UKIPT Cork: Day 1B, level 1 - 4 updates (Blinds 100-200)

4.22pm: Half time break
The players are on a 20-minute break. Come back and join us for the second half of the day in a brand new post.

4.20pm: Theirs is a Guinness
There's a no drinking policy in the tournament room this week but the below may well search out the bar after busting:

David Minshull, Evgeni Nikolov Sterev, George Clyde-Smith, Huy Hang, Jonathan David Peacock, Graham Parkin, Peter Murphy, Valdas Lobinas, Dainius Dubickas, Sinem Melin, Nicholas Galtos, Yu Kao Chou, Finnur Hrafnsson and Tom Wiesner. -- MC

4.15pm: Short, double, treble, double
No that's not the drinking habits of your average Irishman on a Friday night, but the tale of the last 30 minutes of this tournament for Dara O'Kearney. And it all played out on twitter.

"Down to fumes after flop set < turned gutter of a Daniac." (26 mins ago)

"Doubled aq v Daniac a5. Then trebled ak > t8 and a3. Back up to 6500 (19 mins ago)

"Boom. Doubled again aces > threes." (11 mins ago).

After all that excitement he's back up to around 13,000. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1b_dara_o'kearney.jpg

O'Kearney's roller-coaster hasn't stopped yet

4.10pm: Milner falls in a state of Furey
Ronan Milner was short and had a good spot to shove. He didn't like what he shoved into though and he was out the door soon after.

He was in the cut-off and shoved with A♥T♦ after Kieran Furey had opened from under the gun. Furey called with T♠T♣ and held on a K♠9♣5♥8♠8♣ board. -- MC

4.05pm: Chip counts
A smattering of chip counts, some big, some small, get the idea: George Clyde-Smith (3,300), Thomas Kitt (19,500), Julian Thew (11,300), Nick Newport (14,300), Nelius Foley (19,000), Phil Baker (9,800), Kevin O'Leary (3,800), Fintan Gavin (39,000) and Hasmukh Khodiyara (13,700). -- NW

4pm: Quick fold from Phillip
Over the past few years a lot of players who were online success stories started to appear on TV in live games where they would take a very long time over decisions. A prime example was Tom Dwan who would take micro-seconds to make decisions online and then tank for several minutes over one decision in a live setting.

Would this be the case with PokerStars Team Online's Dale Phillip? Would it.....

He raised from early position and was only called by Matt Heap on the button en route to a 7♥5♦4♦ flop. Phillip continued for 700 and was called to the 8♦ turn. Phillip checked and snap-mucked when he saw Heap reach for chips. Now that's internet style decision making for you.

Phillip dropped to 10,400 as Heap rose to 32,000. -- MC

3.55pm: Goat faster stripes
It's not been a good day so far for Sean 'The Goat' Prendiville, late leaving for the tournament the Dublin based player got caught speeding, only arriving during level 3 and now he's been eliminated from the tournament.

He told me: "Ya man in the checked shirt (Rory Hogan) had three-bet two hands in a row and shown ace-king and aces. The next hand I raised with queens to 450, he three-bets to 1,600 and I call. The flop is [Q][8][7] and it goes check, check. The turn was an ace, I bet and he called. The river card was a seven, I bet, he shoved, I called and he's got pocket aces."

A brutal way to exit and almost unbelievably Prendiville's travelling companion Rory Brown has also been eliminated and his exit hand was also queens into aces. -- NW

3.40pm: Twitter update
David K Lappin is turning his day around. His latest Tweet read: "Back 2 almost 12k after doubling w QQ v AK aipf. Tompkins is rocking the 'bad' Beats by Dre after I got myself in2 a verbal spat! #UKIPTCork."

Dara O'Kearny is half that man. He Tweeted: "Down to 6k after an annoying hand where I called a guy bluffing the best hand #ukiptcork."

Another player in mild trouble is Rory Brown. His Tweet read, "Down to 9k after stationing QQ on a K high board, and losing some small battles #UKIPTCork." -- MC

3.35pm: Thompson makes a good call
Calling three barrels from an under-the-gun raiser is pretty tough, even more so when the river bet is for almost 60% of your stack, but that's what Gary Thompson just did in a hand against Ben Senior.
Pre-flop Senior raised and picked up five callers, including Thompson who was in mid-position. The flop fell 2♠J♥2♣ Senior bet 825 and Thompson was the only caller. The 5♥ came on fourth street, bet of 1,750 from Senior, call from Thompson. The two of them saw the 9♠ complete the board, Senior emptied the clip, betting 4,800. This sent Thompson, who had 8,300 total, into the tank. Eventually he emerged with a call, Senior showed A♣Q♦ whilst Thompson tabled A♥J♦ to claim the pot. -- NW

3.25pm: Please come again
The rate of eliminations felt less than yesterday during the first two which was surprising as today's field in that much bigger. Thing are starting to turn around on that front though.

Recent eliminations include: Daniel Myers, Paul Reaney, Stephen Westlund, Barry McMahon, David McCaul, Donald Elliot, Bongard Samuel, PJ Walsh, Simon Maher, Anthony Reilly, Efthimiadis Georgios, Fraser R. Bellamy and Andrew Abernethy. -- MC


3.10pm: Boeree flush with chips
Liv Boeree has broken through the 20k-chip barrier after rivering a flush against Alberto Mejas.

The action was four-way to a 4♠7♥Q♦ flop where all four players checked. The turn brought the K♠ and it was here that Mejas' delayed 675 c-bet was only called by Boeree. The river came 5♠ and Mejas led again for 1,050. The Team PokerStars Pro pulled out some raising chips and made it 3,025.

Mejas couldn't let go of his K♣Q♥ and made the call. Boeree opened A♠T♠ and scooped. -- MC

ukipt cork_day 1b_liv_boeree.jpg

Boeree has spades of chips

3pm: Leader board race hotting up
The top three finishers in the UKIPT leader board win entry to events in Season 4 of the UKIPT. The winner will get entry and hotel to all Season 4 events, the runner-up gets entry to four events and third place gets entry to two events.

Yesterday the current top two made it safely through to Day 2, Neil Raine (43,300) and Tom Hall (41,700) both have above average stack. Third placed Craig Burke will be hoping to follow in their footsteps today he's just above starting stack on 15,300 as it stands. -- NW

2.50pm: Chip counts
With a quarter of the day done and the average stack still pretty much starting stack let's have a look at how some of the names and notables have got on over the first 120 minutes: Jason Tompkins (21,000), Rupinder Bedi (11,700), Emmett Mullin (17,800), Fergal Nealon (11,800), Jamie Dale (11,500), Marc Macdonnell (13,800), Mick Graydon (14,500), Ollie Schaffmann (18,900), Owen Robinson (23,000), Przemysław Dajer (9,900) and Trish Mallin (18,500). -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1b_mullin_tompkins.jpg

Emmett Mullin (left) and Jason Tompkins

2.40pm: Walsh got Harraghy
The naughty kids corner as my colleague Nick Wright coined it has gotten a little better behaved after James Walsh took out Gerard Harraghy.

The two of them got all in on a flop containing a king, an eight and one club. Harraghy held king-jack of clubs for a pair and back-door flush draw but was behind to Walsh who held king-eight for two pair. The board ran out clubs to make Harraghy a flush and that prompted Walsh to shout, "Oh boll##ks!"

What he had failed to realise that the final club also filled him up. Cue embarrassed look as Harraghy walked off into the distance. Walsh up to 18,000. -- MC

2.25pm: The fallen, featuring Jamie Sykes
Tadhg Ryan, Colin Eric Lovelock, Peter Wigglesworth, Rory Macdonald and Jamie Sykes all busted in level one.

Ryan was unlucky whereas Sykes' bust in slightly more bizarre fashion.

Ryan was heard telling a friend that it was a set over set scenario that cost him his tournament life.

Sykes came over in the break to explain how a missclick cost him dear. He took to a king-six-four (two hearts) flop with an opponent and called a bet to see a second flush draw come with the eight on the turn. His opponent led for 550 and Sykes threw out a 1k chip and a small denomination chips wanting to call. The raise to 1,100 was forced and Sykes' opponent picked up on the error and raised to 3,500. Sykes now decided to push his remaining 8,000 in with king-queen and his opponent called with eight-four to bust him. -- MC


2.05pm: Break
The players are now on a 20 minute break. -- NW

2pm: Chip counts
A few counts from around the room: Robbie Bull (17,500), Neil Rawnsley (10,000), Chris Derrick (16,000), Ronan Gilligan (13,600), Sinem Mellin (8,800), Thomas Kitt (18,500), Kevin O'Leary (20,000) and Hasmukh Khodiyara (15,100). -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1b_sinem_melin.jpg

Sinem Melin

1.54pm: Bad but could be worse for K Lappin
When you're at a hard table you'd like it of your big hands hold up. David K Lappin is in that spot but it seems as if he could've lost a lot more chip. He just Tweeted:

"Down to 11,500 after losing biggish pots with QQ, AA + being pipped with J10 v the Q10 of @blaaaaaah666 who of course got max value. #UKIPT." -- MC

1.50pm: Chop
It's fair to say that Phil Baker is carrying on the grand tradition of Irish folk who love a natter and to be fair to him he's a pretty entertaining orator. He's at the same table as Julian Thew and as he was regaling the table with a story about the time he organised a charity tournament that Jamie Gold played in, a pot went all the way to showdown.

The action was started by Nick Newport who raised to 225 from the cut-off, both blinds - Yoan Ricci and Mark Baxter - came along for the ride. The flop fell 8♥A♥6♥ c-bet of 300 from Newport, two calls. The 7♦ was checked through and the 2♦ completed the board. First to act Ricci bet 600, Baxter folded, but Newport made the call, Ricci rolled over A♠4♥ and Newport showed A♣4♣ for a chop.

At the moment Baker is down to 6,700, Thew is up to 16,000 and Newport has 20,000. -- NW

1.44pm: Welcome to Fintan Gavin's world
There are people in life that make you think, "How did they get away with that?" Fintan Gavin is one of those people.

The larger than life character, and former UKIPT Edinburgh champion, is the new chip leader after he busted Terry Plummer after taking a Fintan-style line in the hand.

Evgeni Nikolov Sterev limped from under the gun before Gavin raised to 250 from the next seat. The action folded all the way around to Plummer in the small blind who three-bet to 800. Sterev folded before Gavin moved all in for 21,000 chips! Call!

Gavin: A♣A♥
Stammer: K♠K♥

The board ran J♦6♦Q♦9♠6♥ to hand Givan the big pot after he faded all those diamond outs. -- MC

1.30pm: First man down
Yesterday it took only 15 minutes to lose a player whereas we had to wait until the second level today.

Tim Farrelly was the unfortunate player after he busted with aces in a four-bet pot. The flop came ten-high with all spades and the chips went in. His opponent had pocket tens for top set but Farrelly had the A♠ in his hand. The board bricked out and Farrelly was on his way. -- MC

1.20pm: Literally flying the Team PokerStars flag
Of the three members of Team PokerStars Pro and PokerStars Team Online in the field today only one of them missed a flight and one of them has paid for his flight using FPPs.

"I've got about a million of them saved up," Dale Philip told me. "I plan to pay for all my travel and accommodation this year using them," he added. After the first level he's down to 13,625. But the Edinburgh native told me that the flight here was cheaper than the one to Edinburgh, given that he'd flown back from Thailand to play his hometown UKIPT.

Meanwhile Cody, who's sitting in the 'lucky' seat that Seth Webber occupied yesterday, has unlike the South African not managed to double up during the opening level. He's a couple of hundred under starting stack.

Whilst Liv Boeree, who's sharing a table with Irish online wizard Daragh Davey, is up to 17,400. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1b_jake_cody.jpg

Cody playing the second flight, after catching his second flight

1.15pm: Tough but chatty Corner
Gerard Harraghy, Deborah Worley-Roberts and James Walsh are all sat next to each other on table 27 in the far corner of the room. It's a good job they're over there as they talk so much they might put other players off if they were in the middle of the room!

All three of them were involved in two hands just now and Harraghy was the only one left disappointed.

First up was Worley-Roberts who called an early position raise from David McCaul
whilst sat in the small blind. The big blind came along for the ride too but he ducked out of the way on the 2♠J♠7♦ flop when Worley-Roberts check-called a 300 c-bet.

The turn appeared as the 6♣ and Worley-Roberts check-called a 600 bet before she led for 1,600 on the 8♣ river. McCaul raised to 3,500 and that took her back. "That good, eh?" she said and then made the call regardless. It was good asMcCaul announced that he had ace high and mucked upon seeing Worley-Roberts' A♠2♣ for trips.

"My friend here said sometimes you've got to play sh#t to win."

She may well have been referring to Walsh who piped in with, "I'll tell you so: you're ready for this tour!"

Walsh was smiling then and he was also smiling at the conclusion of the next hand he played out with Harraghy.

Harraghy raised from the hijack and Walsh was the only caller from one more seat along. He also called a 150 c-bet on the A♣J♣K♣ flop. On the Q♥ turn Harraghy checked to Walsh who bet 200 whilst saying, "Tricky this one." Call.

The river fell as 5♦ and Walsh bet 200 with the added commentary, "I'll try two more."

Harraghy called and mucked upon seeing Walsh's K♠T♥ for a straight.

Worley-Roberts - 21,000
Harraghy - 9,000
Walsh - 15,500

1.05pm: 211 and rising
Players continue to trickle upwards, 211 is now the total according to the tournament clock. One of those latecomers is Julian Thew, he's taken a pew to the left of Nick Newport. -- NW


12.55pm: Tough Crowd
All time UKIPT cashes leader Rupinder Bedi must hate coming to Ireland to play on the UKIPT. At the first event of Season 3 in Galway he found himself on a really tough table at the start of Day 1 and it's much the same story in Cork.

To his direct right is David K.Lappin, whilst two to his left is UKIPT Galway champion Emmett Mullin and to Mullin's direct left sits Jason Tompkins, the dangerous Irishman who finalled EPT San Remo in October and finalled UKIPT Dublin in Season 2. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1b_rupinder_bedi.jpg

Bedi - chuckling as usual

12.43pm: Who's more lost?
Jamie Sykes, who finished 6th at UKIPT Edinburgh last month, turned up halfway through level 1 and looked a little flustered.

He went on to explain how he got lost after getting bad directions from a local who, turned out, was trying to direct him to a hotel two miles away.

"I've lost Jake (Cody) too!" said Sykes. "He missed his flight yesterday and flew in this morning."

It's quite amusing that Cody made it to his seat before Sykes despite having to fly in this morning. -- MC

12.35pm: Spotted
Seems the majority of the big names all go together prior to this event and decided they were going to play Day 1B. As well as the names mentioned in the opening post (see 12.05pm) the following familiar faces are also playing today: Mick Graydon, Owen Robinson, Rupinder Bedi, Emmett Mullin, Hasmukh Khodiyara, Jamie Dale, Jamie Sykes, Neil Rawnsley, Oliver Schaffmann, Przemysław Dajer, Thomas Kitt and Trish Mallin. -- NW

12.25pm: Gone fishing; got tangled in the line
"Lost 5k to him in the first hand," said George Clyde-Smith nodding towards Wes Farrell. "Going fishing," he continued.

This was said just after Clyde-Smith won a small pot back off Farrell.

The action was three-way to a 9♥Q♠3♣ flop and the action checked to Farrell on the button who bet 150. Clyde-Smith was the only caller and the two went on to check down the 6♥7♣ turn and river. Farrell opened K♣T♣ for king high but lost out to his opponent who had got there with 7♠8♠ for a rivered pair of sevens. -- MC

12.10pm: Day 1B is go
Cards are in the air here in Cork, roughly 170 players in the field so far. -- NW

12.05pm: B is for bigger
Welcome to Day 1B of UKIPT Cork, as the title suggest we're expecting the final number of runners to surpass the 143 players who participated on Day 1A.

From my vantage point at one end of the tournament room I can see players from tables 1 to 26 filling in the waiver forms that all players are obliged to sign. To put that in perspective we only reached table 18 yesterday.

Among the big names expected today are Team PokerStars Pros Liv Boeree and Jake Cody, whilst PokerStars Team Online will be represented by Dale Philip.

There's some Irish Cream that'll be hoping to rise to the top here in Cork, Jason Tompkins, Nick Newport, Daragh Davey, Dara O'Kearney, David Lappin, Marc Macdonnell and Fintan Gavin are all in the field today.

We're just a minute or so away from starting here, cards in the air soon.

ukipt cork_day 1b_liv_boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree (pictured at UKIPT Galway in February 2012)

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of how many times they went to Fantasy Land last night) : Marc Convey (once) and Nick Wright (zero). Photos by Mickey May (what's Fantasy Land?).

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT