UKIPT4 London Day 1B: Level 1-4 updates (100/200 ante 25)

4.15pm: End of the level
That's the end of level four, you'll find level five updates and beyond in a new post. -- NW

4.10pm: Kimber raced out
Jeff Kimber is out in a hand that played itself. After Ori Hasson opened to 500 under the gun, four others called before it came round to Kimber in the small blind. He looked down at 7,475 chips total and A♦K♦ and moved all in. We would all have done the same.

Everyone folded back around to Mario Navarro, who was one of the callers and sitting on the button. Navarro had a big stack and called with 5♥5♠.

The race quickly swung in Navarro's direction when the flop came [10h]5♦3♣ and although the 2♣ gave Kimber outs, the Q♥ river finished it. Kimber departs. -- HS

4pm: Chip counts, so many chip counts
A sweep around the rooms has revealed the following chip counts: Andre Akkari (33,500), Dimitar Danchev (34,000), Jason Tompkins (18,600), Julian Thew (21,000), Liv Boeree (31,000), Marcin Horecki (19,700), Emmett Mullin (18,000), Max Silver (25,000), Nick Wealthall (24,000), Richard Evans (13,300), Richard Toth (27,200), Vladimir Geshkenbein (32,000), Wojtek Barzantny (18,000), Sinem Melin (21,000), Dermot Blain (18,000), Jack Ellwood (37,000), David Vamplew (18,800), Surinder Sunar (23,600), Nicolau Villa-Lobos (22,000)and Fintan Gavin (13,000). -- NW


Boeree has boosted her stack by over 50%

3.40pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but: Stefan Kolossow, Sebastien Boyard, Mark Buckley, Majid Iqbal, Tim Slater, Mario Puccini, Nicolas Irving, Chris Brice, Andre Morath, Jason D'Souza, Joe Grech, Rasmus Agerskov, Franci Foord-Brown, Andreas Constantnou, Tim Chung, Chris Brammer, Javier Zapatero, Joseph Lalor, Liang Xu, Benjamin Freeman, Flavius-Ionel Gherca, Arman Nugmanov, Christopher Howden, Daniel Charlton, Loo Junzhong, Paul Van Oort, Javier Etayo and Nelson Vaz Da Silver are all out. -- NW

3.20pm: Hussain out in front
Mudasser Hussain is gathering chips with consummate ease this afternoon and has more than 70,000 already, which is perhaps more than anybody else. It's not clear if he's just hitting hands or working the table another way, but he certainly had the goods and got paid in a recent altercation.

Iqbal Ahmed got this one started, another player who has the ability to vacuum up other players' stacks without any difficulty. (His dominance of UKIPT Nottingham in season two was a joy to behold.) Ahmed raised to 400 from mid-position and was called in the hijack, by Eduardo Gutierrez, Hussain in the small blind and Andrey Chizhman in the big.

Four of them saw a flop of: 4♥3♥8♥ and it was checked around to Gutierrez, who bet 800. Hussain now fancied it, and raised to 2,375, which shook off both Ahmed and Chizman. But Gutierrez was amenable. He called.

The J♠ turned and Hussain fired 3,050. Gutierrez called that too. The A♣ seemed to be a scare card as both players now checked. Hussain rolled over Q♦Q♥ and Gutierrez rolled his eyes. He mucked and another handful went to Hussain. -- HS

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 100/200, ante 25

3.05pm: C is for come and join us
At the start of the day there were just seven tables in use in Tournament Room C, its a little way from the main tournament room and can be thought of as the overspill area. At least that's what we thought, however there are now 13 tables in use in that room. Scattered amongst them are a number of familiar faces including Team PokerStars Pros Barry Greenstein and Mattias De Meulder. The Belgian has 28,000. Whilst Greenstein is up to 26,500 and is to the direct right of Neil Rawnsley, he qualifies for a bunch of these events. Also at the table is Fraser Macintyre, the runner-up at EPT8 Madrid has 17,500. One of Ireland's most consistent players - Dara O'Kearney - is not fairing too well, he's down to 4,600.

WSOP bracelet winner Craig McCorkell is down to 15,700, Kevin Williams is up to 24,700, Kevin Stani, who took down EPT7 Tallinn has 23,600, Jamie Burland, who won UKIPT Brighton in Season 1 is on 18,000 and Ben Jenkins, who's one of the Full Tilt Poker UKIPT Ambassador's is being spoilt with a chip stack of 33,000. Most of those players are featured on our chip count page, we'll be updating it throughout the day. -- NW

2.50pm: Win one, lose one
Charlotte van Brabander is playing on the same table as Chris Brammer today and the Friend of PokerStars took down the first small pot I saw them contest. Brammer, under the gun, bet 650 on a flop of A♦Q♠[10d], which Van Brabander called. They both checked the 2♦ turn and then Brammer check-folded to Van Brabander's 950 bet on the K♥ river.


Charlotte Van Brabander

On the next hand, Van Brabander opened from mid-position to 325 and picked up only one caller: Kyle Maguire on the button. The flop fell Q♦8♣9♦, which Van Brabander checked, to be faced by a bet of 500 from Maguire. She called. They checked the 9♥ turn and then Van Brabander check-folded after Maguire bet 700 on the 6♦ river.

Anyone else see a pattern? -- HS

2.30pm: Mortensen and Farrell clash
Two dangerous players in the shape of Morten Mortensen (8th EPT Snowfest) and Niall Farrell are sharing a table and seated in seats one and four respectively. They just clashed in a pot and it was the Dane that came out on top.

On the turn of a [10d]6♣A♥8♦ board Farrell bet 1,000, Mortensen raiesd to 2,600 and although he really looked like he wanted to make a move Farrell mucked his cards. -- NW


2pm: Rene Velli is working, even if we aren't
There's some sketchiness about the internet connection at the moment, and it's also fair to say that neither of us reporters has hit full stride quite yet. Thanks, then, for Rene Velli, our photographer, who has been out and about and doing his job properly. They're an industrious bunch, the Estonians.

Here's a selection of Velli's work from the day so far:


Barry Greenstein: The Bear is in town


Charlotte van Brabander: She's PokerStars' friend, but she can be yours too


David Vamplew: He's won an EPT and a UKIPT


Iqbal Ahmed: Destroyer of UKIPT Nottingham a couple of years ago


Javier Etayo: plenty of results across Europe


Jonas Huttel: Danish journalist, not on a reporting mission


Liv Boeree: Wouldn't miss her home EPT


Nick Wealthall and Sinem Melin


Pablo Rojas: second on the Estrellas in June


Portuguese poker special, being filmed on the main tournament stage

1.35pm: Table of death
An early candidate for the table of death must be table four. If its waters weren't already shark infested enough with David Lappin, Dermot Blain and Juan Manuel Pastor, they've just become a veritable bloodbath as fellow Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari has just sat down in seat one, which is to the direct right of Pastor.

Elsewhere in the room, Julian Thew has just arrived. -- NW

1.15pm: Williams wins one
As per usual the Day 1B field is significantly bigger than its Day 1A counterpart. We won't know just how big until late registration closes at the start of Level 9 but what we do know is that Tournament Room C has been pressed into action today. It's a short hop up a few steps and through a bar area to reach it from the main room and there are currently seven tables in use in there with more opening all the time. Players of the ilk of Craig McCorkell and Kevin Stani are in this part of the building.

And sat at the table in the far left top corner is UKIPT regular Kevin Williams and he was involved in a big pot when I arrived. There was a complete board of A♦8♣J♣A♠[10c] on the felt and around 7,700 in the pot. First to act the other active player fired out a chunky bet of 6,600, after starring him down for a bit Williams moved all-in, the red triangle was plonked in front of his stack which totalled some 16,200. His opponent sighed and mucked his hand, Williams is up to 29,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 50/100

12.55pm: Table mates
With such a strong field there was always likely to a few tasty table draws about and a walk around the room has revealed a few. Two men who know what it's like to make a UKIPT final table are seated together, Owen Robinson and David Docherty are separated by a couple of seats with the Scotsman having position.

Elsewhere two-time UKIPT winner Wojtek Barzantny is seated at the same table as Jason Tompkins, those two also shared a table aon Day 1B of UKIPT3 Bristol, Barzantny went on to win that event so perhaps that's an omen. There's no one else I recognise at Jamie Burland's table but his participation in this tournament along with Emmett Mullin's (see 12.45pm) puts the former UKIPT champion count in this tournament at an even 10.

And right in the centre of the main room sat side by side are Nick Wealthall and Full Tilt UKIPT Ambassador Sinem Melin. -- NW

12.45pm: Putting the I in the UKIPT
David Lappin will likely explain this one later, but for the time being I can report the bare fact that he just won a decent pot with 8♥4♥, from two bemused opponents. By the time the board was fully exposed -- 9♣3♣8♠8♦4♠ -- Lappin, chewing on a headphone bud and out of position, checked his boat but couldn't get either of his adversaries to bet.

The pot was at least 15,000 already, though, which is not at all bad for this stage. Lappin seems to be opening pretty much every pot in these early stages and may now consider his advertisement complete having had to show down those rags. Dermot Blain, also on that table, has no doubt seen this before.

Lappin and Blain are among a strong Irish contingent playing today. Dara O'Kearney sits on the other side of the room, Jason Tompkins, Daragh Davey and Nick Newport are also registered. Emmett Mullin, who won UKIPT Galway a couple of years ago, is also on the list. -- HS

12.25pm: My house
In amongst the sprinkling of genuine stardust such as Barry Greenstein and EPT winners like Dimitar Danchev, Liv Boeree and Kevin Stani there are, by my count, seven UKIPT champions in the field each hoping to join the exclusive club of two-time UKIPT winners. Hoping to cosy up to Nick Abou Risk, Joeri Zandvliet and Wojtek Barzantny are Sam Razavi, Richard Evans, Fintan Gavin, Nicolau-Villa Lobos, Max Silver, Alan Gold and David Vamplew - yes he may have won EPT7 London but it was also a UKIPT event so it counts! -- NW

12.10pm: Under way
Play is now under way on Day 1B and the stars have come out to play. Over on our selected chip-count page, you can see just a smattering of the folk on the list to play today, and there are plenty more where that came from.

Yesterday's survivors are all on the End of Day 1A chip count page.

11.40am: Morning everyone
Good morning one and all and welcome back to the Grand Connaught Rooms in London's Covent Garden* for Day 1B of this UKIPT main event. It's a £1,000 buy in affair, and registration is open until the end of level eight, which is close to 9pm. So you can do your day's work, head on down and buy in. All the information you need is here, in a post handily entitled Read this if you're playing UKIPT or EPT London.


Players arriving to the Grand Connaught Rooms

Yesterday there were 246 players, of which only 70 survived. And today we expect significantly more in both columns, although the percentage of fallers will likely be quite similar. They start with 20,000 chips, but they often don't last long.

Richard Trigg was the only player through the 200,000 mark yesterday, and my guess is that he'll be chip leader starting day two whatever happens. I'm betting no one chases him down today. But if you want to disbelieve that and have a crack yourself, then I'm willing to be proven wrong.

Play is due to start at noon, and it will likely be prompt. Stick with us all day for regular updates, chip counts and things like that.

*It's actually closer to Holborn, but it's not quite so glamorous.

Reporting team: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT