UKIPT London Day 1B: Level 7-11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

1.20am: Day 1B is in the books
So the second of the three starting flights of UKIPT London is done and dusted. A total of 414 players joined the 194 who played Day 1A and with around 450 players expected for Day 1C that should take the total number of runners up to somewhere around 1,050. Whichever way you look at it you can file this tournament in the 'huge' file.

We'll be back for Day 1C at noon, but before that a wrap of today's play will be forthcoming and we'll get overnight chip counts up here. -- NW

1am: Last five hands
The tournament clock has stopped and they are playing the last five hands of the day.

12.55am: Late night bulletin
A few snippets of news here as time ticks down on Day 1B of UKIPT London...

  • Both Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets and Richard Ashby have been knocked out
  • UKIPT Brighton champion Jamie Burland is now in the seat Ashby was once occupying and has spun his stack of 11,000 up to around 90,000.
  • Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins has 70,000
  • EPT6 Berlin champion Kevin MacPhee is down to 30,000 -- NW

    12.40am: Leader of the pack
    Chip leader as we head into the final 30 minutes is Tom Hall, he's sitting on a stack of 195,000. This could be significant as he's currently second in the UKIPT leader board. We reported earlier that, as it stood, Hall needed a top 15 finish to overhaul Neil Raine, who's currently top. But, Raine, who is good friends with Hall, told us that Hall is actually due another 10 points above what he currently has, which means that Hall could actually finish as low as 36th and take the title away from Raine.

    "It's definitely going to be a sweat," said Raine. Before adding, "At least he can't play in any side events!" There's still a long way to go in this title race, we'll be following it closely over the next few days. -- NW

    ukipt_london_day 1b_tom_hall.jpg

    Hall - could take the title at the final hurdle

    12.30am: 22 per cent
    Of the 194 who started Day 1A, 43 remained at the end of the day. That was 22 per cent of the field. Today, we began with 414, meaning a similar rate of attrition would leave us with 91 at the end of the day. I don't think we'll quite make it -- we have 124 with an hour left. But chances are we'll only have about 100 making it through. -- HS

    12.20am: Late night fallers
    There's no easy way to say this, but although Hanz De Vries, Adrian Ko, Jack Salter, Christos Kyprianou, George White, Bram van den Berg, Elior Cohen, James Ball, Brett Angell, David Stanbury, Koen van Venrooij, Jason Barton, Robinder Dhinsa, Lawrie Inman, Sigurd Madsen, Yusuf Mehdi, Najam Qureshi, Renato Da Silva and Zygimantas Milasius battled long into the night, they are now out. -- HS

    12.15am: Philip still grinding
    Come on Dale, you're used to multi-tabling online, surely one table can't be that much of a grind?

    12am: Break time
    The players are now on their final break of the day, 126 remain. -- NW

    11.50pm: Home on the tube
    Another 30 players have busted out in recent times here at UKIPT London, it's bad news for followers of: Andrey Dimitrov, Kamil Dobosz, Joseph Prichard, Paul Danko, Nesrine Kourdourli, Haukur Mar Bodvarsson, Rui Da Silva, Dominik Pańka, Darren Fuller, Carl Davies, Shane O`Sullivan, Vladimir Velikov, Damian Watson, Hylton Goss, Razaaq Shah, Tor Gammelgård, Marco Holmqvist, Joao Mathias Baumgarten, Ian Woodley, Jörg Schneegaß, Ryan O'Connor, Rory Liffey, Balhar Singh, Gabor Peteri, Daniel Gill, Antoine Labat, Mohamed Kerkeni and Andy Ward. -- NW

    ukipt_london_day 1b_rory_liffey.jpg

    Rory Liffey - hair today, gone today

    11.40pm: Camel on the right road
    Keith "The Camel" Hawkins has now moved down into the main tournament room, and has enjoyed an upturn in his fortunes. He is now sitting with about 70,000 and appears to be enjoying himself. He has even taken out his headphones and is talking to the dealer who, he has just established, comes from France.

    Hawkins also took a small pot from Priyan de Mel. Hawkins opened to 2,000 from the cut-off, De Mel defended his big blind, and the two of them saw a flop of A♦Q♦6♠. De Mel checked, Hawkins bet 2,500, De Mel called.

    The turn was [10s] and after De Mel checked again, Hawkins' bet of 5,000 was enough.

    "I bet it's the south of France," Hawkins said. "I'm just trying to make conversation." -- HS

    11.30pm: Do the Bart man
    It had been plain sailing for Neil Ryder throughout almost all of today. But he has just hit a pretty significant bump in the road, which cut his stack almost in half. Bart Besselink was the man to profit, and he now has about 130,000.


    Bart Besselink

    Ryder was in late position and Besselink was on the button. And I suspect there was a raise and a call pre-flop. But all the money certainly got in the middle with 6♣K♦Q♣ showing. Ryder had A♣K♣ and Besselink K♥Q♠.

    The 2♠ turn and the [10s] river didn't change anything and Besselink counted his stack at 60,900. That was the price for Ryder to pay, taking him down to about 75,000. Besselink has close to double. -- HS

    11.25pm: Solid
    Three players well above the current average stack of 36,000 are: Samuel Welbourne (90,000), Willie Tann (67,000) and UKIPT Newcastle fifth place finisher Tim Slater (70,000). -- NW

    11.15pm: Angell's wings clipped
    "I wasn't being funny, I just thought I wanted the call when you thought for so long," said Brett Angell to Martin Bader as the latter took a good portion of Angell's chips.

    It was a third party - who got the action started by min-raising to 2,000, Bader flat called on the button, only for Angell to make it 7,200 from the big blind. On the 7♦Q♣6♥ flop Angell slid out a bet of around 21,000 - effectively setting Bader all-in - and Bader now tanked. He first took out his head phones, coiled them up and went through the necessaries of a man who was getting ready to exit the tournament.

    Only after going through that whole rigmarole did he then make the call, Angell flipped pocket jacks but was aghast to see Bader's K♥Q♦, the latter's top pair held up on the A♦ turn and 9♦ river to send Angell spiralling down to 24,000. -- NW

    BLINDS UP: 500-1,000 (100 ANTE) IN LEVEL 10

    11pm: Margets caught by Kamand
    It looked as though Issam Kamand thought he had raised from the small blind when he threw out 2,000 chips (blinds were 400-800). But he maybe hadn't notice that Leo Margets' had already opened to 1,600 from early position. It meant that Kamand only called.

    They both then checked a 2♠[10h]K♣ flop and then Kamand also checked the 2♥ turn. Margets bet 2,000; Kamand called. The J♣ rivered and Kamand checked again. Margets bet 4,000 and now Kamand clicked it back, making it 8,000.

    If that was a raise crying out to be called, then it worked. Margets put out the extra. Kamand showed his A♦Q♣, having backed into the straight, and a disconsolate Margets mucked. -- HS

    10.55pm: Only one faller into Teng's trap
    Andrey Dimitrov open shoved from under the gun, but it came with almost no fold equity. He was playing 3,400 and blinds were 400-800. One seat to his left, Andrew Teng threw out enough chips to call, a mere sliver of his 120,000+ stack.

    No one else fancied getting involved, which must have frustrated Teng. He tabled A♣A♠ and was up against Dimitrov's 4♥5♥. The J♦9♥K♣A♦4♦ board only helped Teng and he added another small portion to his stack. Dimitrov, meanwhile, headed off into the night. -- HS

    10.50pm: Kimber KO'd
    Unfortunately Jeff Kimber's latest twitter update wasn't as chipper as Mat Frankland's

    10.40pm: Say what?
    A cryptic tweet just now from Mat Frankland...

    We've put that through our 'Franking' machine and come up with this: "A pair of jacks held up again, this time against ace-queen. I'm now up to 50,000 in chips which is my high point for this tournament. -- NW

    10.30pm: Chip counts
    Whilst most of the players are condensed into the 14 tables on the lower floor, there are still five tables in play in the upper floor, to those familiar with The Vic, those tables are in what is usually the restaurant area. Some of the players feeding off feasts and scraps at those tables are: Rob Akery (46,000), Fergal Nealon (29,100), Richard Blacklock (11,400), Tim Slater (74,000), Keith Camel (29,500) and Brett Angell (33,000). -- NW

    10.20pm: Margets gets one through
    Leo Margets is the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro and she's going the right way about emulating Jake Cody. The Brit was announced as a member of Team PokerStars Pro at the PCA in January and subsequently made a deep run before busting in 47th place.

    I just saw her get an all-in through to snaffle some much needed chips, I joined the action to see a 6♦2♣8♣ flop on the felt a bet of 2,100 in front of Rui Da Silva and a check-raise bet of 5,000 in front of Margets. After some time Da Silva put out the requisite calling chips and this Spain versus Portugal battle went to a 3♦ turn.

    First to act, Margets bet 7,500, call from Da Silva, the 7♣ completed the board, Margets took her time before moving all-in for what looked like 19,000 and after a brief think Da Silva mucked his hand. After that hand Margets is up to roughly 48,000. -- NW

    ukipt_london_day 1b_leo_margets.jpg

    Margets is on the march

    10.15pm: Game over
    Another octet who won't be winning UKIPT London: Luksz Sokol, Eric Croner, Huy Hang, David Wellings, Mike Farr, David Tompkins, Trevor Dinneen.

    10.10pm: Updated chips
    The chip-count page is at best selected and slightly out of date -- such is the nature of these things -- but it has just recently had a spruce up, so the counts you see there are pretty accurate.

    Neil Ryder has been a big stack for quite some time, and he remains out front with about 155,000. But Andrew Teng is one of the big movers in recent orbits. He now has about 117,000. Richard Ashby is doing great after buying in late. He has close to 100,000. Meanwhile George Clyde-Smith, fresh from a very deep run at the PCA, has 110,000. -- HS

    10pm: Busto
    There's no easy way to say this but even if we were playing a 'standard' UKIPT Day 1 of eight levels then: Daniel Bland, Christopher Bailey, Lewis Higham, Ian King, Finnur Hrafnsson, Lars Bonding, Johan Jakobsson, Khalick Mohanngee, Miltos Miltiadous, Daniel Llorente, Ross Gaff, Denis Kubasov, Paul Delaney, Vaidotas Rozenbergas, Shaun Herran-Venables, Alexander Schechter, Eric Henning, Francis Foord-Brown, Dara Fitzgerald, William Quinonez, Michael Jorgensen, Alkes Sotiriou, Michael Leverett, John Haigh, Danny Blair, Brandon Van Kerkwijk, Saigari Balasubramaniam, Ian Ball, Peter Evans, Joseph Grech, Christian Bauer, Ganaphaty Samiappan, Martin Jacobson and Zimnan Ziyard would still have failed to make Day 2 as they all busted before the end of level eight. -- NW

    ukipt_london_day 1b_lars_bonding.jpg

    Bonding - one of many to go bust

    BLINDS UP: 400-800 (100 ANTE) IN LEVEL 9

    9.40pm: Break time
    The players are heading for The Terrace as they're now on a 15 minute break, during which tournament staff will colour up and race off the 25 denomination chips. -- NW

    9.30pm: Zawadowicz out muscles Mahrenholz
    Pawel Zawadowicz just took a chunky pot from Karl Mahrenholz in one of those blind on blind battles that quickly escalate.

    When it folded to him in the small blind the Pole made it 1,750 to go, Mahrenholz made it 3,800 total, Zawadowicz re-raised to 8,850 and Mahrenholz made the call.

    The flop fell 8♦6♦K♠ Zawadowicz led for 7,375, Mahrenholz then popped it to 15,000, Zawadowicz moved all-in and Mahrenholz swiftly folded, leaving himself with around 22,000. -- NW

    9.20pm: Fun times on table 'Franky'
    The tables are slowly being folded upstairs and players redeployed at tables on the lower floor. One such table to get shut down was table 16, it contained both Dale Philip (32,000) and Mat Frankland (13,000). But as fortune would have it they were both moved to the same table, at which the smiley face of Kevin MacPhee greeted them. No wonder he's smiling, the American has a decent stack of some 55,000. -- NW

    9.10pm: Ashby over 60,000
    Despite being one of the last to late register to Day 1B Richard Ashby has taken little time to get going and now has a stack of 62,000 after eliminating Steffen Endres.

    It was the German who had the pre-flop advantage, moving all-in for 12,000 with pocket nines to find Ashby holding A♠K♠. However, that advantage was eradicated on the A♣8♦5♣ flop and Ashby only moved further ahead on the A♥ turn and 6♦ river. -- NW

    9pm: Coren crushed
    Vicky Coren, having eliminated Marc Convey earlier, has now fallen herself. All her chips have gone to Arlo Dotson, of the United States. Dotson opened to 1,200 from early position and Coren was the only caller, defending her big blind. The flop came 8♣[10d]8♠ and Coren checked. Dotson continued, betting 1,300 and now Coren shoved.

    As the dealer began to count her stack, Dotson said that he called anyhow. Coren tabled A♥K♦ and Dotson had out-flopped her with his A♦[10s]. Her final total was 9,800, but that was just the amount that went over to Dotson when the 2♠ turned and the 5♦ rivered. -- HS

    8.55pm: Philip picking up speed and chips
    PokerStars Team Online's Dale Philip has had a decent first level since the dinner break. Tweeting this shortly before the blinds went up.

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600 ante 75

    8.45pm: So long, farewell
    There's no easy way to say this but if: Artur Olczyk, James Kerrane, Thomas Gostelow, Brane Stupar, David Bennett, Rana Khan, Nicholas Farnborough, Joe Laming, Andoni Larrabe Sanchez, Nicolau Lima Marques, Jerome Bradpiece and Sameer Singh are currently sat at a a poker table then it'll be at one of the numerous cash games going on here at The Vic as they're all out of the tournament. -- NW

    8.40pm: Late arrivals
    There were a lot of players who turned up late here, buying in just as the final claxon sounded. But as the field now thins, it's possible actually to identify them. And some of them, it turns out, are worth watching.

    One was Martin Jacobsen (but he has now bust). Another was Zimnan Ziyard, and the EPT Loutraki champion has 23,000 at the moment. Richard "CHUFTY" Ashby also sneaked in. He has about 18,000. Both will need to get busy to progress, but both have the pedigree. -- HS


    Richard Ashby

    8.35pm: And your Bird can sing
    "Straight flush! Straight flush! Straight flush!" came the refrain from table 12. There was no prizes for guessing what hand Luke Bird had laid out in front of him. Bird's hole cards were 5♦7♦ and he had got all his chips in on a flop of 8♦6♦3♠, when it was an up and down straight flush draw. Khalick Mohanngee had called with J♠J♥ but the 4♦ was the decisive turn.

    Bird's stack totalled 20,425. It is double that now, plus blinds, antes and a pre-flop bet and call. -- HS

    8.25pm: Combes clobbers Kyriacou
    Another ace over ace exit hand to tell you about...

    The action in this exit coup was started by, Manig Loeser, the German made it 800 to play from the cut-off, Christopher Kyriacou then moved all-in for 4,375 from the small blind and Charlie Combes flat called from the big blind. After getting a rough count of Combes' remaining stack Loeser let his hand go.

    Combes: A♣Q♣
    Kyriacou: A♦8♦

    The [10h][10s]2♠4♥3♥ board kept Combes in front and sent Kyriacou to the rail. -- NW

    8.15pm: The end of the road for Petersen and Stover
    It's all over for both Mickey Petersen and Elena Stover, who played all day on the same table. Stover bust on one of the first hands after the dinner break and then, like a widower unable to cope after the loss of his wife, Petersen departed soon after. It's cute, in a way.

    Here's how they reported their eliminations on Twitter:

    8pm: Convey coolered by Coren
    It's not going to be a birthday to remember - at least in the poker sense - for Marc 'The Conv' Convey, The Team PokerStars blog contributor has just been ejected from this tournament by Team PokerStars Pro member Vicky Coren, who was most apologetic about knocking out the birthday boy.

    In the hand in question there was a raise to 1,000 from Arlo Dotson, Convey then moved all-in for 5,500 from the small blind, Coren re-raised all-in to 6,300 from the big blind and Dotson folded.

    Coren: A♦Q♣
    Convey: A♣[10c]

    The 8♣9♦4♠A♥4♣ board kept Coren in front and left Convey handing out the birthday cupcakes he'd been bought earlier in the day. If you want to buy him a drink you'll find him at the bar, whilst Coren is very much still at the table. -- NW

    7.50pm: Back
    Players are back from their dinner break and are now looking at pushing on through the next five hours until the end. Since registration closed at the end of level three, no more alternate entries have been permitted. It means that tables are now being closed extremely hastily, and the upstairs floor is gradually being cleared for cash games.

    The most recent batch of eliminations are as follows: Ruparel Narendra, Mitzas Dimitrios, David Wilkes, Asif Warris, Bernabeu Guilabert, Lukasz Mroczek, Raymond Caabay, Stephen Lambard, Michael Kemp, Steven Watts, Nandor Solyom, Georgy Serov, Dany Parlafes, Chandrakant Khajuria, Enrico Tau, Campan Cristian Marius, Elliot Panyi, Thomas Kettel.

    There are 243 from the original 414 players remaining, and I suspect at least another 120 of them will go broke before the end of the night. -- HS


    Kevin MacPhee, still fighting

    Reporting team in London: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in UKIPT