UKIPT Cork: Day 1A, level 1 - 4 updates (Blinds 100-200)

4.15pm: Take a break, people
As the half-time whistle blows the players leave the field for a 15-minute break. Updates from here on in will be in a new post. -- MC

4.05pm: Three way all in!
Table two was the place to be just now as that's where all the action was taking place. A three-way all in saw Jamie Browne triple up to around 38,000.

Browne, Joseph Prichard, and Teri Lau all took to a T♣9♣7♦ flop before the chips went flying in.

Pritchard: J♥8♥ for a straight.
Lau: 7♥9♥ for two pair.
Browne: Q♦J♦ for an open ended straight draw.

The board ran out K♦4♥ to give instant service on Browne's straight draw. Lau was still left with 18,000 chips but Pritchard was down to crumbs and busted soon after. -- MC

3.57pm: Derek at the double
Derek Baker has just doubled up at the expense of Marc Flannagan. I only saw the hand when the cards were on their backs at the river, but it was a blind on blind battle in which Baker held pocket kings and Flanagan A♣[10s]. The 3♣8♥[10c]5♣3♠ board keeping Baker in front, he's doubled to 16,700 whilst Flanagan drops to 5,025. -- NW

3.48pm: Killeen lets us all down
Kevin Killeen has been a prominent feature on the UKIPT all season and managed to take his frog hat all the way to a 15th place finish at the Newcastle leg. He was one of the last players to take his seat today and if we're honest he's letting us and his friends down.

The PokerStars blog was informed last night that Killeen would be playing in a multi-coloured, skin-tight morf-like suit today. This was after he lost a bet some time ago. His friends had been waiting for him to pay his debt for many tournaments and finally he agreed to do the right thing today. His late arrival was probably to make a Phil Hellmuth style late entrance, right? Wrong!

Yet again he had bailed on paying his debt and all those involved feel very let down indeed. (Normal attire photo to follow). -- MC

3.40pm: McTaggart gets it through
It's not been a good tournaments so far for Paul McTaggart, his stack has dwindled in the wrong direction almost from the get go. He moved all-in from the cut-off for 2,950, it passed to Adrian Cazacu in the small blind and he gave it the full dwell up treatment. He counted out the call, counted his stack, capped his cards and then folded.

As the dealer shuffled the deck for the next hand Cazcau told McTaggart that he'd passed a suited ace, McTaggart's banter gave nothing away as to if he wanted a call or not. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_paul_mctaggart.jpg

Paul McTaggart

3.30pm: Barry and the Bustouts
The title is not a bad name for a band appearing in Cork this week, it just refers to Barry Neville and others who have recently busted.

Neville, who won £32,000 in a tournament last week, got his stack in with pocket aces on a ten high flop. The only problem was that an opponent had pocket tens for top set.

Others binned already include: Kasper Kiisler, Simon Brooks, Dino Sabatini, Ashley Locker, Richard Nuggent, Vladimirs Nosovs, Edward Keljik and Kenneth Coote. -- MC

3.19pm: Too late to play Day 1A
With level three turning into level four late registration for Day 1A has ended. The tournament board is showing that 130 of t140 players remain. We'll bring you confirmation of the exact number of runners when we get word. -- NW


3.12pm: Fergie out of European competition
Alex Ferguson will have to go back to concentrating on the UKIPT Cork side events after he busted. He tweeted: "And busto! 4b called off with AJ v aggro guy on my left. We'd 3b/4b each other all day. He had AK. It holds. Sigh! #ukiptcork."

Another player to join him out of the door was Con Collins. He took to Twitter to inform the world: "Busted low stacked push 55<77 on 6high board#nohelp#ukiptcork." -- MC

3.05pm: River Station Blain
"River station!" said Dermot Blain after he lost a hand to his neighbour. "Twenty-one k when I should have 24" continued the Irish Poker Player of the Year referring to his stack.

Blain had called a 1,650 turn bet and tank-called a 3,125 river bet on a 4♣2♥4♦3♥2♦ board. His opponent opened A♠5♥ for the straight and Blain mucked. -- MC

2.55pm: Chip counts
I've been busy updating the chip count page but if you're too lazy to click here's the chip counts of some of the main protagonists in the field: Barry Neville (14,600), Gary Clarke (13,300), Jamie Flynn (11,800), Mantas Pudiokas (12,450), Mick McCloskey (16,300), Neil Raine (16,275), Paul McTaggart (6,700), Richard Haile (24,000), Richard Sinclair (20,450), Seth Webber (36,000), Tom Hall (26,000), Nicky Power (17,200) and Tim Bettingen (12,675). -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_mick_mccloskey.jpg

Mick McCloskey

2.40pm: Who's the daddy?
If Brett Angell thought his day was all going to be easy then he was wrong. Pim Gieles is one of the other chip leaders on table three and put Angell is his place.

Angel opened to 350 from under the gun only to face a three-bet to 950 from the Dutchman in the next seat. Angell's response was to four-bet to 1,650. Call.

The flop fanned 3♠6♦7♦ and Angell continued for 1,825. Gieles raised to 4,500 and Angell had to admit defeat with a fold. He dropped to 19,500 whereas Gieles moved up to around 24,000. -- MC

2.30pm: No nine lives for O'Callaghan
"I don't think he's going to like nines much," said Brett Angell to me after Gerard O'Callaghan had been eliminated.

First Angell took the majority of O'Callaghan's stack when he flopped top set on a nine high flop against O'Callaghan's queens.

Then after Robert Glen raised to 500 O'Callaghan shoved all-in for 3,500 with pocket nines only for Glen to have aces. The 3♣Q♣[10h]5♠8♦ board meant O'Callaghan's day was done. -- NW


2.02pm: Break Time
Two levels down and all the players are on a 15-minute break. Three players who have an extended break are Jay O'Toole, Anthony Bragg and Dominic Evans as they have been eliminated. -- MC

1.58pm: Champion
We first met William Champion on the UKIPT when he was chip leader at the end of Day 1A of UKIPT Dublin.

He went on to finish 40th in Dublin but was in trouble here in Cork just moments ago. He was all-in for his last 3,350 with pocket threes and up against Wouter Van der Peijl's A♦K♦. Fortunately for Champion the board stayed low as it ran 6♥7♥6♣[10c]8♦ and he got a much needed double up. He's up to around 6,700 now. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_william_champion.jpg

William Champion

1.50pm: Level 2 news in brief

  • Zsolt Nemes and Gary Johnson was the third and fourth players to be eliminated today.

  • Richard Haile took on and defeated an under the gun raiser. He was in the big blind and called a raise from Adrian Nuñez Paradelo and a 250 c-bet on the flop. Both players checked the turn and Haile took the pot with a 525 bet when the final board read 8♣3♦K♠5♠5♦.

  • Seth Webber has added more chips to his stack despite losing a pot to Patrick Kelleher. Webber three-bet an early position raise whilst sat on the button. Kelleher called from the small blind and the original raiser folded. Kelleher checked all three streets of a K♥J♣Q♥3♦J♥ board to the South African who finally bit on the river where he bet 850 with A♥Q♦. Kelleher snapped him off with A♠K♠ and took the pot.

  • Neil Raine is back to his starting stack after his 2,100 bet was called by Tony Ollins on the river of a Q♣9♥A♠5♦6♦ board. Raine opened A♥J♥ and scooped as Ollins mucked. -- MC

    1.40pm: Latecomers
    Late registration is open until the end of Level three here in Cork and plenty of players are taking the opportunity to late reg or, at the very least turn up late. Players who've made a fashionable entrance include: Barry Neville, Gary Clarke, Jamie Flynn (who final tabled this event in Season 2) and Mantas Puidokas. The Lithuanian is part of UKIPT history as he was runner-up to Nick Abou Risk in Edinburgh in Season 1. -- NW

    ukipt cork_day 1a_mantas_puidokas.jpg

    Puidokas - the Lithuanian is trying his luck on the UKIPT again

    1.30pm: It's oh so quiet
    There's a couple of moments that I remember from the last time the UKIPT paid Cork a visit. There's the sick beat that Martin Mulsow took three-handed and then there's the image of him shrugging it off and taking a sip of his beer. However, was that to happen to anyone here in Cork this year they wouldn't be able to do that. The tournament room here in Cork is dry. No beer, no cork popping, just club orange, tea and coffee.

    It might just be conjecture, but perhaps that's contributing to the slightly quiet atmosphere here in the poker room, lots of riffling, not so much chat right now. -- NW

    1.20pm: No Prize Yet, Mr Thompson
    Karl Thompson asked us if he got a prize for knocking out the second player of the day. It's a little bit early for handing out prizes just now though and surely a 30,000 stack is prize enough.

    He informed us that his flush was good enough to eliminate Joseph Keegan who held two pair. -- MC

    1.05pm: The leader of the pack
    As mentioned earlier Neil Raine is leading the player of the year race and that position was cemented last night after he went deep in the €100 6-max tournament.

    Today is not going so well for him as he dropped to 6,500 chips after folding to Vladimirs Nosovs in a hand just before the level rise.

    Raine opened to 125 from under the gun and called when Nosvos three-bet to 300 from the next seat along. The flop fell T♣2♣3♠ and Raine check-called a 500 bet before he check-folded to a 1,500 bet on the 7♠ turn. -- MC

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50-100

    12.50pm: Small but perfectly formed
    Just 120 players are in the field so far today, quite small for a UKIPT but that doesn't mean that there's not a sprinkling of stardust amongst them.

    So far I've spotted APPT Macau winner Dermot Blain, UKIPT Champion of Champions, er champion, Richard Sinclair, the 'leader of the dance' aka Alex Ferguson, Tom 'surely he's going to turn a deep UKIPT run into a really deep run soon' Hall, UKIPT Nottingham Season 2 runner-up Brett Angell, Mick McCloskey, Richard Haile, Paul McTaggart and Neil Raine.

    The latter is currently top of the UKIPT leaderboard ahead of Tom Hall, Craig Burke and William Champion. Both Hall and Champion are in the field today whilst Burke played the satellite to the main event last night so may well make an appearance on Day 1B. -- NW

    ukipt cork_day 1a_dermot_blain.jpg

    Blain - can he win a second PokerStars title?

    12.40pm: Farrell Folds
    Niall Farrell decided to wait for a better spot after a raising war took place with him and his neighbour on the turn of a 8♠6♦3♠7♣ board.

    Around 1,350 had made it into the middle and Farrell (button) had 1,825 out in front of his whereas his small-blinded opponent had 4,000 out in front of him. After some serious thought Farrell folded whilst breaking out into a smile. He dropped to 13,500 so there was not too much trouble done to his stack. -- MC

    12.30pm: Lalor takes the right Path
    Joseph Lalor is off to a good start at his table after a three-bet pot versus Dave Path.

    The two were heads-up to 2♠6♦5♥ flop and Path (under the gun) check-called a 1,100 c-bet from Lalor (cut-off). Path check-called a 1,600 bet on the 4♦ turn before both players checked the scary looking A♦.

    Lalor opened J♥J♦ and took the pot as Path mucked. -- MC

    12.15pm:Man down
    It's only taken 15 minutes to lose the first player here in Cork and as so often is the case it's the result of having aces cracked.

    Paul McTaggart filled me in on the action, Richard Garner raised with aces and Seth Webber defended his big blind with pocket threes. On the 7-6-3 flop Garner bet, Webber raised, Garner re-raised and Webber smooth called. The turn was a deuce, Garner jammed all-in, Webber made the call and there was no ace on the river to save Garner.

    He's out and Webber is the early chip leader here in Cork. -- NW

     ukipt cork_day 1a_seth_webber.jpg

    Webber pulling up 'trees' here in Ireland

    12pm: Welcome to UKIPT Cork
    It's Valentine's Day on the UKIPT and what better way to spend a romantic day? The players are here for their love of the game and any romance can wait until a day of poker has been played.

    This is the second time that the tour has landed on these fair southern shores of the Emerald isle and last time a familiar face took home the title and €71,000. Sam Razavi went on to have a phenomenal year after winning here so maybe a bit of Irish luck will rub off on anyone who manages to follow in his footsteps.

    The field for today is expected to be the smaller of the two but we're sure there will be enough going on to keep us all entertained through the planned eight one-hour levels. -- MC

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    Marc Convey
    @PokerStars in UKIPT