UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 3, level 17 - 20 updates (Blinds 5,000 - 10,000 ante 1,000)

4.23pm: Break time
The rest of the day's updates will appear in a new post.

4.20pm:Brett off to live Angells
Brett Angell busted just before the break to Jamie Burland.

Burland has been sat to the left of Angell for long periods this tournament, not a fun place to be. His exit hand came when he shoved for 188,000 from the small blind when the action folded to him. Burland made a quick call from the big blind.

Angell: A♥5♦
Burland: A♠8♣

The board ran 3♠4♠K♦8♦6♦ to pair Burland's eight. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_angell_burland.jpg

Angell (left) and Burland (right) played much of this tournament side by side

4.15pm: Schmitt downed by Derrick
The chip stack of Chris Derrick continues to grow as he just eliminated Andreas Schmitt. The pot was opened to 20,000 by Isaac Opoku, Derrick three-bet to 50,000, Schmitt moved all-in from the small blind for 115,000 and after Opoku folded, Derrick made the call.

Derrick: K♦K♣
Schmitt: A♣Q♣

The board came eight high and was bereft of clubs, whilst Derrick is closing in on one million as he has 975,000. -- NW

4.15pm: Vamplew vanquishes Coulahan
Gary Coulahan open-jammed for around 110,000 from early position, it passed to David Vamplew in the big blind and he didn't even bother asking for a count, before calling.

The bad news for Coulahan was confirmed as Vamplew rolled over aces, Coulahan had pocket eights so the 9♠7♣[10d] flop wasn't exactly a bust for him. But he didn't hit on the 4♦ turn or 9♦ river and exited in 20th place. Meanwhile after that hand Vamplew is back up to 509,000. -- NW

4.05pm: Williams rockets to defeat
Kevin Williams looked very annoyed at himself after he five-bet jammed into Przemysław Dajer's aces.

Williams three-bet to 46,000 off the button only to see the Pole four-bet to 96,000 from the small. The original raiser folded but Williams jammed for around 400,000 chips and his face winced when he was snap-called.

Dajer: A♠A♣
Williams: Q♦T♥

The board ran K♦3♥3♠5♦7♥. The hand was over by the turn and Williams was already on his way. That put Dajer up to around a million chips. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_kevin_williams.jpg

Williams was pole axed by aces

3.55pm: Double double
Two double ups to tell you about...

First Vladislav Donchev doubled through Brett Angell, his A♥9♥ getting there against Angell's A♠Q♣ on the 6♦4♠9♣J♦8♥ board. The Bulgarian's all-in was for 114,000, whilst Angell slips to 320,000.

And Andreas Schmitt three-bet all-in for 59,000 with A♠Q♠ over the top of Jason Barton's 20,000 open. The ex-snooker player called off the extra with A♥8♣ but was drawing semi-dead after the Q♥8♠J♠ flop. And Schmitt stayed alive on the 4♣ turn and 2♣ river. He's still short though, whilst Barton slips to 485,000. -- NW

3.45pm: Tsang toppled
Chihao Tsang is probably raging inside, he did a good job of hiding it though...

His exit was a tale of two hands. In the first, where he lost the vast majority of his stack he opened with K♦K♣ and called Stephen Eames shove of 97,000. The latter held A♣K♣ so liked the look of the 9♣5♥Q♣ flop, he liked the A♥ turn even more and the 7♥ river left Tsang with just 26,000.

Two hands later he was in the big blind, but elected to pass, perhaps mindful of the pay jump between 22nd and 21st. But, he could wait no longer and on the next hand his remaining 16,000 went in with A♦8♥ but was dominated by Darren Knaggs A♣J♥ and didn't improve. He exited in 22nd winning £2,280. -- NW

3.35pm: Today's exits
Below are the players who've busted so far today...

23rd, Darren Moore, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £2,280
24th, Paul van Oort, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier - £2,280
25th, Sameer Singh, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £2,280
26th, Roert Boon, United Kingdom - £2,280
27th, Owen Currie, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £2,280
28th, Andrew Laurie, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,860
29th, Thomas Ward, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,860
30th, Mikel Villaescusa, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,860
31st, Jamil Ogunmakinawa, United Kingdom - £1,860
32nd, Greig Cushnie, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,860
33rd, Ryan Barr, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,860
34th, Michele Galatola, Italy, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,860
35th, James Tidey, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,860
36th, Manig Loeser, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,860
37th, Thomas Hall, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,650
38th, Tomasz Spodenkiewicz, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,650
39th, Lukasz Laska, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,650
40th, Oliver Weis, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,650
41st, Lewis Hunter, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,650
42nd, Liam Horgan, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,650
43rd, Andrew Ferguson, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier - £1,650
44th, Grzegorz Mikielewicz, Poland, PokerStars Team Online - £1,650
45th, Alan Gold, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,650
46th, Gary Lindsay, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,440
47th. Jason Esmail, Canada, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,440
48th, Liam Batey, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - £1,440
49th, Dennis Henkes, Belgium, PokerStars Player - £1,440

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_mikel_villaescusa.jpg

Villaescusa out in 30th

3.25pm: Barton Busts Moore
Darren Moore walked into a bit of a cooler to bust.

He three-bet the active Isaac Opoku with pocket tens only for Jason Barton to move all in behind with pocket jacks. Opoku moved out of the way and Moore was priced in to call.

The board ran 2♦5♣9♦4♥A♥ failing to improve both players. That pot rocketed Barton up to 480,000. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, 1,000

3.17pm: Villa-Lobos has loads
The chip lead didn't belong to Issac Opoku for too long, he didn't lose it, it's just Nicolau Villa-Lobos won a pot to leapfrog him.

He opened to 17,000, David Vamplew three-bet to 38,000, Michael Kemp then cold-four bet to what looked like 102,000. Back on Villa-Lobos he moved all-in, Vamplew quickly folded and Kemp let out an exasperated sigh as he followed suit. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_villa_lobos.jpg

Nicolau Villa-Lobos

3.07pm: Ort of here
Paul van Ort was the first to be eliminated post redraw. He fell to Isaac Opoku who has leapt into the chip lead with 870,000 chips.

The two were heads up to a 4♣K♣5♥ flop before all the chips went flying. Van Ort was actually ahead with A♥Q♠ as his opponent had flopped a open ended straight draw with 6♥7♥.

The board ran out 2♦8♦ to make the Brit's straight. Van Ort banged his fist on the table in frustration before being led off to the payout desk. -- MC

3pm: Final three tables

Table 1
David Vamplew
Chihao Tsang
Gary Coulahan
Stephen Eames
Michael Kemp
Darren Knaggs
Nicolau Villa-Lobos
Alisdair Macrae

Table 2
Guido Braye
Andreas Schmitt
Isaac Opoku
Paul van Oort
Sébastien Guerlinze
Chris Derrick
Darren Moore
Jason Barton

Table 3
Przemysław Dajer
Brett Angell
Jamie Burland
Christian Bergstrom
James Sykes
Sylvester Kleian
Vladislav Donchev
Kevin Williams

2.55pm: Two players bust; redraw at 24
We're down to 24 players after the exits of Robert Boon and Sameer Singh. There will now be a redraw of the final three tables.

Boon shoved from the button with A♦2♦ and walked into the big blind's pocket eights. The board ran 5♦K♣2♣6♠5♠.

Singh raised from under the gun and then shoved on a 4♠9♦6♦ flop with A♥5♥. It was a misstep though as Jason Barton had defended with pocket fours!

The full redraw will be coming up shortly. -- MC

2.50pm: Currie cooked
Owen Currie is the latest player to exit the tournament. He moved all-in for his last 47,00 from under-the-gun with A♣8♣ and got a call from Christian Bergstrom who held K♠Q♥.

A K♦4♦5♠J♥2♣ board eliminated Currie and boosted Bergstrom to 300,000. -- NW

2.45pm: Macrae rallies
A shortstacked Alisdair Macrae is now not quite as short as he once was. He three-bet all-in for 75,000 with pocket aces over the top of an open from Guido Braye. The Dutchman got a count then called off the extra with K♠J♠. A low board meant Macrae is now has more than 150,000, whilst Braye slips to 380,000. -- NW

2.40pm: Laurie's last stand
Andrew Laurie has just been Barry Greensteined out of this tournament.

The pot was opened to 17,000 by Przemysław Dajer, Laurie then moved all-in for 112,000 and after a bit of a tank Dajer made the call.

Dajer: A♠[10d]
Laurie: Q♠Q♣

The 2♦9♦6♠K♦A♣ board was cruel on Laurie, taking his tournament life away on the river. -- NW

2.35pm: Donchev doubles
Vladislav Donchev is up to 145,000 after doubling through Stephen Eames. The former three-bet all-in from the big blind with A♦Q♣ and Eames called from the button with A♣9♥. A 8♥A♥6♣4♠8♣ board kept the Bulgarian in front, whilst Eames slips to 140,000. -- NW

2.30pm: No back-to-back finals for Ward
Thomas Ward - who finished fourth at UKIPT Edinburgh in Season 2 - has just been eliminated in 29th place winning £1,860.

He was all-in for his last 145,000 with pocket sixes, but in bad shape against Paul van Oort's pocket nines. The Q♥8♠Q♠4♥J♦ board kept the Dutchman in front and sent Ward to the rail. The Dutchman is up to 320,000 after that hand. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_thomas_ward.jpg

Ward has been wamboozled

2.25pm: Chip counts
The top five at the start of Level 18 is as below, but you can see the chip counts of all the remaining players here. Whilst to see who's busted so far today click here.

Chris Derrick, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 945,000
Nicolau Villa-Lobos, Brazil, 783,000
Michael Kemp, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 637,000
Isaac Opoku, United Kingdom, 580,000
James Sykes, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 510,000

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_jamie_sykes.jpg

Jamie Sykes

2.16pm: Play continues
Cards are being shuffled, that means play is back underway. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, 1,000

2.01pm: Break Time
Players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

2pm: Chris still crushing
As the first break of the day approaches Chris Derrick, who has roughly 900,000 is still in the lead. His nearest challenger appears to be Michael Kemp who has around 600,000. Tournament staff will be doing a full chip count of the 29 remaining players during the break. -- NW

1.55pm: Cushnie busts in three-way all in
Greig Cushnie busted in a hand that saw Guido Braye triple up and Owen Currie crippled to 70,000 chips. A lot of chips went in on the flop before the few that were left went in on the turn when the board read 8♣9♣T♥A♦.

Cushnie: A♣6♣ for a flush draw and gutshot draw.
Currie: [q][q] for a pair of queens
Braye: [q][j] for a flopped straight.

The river bricked and Braye scooped the lot. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_greig_cushnie.jpg

Cushnie has crashed out

1.45pm: Burland receives late Christmas gift
Jamie Burland has almost 500,000 chips after Ryan Barr made a move against him.

The two had made it to the turn of a Q♠Q♥9♣6♣ board. Burland bet and then called instantly when Barr made a big shove with 5♣5♥. Burland opened A♠Q♣ for trips and faded a five on the 2♠ river. -- MC

1.40pm: Galatola sent to the gallows
Michele Galatola is the latest to fall after making a move with his short stack.

The action folded around to him in the small blind and he open shoved for around 60,000. Sylvester Kleian was in the big blind and made the call.

Galatola: 9♥3♦
Kleian: A♣2♠

The board ran J♦K♥A♠5♥4♥. - MC

1.30pm: Guerlinze gets another double
It's been quite a day so far for Sebastien Guerlinze, he started the day on 62,500, ran that up to 270,000 and was down to around 150,000 at the start of the following hand.

I only caught the end of it but on a 9♦A♠4♠[10d] board there was about 45,000 in the pot, Guerlinze was up against Greig Cushnie and through a series of bets and raises the Belgian got his last 122,500 into the middle and Cushnie matched it.

Guerlinze: A♦8♦
Cushnie: Q♦J♦

They both had monster draws, but Guerlinze had one of the few hands that Cushnie didn't want to see. The 9♠ completed the board to double the Belgian to 300,000 whilst Cushnie slips to 210,000. -- NW

1.21pm: Cushnie cripples Loeser, who busts soon after
Greig Cushnie has crippled Manig Loeser after the latter four-bet into the former's aces. Manig's surname was apt as he lost the rest of his chips soon after.

The German was under the gun and raised only to be three-bet by Cushnie in the next seat. The action folded back around to Loeser who shoved. Cushnie called all in for 141,000 total.

Loeser: Q♠J♠
Cushnie: A♠A♥

The board ran T♥5♣5♥2♥8♣ to give Cushnie a full double up. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_maing_loeser.jpg

Loeser - didn't win on this occasion

1.15pm: Hall leaves the room
Another deep run for Tom Hall in a UKIPT has come to an end in 37th place, he was kind enough to tell me about his exit hand. "Jamie Burland opened under-the-gun to 10,500, I've got about 122,000, so 24 big blind and cram with pocket eights. The guy to my left (Ryan Barr) who had 104,000 moves all-in with pocket jacks and holds. That left me with 15,000 and I was out the next hand." That's four day threes for Hall, who's surely going to final one of these soon.

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_tom_hall.jpg

Another deep run for Hall

1.05pm: Weis busts in 40th
Oliver Weis couldn't win a big flip versus Isaac Opoku and departed in 40th place for £1,650.

We missed the pre flop action but he had committed all his chips from the big blind with A♦K♠ and was given a spin by Opoku in the small blind with 9♦9♣. The board ran a blank T♠4♦2♦Q♠6♠ and Opoku is up to 470,000. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000 ante 500

1pm: Williams gets a double up
This is a strange hand, but I can promise that the way this hand plays out is true as Jamie Sykes, who's at the table, came into the media room to tell us the hand saying: "I need the world to know hands like this happen."

It folded to Kevin Williams in the small blind and from a stack of around 180,000 he opened to 12,000, from the big blind Mikel Villaescusa three-bet to 25,000. Back on Williams he four-bet to 45,000 and Villaescusa, in the words of Sykes 'snap peeled.'

The flop came [Q][9][8] with two spades, Williams tanked for ages and then led for 40,000, Villaescusa instantly jammed all-in and Williams sigh called all-in for his last 100,000.

Williams: [Q][3]
Villaescusa: [9][4]

The board ran [7][5] and Williams hand held to double him to around 360,000 whilst Villaescusa is down to 250,000. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_kevin_williams.jpg

Williams the recipient of a strange double up

12.55pm: Derrick increases stack despite ruling against him
The floor was called on Chris Derrick after he attempted to raise on the river in a big pot versus Przemysław Dajer. His raise was not in one motion and was ruled as just a call.

The two had made in to the river with a lot of chips in the middle and Derrick checked from the small blind. The board read 7♦4♣T♦A♥K♣ and Dajer bet 90,000 from the button. Derrick tried to raise to 200,000 but it turned out he had to just call. It didn't really matter as Dajer snap mucked to drop to 290,000. Derrick moved up to 630,000. -- MC

12.45pm: Always the bridesmaid
Andrew Ferguson, good friends with UKIPT winners David Vamplew, Max Silver and Nick Abou Risk, is out, he tweeted: "Busted 43rd QQ < AK :(," Silver tweeted back three minutes later. "Always the bridesmaid." -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_andrew_ferguson.jpg

Ferguson - flipped out of this tournament

12.35pm: Vamos Vamplew!
David Vamplew is up to 375,000 after eliminating Liam Horgan. He opened under-the-gun and Horgan flat-called from the small blind. The 6♦[10c]8♣ flop was checked through and the 7♥ fell on the turn. It checked to Vamplew, he fired out a bet of 18,000 and called when Horgan check-raised to 45,000. The 4♥ completed the board Horgan jammed for 97,500 and Vamplew called.

Horgan: A♦2♠
Vamplew: K♣5♣

The Scot's combo-draw had got there on the river and Horgan had picked the wrong time to try and get a bluff through. -- NW

12.30pm: What a start for Guerlinze!
Sébastien Guerlinze was sat in his seat chuckling and with his arms shaped in an almost apologetic fashion. He's just taken out a player to see his stack increase to 270,000 from a starting stack of just 62,000, all in around 20 minutes of play.

The last hand saw him take out Grzegorz Mikielewicz. The PokerStars Team Online member had dropped to 65,000 from his starting stack of 85,000 after he missed a wet looking flop with ace high and elected to check-fold to a bet. The next hand he open shoved with K♦Q♠ and was called by Guerlinze from the big blind with A♦J♠. The board ran T♦9♠2♥A♣2♠ to end his hopes. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_grzegorz_mikielewicz.jpg

Back to the online grind for DaWarsaw

12.20pm: Double double then trouble
It was a rollercoaster, albeit short day for Canadian PokerStars qualifier Jason Esmail. His overnight stack of 87,500 was reduced to 10,000 when he ran ace-jack into Sébastien Guerlinze's pocket aces.

That's when the rollercoaster started going upwards though. First he doubled through Manig Loeser with A♦3♦ against 8♣7♣ on a 2♦8♥A♠[10d]6♥ board. That got him up to 32,000, the very next hand he opened to 10,500, Stephen Eames set him all-in and Esmail said: " I call, I've got aces." Indeed he did, Eames A♣7♠ didn't catch up and suddenly Esmail was back to something approaching his start of day stack.

And he wasn't going to sit on it, the next hand he opened to 10,500 and Guerlinze smooth called. The two of them saw a 3♦4♦6♥ flop, check from Esmail, bet of 12,500 from Guerlinze, all-in from Esmail, snap-call from Guerlinze.

Esmail: A♣4♥
Guerlinze: 6♠6♦

"How do you always have the nuts against me," said Esmail when he saw Guerlinze's hand. The K♦ and J♣ completed the board. "This guys going to win," said Esmail pointing at Guerlinze. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_jason_esmail.jpg

Esmail's ride has stopped

12.15pm: From a potential second in chips, to second out
Liam Batey had high hopes for today minutes before the end of play last night. He had even higher hopes on the last hand of the night when he got pocket aces in against Mikel Villaescusa's A♠Q♥. The latter made a flush and Batey came back third from bottom in the counts.

Things got worse for him today. We caught up with him at the payout desk and he told us he three-bet jammed K♦9♦ over the top of an open with ace-jack. He was called and soon out the door. You could tell from his face that hand last night was still playing on his mind. The fine line in poker that sees goes go from a potential second place in chips to second out the door the next day.

He was only beat to the payout desk by Dennis Henkes who was the first player put today. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_liam_batey.jpg

Batey - the cards just didn't go his way

12.05pm: Cards are in the air
Play has started here in Edinburgh, news on two early bust outs coming right up. -- NW

12pm: Derrick leads as sharks lurk
Just 49 players of the 612 who started remain in the main event of UKIPT Edinburgh. The money jumps will start to get bigger today as one by one the field is whittled down to the final table of eight.

Top of the pile as we head into Day 3 is Chris Derrick who has 554,500, whilst he has no major results or wins (yet) there's a host of players in the chasing pack who do. Two UKIPT champions are looking to double down, David Vamplew (316,000) and Jamie Burland (255,000) are both well placed to make a deeper run than they already have.

Whilst Jamie Sykes has had a couple of five figure scores in the live arena, his biggest win came when he won the Sunday Million on PokerStars, and Brett Angell and Thomas Ward know what it's like to make a UKIPT final table, Ward in this very city in Season 2.

Throw in the talents of players like Kevin Williams, Manig Loeser and Andrew Ferguson and this is shaping up to be a great day of poker. The start of day table draw is as below.

Table One
Oliver Weis,Germany,PokerStars Qualifier,119,500
Alisdair Macrae,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,143,500
Michele Galatola,Italy,PokerStars Qualifier,173,500
Sylvester Kleian,Netherlands,PokerStars Player,83,000
Darren Moore,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,95,500
Christian Bergstrom,Sweden,PokerStars Player,254,000
Jamil Ogunmakinawa,United Kingdom,169,000

Table Two
Liam Batey,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,83,000
Lewis Hunter,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,93,500
Jamie Burland,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,255,000
Lukasz Laska,Poland,PokerStars Qualifier,136,500
Vladislav Donchev,Bulgaria,PokerStars Qualifier,104,500
Ryan Barr,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,145,000
Nicolau Villa-Lobos,Brazil,353,500

Table Three
Grzegorz Mikielewicz,Poland,PokerStars Team Online,83,500
Manig Loeser,Germany,PokerStars Qualifier,183,500
Greig Cushnie,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,152,000
Robert Boon,United Kingdom,161,500
Jason Esmail,Canada,PokerStars Qualifier,87,500
Sébastien Guerlinze,Belgium,PokerStars Qualifier,62,500
Stephen Eames,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,256,500

Table Four
Gary Lindsay,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,160,000
Przemysław Dajer,Poland,PokerStars Player,368,000
Chris Derrick,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,554,500
Andrew Laurie,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,260,000
Jason Barton,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,233,500
Tomasz Spodenkiewicz,Poland,PokerStars Qualifier,110,000
Sameer Singh,201,000

Table Five

James Tidey,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,94,000
Guido Braye,Netherlands,PokerStars Qualifier,152,500
James Sykes,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,343,500
Chihao Tsang,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,159,000
Owen Currie,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,194,300
Dennis Henkes,Belgium,PokerStars Player,86,000
Kevin Williams,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,160,000

Table Six

Andreas Schmitt,Germany,PokerStars Qualifier,53,000
Michael Kemp,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,190,000
Paul Van Oort,Netherlands,PokerStars Qualifier,154,500
Liam Horgan,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,258,000
Thomas Hall,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,132,000
Andrew Ferguson,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,103,500
David Vamplew,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,316,000

Table Seven

Brett Angell,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,286,500
Isaac Opoku,United Kingdom,256,000
Alan Gold,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,97,500
Darren Knaggs,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,85,000
Mikel Villaescusa,Spain,PokerStars Qualifier,431,500
Thomas Ward,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,259,500
Gary Coulahan,Ireland,PokerStars Qualifier,174,500

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_chris_derrick.jpg

Chris Derrick

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT