UKIPT Series 1: Day 1B Level 1-6 updates (Blinds 200-400 ante 50)

5.30pm: Half a dozen done and dusted
That's six levels in the book, this half dozen didn't quite see the half dozen levels through though as Richard Evans, Ashioue Miah, Jen Chiang, Dominic Webber, Peter Blow and Manoj Sangany are all out.

You'll find level seven updates in a new post.

5.15pm: Blanco surges
A bit pot just now for EPT regular Cristiano Blanco...

There was an open to 1,000 from Gabriel Tuna, James Rann then three-bet to 2,100 on the button, Blanco smooth called from the small bind only for Tuna to make it 6,200 to go. That got rid of Rann, but Blanco stuck around, but not before getting a count of Tuna's remaining stack (about 20,000 more).

On the 2♣5♥J♥ flop Blanco checked, Tuna bet 8,000 and after some deliberation Blanco moved all-in for around 22,000 total. This sent Tuna into the tank and although he'd put in a lot of his stack, he elected to preserve the rest.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400 ante 50

5pm: Pace picks up
The exits are coming with increased regularity now as the antes and blinds start to bite. Martin Carty, Martin Hellmuth, Alessio Aita, Robert Russell, Rajesh Rughwani, Craig Bennett, George Alexander, Vishal Patel, Massimo Pomponio and Mayo Moss are all out.

The average stack is currently 23,125.

4.50pm: Boeree busts
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is out, having missed a big draw. I didn't see the hand with my own eyes but Rafael Henderson, who won the hand, and a couple of other players at the table filled me in.

Boeree held K♥J♥ and moved all-in on the turn of a [Q][9]4♥8♥ board, Henderson called with A♠9♠ and held up on the river. But it gets a little stranger. "I actually had a dream last night that I knocked Liv out of this tournament, although in the dream it was at the final table. I was willing to take the risk to knock her out because I thought she had a draw and I'd still have 20 big blinds if I lost."

What's even funnier is that Boeree and others at the table knew about Henderson's dream! Boeree took it wel though even tweeting the following afterwards:

ukipt series 1_day 1b_liv_boeree.jpg

Boeree's dream is over, whilst Henderson's came true

4.35pm: Back from the break
Late registration is now over and the final number of players today looks to be 185. Two players who didn't quite make the break were: William Bowley and Joshua Stamp Simon.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300 ante 25

4.15pm: First break
The players are now on a 20 minute break.

4.10pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but: Nicolas Berry, Matthew Palmer, John Marsh, Antonis Poulengeris, Fernando Bento and Robert Simpson are all free to go and try and scalp a ticket to the Millwall verus Wigan F.A Cup semi-final. Or go play cash.

4pm: Only 30 minutes left to register
Late registration closes at the start of level five so if you're reading this and fancy playing you'e got just half and hour to get involved.

A total of 185 players have done just that today, added to the 147 from yesterday that makes 332 players so far. I'll bring you the confirmed total when late-reg closes and also the prize pool when it's confirmed.

3.50pm: Do the math
UKIPT host Nick Wealthall is in the field today and he's sharing a table with UKIPT2 Newcastle runner-up Raj Verma and poker journalist Ducan Wilkie. As Wealthall was telling me about how almost no one goes out in the first four levels (just seven players have), yet only about 25% of the field make Day 2 a pot played out between Verma and Wilkie.

The latter raised pre-flop to 375 (this was at the tail end of level three), Wilkie called and the two of them saw a 5♣T♥7♥ flop, bet of 425 from Verma, call from Wilkie. The J♦ fell on the turn, Verma checked, Wilkie bet 1,250 and Verma smooth called. The 5♠ paired the board of the river and Verma bet 6,025. "That's a big bet, but I don't think he's bluffing," said Wealthall, before adding, "If I had to stake my reputation on it I'd say he had a full house or an overpair."

Luckily for Wealthall's reputation Wilkie folded allowing Verma to win the pot and climb back above starting stack to 21,500 in the process. Wilkie meanwhile slips to 23,000 whilst Wealthall is on 21,300.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100-200 ante 25

3.35pm: Boeree gets a double up
Liv Boeree is up to 36,000 after eliminating an opponent who tried to get a little too frisky on the river.

The board came 6♦8♦3♦5♠3♥ and Boeree, who held Q♦5♦ had bet every street, when she bet the river her opponent moved in for 6,700 more and Boeree called. The other player showed [9][8] off-suit for just top pair and was eliminated.

Lynne Beaumont is another early casualty on Day 1B.

3.20pm: From the EPT to the UKIPT
There's a couple of EPT regulars in the field today, mixing it up with the London locals. Upstairs, just one table along from Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody, sits Christiano Blanco. He's got over $800,000 in lifetime earnings including a runner-up finish to Andreas Hoivold at EPT3 Dortmund.

And another latecomer is Manig Loeser, he's popped up at a couple of UKIPT main events and is now trying his luck in the UKIPT Series, he's got almost $700,000 in lifetime earnings with his best result being a second place finish on the GUKPT right here in London.

3.10pm: Two players down
A couple of players are already out of the tournament, at the moment I can't put names to add to the shame as I've simply got their I.D numbers. The excellent staff are working on a full player list and when I have that I'll put names to the numbers.

ukipt series 1_day 1b_chips.jpg


3pm: Cody climbing
Jake Cody is seated at one of the tables in the upper poker room and he's got off to a good start as he's up to 30,000. He told me: "I three-bet pre-flop to 825 with [A]K♠ and got a call. The flop was [9][8][6] with two spades, I bet 875 and he called. The turn was the A♠ I bet 2,450 and he called. The river was the 4♠ I bet 6,500 and he called."

2.50pm: When is a showdown not a showdown?
I've just seen two chunky pots that have gone to showdown, but not a single card was showndown to win either pot. I'll explain.

In the first both players checked the river, one player simply mucked his cards - there were two missed flush draws come the river - and the other player was not obliged to show his cards, he simply took a pot worth around 9,000 without having to give any information away, much to the chagrin of a third player in the pot who had folded the turn.

In the second it was a similar scenario only this time a player bet 1,900 on the river and when he was called simply mucked his hand as he knew he was beat, again because of this the other player was not obliged to show his hand.


2.30pm: Who's here?
Play is split into two playing areas here at the Hippodrome, there's the theatre area, in which there's about 12 tables in play. There's then a further seven tables (so I'm told) in use in the full-time poker room on the poker deck, some two floors above us. The following players haven't been spotted with my own eyes (as yet) but they're all on the list as being down to play today: two-time UKIPT winner Joeri Zandvliet, UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall, actor Dexter Fletcher star of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Band of Brothers, Hotel Babylon and, for those with hair as greying as mine, Press Gang.

George Clyde-Smith, the UK's highest finisher at this year's PCA is also playing as are Simon Trowse (11th UKIPT3 London) and Seth Webber. In total 170 players are currently registered, that's already 23 more than yesterday and late registration is open until the start of level five.

2.15pm: Cards are in the air
Players are still dribbling in here but cards are in the air and play is underway, a lot of tables are playing six handed or so at the moment.

2.10pm: B is for bigger
Welcome to Day 1B of the first ever UKIPT Series, a quarterly £250 +£25 event that'll be held here at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square. Whilst they'll be plenty of Saturday shoppers outside in the streets looking for some valuable theatre tickets as they go about town, they'll be a couple of hundred poker players in the 'theatre' area of the Hippodrome looking to take an opponent to value town.

Amongst the thronged masses will be two members of Team PokerStars Pro as both Liv Boeree and Jake Cody are slated to play today. Same as yesterday, players will start with 20,000 chips and play the same structure as the UKIPT main event, with the only difference being the levels are 30 minutes in length. Get through 12 of them and you've made Day 2. That was something only 39 of 147 players managed to achieve yesterday, Pat Simcoe was chip leader on 220,500. The Day 1B chip leader usually finishes on more, will that be the case today? Stay right here to find out.

ukipt series 1_day 1b_theatre.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team in London:Nick Wright. Photos by Neil Stoddart.

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