UKIPT London Day 1B: Level 1-6 updates (150-300 ante 25)


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6.30pm: Dinner time
Good news folks! If you have a dinner reservation with any of Andrew Seabright, Mark Stobbs, Neil Raine, David Anderson, Max Winberg, William Champion, Sam Oatley, Ghattas Kortas, Lisa Tan, Ryan Cooper, Deres Gerasimos, Callum Smith, Maciej Nowakowski, Robert Bull, Arvin Ravindran, Sinem Melin, Tor Anton Welo, Daniel Tinsley, Stephen Mcgrath, Ian Frazer, Rob Lane, Nathan Hatwell, Georges Tohme, Kuljinder Sidhu, Vaidas Siriunas, Ekmen Canay, James Bristow, Andrew Dickinson, Rafał Kaczmarski, Mark Wagstaff, Stuart Butts, Fuad Serhan, Christian Rudolph, Paul McTaggart, Richard Bambury, Tim Maxwell, David Phelan, George Alexander, Terence Etim, James Tomlin, David Barnes, Philip Stupar, Leon Campbell, Joao Manuel Da Mota Ribeiro, Timothy Chung, Sam Shearer, Andreas Antoniou, Oshri Dahan, Viktors Vorobjovs, Mikhail Chernyshov, Alin Rapoport, Karl Paterson, Sonny Pomroy, Fridjon Thordarson, Bacevicius Mindaugas, Niall Murray, Vytautas Paukstys, Ashley Alterman, Tomasz Chmiel, Omar Al Omar, Tim Reilly, Thomas Hogstrom, Pizzo Romano, Bjorn Lindberg, Stephen Mcgrath, Amit Karia, Victor Podofedenko, Dimitri van Leent or Henrique Pinho, then they can stay for dessert. They are out of this tournament.

And it is now dinner time. We're heading off into the wilds of London for a bite. But we'll be back in an hour. -- HS

6pm: The haves and have nots
Contrasting fortunes for two of the Americans in the field, Steve O'Dwyer, the EPT8 London runner-up is out, Joe Grech is now occupying the seat he was sat in. Whereas Kevin MacPhee is flying though, he's up to 42,000 and looking pretty happy.

Meanwhile the two main protagonists in the UKIPT leader board race are at different ends of the chip count scale, Neil Raine has around 7,000 whilst Tom Hall is up to 40,000. -- NW

5.50pm: Ah Leo
Leo Margets has chosen UKIPT London to make her bow in the colours of Team PokerStars Pro. They suit her (doesn't everything?), but so does this tournament. She is skipping along very nicely today, up to 37,000.


Leo Margets, debut style

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300 ante 25

5.45pm: Exits II
Any friends or relatives of Martin Davis, Mark Wates, Craig Connaughton, Ahmed Mehdi, Denis Kashirin, Niall Farrell, Nigel Berg, Ian Simpson, Alain Bissailogbo or Christopher Parker who chuckled at the 5.40pm post, should wipe the smile off their faces. The same fate has befallen your guys too. -- HS

5.40pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but if you have a percentage of: Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer, Craig McCorkell, Mark Goodchild, Leonidas Maroulis, Elliott Hayes, Raul Paez, Hendrikus Heesbeen, Michael Adamo, Devron Hasselnook, Mark Hutchison, Rajesh Khanna, Ulrich Baum or Rytis Praninskas then it' about as much use as a chocolate fireguard as they're all out. -- NW

5.30pm: Chip counts
It's going pretty well for Willie Tann here in London, he's up to 35,000, Stephen McGrath has 19,000, Fergal Nealon has increased his stack to 18,200, Brett Angell is down to 12,000 which is more than Steve O'Dwyer who's on 5,800. -- NW

5.20pm: Jacobs takes monster; Neil still has more
It's a bloodbath on table 22 this afternoon, where Neil Ryder has a chip-leading stack of more than 100,000 (the first player into three figures today) and Anthony Jacobs has just knocked out two opponents in the same hand.


Neil Ryder: biggest stack

Jacobs related the details. He opened from the button with seven-eight off suit and was called in both the small and big blinds, by Simon Fuller and Daniel Tinsley respectively.

The flop connected very nicely. It came eight-seven-four. And all the chips flew into the pot: Fuller turned out to have smooth-called with aces in the small blind; Tinsley hit top pair with his eight-six.


Anthony Jacobs

Jacobs had them both covered and neither Tinsley nor Fuller could hit any of their out-draw outs. Both of them went looking for alternative entertainment, while Jacobs now has enough chips -- about 40,000 -- to give Ryder (one seat to his right) something to think about. -- HS

5.15pm: Zounds! Zandvliet gets lucky
"I wasn't folding," said Joeri Zandvliet to me as he raked in the chips that had previously belonged to an unknown opponent (we have his opponent's player I.D number but he's not on the player list and has long since gone).

In the hand in question his opponent raised from early position to 725, Jeff Kimber flat called on the button and Zandvliet then raised to 1,900 from the small blind. The original raiser moved all-in for 7,000 with what turned out to be pocket queens, Kimber folded and Zandvliet then called the shove and revealed the inferior pocket tens.

All was looking good for the at risk player as the board came 5♥6♦K♦2♠, however the [10d] river saw Zandvliet wince at the out draw he'd inflicted. A third title still within his reach then here in London. -- NW

5pm: Happy Conv-day
It is Marc Convey's birthday today, a name you possibly know from PokerStars Blog. He's the guy best known for writing up hands that feature two flops, straights beating flushes, and all manner of brilliant typos that keep us chuckling throughout the day. (We all do this, by the way. It's just funnier when The Conv does it.)

Anyhow, he's a player here today in London and he has been sitting next to Victoria Coren for most of the day. He just updated the world on how that particular battle is panning out, with the following tweet:

Convey was given a cake and a pair of Playboy bunny ears(?) for his birthday during the last break. Here's the photo noboby we all wanted to see.


Marc Convey celebrates his birthday in (some kind of) style


Convey reads his birthday card

4.50pm: A few chip counts
A few counts from the break: Jamie Burland (25,000), Jeff Kimber (20,000), Karl Mahrenholz (40,000), Dale Philip (17,500) and Matt Frankland (13,000). -- NW

4.35pm: Look on the bright side...
...The press intrusion can be quite significant for winning a UKIPT event. It's not a problem that will be faced by Rahim Tadj-Saadat, Leon Louis, Surinder Sunar, Pawel Bielewicz, Orjan Skommo, Virgilio Di Cicco, Adrian Piasecki, Wilhelm Nordfjord, Giovanni Apicella or Ross Loggie. They're all out. -- HS


4.15pm: Break time
Players have headed off for their second break of the day. They will return for level five.

4.10pm: Philip slipping
It's not been a good day so far for Dale Philip. The member of PokerStars Team Online tweeted:

4.05pm: Hall's haul
Tom Hall opened to 500 from early position and, after Rytis Praninskas called from a couple of seats to his left, Haukur Bodvarsson made it 1,500. Hall then made it 2,775, which persuaded Praninskas to fold, but Bodvarsson was amenable.

They went to a flop of J♣2♦K♣ and Hall bet 1,725 (leaving 5,500 behind). Bodvarsson called. The turn was 4♦ and Hall now checked. Bodvarsson bet 3,000 and Hall moved all in.

Bodvarsson snap-folded as Haul lives to fight another day. -- HS

4pm: Three seasons in a row?
There are two players who this week could pull of the distinctive feat of winning a UKIPT title for a third season in a row. One of those - Nick Abou Risk - plays tomorrow, but taking his turn in going for the three-peat today is Joeri Zandvliet.

The Dutchman is currently studying in London so is actually playing his local UKIPT, "I'd liked to have played more this month what with all the tournaments in London," he told me. "But this is actually the only tournament I can play, in fact I'll be missing classes should I make Day 2," he continued.

And he's looking in ok shape to do just that as he's run his 15,000 starting stack up to 23,000 as he looks to add UKIPT 3 London to the titles he won at UKIPT Manchester and UKIPT2 Dublin. -- NW

ukipt london_day 1b_joeri_zandvliet.jpg

Joeri Zandvliet

3.50pm: Bonding bucks the trend
Conventional wisdom has it that you try to play all your poker in late position and sit out the hand from the blinds and early spots. Try telling that to Lars Bonding, who pretty much does it the other way round.

When he was UTG+1 (ie, the seat two to the left of the big blind), he opened to 425 and then folded when Luksz Sokol massed it 1,050 from mid-position.

But Bonding was undeterred. The next hand, when he was under the gun, Bonding raised to 500 and was called by Pawel Zawadowicz in the small blind. The flop came 9♠6♥2♣ and after Zawadowicz checked, Bonding bet 600 and won. Next hand: Zawadowicz is on the button and opens to 425. Bonding, in the big blind, three bets to 1,200 and wins.


Lars Bonding

On the next hand, Karl Mahrenholz was on the button and he raised to 450. Bonding called from the small blind and it was only those two to the 7♥2♥Q♠ flop. Check, check.

The J♣ turned, Bonding checked, and Mahrenholz bet 550. Bonding raised now, making it 1,625, which Mahrenholz called. They then saw a 6♠ river, and Bonding led for 3,100.

Mahrenholz looked concerned and tempted, but folded.

The next hand, Bonding was on the button. He folded to an early position raise. -- HS

3.40pm: Chip counts
Some chip counts for you now: Karl Mahrenholz (45,000), Lars Bonding (17,000), Tom Hall (12,700), Neil Raine (4,000), Surinder Sunar (10,400), Marc Convey (16,000), Vicky Coren (5,500), Andrew Teng (26,000), Jerome Bradpiece (18,000), Jeff Kimber (22,000) and Mickey Petersen (18,000). -- NW

3.25pm: Level up, doors closed
The beginning of level four means that late registration for Day 1b has ended, meaning anyone wanting to take their shot at UKIPT glory is going to have to hope Day 1C has yet to sell out.

As for today around 360 of 400 players remain (we'll get confirmation on the exact number of runners soon), one latecomer is Luke 'FullFlush' Schwartz he's on 13,600 right now. -- NW

ukipt london_day 1b_luke_schwartz.jpg

Use the Schwartz


3.20pm: Vamplew gets value
With around 850 in the pot and a 4♠[10s]3♠ board on the felt, Shane O`Sullivan fired out a bet of 625 and was smooth called by an out of position David Vamplew. The 3♦ turn was checked by both players, before Vamplew led for 1,350 on the 5♣ river. This sent O'Sullivan into the tank, eventually he called but saw the bad news when Vamplew revealed A♠J♠ for the flopped nut flush.

After that hand Vamplew has recovered to around 9,900. -- NW

3.10pm: Fives full
When the flop comes 5♠K♥K♦ and you're sitting with pocket fives, you're pretty much praying for the player who defended his big blind to have a raggy king. Such was the state of affairs for Karl Mahrenholz a moment ago. And his prayers were answered.

The unfortunate man in the big blind was Eric Croner, who had K♣9♦. There was some heavy betting on the flop, then some more on the 3♣ turn, which ended when Mahrenholtz shoved for what amounted to 13,775. Croner called and was shown the 5♣5♦.

The 4♠ was not one of Croner's outs, so Mahrenholz got the full double up and now has more than 30,000. Croner is still in, with about 10,000. -- HS

3pm: Look on the bright side... least Miguel Gomes Silva, Jack Sambrook, Shifaaz Taus, Johannes van Dommelen and Brendan Ruane, will be able to enjoy a Wednesday matinee in London's theatreland. They're all out of this tournament. -- HS

3.05pm: Chip counts
A few chip counts from the upper floor: Brett Angell (24,500), Jamie Burland (17,600), Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets (17,100), Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (8,900), Keith Hawkins (24,750), Matt Frankland (14,600), Willie Tann (23,000) and Stephen McGrath (12,500). -- NW

2.55pm: What can you do?
It seems Deborah Worley-Roberts used all her UKIPT Season 3 run good in Cork (she finished 5th) as she's just been bounced out of this tournament in the latest in a series of hands that didn't go her way.

In her exit hand the action was started by James Tomlin who opened to 375, flat call from Ghattas Kortas before Worley-Roberts made it 1,200 from a stack of roughly 5,000. Back on Tomlin he folded and Kortas then bet enough to set Worley-Roberts all-in. "I don't want to go out in level three but I've only got a bowl of rice," said Worley-Robert, before calling all-in.

Kortas: Q♣Q♦
Worley-Roberts: 7♦7♥

The A♣4♣4♦2♣4♠ board gave Worley-Roberts no help, although Tomlin would've flopped top pair as he claimed he folded ace-jack.

As she left the table Worley-Roberts wished the table good luck and then told me the scale of her misfortune today. "I've ran an ace-high flush into a straight flush, a full house into a bigger full house and a full house into quads." -- NW

ukipt london_day 1b_deborah_worley_roberts.jpg

Worley-Roberts, ran into hands, ran out of chips

2.40pm: Latest from the LuckSac
Let's let Twitter do the talking here:

2.30pm: Petersen pegged by Ko
Mickey Petersen and Adrian Ko were volunteering plenty of chips pre-flop. There was 1,300 in front of Petersen, in the big blind, and 2,650 in front of Ko, in mid-position. This suggests an open (from Ko maybe), maybe a flat call from someone else and then a three-bet from Petersen. Or something like that. Then a four-bet from Ko.

Anyhow, Petersen called this raise and it was just those two going to a flop of J♣6♥2♣. Petersen checked, Ko bet 3,000 and Petersen called. They both checked the 9♠ turn and after the A♣ rivered, Petersen checked again.

Ko bet 5,500 and Petersen folded. -- HS

2.20pm: Back for level three
The players are now back in their seats for level three, the following however are not, having perished just prior to the end of level two: Neil Benardout, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Ricardo Ibanez, Matrakas Panagiotis, Yordan Petrov, Janice Combes and Gerald Cochlan. -- NW


2pm: Break time
The players are now on a 20 minute break. -- NW

1.55pm: As if this field wasn't tough enough already...
...Steve O'Dwyer has just turned up. Also, Kevin MacPhee has now definitely arrived. He plays as does bracelet winner Craig McCorkell. --HS

1.50pm: Croner puts Ruane on the ropes
Eric Croner is a PokerStars qualifier from Sweden. Brendan Ruane is a PokerStars qualifier from Ireland. But only one of them will be playing into level three: Croner, who has just sent Ruane for an early bath.

It was a battle of the blinds and, it's fair to say, a pretty juicy flop. Ruane had K♥6♥ and had picked up an open-ender, plus second nut-flush draw (plus an overcard) on the 7♦8♥9♥ flop. But Croner had flopped even better, with his J♠[10d].

I'm pretty sure that's where all the money went in, and after the K♣ turned and the 4♠ rivered, Croner's straight stayed the nuts throughout. -- HS

1.40pm: Leader board race going to the wire
The top two in the UKIPT leader board are both in the field today and this is the last chance to turn points into prizes. The winner of the UKIPT leader board gets buy-ins + hotel for all of UKIPT Season 4, the runner-up gets entry to four events of their choice, excluding the final and third place gets seats to two events of their choice excluding the final.

At present Neil Raine is top of the pile with 360.4 points, whilst Tom Hall sits second with 304.8 points. To overturn that gap Hall is either going to have to finish in the top 15 here and hope Raine doesn't make the money in the main or side events or win a couple of side events.

Neither has had the best start to the day, Raine is down to 9,000, whilst Hall has slipped to 10,700. -- NW

ukipt london_day 1b_neil_raine.jpg

Can Raine reign?

ukipt london_day 1b_tom_hall.jpg

Tom Hall

1.30pm: No accounting for reputations
John Duthie is a bit of a legend in these parts, but no one will be telling too many tales about his UKIPT appearance this time around. He lasted one hand. It went raise, re-raise, re-re-raise, etc., until it was all in pre-flop against Mouad Marroun. Duthie had ace-king, Marroun had aces and that was it for Duthie.

No sooner had the dust settled on that elimination than Barny Boatman, an old mate of Duthie's, also followed him out the door. Details are scant on this one, but Boatman's seat is empty and he's wandering around the bar.


Shortly before his departure, Boatman sent out the following prophetic tweet. Oh the irony.

-- HS

1.20pm: Add this lot to the list too
In addition to all those names listed below, we have now also spotted George Clyde-Smith, Lars Bonding and newly-minted Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets.

There's also at least four former EPT champions in the mix: the aforementioned Vicky Coren, Mickey Petersen and David Vamplew, but I'm pretty sure I just saw Kent Lundmark too. Kevin MacPhee tweeted earlier that he was on his way to the Vic as well, so that would make it five. -- HS


David Vamplew, just like an EPT

1.15pm: 360
At the start of play there were 300 players, but the board is now showing 360, meaning that 60 players have taken their seats during the first level.

Among those I've spotted sat at some of the tables that have opened since the start of play are: Andrew Teng, Andy Ward, Andrew Hulme and Ian Frazer. -- NW


1pm: Kickstart for Kimber
A good start for UKIPT stalwart Jeff Kimber: "

He's right about his table draw too, he's got Joeri Zandvliet to his direct left, Richard Blacklock one seat further along and Tim Chung to contend with. After that hand he's up to 21,500 though. -- NW

ukipt london_day 1b_jeff_kimber.jpg

Easy game so far for Kimber

12.50pm: Packed...with talent
Forgive us for another 'who's here' post but there's a boat load of talent packed in to The Vic today and it'd be remiss not to mention them. So without further ado, also in the field today are (deep breath): Brett Angell, Dave Shallow, Devron Hasselnook, Fergal Nealon, Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer, Jamie Burland, Jan Combes, two-time UKIPT winner Joeri Zandvliet, Keith Hawkins, Paul McTaggart, Paul Zimbler, Raul Paez, Robin Keston, Rory Liffey, Stephen McGrath and Sunny Chattha.

Crowded. -- NW

12.40pm: Of all the tables in all the world...
Another table worth watching today features Mickey Petersen, also of Team Online, who has been drawn on the same table as his girlfriend, Elena Stover. Petersen tweets as @mickeydp, while Stover is @thegroupie. They have already started the Twitter banter, so follow them both to keep up with their progress.


Mickey Petersen

Petersen is probably better known on the international circuit than Stover -- an EPT title will do that -- but Stover has better pedigree on the UKIPT. Her 148th place at Nottingham earlier this season (for £1,480) is one result more than Petersen has on this tour.


Elena Stover, better UKIPT record than Mickey

12.30pm: On the second floor...
The upstairs tables are also packed with talent today, including Team PokerStars Pro's Henrique Pinho, over here from Portugal to take on the best of the UK and Ireland. There's also Nick Wealthall, Willie Tann, Joe Grech, Steve Watts, Jan Combes, Barny Boatman, Deborah Worley-Roberts and Team Online's Dale Phillip. Among many others. -- HS

ukipt london_day 1b_dale_philip.jpg

Philip - can the Team Online player cut it live?

12.20pm: Spotted
The play, as it was yesterday, is split over two floors here at The Vic. There's a full compliment of 14 tables in use on the lower floor - this will likely remain the case for much of the day as players will be moved from the upper to lower floor to fill the gaps as players bust out throughout the day.

There's a number of familiar faces dotted around the tables - some of which are hard to reach - they include EPT7 London champion David Vamplew and Surinder Sunar - both sharing the same table. Also getting friendly at the same table are Jack Sambrook and Tom Ward. The top two in the UKIPT Leaderboard - Neil Raine and Tom Hall - are also both in the field today as are Jeff Duvall and Jason Barton. -- NW

12.05pm: Shuffle up and deal
Cards are in the air here in London, 300 is the tentative number of players in the field so far today. Of course not all are seated right now, in fact I saw Karl Mahrenholz weaving his way towards his seat a few minutes after kick off. He, and many others no doubt, will boost the total number of runners today to north of 300. Late registration is open for three levels, approximately 3.15pm GMT. -- NW

12 noon: Second time around
According to this morning's television news, Kate "Windsor" Middleton is entering the second trimester of her pregnancy. We know the feeling. Today is Day 1B of UKIPT London, the second of three opening flights in this tournament. When Kate gets through her endeavours, she will deliver the heir to the English throne. Similarly, we will reach Day 2 of this poker extravaganza.

Don't be sceptical; it's exactly the same thing.

We will, today, be in the presence of some poker royalty. "Queen" Victoria Coren is playing. Also Kevin MacPhee will be in the field, plus Team Online's Dale Phillip. And Marc Convey. We'll take a wander through the room shortly to get a full overview of who is with us. We're expecting more than yesterday's 194.

Play begins at noon, with 15,000 starting stacks and blinds at 25-50. We will play 11 one-hour levels, with a 60-minute dinner break at the end of level six. Stick with us. -- HS


Reporting team in London: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT