UKIPT Cork: Fintan Gavin tops Day 1B field

We were expecting a bigger field today and we got what we wished for as 244 players - 101 more than Day 1A - paid their money and took their shot at the €770 main event here in Cork.

This meant when all was said and done the 387 runners created a prize pool of €262,773 and come Monday night someone will be holding a novelty cheque for €60,440 and dreading the prospect of being interviewed by UKIPT host Nick Wealthall. Still, rough with the smooth hey. The full payout structure can be seen here, those who finish in the top 48 will get paid.

ukipt cork_day 1b_fintan_gavin.jpg

Uh-oh look who's got chips

Much like yesterday today's players had to negotiate eight one-hour levels to progress to Day 2, the player who managed that most successfully today was a familiar one. It is UKIPT2 Edinburgh champion Fintan Gavin who leads the way. He bagged up 107,000 overnight and the signs that he might have a good day came during level one, when he got an early double up with aces.

He shoved all-in for 21,000 over the top of Terry Plummer's 800 chip three-bet, Plummer held kings and that was that. The Irishman, who's creative style makes him a nightmare to play against at the best of times, is an absolute terror when he has chips as the rest of the field found out to their cost.

Other players who enjoyed a cork popping day were: Dave Clarkson (99,200) Fergal Nealon (69,100) and Julian Thew (59,300)

ukipt cork_day 1b_julian_thew.jpg

Thew - carried his good form across the Irish Sea

There were three players in the field today who were proudly sporting the Red Spade but only two progressed to Day 2. Leading the two who did when play recommences at 400 - 800 ante 100, will be Dale Philip, the PokerStars Team Online member finished on 50,200. He got a big boost to his stack during level seven when he eliminated Matt Heap in a set over set coup.

ukipt cork_day 1b_dale_philip.jpg

Philip - transferred his online skills to the live arena

For Liv Boeree and Jake Cody - the two members of Team PokerStars Pro in the field - their days were markedly different. In the case of Boeree she was, for the most part, above the average stack line all day before slipping back in the last two levels to finish on 20,900. Whilst for Cody, he barely got above starting stack all day and busted with around 30 minutes left to play.

ukipt cork_day 1b_liv_boeree.jpg

Boeree battled through

ukipt cork_day 1b_jake_cody.jpg

Cody - had one of 'those' days at the office

There was strong Irish contingent in the field today, including two UKIPT champions in the aforementioned Fintan Gavin and Emmett Mullin. The latter found himself on a tough starting table that included Jason Tompkins, Rupinder Bedi and David K.Lappin. None of that quartet would make Day 2 although Mullin almost did until a bluff went wrong. With just minutes remaining in the day he moved all-in on the river of a 9♥7♣Q♥3♣A♣ board with [10h]4♥, Darren Fuller tanked for ages but eventually made the right call wtih A♦Q♦.

But, there are many Irish contenders through to Day 2, they include: Dara O'Kearney (43,800) and Mick Graydon (25,500).

ukipt cork_day 1b_mullin_tompkins.jpg

Mullin (left) and Tompkins (right) both exited on Day 1B

With just 100 players making it through to Day 2 we lost more big names along the way. One player in particular who'll be cursing his luck is Sean Prendiville. The Dubliner was running late for this tournament and in his haste to get here picked up a speeding ticket on the way. Then within an hour he was out, running a set of queens into a set of aces. Incredibly Rory Brown - who shared a lift with Prendiville - also ran queens into aces at the same time on a different table and the two were free to return to Dublin at their leisure.

They weren't alone in losing all their chips as Jamie Dale, Kevin O'Leary, George Clyde-Smith, Jamie Sykes, Marc MacDonnell, Sinem Melin, James Walsh, Ronan Gilligan and Nelius Foley all suffered the same fate.

ukipt cork_day 1b_sinem_melin.jpg

Sinem Melin

The 158 remaining players will be back in their seats at noon tomorrow as we play first to the money bubble of 48 and then beyond, in what we suspect will be another eight level day. We'll have the overnight chip counts and the seat draw up before play restarts. Keep an eye on 'the widget' to the right for both.

To catch up with the eight levels of play from Day 1B or catch up with what occurred on Day 1A click on the links below.

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Photo of the day - Ollie Schaffmann folds his cards

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Nick Wright
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