UKIPT Edinburgh: Final Table, level 29 updates (Blinds 40,000 - 80,000 ante 10,000)

4.45pm: Nicolau Villa-Lobos wins UKIPT Edinburgh(£101,000); Vladislav Donchev eliminated in 2nd place (£61,000)
The most amazing final table comeback the UKIPT has ever seen was completed with the elimination of Vladislav Donchev. The Bulgarian was down to less than ten big blinds when he shoved from the button. Nicolau Villa-Lobos looked down at his hand and made a quick call.

Donchev: Q♥7♥
Villa-Lobos: A♣Q♣

The final board of the tournament ran 9♥4♦9♠3♦A♥.


The moments before Villa-Lobos claimed the crown

An amazing final table that will be wrapped up in a new post for you very soon. We'll see you in Cork in a few weeks time. -- MC

4.35pm: More for Villa-Lobos
Now showdowns as yet, but Nicolau Villa-Lobos has increased his lead, Vladislav Donchev is now down to around 900,000. -- NW

4.25pm: Cards back in the air
Play is back underway. -- NW

4.20pm: Heads-Up chip counts
So, going into heads-up play Nicolau Villa-Lobos has a massive chip lead. The Brazilian has 7,910,000, whilst Vladislav Donchev has 1,230,000. One double up and Donchev suddenly has stack that can do some damage though. Meanwhile it's been a remarkable transformation for Villa-Lobos who was the short stack coming to this final table, but has spun his 313,000 into 7,910,000.

ukipt edinburgh_day 4_nicolau_villa_lobos.jpg

Valdislav Donchev - 1,230,000

ukipt edinburgh_day 4_nicolau_villas_lobos.jpg

Nicolau Villa-Lobos - 7,910,000

ukipt edinburgh_day 4_chip_stack.jpg

On the left is what Villa-Lobos started with, on the right is his current stack

4.15pm: Przemysław Dajer eliminated in third place (£37,400)
We're now heads-up in Edinburgh as Przemysław Dajer just got very unlucky to exit this tournament.

From the button Nicolau Villa-Lobos opened to 160,000, Dajer then moved all-in for roughly 1,350,000 and after crunching the numbers Villa-Lobos made the call.

Villa-Lobos: A♠4♠
Dajer: A♣J♥

The board ran 6♦5♣8♠J♦7♥ and the river card completed Villa-Lobos's straight.

There's now a 10 minute break before heads-up begins, during which we'll get official chip counts, but without counting I can tell you it's Villa-Lobos - a lot, Vladislav Donchev - not so much. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 4_przemysław_dajer.jpg

Dajer - played well, got unlucky

4.10pm: Villa-Lobos extends lead at Donchev's expense
The last two hands Vladislav Donchev has been on the button he's min raised and both times Nicolau Villa-Lobos has peeled from the small blind. Both times the Brazilian won the pot.

The first hand was checked all the way to the river of a 9♦3♠J♣6♥8♦ where Villa-Lobos lead for 165,000. Fold.

The next orbit hand was also checked all the way down its 2♠7♦A♣T♣2♥ board and once more Villa-Lobos led for 165,000. This time Donchev called. He was shown 9♦T♦ by his opponent and mucked to drop to 1,180,000 chips. Villa-Lobos up to 6,400,000 or there abouts. -- MC

4pm: Chop
You sense that if either Przemysław Dajer or Vladislav Donchev are to stand a chance heads-up against Nicolau Villa-Lobos then one of them is going to have to take one for the team, double the other one up and bow out in third place. They just had a go at that but the hand ultimately ended in a chop.

From the small blind Dajer made it 180,000 to go, Donchev shoved from the big blind for 1.490,000 and after getting a count the Pole made the call.

Dajer: K♠Q♥
Donhev: K♥Q♠

The J♦8♦[10c] flop meant the two of them chopped the pot, with the meaningless 8♣ and Q♣ completing the board. -- NW

3.45pm: David Vamplew eliminated in 4th place (£27,350)
The David Vamplew show only ran for half a season then. His fall from dominant position to bust happened to the same player who started the downward trend.

Vamplew opened to 180,000 and called all in for around 2,400,000 when Nicolau Villa-Lobos shoved from the big blind.

Vamplew: T♥T♠
Villa-Lobos: A♠K♥

The board ran 8♦2♥K♠6♦2♠ to pair the Brazilian's king. Vamplew's double UKIPT quest is over for this event. Villa-Lobos showed some class as Vamplew left by saying to him, "You were the best player in the field I played with." He's up to around six million in chips now. -- MC


Gemma calls David Vamplew's exit hand

3.35pm: Final four face-off at UKIPT Edinburgh
In a frantic first three levels four half of the final table were sent packing. So that leaves the other 50%, four players from four different countries.

The title will go to either a Scot, a Pole, a Brazilian or a Bulgarian. Three of those would be firsts for the UKIPT whilst if Daivd Vamplew takes it down, it'll be a second UKIPT title for him and he'll become the fourth double UKIPT winner.

As it stands it's Brazil's title to lose as Nicolau Villa-Lobos is out in front with 3,450,000 but David Vamplew (2,410,000) and Przemyslaw Dajer are just one double up from the lead. And last, but not least, Vladislav Donchev (1,490,000) is by now means out of it, he's still got 18 big blinds to dent the other stacks with.

ukipt edinburgh_day 4_nicolau_villa_lobos.jpg

Villa-Lobos - rocking the 1994 Brazil top and we all know what happened there

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of their excitement about the snow that's falling outside) : Nick Wright (childlike wonderment) and Marc Convey (teenage like sulking) Photos by Mickey May .

Nick Wright
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