UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 2, level 9 - 12 updates (Blinds 800 - 1,600 ante 200)

4.22pm: Break time
The players are on a 15-minute break. The next level updates will appear in a new post.

4.20pm: Kay firing blanks
Dominic Kay's day has taken a dramatic downward turn after he "emptied the clip" on Christopher Derrick in a huge pot.

We picked up the action on the 2♦7♥2♣ flop where Derrick check-called a 6,600 bet. Kay faced another check on the 5♣ turn and Kay bet 18,000 after having an animated look at his opponent's stack. Call.

The final card came Q♥ and Derrick checked for a third time. Once more Kay paid a lot of attention to his opponent's stack before elected to slide forward two 20k towers. Derrick got a count of the bet and called with A♥Q♣ for rivered two-pair. Kay could only muster A♦J♣ and dropped to around 70,000. Derrick had a mess of chips in front of him but a rough estinate put him up to 175,000. We'll verify his count in the upcoming break, -- MC

4.15pm: Tompkins toppled
The EV of everyone left in this tournament just went up a notch as the dangerous Jason Tompkins has been eliminated.

I joined the action to see a 3♣5♣9♥ flop on the felt, there was roughly 10,000 in the pot, indicating that Tompkins (mid position) had raised and Chihao Tsang had flat called on the button. First to act Tompkins bet 3,600, Tsang made it 9,200, Tompkins got a count of Tsang's stack, then moved all-in for around 46,000 total. Now it was Tsang's turn to dwell, but after perhaps 10 seconds he made the call.

Tompkins: J♠J♦
Tsang: Q♥Q♦

The 3♥ turn and 6♦ river bricked off and after a count of Tsang's stack it was established that he just had Tompkins covered. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_jason_tompkins.jpg

Jacks left Tompkins with jack all

4.10pm:Just not Wealthall's Dale
UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall is not going to get to present himself with the trophy or do a one on one interview with himself as he's just been eliminated here in Edinburgh. The action was started by Jason Tompkins who opened to 3,300, Jamie Dale flatted with pocket tens on the button, Wealthall moved all-in for 10 big blinds with pocket nines and after Tompkins folded, Dale made the call.

The community cards changed nothing and Wealthall exited the tournament. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_nick_wealthall.jpg

It's back to the day job for Wealthall

4pm: Williams has seen worse flops
Kevin Williams is up to 120,000 chips after busting Lee Hanlon.

The action folded around to Hanlon on the button and he moved all in for his last 13,000. Williams was in the big blind and made a very quick call.

Hanlon: 9♦7♦
Williams: A♦J♠

Hanlon had live cards but not after the flop fell A♥2♣A♣. "Not a terrible flop," jested Williams.

The board ran out 6♦K♥. -- MC

3.50pm: Chip counts
With 144 players remaining exactly half the field will make the money, to see how some of those still in are fairing check out the chip count page. -- NW

3.45pm: Rawnsley out kicked
One of the names in the list of exits below is Neil Rawnsley, he told me that in his exit hand he made it 3,000 to go (this was at the end of Level 11), an opponent raised to 16,000. He told me this bet size threw him a bit, but nonetheless he moved all-in for 36,000 with Ace-Queen, only to find that his opponent hand Ace-King. No queen or straight hit the board and Rawnsley was out. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_neil_rawnsley.jpg

Onto the next one for Rawnsley

3.35pm: Your time here has passed
Pascal Pflock, John Bousfield, Tudor Purice, Philip Jackson, Stephen Woodhead, David McNeally, Richard Evans, Sajid Munir, Douglas Findlay, Kevin O'Connell, Neil Rawnsley, Björn Egertz, Patrick Thompson, Andrew Hall, Nicholas Jamieson, Andreas Aristotelous, John Little, Ben Price, Kieran St Clair, Ryen Winton, Kenneth Coote, Simon Appleby, Niall Anderson, Benjamin Burnhill, George Stewart, Michael Finan, Christopher Pearson, Andrew Booth, Barry Blackwood, Martin Gallagher, Adrian Gray, Benjamin Dixon, Matthew Franklin, Kenneth Fong, David Peer, Duncan Taylor, James Rann and Eldon Orr. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_richard_evans.jpg

It's back to Wales for Evans

3.25pm: You only live Weis
Oliver Weis just got very lucky indeed to stay alive in this tournament. The pot was opened to 3,000 by Samuel Rocha Diaz, Nick Wealthall flat called and Weis then moved all-in for 31,000. Back on Diaz he called and Wealthall passed pocket tens. Good pass as Diaz showed pocket queens, whilst Weis had pocket threes. But a three on the flop swung the pot Weis's way and he now has around 70,000. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ante 200

3.15pm: Yong man, there's no need to be afraid
Rob Yong continues to mix it up on Day 2. If you're not going to have fun, why play the game?

Manig Loeser is having a great day (150,000) and it was he who opened to 2,400 from the button. Yong was in the big blind and asked his German opponent, "What is my range to cal with then?"

"Top 98%!" came the reply.

Yong did call and no more money ventured into the middle until the board rested as 6♦9♣3♥T♦4♠. Yong threw out 1,200 and Loeser said he was thinking about raising but he probably knew Yong is a live-wire and elected to fold.

The next hand Carolyn Gray and Yong played out an almost identical hand. Yong called a raise and both players checked to the river where the board read A♠K♥[J♥A♥3♣. "How much can I tax you for?" asked Yong. He elected to throw in 5,000 and it was enough to get Gray to fold. Yong showed Q♣T♣ for a straight. Yong sits on 140,000. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_manig_loeser.jpg

Loeser - lost the battle, but may yet win the war

3.05pm: On the up
Both Kevin Williams and Alex Ferguson have had a good start to level 11...

"Up to 57,800. Picked up KK & got 3 streets of value from table big stack," tweeted Ferguson. Whilst Williams tweeted: "Won some small pots to crack 100k barrier. 112k." -- NW

3pm: News in brief
A few snippets from around the room...

- UKIPT Champion of Champions Richard Sinclair is going well, he's up to 115,000
- PokerStars Team Online's Grzegorz Mikielewicz is on 55,000 that's up from a start of day 12,600.
- The table containing Jamie Bulrand and David Vamplew has now broken. The former has been plonked to the left of Brett Angell, Burland in on 30,000, Angell 80,000. --- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_angell_burland.jpg

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_angell_burland2.jpg

2.50pm: The Sunny goes down on Chattha's tournament
Eliminating Jake Cody was the last thing that went right for Sunny Chattha today.

Lewis Hunter had raise-folded the hand before he raised into Chattha's big blind. Chattha shoved for around 10,000 over his open to 2,400. Snap call.

Hunter: A♣A♠
Chattha: Q♠4♠

The board ran T♥T♣9♠K♦2♣. -- MC

2.35pm: You're ahead, no you're ahead
James Gray opened to 3,000 only for Andreas Aristotelous to move all-in for his last 11,900. Back on Gray he tanked, called and then said: "You're ahead," to which Aristotelous replied: "No you're ahead." The reveal revealed that Gray - with A♥2♥ - was in fact ahead of Aristotelous who held Q♠J♠. By the turn the board of 6♠9♣4♦3♠ gave Aristotelous a lot of outs, but he missed them all on the 8♥ river. -- NW

2.25pm: Six-figure stacks
Liam Horgan, 210,000
David Vamplew, 180,000
Luan Beciri, 175,000
Liam Batey, 170,000
Gary Whipp, 168,000
Rob Yong, 155,000
Manig Loeser, 150,000
Dominic Kay, 140,000
Christopher Ahrens, 130,000
John Wallace, 115,000
Jakub Kyrian, 110,000
William Champion, 105,000
Andreas Schmitt, 105,000
Grant Kinnear, 100,000
Meenakshi Sundaram Subramaniam, 100,000
Kevin Williams, 100,000
Richard Sinclair, 100,000
Paweł Boruta, 100,000
Mikel Villaescusa,100,000
-- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_rob_yong.jpg

Yong is going strong

2.22pm: Play resumes
Cards are back in the air for the third level of the day.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ante 200

2.02pm: Break time
The players are now on a 20-minute break. -- NW

2pm: Wealthall now more wealthy
UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall just doubled up and now has a stack of around 45,000.

Under-the-gun Samuel Rocha Diaz opened to 2,000, Wealthall piled for 23,300 two seats along and after a tank Diaz made the call.

Wealthall: 9♦9♠
Diaz: 7♦7♥

The board ran J♥A♣3♦5♠2♠ to keep Wealthall in it. -- NW

1.50pm: Re-squeeze from Kay
Dom Kay is on around 135,000 after doubling up a short stack before winning pre flop raising war the very next hand.

He opened to 2,000 from mid position and was called by the short-stacked Simon Appleby in the big blind. The flop fell K♣9♠7♠ and Appleby moved all in for his last 5,100 with J♣9♦. Kay called with A♣6♣ but failed to catch up enough on the 6♠8♦ turn and river.

The very next hand Kevin Williams opened to 2,000 from early position and Kay called before Andrew Ferguson squeezed to 4,700 from the button. Williams called but Kay had other ideas and four-bet to 11,400. The raise did the trick as both players folded. -- MC

1.35pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but: Alan Richardson, Thomas Blair, Grzegorz Reczko, Andrzej Kozikowski, Rory Macdonald, Joe Laming, Niall Farrell, Sam Onions, Joseph Chattaway, Derek Chisholm, Paul Irvine, Andrew Teng, Hasmukh Khodiyara, Alexander Robertson, John Durkin, John Burns, Graham Clarkson, Andrew Allen, , Matthew Holliday, Stephen Dunnett, Chris Dowling...

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_chris_dowling.jpg

Dowling - shoved queen high into king high and didn't win

And...Tom Wiesner, Cheng Wei Yin, Dara O'Kearney, Kevin Killeen, Mark Goodchild, Christopher Khabir, Matthew Dickie, Paweł Zawadowicz, Martin Smith, David Docherty, Marc Radgen, Stefan Wittmoss, Gerald Cochlan, Tom Noble, Andy Beuken, Gordon Hannay, Nick Ramsey and Xia Ke have all been eliminated during level 10.

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_kevin_killeen.jpg

Killeen has croaked

1.25pm: Farrell gets creative; busts
Niall Farrell was annoyed at himself after his exit hand, feeling he shouldn't have opened with J♠8♠ off 17 big blinds from under the gun.

He did though and picked up a couple of callers who were keen to see the 2♦K♠A♠ flop come down. Farrell continued for 3,200 and then three-bet shoved for 16,000 when raised to 8,000 by William Champion. The third player folded in between and Champion called with K♥J♣.

Farrell just giggled as the board ran out 7♣9♣. -- MC

1.15pm: Big names depart
Fintan Gavin and Jake Cody both fell towards the end of the first level.

Gavin, the reigning champion, had hopes of making it to lunch, but fell early enough to go out and have lunch somewhere.

Cody, as we had written before, was looking for a spot but when he found one he was soon out the door. David Docherty opened to 1,700 from the cut-off before Cody three-bet to 3,800 from the small blind. Sunny Chattha was in the small blind and moved all in for around 25,000. Docherty folded and Cody called off.

Cody: K♦J♠
Chattha: A♦A♣

The board ran 5♦K♠8♦3♥7♦.

"I was waiting for that spot!" said Cody as he got up from his chair. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_jake_cody.jpg

Cody - picked the wrong spot

1.10pm: Cody looking for a spot
I just spent an orbit following the progress of Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. It was a fairly quiet orbit for the youngster from Rochdale, he's clearly looking for a spot to get his 10 big blinds in, but puffed out his cheeks a couple of times when he was forced to fold unopened pots.

However, he did move his chips on once, shoving for 9,400 over the top of a 1,800 open from David Docherty, the latter mucked his hand though. With Cody's style it can't be long before he finds a spot he likes and gets them in again. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ante 100

1pm: Burland doubles up
A much needed double up just now for Jamie Burland. He opened to 1,600 from under-the-gun and got three callers, including the two players to his immediate left - Alisdair Macrae and David Vamplew.

The flop fell A♠9♦Q♣, it checked to Macrae who bet 3,600, Burland was the only caller. The 8♥ fell on the turn, Macrae set Burland in for his last 8,100 and Burland called swiftly called.

Burland: Q♥Q♦
Macrae: A♥J♠

Although the A♣ fell on river Burland had a lock on the hand and is now up to around 30,000. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_jamie_burland.jpg

Jamie Burland

12.58pm: First level fallers
Alexander Rib, Wim Neys, Peter Mccormick, Paul Connor, Saifon Lambe, Paul Gupta, Andrew Thomson, Nicholas Crozer, Colin McGowan, Paul Byrne, Stuart Bee, Alexander Knight, Michael Hawkins, Jonathon Prested, Andrew Abernethy, Allan Goldie, Tom Clark, Richard Charles Blacklock, Antonio Crolla, Paul Dixon, Andy Grant, Reeve Hicks, Majid Iqbal, Bernhard Sværen, Gregory Cooke, Mark Southwood, Stuart Walker, Peter Stephen, William Cheung, John Willoughby, Leon Louis, Adam Jaguścik, Sebastiaan Heijnen, Ewan Corsie, Bart Besselink, Craig Sweden, Steven Raeside, Raymond Irving and Craig Sayers. -- MC

12.50pm: Kay wriggles out of bad spot
Dominic Kay is accumulating chips the same way he did yesterday: handing out bad beats.

There was a raise to 1,700 that was flat called by Kevin Williams before Kay three-bet to 6,400 off the button with king-five off-suit. Steven Raeside was in the small blind with jacks and jammed for 11,400. The action folded back to Kay who was priced in by this point. He called and hit king on the river.

Pot gained for Kay, table reputation ruined though. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_dom_kay.jpg

Dom Kay

12.42pm: Two steps forward, one step back
Grzegorz Mikielewicz is making progress today but it's not easy. The PokerStars Team Online member managed to get up to 20,000 before dropping back to 15,000. -- MC

12.40pm: Fraser Falls
We caught up with Fraser Macintyre on his way out of the tournament room after his exit. He felt he made a couple of errors that contributed towards his downfall.

Macintyre opened to 1,700 from early position and was called in two spots before Kevin O'Connell squeezed to 3,700 from the big blind. Macintyre put in a four-bet to 6,100 and was only called by O'Connell to see a J♠5♠2♦ flop. O'Connell came out firing for 7,000 and called off his remaining 20,000 when Macintyre shoved.

It turned out to be a good call as Macintyre only had A♥7♥ to his pocket eights. The board ran out bricks and Macintyre was left with ten big blinds.

Moments later Macintyre shoved them in with eight-five thinking he was opening the pot. There had a been a limper though who called with king-jack to finish him off. -- MC

12.35pm: Blacklock downed, back in for the side event
A bit of a sickener for Richard Blacklock, who was just eliminated by Gary Lindsay and he described the hand to me.

The pot was opened by Michele Galatola, who made it 1,900 to go, Gary Lindsay then three-bet to 4,600 from the small blind and Blacklock moved all-in for 12,600 from the big blind with Ace-King. The original raiser folded and Lindsay tank called it off with Jack-Two.

A two on the flop and a jack on the turn bumped Blacklock from this tournament, but he told me he'll be back for the £300 side event later today. -- NW

12.25pm: Calm before the storm?
It's fairly quiet in the main tournament room at the moment, the main sounds being the repetitive riffling of chips prevalent at all poker tournaments. This is only punctuated by the occasional cry of "seat open".

Meanwhile Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody sits impassive, not riffling his chips as his stack, still static at around 15,000, contains too few chips to do so. That's not the case for his right hand neighbour though, Liam Batey was the chip leader from Day 1A and he started play with 115,400.

On the table adjacent to 'Table Cody' sit two UKIPT winners, Jamie Burland and David Vamplew. Again their stacks are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Local boy Vamplew - who was featured in a newspaper spread yesterday about this tournament - came in to today with a top ten stack, whilst Burland will be looking for a double up given he came into today with 11,100.

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_david_vamplew.jpg

David Vamplew

Before play started Nick Wealthall told us that no one on his table had any chips! Indeed only two players on his table had an above average stack to start the day. Still players of the quality of Jason Tompkins (31,200) don't necessarily need a big stack to play. Those two also have Richard Haile for company, in a sea of hoodie's he stands out as the UKIPT3 Galway eighth place finisher always wears a suit at the table. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_nick_wealthall.jpg

Nick Wealthall

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_richard_haile.jpg

Richard Haile

12.15pm: Power Out for Watts
A cooler of a hand took care of cheeky chappy, Steve Watts.

The hand was folded to him in the small blind and he looked down at A♦Q♦. With only 16,000 remaining he only had one move: to shove. Duncan Taylor was in the big with 18,000 and made an easy call after looking down at A♠K♥. The board ran out T♠K♣9♠K♠2♣ to seal Watts' fate. -- MC

12.05pm: Cards in the air
Play has begun here in Edinburgh, expect the usual start of Day 2 carnage.

Before the start of play Tournament Director Toby Stone took to the microphone to tell players that the plan today was to play eight levels. However, if the bubble hasn't burst by the end of level 16, then play will continue until it has. But, the powers that be expect the bubble to burst during level 15 or 16. -- NW

Welcome back to Day 2
Day 2 will combine the best of Days 1A and 1B as 267 return with the eventual aim of winning a cool £101,000. Before that though, they will have to position themselves to have a good run at the money. The top 72 players will receive a minimum of £1,050 and we expect to make the money before play finishes today. The plan, we're told is to play another eight levels.

Liam Horgan accumulated 119,800 chips yesterday and enters today as the chip leader. He's closely followed by Rob Yong (119,100) and Liam Batey (115,400).

Team PokerStars is still being represented today but they have work to do. Jake Cody returns with 15,500 and Grzegorz Mikielewicz has even less with 12,600.

Play is due to begin at midday so join us back here soon. Click here to see today's seat draw. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 1b_jake_cody.jpg

Jake Cody is playing the dreaded 20 big blind stack

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of number of hats they're wearing today) : Marc Convey (one) and Nick Wright (none). Photos by Mickey May.

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in UKIPT