UKIPT4 London Day 2: Level 11-14 updates (1,500/3,000 ante 400)

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4.30pm: Four down, four to go
That's the end of the fourth level of Day 2, which means the players are on a 20 minute break. During that break they'll be a colour up and tournament staff will be doing a chip count of the top three stacks at each table. You'll find that information in a new post very shortly. -- NW

4.25pm: Whyman yes I will have a double up
Everyone always says you've got to win the flips to win the tournament, Paul Whyman just needed to win a flip to stay in the tournament. And win it he did...

He moved all-in from under-the-gun for 31,500 with A♠Q♠, it almost got through uncontested but Paul Williams called from the big blind with pocket sixes. The Q♦J♣7♣5♥8♠ board hit Whyman's hand harder and he's now back to 20 big blinds. -- NW

4.10pm: Tompkins departs, Lappin battles
Jason Tompkins shoved his final 13,500 in the middle and it was folded to Georgios Kapalas in the big blind. He double checked the amount and then called, and put Tompkins' tournament on the line.

Kapalas had J♣9♦ to Tompkins' A♣4♥. And although the Irishman was ahead at this stage, the 3♦Q♥6♥9♠5♣ soon changed that, sending him to the rail.

David Lappin, Tompkins' friend, came over to see the damage. Lappin is still alive with about 25 big blinds having cashed in the first UKIPT event of his career. -- HS

4.10pm: Celebrate good times
Poker players love a good brag and Twitter is their medium of choice. Some of those who've made the money here in London were quick to take to Twitter to let their 'fans' know.

3.55pm: Coren clobbered
Vicky Coren, one of two Team PokerStars Pros to make the money, is one of the first fallers in the post-bubble period. She got a little unlucky, running ace-king into Paul Zimbler's king-queen, but then watching helpless as Zimbler hit a queen.


Coren - out but in the money

Henrique Pinho and Barry Greenstein are both still and going strong with around about the average stack, so both witll hope to stick around for a while yet. -- HS


Henrique Pinho, going silently and strongly

3.55pm: Eammon Blake bubbles UKIPT London
There were micro stacks hanging on such as Nick Wealthall but the player who busted UKIPT4 London started the hand with about 160,000.

From under-the-gun Eammon Blake raised to 4,800, Giuliano Bendinelli flat called from the small blind and the big blind did likewise. On the 6♥Q♦[10d] flop Blake c-bet and Bendinelli was the only caller.

On the 7♦ turn Bendinelli led for 22,500, Blake made it 47,500 and Bendinelli made the call. The 8♠ completed the board, Bendinelli checked, Blake moved all-in for 87,000 and Bendinelli called.

Blake: J♥[9h - for the rivered straight
Bendinelli: 5♦4♦ - for the turned flush

Blake said nice hand to Bendinelli and couldn't quite believe that he'd just bubbled the tournament. -- NW

Blinds up: 1,500/3,000, ante 400

3.40pm: Demusca the lightning-heeled destroyer
Adrian Demusca raced to the chip lead today, careering through the 300,000 chip barrier in no time at all. He plays quickly, and the following hand took about two minutes start to finish.

Demusca opened to 5,100 from early position and was called by Daniel Stacey on the button. The flop came 3♠K♠5♥ and Demusca instantly bet 10,600, which Stacey called.


Adrian Demusca, leading the way

The turn was 4♦, which they both checked, and the 7♥ came on the river. Demusca bet 17,100, Stacey called and then Demusca tabled K♥Q♥, which was good. That took our Romanian destroyer up to about 380,000. -- HS

3.30pm: Two down, one clings on
It's a terrible time to be a short stack as the bubble looms into view. "Good luck me," said Nick Wealthall, who lost most of his stack with tens into jacks earlier, and shoved his last 21,600. Everyone folded, so he lived to fight another day.


Nick Wealthall scans the room, wishes ill on everyone

That was more than could be said for Jason Kenna, who got his chips in with A♣J♣ and could not outdraw Giorgios Kapalas's A♠Q♥. Moments later, Thomas Dolezal found K♣J♣ in the small blind and shoved, only to find Jack Salter with K♠K♥ in the big. Bad timing.

The flop brought all kinds of help, though. It came: A♣6♦Q♣ and, as Leon Campbell pointed out, that was a "Sick sweat." But the 4♥ and 7♦ turn and river were not sick enough. Dolezal has been eliminated and we're about four off the money. -- HS

3.25pm: Spared the pain
Very soon someone is going to go through the pain of bubbling this tournament. It won't be any consolation to them at the moment but at least: Kevin Stani, Kent Lundmark, Joe Laming, Kevin Allen and John Eames won't suffer that fate as they're all out. -- NW

3.10pm: Nine lives
There are 120 players left in UKIPT4 London, which means with nine more eliminations the bubble will burst. I happened to catch the exits of the players who finished 121st.

There was a raise to 5,100 from James Rann on the button and Luca Falaschi then jammed from the button for 24,000 total. Back on Rann he thought it over and then made the call.

Rann: A♠4♠
Falaschi: K♠Q♥

The board ran 5♠J♦7♣J♣8♦ and Falaschi wished everyone good luck as he left the table.

A short while later Kevin Parkes three-bet shoved for 20,300 over the top of a 5,000 raise from Jesper Winzerling. There was no snap call from Winzerling, he took his time but then called it off and showed K♦9♥. He was behind to Parkes who had A♥2♦, the 7♠A♠[10s]9♦4♦ kept Parkes alive.

Nick Wealthall is one of those hugging the bubble as he's down to 27,000 after running tens into jacks. -- NW

2.55pm: Double elimination chaos
Jonas Huttel had a micro-stack when they announced last night that they would play only four more hands. He doubled up on the second of those, however, allowing him to bring back 46,300 today.

He said this morning that he was glad he hung in there. Right on. He's now got close to 200,000 after a massive surge during day two.


Jonas Huttel, with a newly-acquired big stack

Huttel was a dispassionate observer, though, as it all kicked off in dramatic fashion on his table. This was one of those hands that results in all manner of scribbles in the notepad but, if I can read my own writing, can be deciphered as follows.

Lucky Nguyen opened to 5,200 from UTG+1 and David Corkett called from a couple of seats to his left. George Phiniotis then moved all in from the small blind, but it was only 6,400, and so Peter Robinson called from the big blind, as did Nguyen and Corkett.

With me? Short version: they were four way to the following flop 9♥8♥7♠. Phiniotis was already all in, so he sat and watched as Robinson checked, Nguyen bet 15,000 and then Corkett moved all in for what was determined to be 50,600.


David Corkett surveys the detritus

It was back on Robinson, who then moved all in too. His total was 61,000. Nguyen seemed to know he was beaten, but called with enormous pot odds and all the cards went on their backs.

Nguyen's K♦K♣ were behind Corkett's A♦A♥. But they were both trailing Robinson's J♣[10c], who had seen the absolute dream flop for that hand, particularly with the very two hands he wanted to crack also involved.

Phiniotis at least had some chop outs with his J♥8♦ but the 4♠ came on the turn and the 8♦ came on the river. Robinson, who had the second-biggest stack after Nguyen, therefore all but tripled up, eliminating both Phiniotis and Corkett.


Peter Robinson: triples up

"Seat open!" yelled the dealer, before correcting herself. "Two seats open!" -- HS

2.40pm: Chip leaders
The tournament staff counted the stacks of the top two players on each table at the break and these are the current top 10:

Adrian Demusca Romania PokerStars Player 340000
Giuliano Bendinelli Italy 310000
Antonin Duda Czech Republic PokerStars Qualifier 290000
Tom Langley United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 265000

Dario Sammartino Italy 260000
Charlie Combes United Kingdom PokerStars Player 257300
Alexander Jobling United Kingdom PokerStars Player 254000

Lasse Frost Denmark 245000
Richard Trigg United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 225000
Jack Salter United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 215000

2.30pm: Exits
The players are back in their seats, however there's more Day 2 carnage to tell you about now as: Timothy Dearing, Thomas Hall, Diogo Borges, Neil Raine, Louise Duffy, Eduardo Guitierrez, Peter Barrable, Julian Thew, Barny Boatman, Neil Rawnsley, Luis Rodriguez, Arkady Kielman, Krzysztof Czerwinski, Christopher Bingham, Allen Richie, Dermot Blain, Enzo Gomez, Stepas Tindziulis, Richard Pullen, Darren Pearce, Mahmood Rasheed, Joseph Fulford, Alexander Moiseev, Emmanouil-Iason Tsourounakis, Metta-Marica Puromaki, Sven Reichardt, Yoni Basin, Stefano Terziani and Charalampos Iappas are all out. - NW

Blinds up: 12000/2,400, ante 300

2pm: Last longer reaches heads-up stage
Full Tilt have been running their usual last longer promotion for their qualifiers in this tournament.

The qualifier that goes the furthest in UKIPT London will win a seat to the next UKIPT, which takes place in the Isle of Man October 31st - November 4th. Four qualifiers made it to Day 2, but now just two remain. It's advantage Daniel Stacey at the moment as he has 138,000 to James Ball's 74,500.

They and the other 140 or so players that remain are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

1.50pm: Chip counts
Overnight chip leader Rich Trigg is still loving life as he's on 257,000 and getting a massage to boot. Elsewhere Barry Greenstein is also going along nicely, the Team PokerStars Pro has 155,000 which is a whole lot more than his counterpart Mattias De Meulder as he's struggling with just 33,000. UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall, who interviews the winner, doesn't look like he'll have to interview himself as he's got 50,000, Kenny Hallaert has 160,000, Jason Tompkins has 49,000, fellow Irishman Dermot Blain is on 82,000, he's to the direct left of Jack Salter who's bossing that table with 198,000.

A couple of tables over Mat Frankland has 80,000, David Lappin is to his left and has 92,000, Vicky Coren as 46,000, Paul Zimbler is on 94,000, Team PokerStars Pro Henrique Pinho has 73,000, Karl Mahrenholz had 45,000 and Kev Allen has 58,000. -- NW

1.45pm: Squeezers and squeezees
For the second time today, at the very least, we've seen players in a squeeze coming out of it with a raise. Juicy Li did it earlier and now Paul Reaney just tried it. Reaney's timing was a little off, however.

Peter Mok opened to 4,100 and Reaney called. Richard Chadwick, in the big blind, made it 14,000, the squeeze play, which managed to get Mok to fold. The Reaney, who was also supposedly in the vice, came out raising back, making it 27,000. Chadwick didn't seem to mind, announcing he was all in and in possession of a stack that covered Reaney. Reaney swiftly folded.

This move, however, is going to need a name. I genuinely don't know what it's called when a player calls then four bets a squeeze. Anyone got any ideas, shoot them to us on Twitter @pokerstarsblog. -- HS

1.40pm: Establishment clubbed
Further to Liv Boeree's tweet a few moments ago, it has been a pretty bad few minutes for the established cream of Britain's poker crop. Julian Thew and Barny Boatman have also now gone broke. -- HS

1.35pm: Boeree busts
You can add Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree to the names of players who've busted out on Day 2.

1.25pm: Exits
You might think that losing 32 players in the first hour is pretty good going, but it's positively pedestrian compared to some UKIPT's that we've covered, as a rate of one a minute isn't unheard of. Still there's no easy way to say this but: John Haigh, James Tomlin. Matthew Davenport, Dariusz Ciemela, Thomas Dunwoodie, Salvatore Bonavena, Khiem Nguyen, Alin Rapoport, Bradley Wolf, Vladislav Varlashin, Marios Spyropoulos, Gary Haggan, Chihao Tsang, Sinem Melin, Joseph Pateman, Daniel Laidlaw, Tor Welo, Paul Mallett, Louis Nyberg, Jiri Bubenicek, Christopher Gordan, Dimitrios Kalaroutis, Mikko Turtiainen, Samir Tageldin, Michael Stephenson, Pratik Ghatge, Daniel Toffel, John Burns, Cristinel Sandu, Toby Lewis and Michael Muldoon are all out. -- NW

1.15pm: Duda staying in the hunt
After Alex Jobling knocked out Toby Lewis, he assumed the tournament chip lead. He has about 260,000 at the moment. But Antonin Duda, who was one of yesterday's fliers, is keeping towards the top of the charts as well. Duda is rarely out of action for long, and when it was folded to him towards the end of the last level, he opened to 3,200 from the button.

Daniel Rudd called from the small blind and they saw a flop of 8♣8♥A♥. Rudd checked, Duda bet 2,800 and Rudd called.

They checked the J♣ turn but Rudd bet 5,200 on the J♠ river. Duda called and was ahead for the first time in the hand with his K♦2♠. Rudd's 5♦5♥ was counterfeited. -- HS

1.05pm: Eames doubles
It's been an up-and-down start for John Eames, but his fortunes have just taken un uptick. He doubled up through Slaven Popov.

Popov opened from under the gun, Eames made it 7,500 from the button and Popov four bet to 16,500. Eames shoved for 36,900 and Popov called.

Eames: A♦Q♥
Popov: 8♠8♦

There was an ace on the flop - the A♠ to be precise - and no miracle eight after that. Eames is back with chips. -- HS

1pm: Juicy squeezing again
Good luck trying to figure out Juicy Li. I've seen walks home from the pub that are more straightforward than her lines. Twice already she has got through massive check-raises on dry boards and she just got Kenny Hallaert to fold to an unusual re-squeeze. Eugenio Verde opened to 3,200 from mid-position, Li called from his left and then Hallaert made it 10,000 from the small blind. Li then made it 26,500 and an anguished Hallaert tank-folded. -- HS

Blinds up: 1,000/2,000, ante 300

12.45pm: Lewis takes his leave
One of the early casualties on Day 2 is EPT7 Vilamoura champion Toby Lewis. I didn't see the exit first hand but Mat Frankland filled me in. "Seat 2 (Alex Jobling) raised and Toby defended from the big blind. The flop was 5-5-3 with two hearts, Toby checked, Alex bet, Toby check-raised, Alex piled and Toby called. Alex had jacks and Toby had tens." -- NW

12.35pm: Getting tricky
This on had all the makings of a massive pot, although Ion Tronaru's strong-arm tactics on the flop stopped it getting too tricky. Dermot Blain opened to 3,200 from under the gun and Tronaru called a few seats around. Leon Campbell called on the button and then, ominously, Jack Salter started looking round the table at stack sizes before making any moves from the big blind.


Jack Salter and Dermot Blain

Eventually Salter, the biggest stack at the table, raised to 13,300, squeezing his three opponents. Blain didn't want to know but Tronaru and Campbell both called.

The flop came 8♦7♣K♥ and after Salter checked, Tronaru shoved for 29,400. Campbell seemed reluctant to fold, but eventually did. Salter scurried hastily away as well. -- HS


Ion Tronaru stacks up his new chips

12.30pm: The rush to the door
It can be kind of difficult to get a reservation in London restaurants on a Friday evening, which can be the only reason why so many players are already dashing to the door.

Michael Stephenson had A♠K♠ and lost to Paul Williams's [10s][10d] in a 50,000-chip pot. And then David Corkett's A♥[10s] couldn't beat Christopher Kyriacou's Q♥Q♠ when they got it in pre-flop too. Corkett bust.

Mohammed Suhail was also seen wheeling away from the table in disgust when his A♣A♦ was cracked by Neil Raine's 7♠7♦, but Suhail had Raine well covered and still returned to a stack of about 75,000, even after doubling Raine's 39,000 stack.

Raine is sitting a couple of seats away from Tom Hall. They are the two players who finished one-two on the UKIPT leader board last time out. -- HS

12.25pm: Table mates
The table draw, as per usual, thrown up a few interesting pairings that we'll be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Sharing a table currently are:

Vicky Coren, John Eames and Paul Zimbler
Dermot Blain and Jack Salter
Toby Lewis, Mat Frankland and Alex Jobling
Rich Trigg and Leon Louis. -- NW

12.10pm: Wright was right!
No sooner is the plan for the day announced than it's changed. As suggested by Nick Wright in the post below, we are actually going to play only eight levels with no dinner break, which should get everyone out of here before 9pm. -- HS

12.05pm: Away we go; Gordon busts
Action is under way in the UKIPT main event and the plan is to play ten one-hour levels with a dinner break after level six. Seasoned UKIPT followers (read: Nick Wright) think that we may end up changing that as the day goes on. Watch this space.

It's all a bit academic for Chris Gordon, who became our first elimination of the day on the first hand he was dealt. He opened from the cut off to 4,1000 and Sven Reichardt three bet to 9,100 from the small blind. Gordon shoved for his 39,700 stack, Reichardt called, and this was jacks (Gordon) against queens (Reichardt). The board was blank and Gordon was gone. --HS

11.20am: Preparing for day two
Day 2 of UKIPT4 London begins at noon in the Grand Connaught Rooms in London's Covent Garden. There are 209 players left and 111 of them will be paid. We should reach the money today. Dario Sammartino bagged up the most of all of them yesterday and is leading the field.


Dario Sammartino's chip-leading bag

The full prize breakdown and the day two seat draw are available for your perusal.

Reporting team: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT