Pascal Töngi tops the lot on Day 1A of UKIPT Cork

Small but perfectly formed was how someone described Day 1A of UKIPT Cork earlier and we have to agree. The 143 entrants may have been lower than expected but the day offered a lot and was played in a relaxed jovial mood synonymous with the people who inhabit these shores. This didn't mean that it was all fun and games; there was poker to be had and chips to be won.

Pascal Töngi topped the remaining 58 players to lead the Day 1A field. The PokerStars qualifier told the PokerStars Blog that two big hands defined his day. First up he made a set over set to win a huge pot and then late on an opponent decided to five-bet all in with pocket fives. Töngi called with kings went on to make a flush after his opponent had turned a straight. He finished on 124,500.


Töngi top dog on Day 1A

Irish poker players like a gamble and there was a fair amount of that from the off. It took no time at all to lose our first player Within 15 minutes of the start Richard Garner got married to his pocket aces only to run in to the set of threes of Seth Webber. The South African managed to ride those chips all the way to last few hands where he got himself entangled in another crucial pot. He had made trip aces but was severely put to the test by Finnish player Olli Vahala who set him all in on the river with nine high! Webber figured it out, made the call and makes Day 2 with an above average 65,300.

 ukipt cork_day 1a_seth_webber.jpg

Seth trapped prey in his Webber

Other players also through to Day 2 include: Richard Sinclair (52,600), Stephen McGrath (82,400), Mick McCloskey (32,400), Dermot Blain (37,700), Karl Thompson (99,400), Paul McTaggart (9,100), Gary Clarke (38,000) Tom Hall (41,900) and Neil Raine (43,300).

ukipt cork_day 1a_dermot_blain.jpg

Blain managed not to make his chips disappear

If you're were looking for inspiration; a tale of never giving up; a man who has something in his grasp and doesn't want to let go, then look at the last name on the list above. Raine's top of the Season 3 leaderboard at present and knows he's not too far away from receiving a passport to all Season 4 events. When you're in this position and keep getting knocked down 4,000 chips, you don't give up. Three times he found himself in this spot and all three times he fought back. The third time was obviously his most successful comeback and he managed to finish on a very healthy stack.

ukipt cork_day 1a_neil_raine.jpg

Raine Raine stay away until Day 2

There were those that found themselves in a similar position to Raine but failed to make a comeback. The familiar faces of Alex Ferguson, Niall Farrell, Nicky Power, Tim Bettingen, Brett Angell and Chris Dowling kindly all left €700 in the prize pool for others to fight over.

ukipt cork_day 1a_brett_angell.jpg

No deep run again for Angell this week

They'll be many more lots of €700 to play for tomorrow as we expect, as per usual, a much bigger field to be in attendance. Team PokerStars Pro will put in force with Jake Cody, Liv Boeree and Team Online's Dale Phillip already bought in. Play will start at 12pm GMT and yet again we'll be playing eight one-hour levels. Until then we wish you goodnight from Cork.

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The tournament room

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