23. Yann Dion, Canada, £4,250
24. Vincent Gabel, Belgium, £4,250
25. Werner Fenne, Norway, £3,400
26. Atanas Gueorguiev, Bulgaria, £3,400
27. Marvin Rettenmaier, Germany, £3,400
28. Jude Ainsworth, Ireland, £3,400

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Rick Dacey
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