UKIPT4 London Day 3: Level 19-22 updates (10,000/20,000, ante 3,000)

5.05pm: Take a break
The players are now on a 20 minute break, you'll find level 23 updates in a new post. -- NW

4.55pm: Yap back
Wayne Yap is the new contender for 13th place. He came out worse in an all-in hand against Patryk Slusarek, who was all-in with pocket queens against Yap's ace-queen. The queens help to double Slusarek, leaving Yap with around 100,000.

This went into the middle a short while later. Yap shoved with K♥8♥ against Paul Zimbler's A♦T♠. Yap needed help and got it big time on the K♣K♦A♣ flop. The T♣ turn gave Zimbler outs, but the 3♦ on the river was not one of them. - SB

4.40pm: Mahrenholz marches on
With around 500,000 Karl Mahrenholz was one of the shorter stacks left in, I say was because he's just doubled up and subsequently taken a couple more pots to get back towards the average stack.

He raised to 42,000 from under-the-gun+1 and picked up a call from Wayne Yap who was on the button. The flop fell A♣6♥4♥, Mahrenholz c-bet 50,000 and Yap smooth called. The J♥ fell on the turn, Mahrenholz checked, Yap bet 110,000 and after thinking over his options for a couple of minutes Mahrenholz moved all-in for 446,000 and was snap called by Yap.

Yap: A♠J♣
Mahrenholz: [10h]8♥

Yap had a re-draw to a full house but missed it on the 5♣ river. With that win and a couple of small pots afterwards Mahrenholz is now up to around 1,200,000. -- NW

4.30pm: Bull takes on Frost
Robert Bull was involved in another big pot, this time against Lasse Frost from Denmark.

With 300,000 in the middle on a flop of J♠3♥A♣ Bull made it 112,000 to play from the small blind. Frost raised from middle position, making it 258,000 which Bull called for a turn card 2♣.

Bull checked to Frost who slowly pushed forward towards of chips amounting to 315,000. Bull tanked for a bit before calling. He then checked the 9♥ on the river. Frost pushed all-in. Bull called. Both showed ace-jack to split the pot. - SB

4.20pm: Simpson down but not out
Ian Simpson may have thought he was done for when he lost a big hand against Patryk Slusarek, but he was not done yet.

Ian Simpson

Slusarek and Simpson got their chips into the middle, Slusarek's tens undoing Simpson's nines. Simpson initially thought he was covered, but not quite. He still had chips, albeit fewer than ten big blinds.

With his options limited somewhat, he shoved soon after, with pocket tens against Paul Zimbler's pocket sevens. All good for Simpson, who grinned, looking a little like actor Matthew Lillard, and sat back down again to do it all again minutes later.

This time he found aces which breezed past Zimbler's ace-queen. Simpson is back up to 600,000. - SB

Blinds up: 10,000/20, 000, ante 3,000

4pm: Giuliano Bendinelli eliminated in 14th place (£6,810)
No sooner had Eugenio Verde been eliminted from the outer table then we lost another Italian player, this time from the feature table.

Giuliano Bendinelli was that player, he opened to 32,000 from the cut-off, Wayne Yap three-bet to 78,000 from the small blind, Bendinelli moved all-in for 549,000 and after getting a count and tanking for a bit Yap called to put Bendinelli - who regular readers will remember burst the bubble yesterday - at risk.

Bendinelli: A♥[10h]
Yap: A♦Q♠

The Italian was a bit surprised when he saw Yap's hand and felt that he'd been slowrolled a touch, the 7♥6♠J♥9♦6♣ board meant Yap's kicker played and that we're down to just 13 players. -- NW

3.55pm: Eugenio Verde eliminated in 15th place (£6,810)
In comparison to the hand between Robbie Bull and Dario Sammartino (see 3,40pm) this pot was over in nanoseconds.

The action was started by Jesse McKenzie, the Australian opened to 32,000 from a stack of around 650,000, from the small blind Eugenio Verde three-bet to 75,000, Mckenzie moved all-in and Verde called all-in for around 520,000.

Verde: A♣K♦
McKenzie: 9♣9♥

The pair prevailed on a 2♣[10d]8♠6♥6♠ board, McKenzie is up to 1,300,000. -- NW

3.50pm: Chattha and Zimbler clash
Two UK poker veterans just clashed in a pot but which one came out on top? The pot was opened to 35,000 Patryk Slusarek, there was a flat call from Paul Zimbler and Sunny Chattha then moved all-in for around 400,000, Slusarek folded but Zimbler made the call,

The card were exposed, pocket fives for Chattha, pocket sixes for Zimbler, so Chattha was in danger of going out, but a five on the flop gave him the pot and doubled him to 800,000, whilst Zimbler is down to 1,200,000. "I'd feel a lot more comfortable with two million chips," he told me. -- NW

3.40pm: Down to 15 as Bull and Sammartino clash
As Jamil Ogunmakinwa departs from the feature table in 16th place, a big hand brew on the outer table between Dario Sammartino and chip leader Robert Bull.
Sammartino opened for 34,000 in early position before Bull raised to 95,000. Sammartino called for a flop of 8♣4♠J♦ as Bull peeked at his cards again.

The Italian began a series of checks. Bull bet 81,000 which Sammartino called for a turn card 5♠. Again he checked leaving it to Bull to bet 181,000. Sammartino paused, then called as before for a 8♦ on the river.

Sammartino, eyes raised high on his forehead, checked one last time to the Englishman who bet 375,000. Sammartino, whose chips are stacked immaculately in tall towers, announced he was all-in, sending Bull into a period of almost traumatic reflection, shaking his head, closing his eyes and chewing his gum with even greater vigour.

Bull asked for a count. It was a shade over a million chips to call. He had two million behind, more than enough, but as he rubbed his eyes it was clear Sammartino had the advantage emotionally, sat as he was, the picture of calm.

Bull grinned, then shuffled in his seat, tossing aside his iPhone and headphones which landed on the floor with a thud.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

"I don't speak English very well, sorry," replied Sammartino, who you suspect speaks better English than we do but who doubts himself owing to a failure to grasp the past perfect continuous tense.

Bull apologized to the table for the delay, but nobody seemed to mind, perhaps more eager to see the cards at the end of all of this. They would too. Bull folded pocket aces face up. Sammartino turned over J♥9♥.

"Nice hand," said Bull. Sammartino up to 2,150,000. - SB

3.20pm: Two table re-draw
At 16 there was a complete re-draw of the final two tables which are as below. Table 1 is the feature table which you might be able to watch here.

Table 1:
Wayne Yap Singapore PokerStars Qualifier 745000
Ian Simpson United Kingdom 1320000
Patryk Slusarek United Kingdom 800000
Paul Zimbler United Kingdom 1264000
Jamil Ogunmakinwa United Kingdom 190000
Karl Mahrenholz United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 492000
Giuliano Bendinelli Italy 595000
Sunny Chattha United Kingdom PokerStars Player 429000


Ian Simpson

Table 2:
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom Full Tilt Poker Qualifier 1700000
Lasse Frost Denmark 736000
Piers Whyman United Kingdom 294000
Jack Salter United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 490000
Jesse Mckenzie Australia PokerStars Player 666000
Robert Bull United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 2224000
Eugenio Verde Italy 525000
Dario Sammartino Italy 1346000

Robbie Bull

3.10pm: Day 3 exits
Below are the players who've exited so far on Day 3, you can see everyone who's finished in the money by clicking here.

17th. Rumen Nanev Bulgaria PokerStars Player, £6,085

18th. Charlie Coombs, United Kingdom, £5,360
19th. Adrian Demusca, Romania, PokerStars Player, £5,360
20th. James Thomson, United Kingdom, £5,360
21st. Mark Spelman, Ireland, £5,360
22nd. Vytautas Spakauskas, Lithuania, PokerStars Player, £5,360
23rd. Karol Rostkowsk, Poland, PokerStars Player, £5,360

24th, Jesper Winzerling, Sweden, PokerStars Qualifier, £3,915
25th. Niccolò Caramatti, Italy, £3,915
26th. Georgios Kapalas, Greece, PokerStars Player, £3,915
27th. Andrew Seabright, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £3,915

28th. Kirit Patel, United Kingdom £3,370
29th. Nicolau Villa-Lobos, Brazil, £3,370
30th.Filip Szpak, Poland, £3,370
31st. Vladimir Geshkenbein, Russian Federation, £3,370

32nd. Ka Kwan Lau, Spain, £2,970
33rd. Luke Tatum, United Kingdom, £2,970
34th. David Lappin, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,970
35th. Mohammed Suhail, United Kingdom, £2,970

3pm: Down to two tables
Into the new level and there's another short break as players re-draw for seats with 16 players left. It all took place while eyes were turned, but British player Charlie Combes fell in 18th place while Rumen Nanev from Bulgaria exited in 17th. - SB

2.56pm: Bull taking the tournament by the horns, biggest stack in the field
During the break the wonderful tournament staff did a comprehensive chip count of all the remaining players, we've flowed that into the chip count page, which we'll continue to update throughout the day. You can look at the counts, as they stand below.

Robert Bull United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 2224000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom Full Tilt Poker Qualifier 1700000
Dario Sammartino Italy 1346000
Ian Simpson United Kingdom 1320000
Paul Zimbler United Kingdom 1264000
Patryk Slusarek United Kingdom 800000
Wayne Yap Singapore PokerStars Qualifier 745000
Lasse Frost Denmark 736000
Jesse Mckenzie Australia PokerStars Player 666000
Giuliano Bendinelli Italy 595000
Eugenio Verde Italy 525000
Karl Mahrenholz United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 492000
Jack Salter United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 490000
Sunny Chattha United Kingdom PokerStars Player 429000
Piers Whyman United Kingdom 294000
Rumen Nanev Bulgaria PokerStars Player 260000
Jamil Ogunmakinwa United Kingdom 190000


Sunny Chattha

Blinds up: 8,000/16,000, ante 2,000

2.41pm: Break time
The 18 remaining players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

2.40pm: Robbie Bull wins 2.3m pot
Wow! Robbie Bull has just won a huge pot, I mean a gargantuan pot. Massive. Yep that's the only word for it, massive.

From under-the-gun Adrian Demusca opened to 30,000 with A♠K♠ and Bull called from the big blind with 3♥3♣. So the 3♠K♦Q♦ board hit them both, Bull checked, Demusca bet 52,000, Bull check-raised to 130,000 and Demusca snap called. The 8♠ fell on the turn, Bull led for 205,000, Demusca instanly moved in for around 1,000,000 and Bull, who just covered Demusca, took about five seconds to make the call. The Q♣ river was a blank and Bull held. He now has around 15% of the chips in play and more than the average stack for when there are seven players left,

Bull took to twitter just after he won that pot to say. "Just won a 200bb pot with 33 on 3AK8ss* versus AK of spades. I ch/raise flop and barrel turn and he snap shoves. We hold"

*we're 99% sure that the flop had the Q♦ on it not an ace. -- NW

2.30pm: Thomson sent tumbling by Slusarek
I think this one might haunt James Thomson for a while...

Patryk Slusarek opened to 25,000, Thomson three-bet to 68,000 with pocket kings, Slusarek set Thomson all-in for 480,000 and Thomson called. He was well ahead of Slusarek's A-5, that is until and ace came on the river. Thomson exits in 20th winning £5,360. -- NW

2.20pm: Spelman out
The TV feature table is the fun table right now, full of laughter, mirth and a few moments ago another elimination. This time it's Mark Spelman from Ireland heading out in 21st place. Details were unclear but it was chip leader Paul Zimbler that ended his day. - SB

2.13pm: Rostkowski out, so too Spakauskas
Karol Rostkowski, who blazed his way through the first level of the day, eliminating at least two players, has himself been eliminated. Details are unclear but he is our 23rd place finisher.

Elsewhere Vytautas Spakauskas of Lithuania has followed him in 22nd place. He shoved with K♥Q♥ only to run into the pocket aces of Dario Sammartino. The board was of the non-dramatic kind, coming as it did 4♥7♠2♠ 8♦2♣. - SB

2.11pm: Simpson slays Karol Rostkowski
As alluded to earlier Karol Rostkowski is out and he got unlucky to bust. After Robbie Bull raised to 25,000, Ian Simpson three-bet to 55,000 from the button only for Rostkowski to jam for 202,000 total from the small blind. After a swift fold from Bull it was back on Simpson and he duly made the call.

Simpson: A♥6♣
Rostkowski: A♦Q♣

The 5♥J♠6♠2♦2♣ board hit Simpson but not Rostkowski and the Pole was knocked out in 23rd. -- NW

2.10pm: Dario Sammartino doubles through Vytautas Spakauskas
Put your coat on it's about to get chilly. Dario Sammartino just coolered Vytautas Spakauskas in a huge 1,150,000 chip pot.

Dario Sammartino

I joined the action with a 7♦Q♥2♦4♦ board on the felt and there was already around 350,000 in the pot. Sammartino led for 120,000, Spakauskas set him all-in and Sammartino called all-in for 398,000 total.

Sammartino: Q♦J♦ - for the turned flush
Spakauskas: Q♣Q♠ - for top set

The Lithuanian had a re-draw but it missed on the A♥ river, he's down to just 140,000. - NW

2pm: Zimbler takes the chip lead
Paul Zimbler is up to 1,200,000 and that makes him the chip leader as Daniel Stacey has dropped to 1,120,000.

Paul Zimbler

Zimbler was kind enough to tell me about how he doubled up to take the chip lead. "Dario Sammartino limped from the small blind, I was the big blind and made it 24,000 more with pocket sevens and he called. The flop was 7-4-3 with two diamonds, I bet 28,000, he called. The turn was the 9♦ we both checked and the river was the [10c], he checked, I bet 85,000 and he check-raised me all-in. I had about 435,000 back and took my time, got the information I needed and called. He had A♣8♣.

Jack Salter is probably third in chips as he has 915,000 and is sat to the direct right of Stacey. -- NW

1.55pm: Winzerling is the next to fall
Jesper Winzerling departs in 24th place wishing everyone good luck. He shoved with K♠Q♥ and waited while Charlie Combes thought, then moved all-in himself. When the others folded he showed A♠K♣ and watched the board come 3♠9♠7♠8♥Q♠. The queen on the end made Winzerling a pair, but crucially Combes a flush. -- SB

1.35pm: Down to 24
There are just 24 players left now so there's a short ten minute break whilst they re-draw to the final three table. Those to fall in 27th to 25th place were Andrew Seabright, Georgios Kapalas and Niccolò Caramatti
-- NW

Blinds up: 6,000/12,000, ante 2,000

1.25pm: Patel flipped out in 28th
After an open to 20,000 from Giuliano Bendinelli from the button Kirit Patel moved all-in for 178,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded and Bendinelli tanked before calling the all-in:

Bendinelli: K♣Q♣
Patel: 7♠7♣

The K♦6♠A♦9♠3♠ flop saw the high cards pair up to win the pot and send Patel out of the tournament. He complimented Bendinelli on the hand and wished the table good luck before leaving. -- NW

1.15pm: All change for Lau as Kapalas exits
Ka Kwan Lau's drinks have arrived, as has his change. Sadly Lau was eliminated ten minutes ago.

The Main Event loses another with the departure of Greek player Georgios Kapalas. He moved all-in with pocket jacks which Robert Bull called with pocket queens. The board came K♠A♥6♥6♦7♠, which didn't save Kapalas who wished everyone good luck. His loss was Bull's gain, who stacked up 1.25 million. - SB

1.05pm: No double winner in London
The last remaining UKIPT champion has just been knocked out of this tournament and it was a cooler that did for Nicolau Villa-Lobos.

Rumen Nanev opened from the cut-off, Lasse Frost three-bet from the button, Villa-Lobos four-bet shoved from the small blind and Frost called the all-in.

The reason for all the action soon became clear as Frost showed pocket kings and Villa-Lobos pocket queens. The flop was king high, Villa-Lobos turned a gutshot but didn't get there on the river and was out in 29th. After that hand Frost is up to 575,000. -- NW

12.55pm: Geshkenbein among latest fallers
Nicolau Villa-Lobos was wishing Ka Kwan Lau "good luck man" as he'd turned over his A♦Q♥. Lau had shoved with 7♣5♣ and would need it. The flop, T♦Q♠T♣ brought one club, the turn, A♣ brought a second, but the K♥ didn't help on the river, sending him to the rail.

Vladimir Geshkenbein

A few feet away on the feature table, which you can watch live on, Vladimir Geshkenbein was joining him.

After his earlier run in with Karol Rostkowski, he shoved for "14 bigs," with 7♥6♥ which Ian Simpson called with A♠Q♦. There followed a six on the flop, but an ace on the river. Simpson now sits behind a stack of around 500,000.

The eliminations didn't stop there. Filip Szpak of Poland followed when he had the misfortune of finding kings at the same moment Jesse Mckenzie found aces. The result was inevitable, with Szpak departing. - SB

12.50pm: Hey it's you off the telly
I mentioned earlier that one of the UKIPT main event tables is being filmed, currently the table containing Vladimir Geshkenbein and Karl Mahrenholz is under the spotlight. You can catch the action for yourself at You won't be able to catch every minute as the webcast is, understandably, focusing on the £50,000 Super High Roller event but I'm told they will dip in and out of our lowly £1,000 event from time to time. -- NW

12.45pm: Patel gets a double
Kirit Patel was the owner of the third shortest stack when play began, he's just doubled up through Jack Salter to turn his micro stack into one that, whilst still below average, is now around 20 big blinds.

Salter min raised on the button with A♣5♠, Patel moved in from the big blind for exactly 87,000 with pocket kings and Salter called off the extra. The K♥[10d]3♥A♠T♦ board gave Patel a double up and he let out a cry of 'yes'. After composing himself he apologised to Salter for celebrating, "It's ok," replied Salter, "I'd be celebrating too in your shoes, but if I were the short stack and you were the big stack I might have been annoyed."

Salter still has a very healthy 730,000. -- NW

12.30pm: Geshkenbein takes a hit while Mahrenholz doubles
Vladimir Geshkenbein was last to arrive this morning. He may now be among the earliest to leave after a pot against Karol Rostkowski, whose morning has gone in the opposite direction. The details are unclear, but whilst Rostkowski sits with more than 550,000, Geshkenbein has just 75,000, which coincided with the waiter arriving with his sandwich.

On the next hand British pro Karl Mahrenholz shoved with J♥T♥. Rostkowski was calling again with pocket queens. But while he flopped a set the board read Q♥7♥9♠, giving Mahrenholz outs. The turn card T♠ didn't quite work, but the K♠ on the river did, doubling him up to around 370,000. - SB

12.20pm: Tatum out in 33rd; down to four tables
Another early exit to tell you about now as Luke Tatum is out in 33rd place winning £2,970. He opened to 22,000 with A-K, Wayne Yap three-bet to 45,000 with pocket nines, Tatum moved in for 220,000 total and Yap called. Neither player connected with the board and the pair held up to send Tatum to the rail.

There was then a short delay whilst play was condensed to four tables, there will be a complete redraw at 24 players and again at 16.

Table four is currently being filmed, although it's not live as such so we've got limited access to that table. -- NW

12.10pm: Suhail and Lappin are the early fallers
Most players had taken their seats as the minutes ticked down to the start of Day 3 of the Main Event. Chip leader Daniel Stacey was among the last to arrive, having had to navigate the corridors of the Grand Connaught Rooms to find tournament room "D" which will host play from 35 players down to a final 8 today.

The first few minutes were busy. Mohammed Suhail on table one lumped in first with his remaining 153,000. He turned over queen-ten, which was pipped by Karol Rostkowski's king-queen. Nothing appeared on the board to change any of that, and Suhail was out in 35th place.

Meanwhile on the feature table David Lappin was standing up. He'd shoved with pocket jacks but run into Eugenio Verde of Italy, who called with pocket queens. Lappin got no help. Verde extended his arm to shake hands but Lappin was already gone in 34th place.

There was more action to come on table one. Andrew Seabright shoved with ace-nine which Rostkowski called with ace-eight. The nine played to double up Seabright, but his stack of around 90,000 is still short. - SB

12pm: To the final we must go
Today is Day 3 of the UKIPT4 London main event, 712 players have fallen by the wayside and just 35 remain.

Today we play to the official final table of eight which will probably take seven to eight levels of play. Leading the way with a massive stack of 1,400,000 is Daniel Stacey to put his lead of 498,000 over second placed Adrian Demusca (902,000) into context Stacey could afford to lose the average stack of 427,000 and he'd still be in the lead.

There's a plethora of UK poker legends still in the field and Sunny Chattha (575,000), Paul Zimbler (562,000) and Karl Mahrenholz (253,000) will all be hoping to make tomorrow's final table. Irish hopes rest with David Lappin (242,000) and Mark Spelman (350,000).

You can check out the Day 3 seat draw here, the players are today playing in their third different room as they've been moved to Tournament Room D to accommodate The London Cup and the UKIPT High Roller. Action is about to start, stick with us as we play down to the final table.


Stacey - has a commanding chip lead

All photos are copyright of Rene Velli.

Nick Wright
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