UKIPT London Day 1A: Ben Jackson blasts through opening flight

It was a long and gruelling day at UKIPT London, a fact supported by the raw stats. We started with 194 players, we played 11 levels of an hour each, and we finished with a mere 43 left. That was pretty heavy going.

Ben Jackson still looked fresh as a daisy, however, even as the clock ticked past 1am. The reason? A chip-leading stack of 197,700, which will be a nice number to conjure with over the coming couple of days. Jackson, like all today's survivors, can now sit back as two other opening flights take centre stage.


Ben Jackson, overnight chip leader

This is one of those lesser-spotted tournaments with three first days, which gives an indication of how popular this event has become. We'll likely have more than 800 and possibly much closer to 1,000, each stumping up the £700 entry fee. Watch this space.

The list of today's survivors -- which can be seen in full on the chip-count page -- also includes the big stacked Phillippe Souki (159,800), Matt Perry (137,900).

Marty Smyth (42,200) is also still there, as is Richard Sinclair (65,400), Scott Shelley (109,500) and Tristan Taylor (101,200).


Marty Smyth, sticking around


Tristan Taylor, tidy

But it does not include some of the leading lights of the UK poker scene, including Julian Thew, Neil Channing, Chris Bjorin, Sam Grafton and Carlo Citrone, who all bust. Nor will Ari Engel, from that country called "the internet" be back. He also perished early.


Chris Bjorin, broke


Sam Grafton, grounded


Julian Thew, thumped

We're not going to hang around here too long. Bed beckons. But check out how it all played out through levels 1-6 and then levels 7-11. And be back at noon tomorrow, sharp.

Photos from UKIPT London are (c) Mickey May.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT