UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1A, level 5 - 8 updates (blinds, 300-600, ante 75)

9.05pm: Done for the day
Play has ended for the day, a wrap of the day's play is on the way. Day 1B starts at noon tomorrow. -- NW

8.50pm: Last three hands
The tournament clock has been paused and each table will play three more hands before bagging up for the night. -- MC

8.47pm: Those doing worse than Burland this last level...
Shaun Bennett, Michael McNelis, Robbie Renehan, Roberto Morelli, Andrea La Monica, Eamon Saryazdi, Christopher Ferguson, Ben Farrell, Mark McCluskey, Vlad Teodorescu, Patrick Murray, Jaye Renehan, Andrew Brown, Andrew Taylor, Paul Johnson, Jim Mclean and Kevin Spencer will not see day 2. -- MC

8.40pm:Bad times for Burland
Jamie Burland's not out but he's not flipping well. He Tweeted:

"Damn, lose flip for 60k pot. Got J9ss in on 8xx ss vs A8o. 20bigs w 20 mins left of the day #ukiptedinburgh." -- MC

8.30pm: Nealon a little frustrated
It seems to have been an up and down day for Fergal Nealon, the Irishman has built a stack up a number of times, only to have to surrender a portion of it in pots where he's been either a small favourite or a small underdog - in short he's not flipped well.

His latest setback came in the following hand. He'd opened from under-the-gun+2 and Alexander Robertson flat called on the button. The two of them saw a 9♣3♥8♥ flop, Nealon led for 2,000, only for Robertson to raise to 5,000 total.

"How much have you got left behind," asked Nealon. "About 23,000 back," came the reply. After a bit of a think Nealon set Robertson all-in and Robertson made the call.

Nealon: Q♦Q♠
Robertson: 6♥7♥

It was the made hand against the monster draw, the 5♠ turn gave Robertson instance service and the meaningless 7♦ completed the board. After that hand Robertson is up to around 62,000, whilst Nealon slips to 31,000. -- NW

8.15pm: Dream river for Vamplew
David Vamplew's stack is approaching 60,000 after he found a very tasty river in a hand versus Shaun Bennett.

The pot had swelled to around 17,000 by the time the board had concluded as K♠4♣6♠2♥J♥. Vamplew was heads up with Shaun Bennett and led into him for 12,000. Bennett called and was shown J♥J♣ for a rivered set. He mucked and showed a touch of class by saying, "Nice hand." -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, ante 75

8pm: Angell gets a gift of biblical proportions
"Yes Nick, that really did just happen," said UKIPT Brighton champion Jamie Burland to me.

I've obviously got to work on my poker face as he obviously clocked that my face was a mixture of disbelief and if I'm honest, it was searching for the media ID card of the player who'd just busted. But let's rewind...

The action was started by Ewan Rae who made it 900 under-the-gun, Manig Loeser three-bet to 2,225 from middle position, Brett Angell flat called from the small blind as did Jim Mclean from the big blind and Rae also put in the extra.

The flop fell 6♦2♦3♦ and Angell simply moved all-in, he was the big stack, so it was for an effective 18,000 or so. Almost immediately Mclean announced call and moved his stack of 18,000 into the middle. Now Rae went into the tank, before eventually folding what he said was 4♦4♣ and Loeser folded what he later said was pocket jacks.

"Have you got it already?" asked Angell as he shoed Q♦Q♣, Mclean turned over Q♠J♦ and said: "F%%@ me, I thought I had Q♦J♦."

The 8♥ and 3♥ turn and river changed nothing and Mclean exited, still in disbelief that he'd misread his hand. Meanwhile, Angell is now up to 70,000. -- NW

7.50pm: Game's up for...
Shaun Farrell, Derek Leach, Anthony Bragg, Daniel Coll, Kevin Killeen, Campbell Foggo, Gavin Mcguire, David Preston, Luciana Manolea, Steven Bartley, Joel Beverley, Francis Lacken, Christopher Jones, Gerard Martin, Fredrik Nordqvist, Wes Farrell, Oleksandr Sharapov, Iain Brassell and Mark Conibeere. -- MC

7.45pm: Cushnie frustrates Ferguson
Alex Ferguson flopped huge but had to concede defeat to table chip leader, Greig Cushnie. The latter has broken through the six-figure mark as a result.

Cushnie opened the pot with a raise from the mid position and was called in three spot en route to a 2♠T♣5♠ flop. The action was checked around to Colin Croal in the hijack who bet 2,000. Ferguson check-raised this up to 4,900 from the small blind and was only called by Cushnie.

Both players checked the 9♦ turn to head to the 8♥ river. Ferguson checked once more and was soon faced with a 6,500 bet. He opened folded K♠T♠ for top pair and flopped flush draw and verbally berated his bad luck. Cushnie stayed quiet and stacked more chips on top of his burgeoning pile. Ferguson dropped to around 22,000 chips. -- MC

7.40pm: Dale done
I think we just cursed Dale Philip. The bloggers curse has struck again as just minutes after speaking to him, he's busted out of this tournament.

"I had queens against jacks, all-in pre," he told me. "Jack in the window." But that only tells half the story. The Team PokerStars Online grinder went on to tell me that he hadn't noticed that his opponent had min-raised to 800 under-the-gun, Philip therefore thought he was opening to 1,050. But infact, it was ruled that this bet would have to go as a min-raise as Philip had raised by more than 50% of the legal raise size. So Philip was forced to make it 1,200 total, his opponent then jammed and Philip called.

"Some people at the table thought it was an angle shoot. But I'm not that clever, it was just the mistake of an online player, playing live. - NW

7.30pm: Cushtie pot for Cushnie
We saw Greig Cushnie rake in a massive pot so we had to find out more.

It turned out he cracked the aces of Joel Beverley but to be fair to him he committed most of his chips when he turned quad twos! After Beverley called all in and saw he was drawing dead fate rubbed salt into his gaping wound by dropping an ace on the river. Ouch. Cushnie has around 90,000 chips now. -- MC

7.20pm: Pad Thai
Today is Team PokerStars Online's Dale Philip's birthday. I'd love to tell you how old he is, but he wouldn't tell me. Fortunately the Edinburgh native, who now calls Thailand home, was more forthcoming on other subjects.

"In 2010 I went travelling intending to visit 52 countries in 52 weeks, I'd done 12 in 11 weeks and then went to Thailand. I fell in love with the place and never left."
However Dale, who grinds sit and gos and Zoom poker online is planning a trip to rival his previous one. "I'm saving up loads of FPP's (frequent player points) and am trying to do a trip where everything is paid for in FPP's through PokerStars concierge. For instance my flight from Thailand to here cost me 85,000 FPP's."

A combination of his birthday and a tournament in the city he was born in has seen Dale make a rare foray into live poker. "This is the first live tournament I've played for 15 months," he told me. But the birthday boy isn't paying for his travel to the tournament in Scotland by FPP's. "I'm staying with my parents who live 12km away, I got the bus here this morning, it stops right outside and cost me £1.40."

All this is part of Dale's quest to keep a better poker and health balance, "I used to be addicted to coke zero I was drinking like 14 bottles a day," he said. "On 1st January 2012 I weighed 95kg, at the end of the year I was 75kg, I even went on a raw vegan food diet for five weeks and was running every day." That fitness regime has given him a boost at the tables too. "It was like a haze disappeared right in front of my eyes," he told me. "My concentration levels are much better."

And despite not getting a cake yet he says he got his best birthday present in the tournament. "I got it all-in with A-7 against aces and I made runner-runner straight." He's still got some work to do though as he's currently got 8,800. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_dale_philip.jpg

Happy birthday to you...

7.12pm: 30k Club
It's not exclusive, but for now is frequented by Jamie Burland (30,000), Alex Ferguson (31,175) and Andrew Ferguson (34,000). -- MC

7.07pm: All aboard the side event bus
Stuart Wedge, Matthaios Armeftis, Jack Graham, Andrew Mackenzie, Mark Simpkin, Alan Brown, Rytis Praninkias, Timothy Slater, Mudasser Hussain, Niall Murray, Barrie Dear, Plamen Nikolov, Paul Adams, Ewan Brown, Jan Mueller, Alan Clark, David Telfer, Gavin Smith, Timotei Ioan Caba, Alexander Rib, Ross Johnson, James Wightman, Rory Andrews, Vijay Ramanand, Andrew Taylor, Mariusz Czech, Alexander Rosie, David Kilmartin, Elliott Panyi, Brent Burnett, William Wright and Ho Yin Lee have all departed the main event bus. -- MC

7.03pm: Cards in the air
The players are now back in their seats and level seven is underway. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400 ante 50

6.43pm: Final break of the day
The remaining players are on a 20-minute break before they play the last two levels of the day. -- MC

6.40pm: Johnson left with a bowl
Paul Johnson feels like he should've folded his pocket jacks but we feel like he's being a little hard on himself.

The pot that left him with just 650 chips started with a hijack raise to 650 from Derek Chisholm. Mateusz Żbikowski was in the cut-off and three-bet to 1,650 before Johnson four-bet to 3,200. Chisholm knew there was no place for him at the inn and folded but Żbikowski was going for a suite and five-bet to 3,200. Johnson wanted the honeymoon suite and jammed just over 17,000. Żbikowski had the keys to the inn though and snap called.

Żbikowski: A♦A♣
Johnson: J♦J♥

The board ran 8♥A♥4♣2♦K♠ to make the Polish PokerStars qualifier to set. -- MC

6.25pm: Vamplew pays off La Monica
I just saw David Vamplew take a hit at the hands of Andrea La Monica. I only caught the river action but there was roughly 13,000 in the pot and the full board was 6♠4♦9♦A♣8♣.

Action was on La Monica, he moved all-in for 10,025, after getting a count Vamplew called, but mucked when La Monica showed A♦8♦. The Scot slipped to 35,000 after that hand. UKIPT host Nick Wealthall as been moved to that table. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_david_vamplew.jpg

Vamplew - rivered but not swept away

6.15pm: Crolla flips for his life
Don't worry, the players here aren't playing the poker equivalent of the Russian Roulette scene in the Deer Hunter movie, Antonio Crolla was just flipping for his tournament life.

David Preston opened from early position before Christopher Pearson three-bet from the hijack and Crolla four-bet all in from the cut-off for 6,125. Preston folded (a pocket pair he later said) but Pearson called.

Crolla: A♦K♠
Pearson: J♥J♦

The board ran an Italian flavoured 4♥A♠6♥Q♦8♥. -- MC

6.10pm: Delaney doubles through Nealon
A much needed double up for Paul Delaney just now, and it came at the expense of UKIPT regular Fergal Nealon.

The pot was opened by Delaney, Nealon three-bet, Delaney four-bet all-in for 11,650 and Nealon made the call.

Delaney: Q♠Q♦
Nealon: A♥K♥

It was a classic race and it would be one that Delaney would win as the board ran 5♦2♦9♠J♣5♣ to double him up. Despite the dent Nealon is still going strong, he's got around 43,000. -- NW

6pm: Eldon Orr has more than everyone else
Huge 95,000 pot to tell you about, well the outcome of it as I didn't catch it first hand.
However, I can tell you that Eldon Orr now has a 95,000 stack after eliminating two players on the same hand, one of whom was David Lappin.

All the chips went in pre-flop, Lappin held aces, Orr had kings and the third player also held aces. The flop changed nothing, but a king on the turn sent the pot Orr's way. His 95,000 stack dwarfing everyone else, not just at his table, but in the tournament. -- NW

5.50pm: Everyone wants to be in Edinburgh really
That even applies to superstars such as PokerStars Team Online's Mickey Petersen. He Tweeted:

"Bit sad to miss out on #UKIPT Edinburgh, but really excited to play my first online session in a month. #TCOOP grind for the next two weeks!" -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, 25

5.40pm: False hope for Wright
What's worse than busting? Busting after you take a massive lead on the flop only for it to be a false hope is what.

William Wright was down to his last 5,275 and he three-bet them all in after an open to 1,125 from Samuel Rocha Diaz. The rest of the table folded before Diaz made a very quick call.

Diaz: Q♥Q♠
Wright: T♠T♥

The board ran 4♠T♦2♠Q♦9♠. Wright flopped a set but his hopes were quickly dashed upon seeing the turn. -- MC

5.25pm: Set over set shocker for Slater
I noticed Tim Slater was multi-tabling - that is playing on PokerStars on his Ipad whilst also playing live - he was down to about 2,150 here in Edinburgh, considerably less than he had a short time ago. "I had a set over set situation," he explained. "Flop was Q-4-2, I had fours, but he (Kevin Killeen) had queens."

That pot was worth around 43,400 according to Killeen, but Slater's not playing online to qualify to UKIPT Cork. "I'm going to spin it up," he said pointing to his meagre chip stack. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_tim_slater.jpg

Slater - lost in a set-up of a hand

5.15pm: 17 busted in level five so far
The following are famous for being the first bunch to bust in level 5: Ross Hamilton, Adam Mackay, Radoslaw Wielewicki and Charles Lamont, Gordon Wood, Dean Lyall, Kenneth McMaihin, Dag Alse, Paul Corrigan, Jonathan Peacock, Manuel Zapf, Esben Günther, Steven Rinaldi, Joe Mortimer, Todd Cairns, David Rowley and Sean Dempsey. More will be sure to follow. -- MC

5pm: How about a UKIPT Edinburgh Title to add to your EPT title, David?
David Vamplew rocketed to fame and to the top of Scotland all-time money list after he won EPT London in Season 7 for a massive £900,000. He'd love to add a UKIPT Edinburgh title to his list of achievements, especially as this is where he resides.

Flopping sets whilst an opponent flops a smaller set is a good way of getting closer to that goal. Vamplew got a full double up to 44,000 after his pocket tens crushed the pocket sevens of Jason Barton on a Q♠T♠7♦ flop. All the chips went in and Vamplew's hand held up. -- MC

4.40pm: No three-peat for Barzantny
One of the players to bust just before the break was double UKIPT champion Wojtek Barzantny. Seems the German has decided it's time he let someone else win one of these. As well as Barzantny, Peter Donoghue, Thomas Dunwoodie, Paul McAuley, Jonathan Gray, Terry Plummer, Allan Rennie, Rachael Costa, John Stirling, Rafael Alkhouri, Laurence Paisley, Alain Bauer, Ian Morris and Michal Wesolowski are among the 35 players who've been eliminated so far.

If you'd like to check on the status of those still in then we've also been busy updating the chip count page.

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_wojtek barzantny.jpg

Barzantny - so nice he's going to let someone else win one

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of how jetlagged they are): Marc Convey (fairly - it's coming in waves) and Nick Wright (fresh as a daisy). Photos by Mickey May (hvad der er jetlag).

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT