UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 3, level 21-25 updates (Blinds 15,000 - 30,000 ante 3,000)

10.30pm: Day 3 ends
That's all for day 3. Przemysław Dajer managed to keep hold of his chip lead. Full details of all counts and a wrap of the day's play will be up shortly. -- MC

10.30pm: Isaac Opoku eliminated in 9th Place (£6,850)
It took two players to finish off the short-stacked Isaac Opoku and set our final table for tomorrow.

David Vamplew opened to 60,000 from under the gun before Opoku moved all in for 190,000 from the next seat along. Vladislav Donchev was on the button and called the initial raise, not seeing the all in. He still elected to call after his mistake was pointed out, as did Vamplew.

Both players checked all the way down the T♥8♣5♦K♥4♦ board and the cards were revealed.

Vamplew: 2♥2♠
Opoku: A♦2♦
Donchev: 3♠3♦ for the pot and the scalp of the final table bubble boy. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_issac_opuku.jpg

Opuku - the final man out tonight

10.20pm: Dajer and Vamplew - Part II
Ok this sequel isn't quite as good as the hand 35 minutes ago where David Vamplew six-bet all-in but it did reach the river.

Pre-flop Vamplew made it 60,000 to go from middle position and called after Przemyslaw Dajer three-bet to 115,000.

Flop: 9♠5♥8♦ - check, check
Turn: 8♦ check, bet of 130,000 from Dajer, call from Vamplew
River: 5♦ check, bet of 210,000 from Dajer, tank then fold from Vamplew. -- NW

10.10pm: Tension - Part II
Usually the sequel isn't as good as the original, but in this case I think it was better.

Obviously tilted a touch by doubling up Guido Braye, Bergstrom three-bet all-in over the top of an open from Przemyslaw Dajer. Then the hand after it folded to him in the small blind and he opened to 70,000, only for Jamie Sykes to slide out enough 25,000 denomination chips to set him all-in.

"You're a crazy guy," Bergstrom said of Sykes, but not to Sykes, in fact mostly to himself. "You can do that with a lot of hands. You've been playing like a crazy guy the past 30 minutes.

At this point he stood up. "It's quite a bad call, but could be quite a good call," he said, without actually calling. "I feel weak if I'm going to fold, not because of my hand, but because of how long I've taken," he continued, before folding. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_christian_bergstrom.jpg

Bergrstom - talking to himself, could he be the crazy one?

10pm: Braye doubles through Bergstrom
A double up now for Guido Braye at the expense of Christian Bergstrom. The Swede opened to 60,000 and then called when Braye moved all-in for 320,000.

Braye: K♥3♥

The board ran K♣7♠5♠9♣A♠ and Bergstrom said: "Can I break something?" before shouting angrily in what I can only presume was Swedish.

He's down to 600,000 after that hand, whilst Braye is up to 675,000. -- NW

9.50pm: Tension
Just prior to the six-bet hand, there was a bit of needle between Jamie Sykes and Christian Bergstrom. The latter had raised pre-flop from the cut-off, Sykes flatted on the button and Vladislav Donchev did likewise from the big blind.

On the 6♥8♦9♠ flop it checked to Sykes who bet 85,000, Donchev check-raised to 310,000 and Bergstrom then tanked. He tanked for so long that he said: "Sorry guys," to the table. He then took one look at Sykes and said: "I bet he snap-folds," Bergstrom then mucked his hand and as he predicted Sykes also mucked.

"Why you bet there?" asked Bergstrom
"Because I wanted to bet, I paid my money I'll play how I want." replied Sykes. -- NW

9.45pm: Vamplew six-bets all-in
Big pot now for David Vamplew who just took a bit pot from chip leader Przemysław Dajer. The action was started by Vamplew, he made it 60,00 to go from under-the-gun, two seats to his left Dajer three-bet to 115,000 total.

Back on Vamplew he slid out a four-bet, making it 260,000 total, Dajer now tanked, then emerged with a five-bet, making it 425,000 total. Back on Vamplew it was now his turn to tank, he decided to move all-in for what looked like 1,100,000 and Dajer mucked his hand.

9.30pm: Chip counts from the break
In chip order below are the counts of the final nine from the end of level 24. It's still Przemysław Dajer who leads the way.

Przemysław Dajer, Poland, PokerStars Player, 2,389,000
James Sykes, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player,1,675,000
David Vamplew, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier,1,086,000
Chris Derrick, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier,1,060,000
Christian Bergstrom, Sweden, PokerStars Player, 973,000
Vladislav Donchev, Bulgaria, PokerStars Qualifier, 735,000
Nicolau Villa-Lobos, Brazil, 436,000
Guido Braye, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, 389,000
Isaac Opoku, United Kingdom, 298,000

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_przemyslaw_dajer.jpg

Dajer is still the man to catch

9.23pm: Back from the break
The nine remaining players are now back in their seats. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000 ante 3,000

9.08pm: Break time
That's eight levels in the books and the players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

9.05pm: The Sykes and Braye show
It's been all about Jamie Sykes and Guido Braye since the unofficial final table started.

In the first of three big pots that they played Sykes made it 50,000, Braye three-bet to 125,000, Sykes four-bet to 250,000, Braye (who covered) moved all-in for an effective 856,000 and Sykes called.

Braye: Q♣Q♠
Sykes: A♠A♥

The board ran [10h]Q♦A♦8♠K♦ and Sykes doubled to 1,750,000 whilst Braye slipped to 286,000.

The very next hand, Sykes opened to 50,000, Braye moved all-in for 286,000 and when it folded back to Sykes he got a count, thought it over and then called.

Braye: A♣Q♦
Sykes: Q♠J♠

The A♦9♥A♠ flop all bit killed the hand, but the 3♠ turn breathed some life into it, but the J♦ river kept Braye well in front and he doubled.

The next hand...

Sykes raised to 60,000 and Braye smooth called, the two obviously waiting to the flop to go to war this time. That flop fell 5♦3♥K♦, Sykes c-bet 75,000, Braye instantly raised to 150,000, Sykes moved all-in and Braye folded.

So after all that Sykes is up to 1,600,000, whilst Braye is down to 330,000. -- NW

8.55pm: Final table re-draw
Here's the seat draw for the final nine, the eight who make the final table will stay in these seat's for tomorrow's final.

Nicolau Villa-Lobos
David Vamplew
Isaac Opoku
Przemyslaw Dajer
Christian Bergstrom
James Sykes
Guido Braye
Vladislav Donchev
Chris Derrick

8.50pm: Jamie Burland eliminated in 10th place (£4,770)
David Vamplew was at it again with pocket jacks as he used them to eliminate former UKIPT champion Jamie Burland.

Vamplew opened from the button and called when Burland moved all in for 444,000 from the big blind.

Vamplew: J♠J♥
Burland: Q♦J♦

The board ran K♥3♣6♠7♠T♥.

Vamplew is now the only remaining UKIPT champion left in the field. The remaining nine players will now be drawn on to one table. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_jamie_burland.jpg

Burland - bubbled the unofficial final table

8.35pm: Sébastien Guerlinze eliminated in 11th place (£4,770)
Sébastien Guerlinze spent orbits trying to get his short stack in but too much action before him or bad hands stopped him be able to.

Finally the action folded to him and he moved all in for 219,000 and was called by David Vamplew.

Guerlinze: K♣T♥
Vamplew: J♠J♦

The board ran A♠7♦Q♣7♠7♥ to send the Belgian home. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_sébastien_guerlinze.jpg

Guerlinze is gone in 11th

8.25pm: Double double for Bergstrom
Christian Bergstrom was in bad shape until two quick double ups, both through Vladislav Donchev, has seen his stack rise to 1,100,00.

In the first hand his A♠Q♠ stayed ahead of Donchev's Q♥T♠ on a T♣T♦A♦A♣J♥ board.

Soon after Donchev's A♠J♣ couldn't catch up to the Swede's A♥K♣ on a 6♦6♠A♣4♣ board. Donchev dropped to 540,000 chips. - MC

8.20pm: Dajer dents Sykes; breaks two million chip barrier
A huge pot just played out between the two chip leaders with Przemysław Dajer coming out on top against Jamie Sykes. This pot took longer than the two eliminations on the other table and play was halted on that table as they needed a player from player one to balance the tables.

I missed the pre-flop action but the pot size suggested that Dajer had raised under-the-gun and been flat called by Sykes (cut-off) and Issac Opoku (big blind). On the 5♦6♣2♥ flop it checked to Sykes, he bet 62,000, Opoku folded, Dajer check-raised to 140,000 and Sykes called.

The 8♠ fell on the turn, bet of 220,000 from Dajer, call from Sykes. The K♥ completed the board, after some contemplation Dajer slid out a bet of 320,000 which sent Sykes deep into the tank. He lent back in his chair, this was a real thinker. He took a look back at his cards - he had around 900,000 back - and eventually grimaced and mucked his hand.

At the end of that hand Dajer, with a stack of just over two million was moved to the other table. -- NW

8.20pm: Jason Barton eliminated in 12th place (£4,200)
Just like London buses another elimination happened very shortly after Sylvester Kleian's.

The action folded to Jason Barton in late position and he moved all-in for 355,000. Next to act Vladimir Donchev grimaced, he obviously had a hand he thought was close to the bottom of his calling range. After a bit of think he did make the call.

Barton: A♦6♥
Donchev: A♠8♦

The possibility of a chop was alive and well but the board ran 4♣2♣8♥K♣[10h] Barton wished everyone well before he exited. That's three deep runs now for Barton in UKIPT's but each time he's finished between 11th and 14th, it surely won't be long before we see him at a final table on the tour. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_jason_barton.jpg

Barton - snookered in 12th spot

8.12pm: Sylvester Kleian eliminated in 13th place (£4,200)
Down to just 99,000 Sylvester Kleian moved all-in with K♠9♥ over the top of an open from Guido Braye, the latter didn't even need a count before calling, not surprising as he had pocket queens.

The board ran 4♠Q♠6♦7♥2♦ and Braye is now approaching the million chip mark. -- NW

8.08pm: Much needed double for Opoku
Isaac Opoku was one of the bigger stacks earlier in the day but he was on a downward spiral that just ended with a double up.

He moved all in for 180,000 from the cut-off and was called by Przemysław Dajer in the next seat. The blinds folded to leave it heads up.

Opoku: 7♣7♥
Dajer: 6♣6♠

Opoku was surprised to be ahead and a happy bunny after the board ran T♦9♣3♥K♠7♦. Dajer could afford the hit and still sits on 1,470,000. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000 ante 3,000

7.55pm: Snippets
No massive hands of note or much action in the last 15 minutes but here are some snippets of what's happened at our final two tables.

- The two big stacks clashed with Jamie Sykes taking a pot from Przemysław Dajer. The former had opened under-the-gun and Sykes (cut-off) and Isaac Opoku (big blind) both called to see a 6♦3♦K♣ flop. A c-bet of 62,000 from Dajer was only called by Sykes. The two then checked down the Q♦ turn and 2♥ river, Sykes showed pocket nines, whilst Djaer had [9][6] for a worse one pair hand.

- Isaac Opoku is now short on chips - he has perhaps 230,000 - this hasn't stopped him peeling to see flops though, but he's check folded the times he has played a pot.

- Vladimir Donchev has taken to simply shoving all-in if folded to him on the button. That's because both Sylvester Kleian and Christian Bergstrom are short stacked with 160,000 and 270,000 respectively.

- David Vamplew has been moved tables to balance them after Michael Kemp's exit. So both he and Jamie Burland, the only two former UKIPT winners left in the field, are now facing off on the felt. -- NW

7.41pm: Braye's strategy paying off
Guido Braye's tactics today seems to be to take a tight-aggressive line. He doesn't play many hands but when he does he plays them aggressively.

The action folded around to him in the cut-off and he moved all in for 423,000. Jason Barton was in the next seat and moved all in too. All others folded and the cards were on their backs.

Braye: A♥J♦
Barton: T♣T♥

The board ran 5♠4♥J♥4♠Q♥ tp make Kleian the better two pair. -- MC

7.30pm:Darren Knaggs eliminated in 14th place (£3,509)
Darren Knaggs was the short-stack coming back into this level and now has no stack.

He open shoved for his last 182,000 from under the gun and was snap-called by Nicolau Villa-Lobos in the big blind.

Knaggs: A♠9♠
Villa-Lobos: A♣T♥

The board ran J♦Q♥T♦5♣5♦. Knaggs was calling for a king but it failed to materialise for him. -- MC

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_darren_knaggs.jpg

Knaggs - knocked out in 14th

7.23pm: Michael Kemp eliminated in 15th place (£3,509)
"I love ace-queen," said Jamie Sykes and well he might as he's just eliminated Martin Kemp with it and he also eliminated Alisdair Macrae with it earlier.

The pot was opened to 45,000 by Isaac Opoku, Sykes flat called from the small blind and Kemp moved all-in 457,000. Back on Opoku he swiftly folded but Sykes eyed up Kemp's stack then made the call.

Sykes: A♦Q♥
Kemp: A♣K♦

The [10c]9♦5♥ flop kept Kemp in front, but the Q♣ turn vaulted Sykes into the lead and he stayed there on the 8♣ flop. As testament to how bunched the field is, Sykes is now second in chips, as would Kemp have been had he won the pot. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_michael_kemp.jpg

Kemp - kicked out in 15th

7.10pm: Chip counts updated
Przemysław Dajer is still the clear chip leader on 1,536,000 chips. The average stack is 30.6 big blinds but if you take out Dajer's stack from the equation the average is only 27.3 big blinds. See the full counts here.-- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000 ante 3,000

6.46pm: Break down
A tired looking field go off for a breather before level 23 starts.

6.45pm: Win some lose some for Kemp
Two big pots played out just before the break, as the title suggests Michael Kemp won one and lost one.

In the first Chris Derrick made it 35,000 to go from under-the-gun, Przemysław Dajer made flat called, Jamie Sykes then three-bet to 104,000 from the small blind, only for Kemp to cold four-bet to 185,000 from the big blind. One by one everyone folded and Kemp took the pot.

The second involved Djaer, who opened to 35,000 and Kemp, who flat called on the button. The flop fell 9♦7♥8♥, c-bet of 45,000 from Djaer, raise to 103,000 from Kemp, call from Djaer. The K♠ fell on the turn, it was checked to Kemp who fired 171,000, Djaer check-raised all-in and Kemp folded.

After that hand Djaer is up to around 1,450,000. We'll be geting full counts during the break. -- NW

6.44pm: Vamps extracts blood from Donchev
David Vamplew just had a lot of his stack at risk against Vladislav Donchev but managed to get a river bet through.

Donchev opened to 35,000 from the hijack and called when Vamplew three-bet to 79,000 from the cut-off. The flop fell J♣A♠8♥ and Donchev check-called a 87,000 before both checked the Q♠ turn. The board got really interesting on the T♦ river and Vamplew bet around half of his remaining stack (190k) to force a fold from his opponent. Donchev down to 765,000.-- MC

6.40pm: Guerlinze finds a needed double
Sébastien Guerlinze found a double up at the richest bank in town.

He three-bet all in for 181,000 over the open of Przemysław Dajer. The chip leader took his time but made the call.

Dajer: A♦T♠
Guerlinze: A♠Q♦

The board ran 8♠2♦2♠6♥[4v] to aid the man from Belgian. Dajer still very healthy on 1,220,000 chips. -- MC

6.33pm: Christian Bergstrom doubles through Nicolau Villa-Lobos
Another double up for the stack at risk just now, with Swedish player Christian Bergstrom doubling through Brazilian player Nicolau Villa-Lobos.

It was all-in pre-flop with Bergrstom shoving for 210,000 with pocket tens and Villa-Lobos calling with A♦K♦. The 8♣3♣9♣8♦7♠ board stayed low though to keep Bergstrom in front. -- NW

6.26pm: Chris Derrick doubles through Jamie Burland
Oh my, start of day chip leader Chris Derrick just hit a three-outer to stay in this tournament...

He opened to 32,000 on the button, Jamie Burland three-bet to 85,000 from the small blind, Derrick then piled for 411,000 and Burland called the all-in.

Derrick: Q♦[10h]
Burland: A♣Q♣

The window card was the [10d] and it was followed by the K♠ and 2♠ so Burland had a few more outs for the re-suck. But he missed them all on the 7♥ turn and 7♣ river. That pot boosts Derrick to 840,000 whilst Burland slips to 440,000. -- NW

6.20pm:Alisdair Macrae eliminated in 16th place (£2,900)
"Unlucky" said Jamie Sykes to Alisdair Macrae as he raked in the Scots chip stack.

The hand had started with a raise to 35,000 from Przemysław Dajer, Sykes then three-bet to 88,000, Macrae moved all-in from the big blind for 207,000 and after getting a count Sykes called.

Macrae: A♠K♥
Sykes: A♦Q♦

The 3♦J♣8♦ flop gave Sykes a flush draw and it completed on the 7♦ turn. The meaningless 8♠ completed the board, boosted Sykes to 700,000. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_alisdair_macrae.jpg

The wheels fell off for Macrae in 16th

6.16pm:Sylvester Kleian doubles through David Vamplew
From middle position David Vamplew raised to 32,000, Sylvester Kleian then moved all-in for 129,000 and when it got back to Vamplew he made the call.

Kleian: J♥J♣
Vamplew: A♥4♠

The board came clean for Kleian as it ran K♥Q♣6♠4♦5♣, he's up to 275,000 whilst Vamplew drops to 400,000. -- NW

6.08pm:Two table tournament

Table 1
Alisdair Macrae
Jamie Burland
Isaac Opoku
Przemyslaw Dajer
Sebastien Guerlinze
James Sykes
Michael Kemp
Chris Derrick

Table 2
Guido Braye
Darren Knaggs
Jason Barton
Cladislav Donchev
David Vamplew
Sylvester Kleian
Christian Bergstrom
Nicolau Villa-Lobos

6pm: Catch 22
The Average stack is 36 big blinds at the moment so any shoves from the shorter stacks have enough whack to dent the bigger stacks. This makes calls with marginal hands a lot less likely, therefore, all in showdowns have slowed. If the status quo stays the same then the next level promises more action. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

5.45pm: News in brief...
It's all gone a little bit quiet, no exits, few showdowns. But here's what I've seen of note in the last 15 minutes.

- Darren Knaggs moved all-in for 165,000 from the button. Although Jason Barton asked for a count and tanked he ultimately released his hand and the big blind followed suit.

- Przemysław Dajer has been chipping up, he raised then called a three-bet in position against Isaac Opoku, called the latter's c-bet on the 8♥J♦T♥ flop then took it down when he bet after he was checked to on the 2♥ turn.

He then took a pot from Jamie Burland, Dajer had pocket tens and kinda liked the [10][6][6] flop, even more so because Burland had a 10 and paid off a river bet.

- And David Vamplew won the battle of people with the letters D and V for their initials. He three-bet Vladislav Donchev pre-flop, checked the 3♦K♥6♦ flop, then took it down with a delayed continuation bet on the Q♥ turn.

5.30pm: Bergstrom doubles down and back up again
Christian Bergstrom had a very swingy five minutes that saw him double up a player before he doubled back up himself.

The Swede raise-called Guido Braye's 283,000 shove with 9♣9♦. Bergstrom opened A♠K♣ but failed to connect as the board ran 5♦J♠J♥4♥4♠. He was frustrated and kicked his chair.

A few minutes later he open shoved for 130,00 with A♦Q♦ and was called by Nicolau Villa-Lobos in the next seat with A♣8♣. The board ran K♣4♥J♦A♥5♦ and the Swede was smiling again. Villa-Lobos dropped to 800,000. -- MC

5.20pm: Stephen Eames eliminated in 17th place (£2,900)
We're down to the final two tables here in Edinburgh as Stephen Eames has just been sent to the rail. He moved all-in for roughly 188,000 and next to act Christian Bergstrom made the call, everyone else folded.

Eames: J♣J♦
Bergstrom: A♦Q♦

The board ran 7♦2♠K♣8♦2♦ and Bergstrom rivered the flush to eliminate Eames. There's now a short break whilst they do a re-draw for the final two tables. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_stephen_eames.jpg

Stephen Eames

5.10pm: High Roller Results
The high roller event came to a close today with the title going to David Phelma. Four players took home some money of the 18 players that entered yesterday. Thomas Patrtidge took home £3,495 for 4th place before the remaining players chopped and played for the extra £1,425.

Here's how the top three finished:

1st, David Phelam, Ireland - £11,425
2nd, Radoslaw Morawiec, Poland - £10,000
3rd, Gerald Karlic, Austria - £10,000

5pm: Not much to shout about
There has been a lot of raising and shoving going on this level but no player has had the goods to call, yet.

One hand that did make it to showdown saw Vladislav Donchev open from the button and Przemysław Dajer and defend from the blinds. The flop fell J♣6♥8♥ and Donchev's c-bet was only check-called by Dajer.

The two players checked through the A♣ turn before Dajer check-called a 102,000 bet only to be shown K♠8♠. That put Donchev up to 850,000 and Dajer down to 740,000. -- MC

4.40pm: Derrick and Burland the first to break the million chip mark
Just 17 players remain in the UKIPT Edinburgh main event and two players now have more than a million in chips. Chip leader now, as he was at the start of the day, is Chris Derrick, he's on 1,095,000. But hot on his heels is Jamie Burland. The UKIPT1 Brighton Champion has 1,045,000 and knows exactly what it takes to win one of these.

The full chip counts are as below:

Chris Derrick,United Kingdom ,PokerStars Qualifier,1,095,000
Jamie Burland,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,1,045,000
Przemysław Dajer,Poland,PokerStars Player,980,000
Nicolau Villa-Lobos,Brazil,,888,000
Isaac Opoku,United Kingdom,818,000
James Sykes,United Kingdom ,PokerStars Player,604,000
Michael Kemp,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,580,000
Jason Barton,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,578,000
David Vamplew,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,543,000
Guido Braye,Netherlands ,PokerStars Qualifier,380,000
Christian Bergstrom,Sweden ,PokerStars Player,312,000
Vladislav Donchev,Bulgaria ,PokerStars Qualifier,276,000
Alisdair Macrae,United Kingdom,PokerStars Qualifier,236,000
Stephen Eames,United Kingdom ,PokerStars Player,206,000
Sébastien Guerlinze,Belgium ,PokerStars Qualifier,195,000
Sylvester Kleian,Netherlands,PokerStars Player,176,000
Darren Knaggs,United Kingdom,PokerStars Player,129,000

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_jamie_burland.jpg

Burland has more than a million

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_chris_derrick.jpg

Derrick - still at the top of the tree

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh:Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT