UKIPT Cork: Day 3, level 21-22 updates (Blinds 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000)

6.10pm: Dylan Roberts eliminated in ninth place (€4,270)
The final table of eight has now been set as a short stacked Dylan Roberts couldn't recover from his earlier set back.

From under-the-gun he moved all-in for 130,000 with pocket sevens only for Pawel Keller to wake up with pocket kings in the big blind.

A [10c]8♣5♣8♠K♦ board later and Roberts was gone and with his elimination play ends for the day.

It's going to be a close run thing for overnight chip leader between Keller and Thomas Finneran. A full wrap of this turbo charged day will be on the way shortly. -- NW


Roberts fell just short of the final table

6.05pm: The comeback kid
Everyone thought Fridjon Thordarson was going to bust fairly quickly after being crippled but two double ups later he's proving everyone wrong.

The first hand he found K♣K♠ after Deborah Worley-Roberts had raised with A♥J♦. The board ran 8♣T♣6♥T♥4♣.


They never give up in Iceland

A few hands later he moved all in for 162,000 with 6♦6♣ and Dylan Roberts moved in behind with A♦K♥. The board ran 8♠2♥3♣9♠7♣ and all of a sudden Roberts is the short stack with around 140,000. -- MC

6pm: Final table re-draw
The final nine have combined around one table, with one more exit the final table of eight will be set, however the players who make the final will stay in these seats tomorrow.

1. Fridjon Thordarson
2. Pascal Tongi
3. Pawel Keller
4. Thomas Finneran
5. Dylan Roberts
6. Alexander Rhys-Davies
7. Nicholas Newport
8. Deborah Worley-Roberts
9. Stephen McGrath

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

5.50pm: Alexander Rhys-Davies doubles through Fridjon Thordarson
At the same time as the Derrick Wall elimination hand was in progress a huge pot played out on table one. In fact this hand took longer than the other, so at the point the Wall/Keller hand reached the all-in stage, they had to keep their hands face down so as not to affect the hand that was still in progress.

From under-the-gun Alexander Rhys-Davies raised to 28,000 and Fridjon Thordarson called from the button. On the J♥[10h][10s] flop Rhys-Davies bet 28,000 and Thordarson called.

The 2♠ fell on the turn, check from Rhys-Davies, bet of 51,000 from Thordarson, check-raise all-in of 182,000 total from Rhys-Davies and then a long old tank from Thordarson.

So long in fact that TD Toby Stone paused the clock, eventually though Thordarson announced call.

Rhys-Davies: Q♠Q♦
Thordarson: A♣J♠

The river was a blank and Rhys-Davies doubled through, whilst Thordarson was left with just 51,000.

As the tournament was down to nine players, there was then a short break when the final nine combined around one table. -- NW

5.40pm: Derrick Wall eliminated in 10th place (€4,270)
It folded to Derrick Wall in late position, he announced all-in and two seats to his left Pawel Keller made the call. The former's all-in was for 205,000.

Keller: A♣Q♦
Wall: 7♥7♣

The K♦6♦4♦ flop gave Keller a boat load of outs, the Q♣ turn saw Wall take on water and the 8♦ river sunk him. Meanwhile a huge hand was playing out on the other table...--NW

ukipt cork_day 3_derrick_wall.jpg

Derrick's Wall came down

5.35pm: Cahal Heapes eliminated in 11th place (€3,615)
From under-the-gun+1 Thomas Finneran opened to 25,000, he almost got it through uncontested, but when the action reached Cahal Heapes in the big blind he moved all-in for 249,000. Call from Finneran.

Heapes: J♣J♦
Finneran: 7♠7♣

The board ran K♣5♥4♠3♥6♥ and Heapes banged the table in frustration at the river suck out, but soon regained his composure to wish everyone else good luck. -- NW


Cahal had Heapes at one point

5.30pm: Big pot poker helps Worley-Roberts to double
There was no hanging around from Deborah Worley-Roberts in a hand that doubled her up to a top-three stack.

Chip leader Pawel Keller opened to 24,000 off the button and Thomas Finneran (2nd in chips) and Worley-Roberts called from the blinds.

The flop fell J♦6♣7♣ and Worley-Roberts moved all in for a massive 416,000 chips. Keller though for 30 seconds and called. Finneran left them to it.

Worley-Roberts: 7♠6♠ for two-pair.
Keller: A♣K♣ for nut flush draw.

Keller said he called as he thought Worley-Roberts had a smaller flush draw and that's why he called. Worley-Roberts covered her face with her scarf as the board ran out 3♠9♦ fading all outs. Both are on around 920,000 chips now. -- MC

5.25pm: Karl Thompson eliminated in 12th place (€3,615)
Pocket tens had been Karl Thompson's friend today but that very hand came back to eliminate him.

He open-shoved his last 116,000 in with T♦T♣ and was called by Thomas Finneran in the big blind. He opened A♠K♦ and made two-pair on the K♥A♣4♦6♥6♦ board. -- MC


Tens cost Thompson in the end

5.15pm: Oh boy!
With the elimination of Jason Lee, there was just five players on table two. So, as the next big blind on table one Thomas Finneran was moved to table two. And, wouldn't you know it he was put to the direct left of Pawel Keller. Those two are the two chip leaders and between them they have around 40% of the chips in play.

It could get messy...--NW

5.10pm: Jason Lee eliminated in 13th place (€2,960)
From under-the-gun+1 Pawel Keller opened to 25,000, next to act Jason Lee moved all-in for roughly 125,000 and after getting an eyes on count of Lee's stack the chip leader made the call.

Lee: J♠J♥
Keller: K♣J♦

The K♥2♣7♦[10c]A♣ board eliminated Lee and more than one person uttered the word 'sick' as the chip leader added even more to his stack. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 3_jason_lee.jpg

Lee - 13th was unlucky for him

5pm: It's a shoving game
There haven't been too many flops of late. Almost all of the action has been pre flop.

There was one all in showdown between Nicholas Newport and Pascal Töngi but it was an anti-climax as both had ace-king and chopped the pot. -- MC

4.45pm: Chip counts
Below are the counts of the 13 remaining players at the start of level 21. It's still Pawel Keller who leads the way, he's followed by start of day chip leader Thomas Finneran. Those two are some way clear of the chasing pack.

Pawel Keller, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,265,000
Thomas Finneran, Ireland , 900,000
Stephen McGrath, United Kingdom, 520,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts, USA, PokerStars Qualifier, 449,000
Nicholas Newport, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 400,000
Pascal Töngi, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 380,000

Derrick Wall, Ireland, 338,000
Dylan Roberts, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 310,000
Cahal Heapes, Ireland, 277,000
Fridjon Thordarson, Iceland, PokerStars Qualifier, 260,000
Alexander Rhys-Davies, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 240,000

Karl Thompson, Ireland,155,000
Jason Lee, Ireland, 76,000

ukipt cork_day 3_deborah_worley_roberts.jpg

Worley-Roberts can barely see over her stack

4.45pm: Wall of chips gets smaller
Just before the break Derrick Wall lost back to back all-in pots, so he was probably glad of the 15 minute break to regroup.

The first one is going to be one the smarts the most as he held Q♥Q♠ against Cahal Heapes who was all-in for 108,000 with A♣[10h]. The K♣6♠8♥ was safe enough, the A♦ turn put Heapes in the lead and the 2♥ river kept him there.

Then on the very next hand Jason Lee was all-in for 36,000 with K♥9♥, Wall already had 10,000 invested in the big blind and called off the extra with Q♥5♠. The J♥4♦[10h]8♣4♥ board kept Lee alive. Despite those setbacks Lee still has 338,000, almost 30 big blinds.

ukipt cork_day 3_derrick_wall.jpg

Wall - has taken a few hit but hasn't crumbled yet

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
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