UKIPT4 London Day 1A: Richard Trigg, claimeer of the chip lead

There's a consistency about PokerStars events that continues to attract players in their droves. Even when something seemingly major changes, such as a tournament venue, even more stays exactly the same.

Today we visited the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden for this year's UKIPT London stop, the first time poker has ever been played here. Yet there were familiar numbers -- 246 players for a £1,000 event -- and a familiar ten-level bloodbath during which all but about 70 were slain. And there was also something familiar about the make-up of the field.

There were former EPT champions -- Jake Cody, Vicky Coren, Kent Lundmark, Toby Lewis and Tom Middleton -- and the defending champion Sergio Aido also returned. There were Team Pros and leader board winners. Plus a large smattering of qualifiers and the ever dangerous "recreational" player, who can cough up £1,000 for their recreation.

And battling through all that was Richard Trigg, who emerged on top. He knows a thing or two about this game.


Richard Trigg, chip leader

Trigg, who is better known as TheClaimeer online, has more than $3m in online tournament winnings to his name, and could be set for a monster live score here, provided the rest of the week goes as smoothly as today. Trigg won a huge pot late in the day, when he rivered a flush against a flopped straight, and that set him up for a return on day two with the biggest stack of today's survivors.


Kent Lundmark, left, and Sergio Aido

Henrique Pinho, the Portuguese Team PokerStars Pro, is outstripping his better known colleagues and bagged up 134,700 chips, which is in the top five. Cody busted in the last level, Coren is clinging on with 25,000. Mickey Petersen, of Team Online, had long since departed.


Henrique Pinho, a Team Pro masterclass


Jake Cody, will be back for the EPT


Vicky Coren: Clung on until the end

Other selected counts are as follows:

Jack Salter - 181,500
Kenny Hallaert - 150,300
Rumen Nanev - 125,500
Toby Lewis - 70,700
Tom Hall - 82,600
Mat Frankland - 57,500
Kent Lundmark - 54,900
John Eames - 51,700
Barny Boatman - 36,600
Paul Zimbler - 32,700

These players will return at noon on Friday, when they will be joined by the survivors of tomorrow's ten levels. One suspects it will be the same again, including a few folk dashing off early to catch the train:


Players left to catch the train...


...but some remain to bag up tons

The full chip count will be uploaded to the chip-count page as and when it is finalised. Until then, goodnight.

Photos from London are all (c) Rene Velli.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT