UKIPT London Day 3: Level 20-26 updates (20,000-40,000 5,000 ante)

8pm: Pastor out in ninth (£10,450). Final table set
Juan Manuel Pastor is out and UKIPT London is at its final table. Pastor was all in for his last 137,000 and both Guy Goossens and Chris Dowling gave him a spin.

They checked it all the way on a board of K♠3♥2♣4♠7♣ and they all rolled over their hands:

Pastor: A♣J♦
Goossens: A♦[10c]
Dowling: 9♣7♥

That seven was crucial to set the final table. The Team PokerStars Pro from Spain busts in ninth and we are done for the day.


Adios, Juan Manuel

A full wrap is on its way, plus counts. It looks like Wim Neys will be the leader, but it's close. -- HS

7.45pm: Pastor punished in war with Ward
It's looking a bit bleak for Juan Manuel Pastor now as he has just lost a monster to Tom Ward. Pastor opened to 80,000 from the cut off and Ward made it 185,000 from the small blind. Pastor called.

The flop came 9♦8♠[10h] and Ward bet 205,000. Pastor shoved, but it was Ward who was at risk. His 1.022m stack was 150,000 smaller than Pastor's.

Ward called, though, and showed A♦[10c], which was ahead of Pastor's J♣8♣. Pastor missed his draws on a turn of [10s] and a river of 3♠.

Ward will now hope to take more than 2 million to tomorrow's final. Pastor will be lucky to be there. The Team PokerStars Pro has only three big blinds. -- HS

7.30pm: When big stacks go to war
The big stacks are having a crack at one another now, and this is going to make compelling viewing. Not long after they got settled on the new table, a pre-flop raising war broke out between Chris Dowling and Tom Ward.


Chris Dowling: finally gets a picture on the blog. (Nor sure how we've missed him before

Ward opened to 80,000 from middle position and Patrick Simcoe called from the small blind. Dowling, however, raised to 205,000 from the big blind, which prompted Ward to ask him how much he was playing. The answer was about 1.4m. Ward made it 375,000.

Simcoe folded and now Dowling asked Ward how much he was playing and learned that it was about 1.6m. Ward covered Dowling, in other words. Dowling announced that he was all in and Ward folded in less than 10 seconds. -- HS

7.25pm: Redraw details
Here is how they line up for the UKIPT London "not the" final table. By that, I mean that there are nine players left, so they are only using one piece of furniture. But this is not the final table in UKIPT terms. That only starts when eight players remain.

The stacks are almost exactly as they appear below in the 7.15pm update, with the notable difference being that Mark Gardner's 250,000 chips are now with Chris Dowling.

Seat 1 - Guy Goossens
Seat 2 - Patrick Simcoe
Seat 3 - Chris Dowling
Seat 4 - Wim Neys
Seat 5 - Juan Manuel Pastor
Seat 6 - Cesar Garcia
Seat 7 - Tom Ward
Seat 8 - Philippe Souki
Seat 9 - Sergio Aido

7.20pm: Dowling downs Gardner
Mark Gardner was the short stack coming back from the break, and it didn't take too long for him to get it all in the middle. Unfortunately for him - but good news for Chris Dowling - was that he had run into a hand.

Dowling min-raised (80,000), Gardner shoved his 259,000 in, Dowling called. Dowling had pocket nines and Gardner's king-queen didn't improve. He goes out in 10th and they will now redraw for the "final" table (which is not a final table). -- HS

7.15pm: Chip counts
These are 100 per cent accurate chip counts done at the last break, everyone apart from Mark Gardner has a decent enough stack. It's Philippe Souki who leads with 10 left.

Philippe Souki United Kingdom 2,630,000
Wim Neys Belgium PokerStars Qualifier 2,605,000
Sergio Aido Spain 2,269,000
Thomas Ward United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,561,000
Juan Manuel Pastor Spain Team PokerStars Pro 1,540,000
Patrick Simcoe United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,462,000
Cesar Garcia Dominguez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,456,000
Guy Goossens Belgium 1,330,000
Chris Dowling Ireland PokerStars Player 1,221,000
Mark Gardner United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 259,000

ukipt_london_day 3_phillippe_souki.jpg

Souki leads the final 10

BLINDS UP: PLAYING 20,000-40,000 5,000 ANTE IN LEVEL 26

7pm: Break time
With ten players left, only Mark Gardner has a bit of a short stack. The others are looking comfortable, so there's every chance this could go on a bit as we search for our final eight. Players are now taking a break at the end of level 25.

6.50pm: Ward versus Neys
Whilst Simcoe has been winning pots for fun over on table two, on table one Thomas Ward and Wim Neys have been going at it.

In one hand Ward made it 60,000 under-the-gun and Neys called from the big blind. Both players checked the 9♠[10h]Q♦ flop before Neys bet 71,000 on the 6♥ turn, call from Ward. The 4♥ river completed a back door flush draw, Neys fired again, this time for 148,000, Ward again called, Neys showed Q♠[10s] for two pair, whilst Ward opened 8♣7♣ for the turned straight.

A few hands later Neys opened to 60,000 from the small blind, Ward three-bet to 140,000, Neys four-bet to 250,000, Ward five-bet to 363,000, Neys moved all-in and Ward folded his hand. -- NW

6.35pm: The Simcoe show
Patrick Simcoe has been slowly chipping up on table two during five handed play.

After an open to 60,000 from Cesar Garcia on the button, Simcoe moved all-in for 1,150,000 and Garcia folded, Simcoe showed 7♠4♠, Garcia said that he'd folded Ace-Ten.

A few hands later Patrick Souki opened to 60,000 and Simcoe defended from the small blind. It was checked all the way to the river on a 9♦9♣7♦[10s]2♥ at which point Simcoe bet 80,000 and Souki called, Simcoe rolled over Q♥[10h] which was good. He's got about 1,400,000 now. -- NW

6.25pm: Goossens continues to send happy smoke signals
It has not been hard to spot where Guy Goossens has been sitting this week. A plume of vapour from an electronic cigarette has lingered over his table throughout. It may have been extinguished for the final time a moment ago -- he was all in and called by the monster stack of Sergio Aido -- but a pair of pocket aces helped him stay alight alive.


Guy Goossens

It had been folded to Aido in the small blind and he raised to 65,000. Goossens three bet to 160,000. Aido then moved all in, attacking the effective stack of Goossens, which was 671,000 total. Goossens called in a heartbeat.

Goossens: A♥A♣
Aido: J♣K♦

The board carried little danger. It came 6♦7♥3♥[10h]3♠. -- HS

6.10pm: Simon Trowse eliminated in 11th place (£8,200)
A 1,300,000 chip flip at this stage of the tournament is probably something neither Simon Trowse or Philippe Souki wanted to play but play it they did.

The action was started by Souki, he made it 60,000 to go, Trowse then moved all-in for 623,000 and back on Souki he got a count then made the call. The cards weren't revealed straight away though as they had to wait for a hand to finish on table one before the big turnover. When it had finished the players from the other table ambled over to see if they were going to be one place closer to the final table.

Souki: [10d][10s]
Trowse: A♣J♦

The board had a couple of face cards on it but not the ones Trowse was after as it came 2♣3♦K♠K♥Q♣. After that hand Souki is up to 2,500,000.

With 10 players left they'll play five to a table until there's one more elimination, then the final nine will gather round one table until we lose one more player, then the final eight will return tomorrow for the final table. -- NW

BLINDS UP. PLAYING 15,000-30,000 3,000 ANTE IN LEVEL 25

5.55pm: Two million chip pot sends De Sousa out in 12th (£8,200)
Wim Neys now has about 2.3m chips after knocking out Dinarte de Sousa in 12th. This was the biggest pot of the tournament so far, and it went to the man who has had the biggest stack for almost all of today.

De Sousa opened to 60,000 from under the gun and it was folded to Neys in the small blind. He made it 148,000. De Sousa didn't take very long to announce that he was all in - for something like 950,000 more - and Neys called from the only stack at the table who had him covered.

Neys: [10h][10c]
De Sousa: 9♠9♥

It wasn't looking good for De Sousa and it didn't get any better through a board of A♥Q♦K♣4♥J♣, Neys ending with the straight he didn't even need.

De Sousa departs as Neys tightens his stranglehold. -- HS

5.45pm: Down to a dozen
I've seen a lot of premium versus premium encounters today and another of those has put paid to Diego Arbuello.

From under-the-gun Thomas Ward made it 48,000 to play. It folded to Arbuello in the small blind and he shipped it for 430,000. Wim Neys got a count then passed. Ward, however, did not.

Ward: A♦A♥
Arbuello: A♠K♣

It was all over by the turn as the board ran Q♥8♦7♦6♣9♠. Ward now has roughly 2,200,000 and looks set to make his second UKIPT final table having previously finished fourth at UKIPT2 Edinburgh. -- NW

5.30pm: Souki plays Delilah, kills Samson
Danny Samson's race is run. He jammed for his last 290,000 over the top of Philippe Souki's 50,000 opening raise. Souki called. Samson had A♠K♠ and had a good shot against Souki's 5♠5♥. But the board ran Q♥9♣5♦J♣A♦ and that third five was decisive. Samson is out in 14th.

5.25pm: Aido on the bluff
Sergio Aido is flexing his muscles, bullying Dinarte De Sousa out of a recent pot pre-flop. De Sousa opened from the cut off, making it 50,000. Garcia three-bet the small blind, making it 128,000 and De Sousa four bet to 252,000.


Sergio Aido: Would you trust this man's five-bet shove?

Aido then announced that he was all in, covering De Sousa's near 840,000 effective stack. If he had called it would be the by far the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

He didn't, though. He folded. Aido couldn't resist turning over his J♥9♥. -- HS


Dinarte de Sousa: bluffed

5.15pm: Gary Fisher eliminated in 15th place (£4,480)
One double up would be all Gary Fisher would get as he's now been eliminated...

He moved all-in from under-the-gun for roughly 140,000. He almost got it through too but Juan Manuel Pastor found a hand in the big blind and made the call.

Fisher: K♣[10c]
Pastor: 3♥3♠

The 9♦5♥2♥4♥2♦ board stayed sufficiently low for the Team PokerStars Pro to add another scalp to his name.

There are 14 players left. -- NW

5.15pm: Drowning Fisher back on the lily pad
The shortest stack in the tournament at the moment is Gary Fisher, but he has just doubled up to 180,000. He flopped a straight with Q♦[10c] on a board of 9♥J♠8♠, which beat Wim Neys' A♣4♣. The turn was 4♥ and the river A♥. -- HS

5.10pm: Dowling downs Taylor
Tristan Taylor open-shoved his short stack from late position and Chris Dowling called from the big blind. Dowling had J♣J♦ and that left Taylor muttering, "One time" when he turned over his A♦9♣.

This wasn't Taylor's one time. Indeed, the J♥ in the window made it very difficult for him. The rest of the board came 3♣K♥4♣8♥ and off went Taylor, the first to bust after the re-draw. -- HS


Tristan Taylor: ouch

5pm: Re-draw
Down to the final 16 and that means a re-draw to two tables. You can see their approximate stacks below, and here's how they are now sitting:

Table 1

1 - Tom Ward
2 - Dinarte Araujo De Sousa
3 - Juan Manuel Pastor
4 - Gary Fisher
5 - Sergio Aido
6 - Guy Goosens
7 - Diego Ivan Arbuello
8 - Wim Neys

Table 2

1 - Simon Trowse
2 - Tristan Taylor
3 - Patrick Simcoe
4 - Danny Samson
5 - Chris Dowling
6 - Mark Gardner
7 - Philippe Souki
8 - Cesar Garcia

5.05pm: Chip counts from the break
Here are the chip counts from the break - minus Luke Bird's - who's subsequently been eliminated.

Sergio Aido Spain 2630000
Thomas Ward United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1720000
Patrick Simcoe United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1570000
Wim Neys Belgium PokerStars Qualifier 1500000
Dinarte Araujo De Sousa United Kingdom 1075000
Philippe Souki United Kingdom 1010000
Simon Trowse United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 990000
Cesar Garcia Spain PokerStars Qualifier 815000
Guy Goossens Belgium 675000
Juan Manuel Pastor Spain Team PokerStars Pro 600000
Chris Dowling Ireland PokerStars Player 600000
Gary Fisher United Kingdom 490000
Diego Ivan Arbuello Argentina 480000
Mark Gardner United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 425000
Daniel Samson United Kingdom 330000
Tristan Taylor United Kingdom PokerStars Player 320000

4.55pm: Bird's flight comes to an end
It's been an entertaining few days for Luke Bird in what was a self professed "biggest tournament of his life". He went deep but will go no further as he's been eliminated in 17th place.

In his exit hand Philippe Souki opened to 50,000 on the button, Bird piled for 165,000 from the small blind and when the big blind folded Souki made the call.

Bird: A♦Q♦
Souki: Q♣J♠

The board ran 5♠2♥9♣J♣J♥, Bird wished everyone good luck as he left the table. With that exit we're down to 16 and there's no a brief pause whilst they conduct a re-draw. -- NW

4.50pm: Bird has his wings clipped
Somehow or other, Luke Bird had lost almost all of his chips and was all in with A♦5♥ against Cesar Garcia's 9♣8♣. Garcia picked up a flush draw that missed and Bird rivered a five, but even after the double up, Bird remains short. His fairytale run is only just still going. -- HS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12.000-24,000 ante 3,000

4.30pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

4.20pm: Dara done
Dara O'Kearney's tournament is over. He shoved a stack of about 230,000, about 13 big blinds, from the button with 8♠9♠. Mark Gardner, who only had about 14 big blinds himself, called from the small blind and showed 6♠6♣.

They were racing but when the K♠6♣J♥ flopped, Gardner took a big lead. O'Kearney was already heading away from the table when the 4♠ actually gave him a few outs, but the [10h] rivered. He didn't need to turn back.

O'Kearney will play the UKIPT tournament of champions tomorrow, having qualified online. -- HS

4.15pm: Neys gives up
Another medium sized pot that went to showdown to tell you about...

Wim Neys opened to 45,000 on the button and Guy Goossens defended from the big blind. On the J♠A♣[10d] flop it checked to Neys, he bet 47,000 and Goossens calling chips were in the pot almost immediately. The 4♣ fell on the turn and Goossens check-called again, this time 84,000. The 3♥ completed the board, Goossens checked again and after a long thing Neys checked back, he showed first - K♣7♣ - but Goossens had flopped top pair with A♥9♦ and took the pot. -- NW

4.10pm: Once in a blue moon
More chips for Luke Bird now as he just took a medium sized pot from Daniel Samson. It was the latter who got the action started, raising to 45,000 from middle position, Bird then three-bet to 75,000 on the button and Samson made the call.

On the 9♥7♦2♠ flop Bird bet 55,000, call from Samson. The 6♦ fell on the turn and the pattern repeated itself, check, bet of 55,000, call. The 5♠ completed the board, quick check from Samson, "Two pair," said Bird rolling over 6♥2♣, "Really?" said Samson, "Yes really," replied Bird before adding. "Once in a blue moon." -- NW

4pm: JMP stays alive - still!
Juan Manuel Pastor is still in this one, and now probably has the biggest stack he has seen all week. He has just doubled up through Wim Neys, proving that Neys is mortal after all.

Pastor opened from the cut off, making it 42,000 and Neys three-bet from the small blind, to 86,000. Pastor moved all in, for about 380,000 and Neys snap-called.

Pastor: A♥J♥
Neys: 8♦8♠

Neys has one at least one huge race with eights today, but he couldn't win another. Not after the flop had fallen A♠A♦4♣. The 6♠ turned and the Q♠ rivered and Pastor suddenly has a bigger than average stack.

As the last Team PokerStars Pro in the field, he is doing the red spade proud. -- HS

3.55pm: Jacobs sent packing
"Next time, eh," said Anthony Jacobs as he left the tournament area. He's out. He got his last chips in with A♠[10d] and ran into Danny Samson's A♥K♦. The board was dry.

Samson now has about 750,000, while Jacobs is looking to the future. -- HS

3.50pm: Souki takes a chunk from Garcia
Cesar Garcia opened to 40,000 from under the gun, little knowing what havoc he would cause. Philippe Souki called from the button and Luke Bird joined the party from the small blind. The three of them went to a flop of 6♥4♥J♦.

After Bird checked, Garcia bet 64,000 and got rid of no one. They then went to a A♠ turn. Bird checked again, Garcia bet 105,000 and then Souki raised to 258,000.

Bird folded, but Garcia called.

Two were left to see a 7♥ river and Garcia checked. Souki announced that he was all in, for a stack just about covering Garcia's. The original raiser, who started all this, let it go. -- HS

3.45pm: Gone
Just 20 players remain in the main event of UKIPT London, you can see the current chip counts here and the full list of exits here. The last few exits are pasted below...

21st. Olivier Busquet, USA, £3,730
22nd. Joseph Mcerlean, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £3,730
23rd. Ismael Bojang, Germany, PokerStars Player, £3,730
24th. Paul Kerr, United Kingdom, £3,730

25th. Ilkin Amirov, Azerbaijan, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,985
26th. Bart Besselink, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,985
27th. Alan Mansbridge,United Kingdom, £2,985
28th. Florian Bussmann Germany PokerStars Player, £2,985
29th. Georgios Zisimopoulos, Greece, £2,985
30th. Daniel Rudd, United Kingdom, £2,985
31st. Jamie Burland, United Kingdom, £2,985
32nd. Jonathon Prested, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £2,985

ukipt_london_day 3_jamie_burland.jpg

Burland - tied for most cashes in UKIPT main events

3.35pm: Latest from the Twitter-sphere
Dara O'Kearney does his best work when neither of us PokerStars Blog reporters are near his table. This, for instance:

3.30pm: Chips
Here's rough chip counts of the 20 players left in as we head into level 23

Table 1:
Seat 1 - Tristan Taylor - 260,000
Seat 2 - Gary Fisher - 780,000
Seat 3 - Dinarte Araujo De Sousa - 1,075,000
Seat 4 - Dara O'Kearney - 170,000
Seat 5 - Mark Gardner - 320,000
Seat 6 - EMPTY
Seat 7 - Chris Dowling - 450,000
Seat 8 - Diego Ivan Arbuello - 440,000

Table 2:
Seat 1 - Luke Bird - 1,000,000
Seat 2 - Simon Trowse - 500,000
Seat 3 - EMPTY
Seat 4 - Cesar Garcia - 1,150,000
Seat 5 - Anthony Jacobs - 380,000
Seat 6 - Patrick Simcoe - 1,400,000
Seat 7 - Daniel Samson - 450,000
Seat 8 - Philippe Souki - 530,000

Seat 1 - Tom Ward - 1,050,000
Seat 2 - Juan Manuel Pastor - 480,000
Seat 3 - EMPTY
Seat 4 - Sergio Aido - 1,750,000
Seat 5 - Wim Neys - 2,500,000
Seat 6 - Richard Trigg - 280,000
Seat 7 - EMPTY
Seat 8 - Guy Goosens - 600,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000 ante 2,000

3.20pm: Neys drives final nail in Busquet's coffin
What a torrid day for Olivier Busquet. And now it's over. I'm not 100 per cent sure how the money went in, but it looked like an open-shove from the button with J♥[10h] from Busquet, snapped off in the big blind by Wim Neys and his A♦K♥. He didn't have much more than about 15 big blinds, I think.

The board came 4♠8♦4♥2♦A♥ and so Neys added some more to his stack as the biggest name in today's starting field departs before tea-time. -- HS

3.15pm: Gardner digs out a double up
Mark Gardner has just doubled up to about 320,000 after flopping a full house. That makes it sound a little grander than it was, actually. He moved all in pre-flop for his last 140,000 with 2♠2♥ and was called by Chris Dowling with A♥Q♣.

The flop came J♦J♣J♥ - there was Gardner's full house - and the 9♥ turn and 3♣ river weren't was Dowling needed to re-draw. -- HS

3.10pm: Paul Kerr out in 24th; Ismael Bojang out in 23rd
We've lost two players already since the re-draw, both in what the kids would call 'standard spots'

In the first Paul Kerr got his last 375,000 in with pocket queens, Patrick Simcoe had two overs with A♦K♠ and he duly spiked one of them on the 3♣A♠8♥7♣3♥ board.

Minutes later Ismael Bojang was all-in with pocket queens but up against a superior pair in the shape of Gary Fisher's pocket kings. No help on the flop for the German and he was gone.

Luke Bird has now been moved from table three to table two and was relieved to have done so, "Just what the doctor ordered," he said. -- NW

3.05pm: T'other tables
As promised the re-draw of the other two tables...

Table 1:
Seat 1 - Tristan Taylor
Seat 2 - Gary Fisher
Seat 3 - Dinarte Araujo De Sousa
Seat 4 - Dara O'Kearney
Seat 5 - Mark Gardner
Seat 6 - Ismael Bojang
Seat 7 - Chris Dowling
Seat 8 - Diego Ivan Arbuello

Table 2:
Seat 1 - Joseph McErlean
Seat 2 - Simon Trowse
Seat 3 - Paul Kerr
Seat 4 - Cesar Garcia
Seat 5 - Anthony Jacobs
Seat 6 - Patrick Simcoe
Seat 7 - Daniel Samson
Seat 8 - Philippe Souki

3pm: One of three
Full details of the redraw are imminent, but it's not going to be hard to figure out where most of the attention will immediately be. These things are random, but we now have the three largest stacks on one table (Wim Neys, Sergio Aido and Luke Bird) plus Olivier Busquet and Juan Manuel Pastor.

That table in full:

Seat 1 - Tom Ward
Seat 2 - Juan Manuel Pastor
Seat 3 - Olivier Busquet
Seat 4 - Sergio Aido
Seat 5 - Wim Neys
Seat 6 - Richard Trigg
Seat 7 - Luke Bird
Seat 8 - Guy Goosens -- HS

2.55pm: Down to three
...tables, that is. There are only 24 players left at UKIPT London following the elimination of Ilkin Amirov, thwarting hopes of the first Azerbaijani champion of the tour.

This hand started when Joseph McErlean opened to 32,000 from the button and Wim Neys three bet to 75,000 from the small blind. This really could mean anything. McErlean is likely to open pretty light from there and Neys has an enormous stack so can three-bet whenever he likes.

However, Amirov now moved all in, for 478,000, from the big blind and it gave them all something to think about. McErlean folded but after a while, Neys called. They were racing:

Neys: 8♦8♥
McErlean: A♥K♠

It ended pretty soon. The flop came 8♣J♠7♥ and by the time the [10s] turned, McErlean was drawing dead.

Neys now has about 1.85m as the tournament staff make a redraw. -- HS

3pm: Bird flying high
Luke Bird is up to 1,300,000, I didn't catch how he doubled up but he's now in the top three. -- NW

2.50pm: Ace-King versus kings
A couple of ace-king versus kings pre-flop battles to tell you about now...

In the first Paul Kerr opened to 36,000 from the cut-off, Anthony Jacobs raised to 88,000 from the small blind, Kerr moved all-in for 308,000 and Jacobs called quickly.

Kerr: A♠K♥
Jacobs: K♣K♦

The J♦5♥9♣ flop changed nothing, but the A♣ on the turn put Kerr into the lead and he stayed there on the 9♥ river. He doubled to 625,000 whilst Jacobs slipped to 410,000.

Meanwhile on another table there was 72,000 in front of Dinarte Araujo De Sousa and 132,000 in front of Florian Bussmann. After a brief think Dinarte Araujo De Sousa moved all-in for 523,000 and Bussmann made the call.

De Sousa: K♠K♥
Bussmann: A♦K♣

The 8♠4♠6♥9♣2♣ board kept De Sousa in front and this time the kings held up to boost De Sousa to over a million whilst Bussmann slips to 185,000. -- NW

2.40pm: Chips in
The full counts, made at the last break, have now been uploaded to the chip-counts page. Check them out. -- HS

2.30pm: Busquet pays off Bojang
Olivier Busquet and Ismael Bojang are sitting next to one another at the moment, but they don't appear to be exchanging too many anecdotes about their respective visits to EPT final tables. (Busquet came second in Campione last year; Ismael came eighth in Sanremo.)

Instead, they're getting involved in weird small pots, blind on blind, which resulted in Bojang doubling up. I didn't see any of this until it got all the way to the final act. The board of 8♣9♦6♣Q♦Q♥ was all the way out and there was only about 70,000 in the pot.

Busquet checked, and Bojang moved in for about 140,000. Busquet took a good long while over this decision, but eventually called. Bojang showed 9♣5♥ and Busquet mucked. -- HS

BLINDS UP: PLAYING 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ANTE) IN LEVEL 22

2pm: Bird still chirping
If they gave prizes for most enjoyment had a poker table, then Luke Bird would be a Triple Crown winner by now. As it is, he's actually having his first career cash - and boy is he having a good time.

Just recently, he took a pot off Richard Trigg after some more of his unconventional play. Trigg opened to 24,000 from late position and Bird said, "I call that" from the small blind. (Cesar Garcia called from the big blind too.)

The three of them saw a flop of K♣6♠K♠ and Bird and Garcia both checked. Trigg bet 22,000.

Bird double-checked the amount with the dealer, then took a fist of chips and said, "Make it fifty!" spilling them onto the felt in front of him. Garcia folded but Trigg called after a short think.


Luke Bird, shadowed by PokerStars Blog's Nick Wright

The 2♥ came on the turn and Bird now led out for 50,000. Trigg took a moment to think again, but then folded. Bird slid his cards forward and said: "Go on then, have a look at one of them mate."

Trigg flipped over the 2♠. You work it out. -- HS

1.58pm: Rudd's race is run
And just like that another talented UK player has exited this tournament. I joined the action to see a bet of 75,000 in front of Patrick Simcoe (small blind) and a board of 2♠2♦5♥9♣ on the felt, action was on Daniel Rudd (under-the-gun) and after a long think he moved all-in for around 200,000, Simcoe insta-called.

Rudd: J♣J♠
Simcoe: 4♦2♣

Rudd grimaced when he saw the bad news, the 4♠ river card changed nothing and we're now down to 30 players. -- NW

1.56pm: Burland bites the dust
There will be no repeat UKIPT champion here in London as the last remaining player who could achieve such a feat has been eliminated. I saw Jamie Burland exiting the tournament area and he filled me in on his exit hand. "I'd doubled up with ace-queen against queen-jack, then the very next hand I got ace-queen again and got it in against ace-king for about 25 big blinds."

Although not totally sure Burland told me that he believed it was Philippe Souki who had the ace-king. - NW

1.55pm: Aido reassumes lead in personal Spanish duel
Sergio Aido began today as chip leader, but by the end of the first level, he wasn't even the Spaniard with the most chips in the field. That was mainly because of Cesar Garcia's excellent start, rather than anything Aido had done.

Anyhow, Aido has now retaken the lead in both the tournament and the duel between the two Spaniards, and has sent Jonathon Prested to the rail. This was another case of aces cracked, among the cruellest ways to be banished from a tournament.

As related by other players at the table, Aido opened from the hijack and Prested three bet from the big blind. Aido called. The flop came 4♥9♥7♦ and Prested bet 65,000. Aido called.

The 2♥ turned and all the money went in. It was a check from Prested, a bet of 185,000 from Aido, then a jam from Prested and a call. Prested's aces had been out-flopped by Aido's 7♠9♠ and the 3♣ didn't help him.


Sergio Aido: no need to hide any more

Aido now has a stack of about 1.7m, which is probably just ahead of Wim Neys'. -- HS

1.50pm: Exits

We're down to four tables because these players have been eliminated...

33rd. Thomas Hall, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,610
34th. Tomasz Kolodziejski, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,610
35th. Onur Dag, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £2,610
36th. Vilius Urbaitis, Lithuania, PokerStars Player, £2,610
37th. Jeremy Wray, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,610
38th. Marco Conti, Italy, £2,610

1.45pm: Hall busts, leader board quest continues
Good news now for Neil Raine as Tom Hall has just busted out of the main event. He was down to 161,000 and moved all-in with K♣6♥ when it folded to him on the button. Pretty standard, but his timing was off as Anthony Jacobs was waiting in the small blind with aces.

The 8♠6♣3♣ flop gave him a sweat but Hall missed the 3♥ turn and 9♣ river, he's picked up some valuable leader board points, but has gone to late-reg the high roller in search of more. -- NW

1.40pm: Trowse trousers chunk from Busquet
Olivier Busquet is not having the best of times today and he has just doubled up Simon Trowse, who now sits with the best part of 500,000. Trowse opened to 25,000 from early position and it was folded to Busquet in the big blind. He announced that he was all in, covering Trowse, but the young Brit quickly called.

Trowse: Q♣Q♦
Busquet: A♦J♣

The board ran 6♦J♦6♠4♣2♥ and the pocket pair held up. Trowse counted his stack -- 235,000 -- and Busquet counted out that much to hand over. Busquet has about 430,000 still, so no real time for panic. -- HS


Olivier Busquet, not a great start

1.20pm: Exits
Here's the players who have exited so far today...

39th. William Beauchamp, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £2,240
40th. Jason Duval, Canada, PokerStars Player, £2,240
41st. Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, £2,240
42nd. Jeffrey Hakim, Lebanon, PokerStars Player, £2,240
43rd. Roar Aspas, Norway, £2,240
44th. Jack Young, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,240
45th. Damian Mularczyk, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,240
46th. Tomas Pleticha, Czech Republic, PokerStars Player, £2,240
47th. Daniel Laming, United Kingdom, £2,240
48th. Maciej Stachniuk, Poland, PokerStars Player, £2,240
49th. Vincent Gabel, Belgium, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,870


Jason Duval, out

1.10pm: Tens again
There was a hint of deja vu about this hand as, for the second time already today, Cesar Garcia Dominguez found pocket tens in late position and a short stack moving all in before him. This time it was Ryan Spittles who had already jammed, moving in over an open by Anthony Jacobs.


Cesar Garcia: only way is up

Spittles was all in for 166,000 and Garcia over-jammed to isolate. Jacobs folded. Spittles had Q♥[10h], which was only one over card to Garcia's [10c][10s]. Spittles picked up a flush draw on the 2♥K♥8♣ flop, but it didn't come in on the 2♠ turn and the J♣ river.

Spittles departs and the Spanish player adds about couple of hundred thousand to his stack. -- HS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000 ante 1,000

1pm: Bink for Bart Besselink
Like a golfer with only 12 sticks in his bag, Luke Bird was left one club short...

He opened to 35,000 from early position, Bart Besselink put out 45,000 but said call, there was some confusion over whether he meant to raise or call, but as 45,000 was an under-raise, regardless of Besselink's intentions it went as a call. Next to act William Beauchump moved all-in for 161,000, Bird also moved in and Besselink snap called all-in too. It was a three way...

Bird: 6♦6♣
Besselink: A♠A♦
Beauchump: A♥J♦

The 3♣9♣2♣ flop gave Bird a flush draw, "find the club, find the club," he started saying repeatedly, the 2♠ hit the turn and the 3♠ completed the board, and the aces held up. Besselink had 173,000 to start the hand so there was no side pot between Bird and Beauchump. -- NW

12.45pm: He did it his Neys
We have a new chip leader - and then some. It's Wim Neys, who has gone from his overnight stack of 304,000 to at least 1.2m. "This used to be a table of medium stacks," said Jeremy Wray, two seats to his right. "Now he has them all."

Most recently, Neys sent Jason Duval to the rail. Duval apparently lost a lot of his huge stack to Neys earlier, and then got unlucky when his pocket queens lost to Neys' A♠J♥ through a board of 7♣8♣[10d]9♣K♣. Duval would have had serious intentions of making the final table today, and now he's out.

Tristan Taylor, sitting to Neys left, said, "There's something about you just makes me want to call" by way of explaining how come Neys has been paid off with almost all of his big hands today.

Neys is now a hot favourite for the final table, especially if this streak continues. -- HS

12.35pm: Aces in hold up shocker
Three hands that went to showdown to tell you about...

Tomas Pleticha was eliminated in 46th place when he shoved with A♥K♥ and got called by Wim Neys with A♠A♣. The bullets held up on a [10s]9♥2♠3♣2♦ board in a pot worth around 450,000.

Next to feel the wrath of aces was Damian Mularczyk, he moved all-in for 120,000 with A♣Q♦ when it folded to Guy Goossens in the big blind so quick was his call that his chips left scorch marks on the felt, no surprise then to see him turn over A♥A♦. A Q♣[10h]8♦ flop gave Mularczyk a glimmer of hope, but he missed his outs on the 6♦ turn and [10h] river.

Meanwhile... after Luke Bird had raised to 22,000, Jack Young moved all-in for around 120,000, Georgios Zisimopoulos then asked for a count of Bird's stack (about 330,000), before moving all-in, Bird got out the way to leave them heads-up

Young: A♠4♦
Zisimopoulos: A♥[10h]

The J♣3♥2♥ flop was an interesting one, the 9♥ turn bought the flush draw in and left Young drawing dead before the 4♦ river rolled off. With that pot Zisimopoulos moves towards the million chip mark. -- NW

12.25pm: Straight from the horse's mouth
Dara O'Kearney is one of the most prolific Irish players, both in terms of tournament cashes and on social media. He is tweeting almost every hand he is playing, so be sure to follow @daraokearney for latest updates from him. We'll obviously do our best to follow him too, but you can't beat Twitter for instant updates. (You could also follow @pokerstarsblog too.)

O'Kearney has about 245,000 at the moment - and a lot of pedigree to take it through the day. -- HS

ukipt_london_day 3_dara_o'kearney.jpg

O'Kearney - in between tweets

12.20pm: Busquet pays off
Olivier Busquet has just lost two pretty big pots. On the first, there was about 110,000 in the middle and they were all the way to the river: 4♦[10d]8♠J♥8♥. Florian Bussmann bet 45,000 and Busquet called. Bussmann tabled K♠[10h] and Busquet mucked.

There are equally few details about the second hand, but again it was Busquet who lost it. With a board of Q♥J♠3♦[10c]8♣ revealed, Simon Trowse had A♣9♠ exposed in front of him and was counting out his full stack of 147,000, which Busquet was expected to pay. I'm afraid I don't know how any of the money went in, or when, and Busquet's expression is equanimous at all times. But there was just the whiff of an outdraw about this one. -- HS

12.10pm: One man down
When you return with a relatively short stack, as Maciej Stachniuk did today, and then lose some of it, your open shoving range is pretty wide. Any pair, any ace, and possibly a whole lot more in position. Within the first couple of orbits, Stachniuk found pocket twos and shoved, but when he heard Cesar Garcia Dominguez re-shove from the button, he must have known he was in trouble.

Garcia tabled [10d][10c] and Stachniuk's 2♦2♣ didn't find any help on the Q♣Q♥A♣J♣K♦ board. He is our first player out today. -- HS

12.05pm: Raine brings the pain
We've been reporting that Tom Hall needed to finish 35th or higher to win the UKIPT Season 3 leader board, but whilst Hall has been busy going deep in the main event, Neil Raine has been getting busy in the side events, in which you can also earn points towards the leader board.

A 7th place finish in a £100 turbo event earned him another 22.5 points, meaning that Hall, as it stands, need seventh or better to win the leader board. He can't do that today of course as we play to the final eight.

ukipt_london_day 3_tom_hall.jpg

Hall is 19th of the 49 players remaining

It's Day 3 of UKIPT London and our plans no longer depend on the levels we will play. Today's action will end only when we have reached our final table of eight players, no matter how long that takes.

We return with 49 players, which means 41 need to be eliminated before the day is done. That could take anything between about five and 15 levels. (Smart money is on something like eight.)

Can some of the biggest names of the game -- the likes of Olivier Busquet, Jeff Hakim and Dara O'Kearney -- make it? Or will some of the first timers, like Luke Bird, go all the way?


Olivier Busquet, a huge name still in the mix

What about the UKIPT stalwarts Tom Hall, Jamie Burland, Chris Dowling or Richard Trigg? Or the overnight chip leader, Sergio Aido? Stick with us as we find out.

Play begins at noon. You can find updated chip-counts on the chip-count page, and eliminations as they happen on the payouts page. All the hands fit to print (read: all the hands we manage to observe) will be described in this post.

Reporting team in London: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT