UKIPT Series 2: James Thomson leads sold out UKIPT Series

After Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody won the first ever UKIPT Series event back in April it looked like, as a Series, it might have peaked too soon and the other two planned for 2013 would pale into insignificance.

But the middle child has proved anything but difficult as it's been a hit and is sold out, if your names not on the list you can come in but it's cash games only I'm afraid. One man who is most certainly in is James Thomson, he bagged up 200,800 to lead the 213 players who entered today, approximately one third of those made it through.


Local lad Thomson leads the way

The 31-year-old business owner is a proud Scotsman despite moving down sarf to London aged 11. Twenty years in London might have mellowed his accent, but not his patriotism as he quite vehemently wrote 'Scottish' on his chip bag at the end of play. And he's been on quite the heater this year, this is only his fourth tournament but in the others he's finished 13th in one and second in another. Few would bet against him increasing his in the money percentage to 75% come Sunday.

Whilst Thomson was the only player to break the 200,000 chip mark many others enjoyed a profitable day at the tables. Among those who struggled to fit all their chips in one bag were: William Ullauri (195,400), Anthony Flynn (181,800 and UKIPT3 Bristol runner-up James Greenwood (126,300).


Ullauri sits second

Whilst the Red Spade wasn't represented today UKIPT host Nick Wealthall was in attendance, he ran pocket nines into tens though and didn't make it through the day. Fellow poker commentators Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan are playing tomorrow as is Friend of PokerStars Charlotte Van Brabander.


Wealthall got pipped by a bigger pair

Of the notables in the field today some like Mark McCluskey (52,900) and Tim Slater (34,400) prospered whilst Dom Kay, Des Wilson and WIllie Tann were a talented triumvirate who failed to make it through. Tann's exit in particular was spectacular, holding pocket kings against 8♥6♥ he was a 99% favourite after a J♠2♣2♠ flop only to fall foul of running sixes. He took it better than 99% of players mind. Luck may fluctuate, class is permanent.


Tann - 99% favourite, 100% class

Overnight chip counts can be found here and you can catch up on all today's action here and here. Join me tomorrow for Day 1B and another sold out day on the UKIPT, play starts at 2pm sharp.

All pictures are copyright of Neil Stoddart.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT