UKIPT4 Nottingham 6-max: Day 3 level 21-24 updates (15,000/30,000, 4,000 ante)

8.50pm: Here's how they'll line up for the final

1. Tim Hong Wong - 447,000
2. Sergio Aido Espina - 1,342,000
3. Ben Vinson - 1,648,000
4. David Clifton-Burraway - 2,200,000
5. Tony Salmon -- 1,996,000
6. Ben Mayhew - 1,451,000

8.30pm: Richard Lawlor out in seventh place -- final table in place
The Main Event is down to a final table of six with the elimination of Richard Lawlor. After Ben Vinson opened in early position for 65,000 Lawlor shoved for around 600,000 in the small blind. Vinson called with A♣Q♠ against Lawlor's 8♣8♦.

Lawlor dodged anything nasty on the 3♥4♦6♠ flop but the Q♦ on the turn sealed his fate, the 5♥ river card providing no help.

A full wrap up of the day's action as well as final table details will be posted shortly. - SB

8.25pm: Mayhew bags another double
After David Clifton-Burraway opened for 50,000 from the button, Ben Mayhew moved all-in for 654,000. With his phone ringing again Clifton-Burraway made the call with A♣5♠ against Mayhew's pocket fours. The board ran 6♦7♣T♣J♣2♠ to keep Mayhew alive yet again and move him up to 1.3 million. - SB

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000

8.20pm: A summary of the last 20 minutes
Not too much to report I'm afraid. We've had a couple of all-in, but no calls and just the one showdown. Here are the headlines.

- Ben Mayhew opened to 48,000 from a stack of roughly 600,000 but folded when Richie Lawlor moved all-in for roughly 530,000. Mayhew claimed he folded ace-ten.

- Mayhew himself then moved all-in, shoving from the button. It was on Tim Wong's big blind and he decided to squeeze a card at a time. The first was the K♠ but the second obviously wasn't good enough as he mucked his hand.

- Tony Salmon took a pot from Sergio Aido which went to showdown. The Spaniard opened to 50,000 from the cut-off and Salmon called from the big blind. On the 2♠7♣Q♠ flop Aido c-bet 70,000 and Salmon called. On the 5♣ turn Salmon led for 160,000 and Aido flat called. The 6♠ completed the board, Salmon checked as did Aido. "Flush," said Salmon, showing K♠9♠, Aido showed just the Q♦ before he pitched his hand into the muck. -- NW

8pm: Spaniard soaring skywards
The biggest beneficiary since seven handed play began has been Sergio Aido. He's increased his stack to around 1,500,000.

His biggest net gain came when he raised pre-flop, bet the flop, checked the turn and then bet 300,000 on the river of a 4♠J♥Q♣8♠2♣ board, his opponent in the hand was David Clifton-Burraway, the chip leader called the river bet but mucked when Aido showed A♥Q♦.

He's clearly not phased by the prospect of bubbling either as after he'd opened to 50,000 and Tony Salmon three-bet to 175,000 he simply moved all-in for around 1,300,000. That was too rich for Salmon and he folded. -- NW

7.40pm: Final table seat draw
Here's how the final seven line-up.

1. Richard Lawlor 627,000
2. Tim Hong Wong 724,000
3. Sergio Aido Espina 995,000
4. Ben Vinson 927,000
5. David Clifton-Burraway 3,300,000
6. Tony Salmon 1,807,000
7. Ben Mayhew 605,000

7.30pm: Chris Brammer eliminated in eighth place (£10,700)
We're down to seven and it's start of day chip leader Chris Brammer who's been eliminated.

After an open to 50,000 from Tony Salmon, Brammer moved all-in for 337,000. Action passed to David Clifton-Burraway in the big blind. Thinking that he'd folded Salmon went to fold, only for the dealer to stop him.

After a couple of minutes Clifton-Burraway pushed out enough chips to signify a re-raise and Salmon could now safely fold in turn.

Clifton-Burraway: 5♥5♠
Brammer: [10d]9♦

The 5♣8♥Q♣8♣A♥ board gave Clifton-Burraway even more chips and he's now a massive chip leader. They'll be a quick break before they combine at one table of seven. Then with one more elimination the final table will be set. -- NW

7.15pm: A new level and two eliminations
David Price returned from the break to play one hand. Sergio Aido shoved from the small blind with queen-jack and Price called from the big with A♦8♦. Aido hit his jack on the turn to send Price to the rail in tenth place.

On the other table there was a similar fate for Ganesh Jayaraman. Playing the short stack for some time, he opened for 60,000 in early position before Tony Salmon re-raised to 130,000. Jayaraman announced he was all in for around 330,000 total and Salmon called, turning over Q♥Q♠ to Jayaraman's A♥K♠.

It was a classic race situation, but one which Salmon would win, the board running 8♦5♣2♦9♠T♦ to send Jayaraman out in ninth. Salmon meanwhile has 1.7 million. - SB

7pm: Chip counts
David Clifton-Burraway has almost a third of the chips in play and is the clear leader. David Price is the short stack with under 13 big blinds

11 , 1 , Ganesh Jayaraman 325,000
11 , 2 , David Clifton-Burraway 2,985,000
11 , 4 , Tony Salmon 1,497,000
11 , 5 , Christopher Brammer 393,000
11 , 6 , Richard Lawlor 627,000


David Clifton-Burraway has a big chip lead

13 , 1 , David Price 306,000
13 , 2 , Ben Vinson 927,000
13 , 4 , Ben Mayhew 605,000
13 , 5 , Tim Hong Wong 724,000
13 , 6 , Sergio Aido Espina 695,000


Vinson leads table 13

Blinds up: 12,000/24,000, ante 3,000

7pm: All change for Brammer against Clifton-Burraway in big hand
There were three players to a flop of K♦J♥7♥ and they were the three big stacks at the table. Tony Salmon checked the small blind, Chris Brammer checked the big blind while David Clifton-Burraway bet 80,000 from the button. Salmon called, then Brammer did also, for a turn card 8♠. Again Salmon checked before Brammer bet 150,000. Clifton-Burraway called as did Salmon once more.

The river card was a 7♦. Salmon checked again, as did Brammer. With the action on Clifton-Burraway he paused for a moment before pushing forward a tower of aqua coloured chips, worth 500,000. Salmon had had enough but Brammer entered a period of refelction that would last more than seven minutes.

He stroked his chin and looked again at his cards as the clock ticked down and players entered their end of level break. It was at this point that Clifton-Burraway's phone began to ring, a double bleep that had everyone nearby checking their phone.

Brammer continued to think, finally grabbing his own tower of 500,000 aqua chips, oblivious to the ringing of Clifton-Burraway's phone, as was Clifton-Burraway. Four minutes into the break Brammer called. Almost instantly Clifton-Burraway flipped up K♠7♣. Brammer winced very slightly, then nodded. Other than that nothing.

Most other players had gone but for this pair. Clifton-Burraway stacked up his stack of 2,900,000 and then left to enjoy the rest of his break. Brammer though took time to restack his chips, now horribly diminished. For a minute he sat alone at the table. Then he got his bag and left. - SB

6.45pm: Vamos Vinson
Ben Vinson won the last two hands before the break at his table, both times putting his tournament life at risk.

In the first he shoved for 409,000 from the button and Tim Wong tanked for an age in the big blind, at one point it looked like he was going to take out a coin and flip it to decide if he would call or fold. It was at least 75% of Wong's stack to call and he eventually elected to fold what he said was pocket fives. Vinson told Wong that he had a pair too and it was higher than fives.

Then on the final hand before the break Vinson opened to 40,000 and Sergio Aido called from the big blind. On the 8♥K♣6♦ flop Vinson c-bet 43,000 and Aido check-called. The 5♦ hit the turn, Aido again checked, Vinson bet 106,000, Aido check-shoved and Vinson called all-in for 364,000.

Vinson: A♣K♥
Aido: J♦9♦

The Spaniard had a lot of outs but the river was not one of them coming as it did the 8♠. We'll get accurate chip counts on the break but Vinson now up to around 875,000. -- NW

6.35pm: Chip counts
Here are eyes on chip counts of the remaining players, we'll be getting full counts at the next break.

11 , 1 , Ganesh Jayaraman 430,000
11 , 2 , David Clifton-burraway 1,900,000
11 , 4 , Tony Salmon 1,750,000
11 , 5 , Christopher Brammer 1,300,000
11 , 6 , Richard Lawlor 450,000

13 , 1 , David Price 430,000
13 , 2 , Ben Vinson 480,000
13 , 4 , Ben Mayhew 470,000
13 , 5 , Tim Hong Wong 850,000
13 , 6 , Sergio Aido Espina 985,000

6.25pm: Salmon gets some juice
A big pot has just gone the way of Tony Salmon and he's second in chips as a result.

Salmon opened to 50,000 from under-the-gun, Richie Lawlor three-bet to 128,000 on the button and when it got back to Salmon he smooth called. The flop fell K♥[10d]7♠, Salmon checked, Lawlor bet 128,000 and Salmon flat called. On the 9♥ turn Salmon led for 150,000 and Lawlor tank-called.

The 6♦ completed the board, Salmon led for 200,000 and Lawlor went deep into the tank, so deep in fact that Salmon called the clock. He was given a countdown and his hand was ruled dead when it expired. As he took the pot Salmon showed A♦Q♣ as he took the pot. He's up to 1,750,000. -- NW


Lawlor thinks it over

6.15pm: Lawlor moves
Richard Lawlor is the player moved from table 11 to table 13. He sits to the immediate left of Chris Brammer.

6.10pm: James Sykes out in 11th place
After what felt like a long stretch another player has been sent to the rail. In a pot opened by Chris Brammer, James Sykes three-bet, Tony Salmon four-bet, and Brammer folded. Sykes then five-bet shoved which was called by Salmon who showed A♣Q♣ to Sykes's pocket jacks.

The board ran 7♣Q♥4♥4♦Q♦. Sykes was out in 11th place while Salmon moves up to 1.6 million. - SB

6.05pm: Starting stack
The big blind is now the same as the stack everyone started with on Day 1. -- NW

Blinds up: 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000

6pm: Sykes calls the clock on himself
Jamie Sykes was taking so long over his river decision that he called the clock on himself!

The pot started innocently enough with David Clifton-Burraway raising to 32,000 and Sykes calling from the big blind. The board came 2♣5♥9♦2♦6♥, Sykes check-called bets of 35,000 and 85,000 on the flop and turn and was then faced with a bet of 185,000 on the river.

"I don't think I've ever seen you bluff," said Sykes to Clifton-Burraway and he then asked the dealer to spread the pot. "Are you bluffing because I want me to think that you're bluffing or are you actually bluffing?" said Sykes out loud, before continuing to riffle the calling chips between his fingers.

He then apologised to the table and as the final seconds of the level ticked by he called the clock on himself. About 20 seconds later he folded his hand, but he didn't look happy about it. -- NW


Sykes - had to call the clock on himself

5.50pm: Salmon leaps to a million
Ganesh Jayaraman opened for 41,000 which Tony Salmon called from the big blind. That brought them to a turn card on a board of J♣4♣T♦6♥. Salmon bet 51,000 which Jayaraman called for a Q♣ river. Again Salmon bet, 55,000 this time. Jayaraman called but was helpless against the K♦9♥ of Salmon, the straight moving him up to around 1 million chips to Jayaraman's 520,000. - SB

5.45pm: Aido Vamosses his way back
Richard Lawlor opened for 32,000 and Tim Wong called from the small blind. Sergio Aido was in the big blind and shoved all-in for 295,000. Lawlor passed but Wong, after a series of elaborate hand gestures, called, showing 8♠8♦. Aido had over cards with K♠T♠. Aido got relief on the flop, as the board ran 6♣T♦5♦A♦A♣. Aido managed a "Vamos!" - SB

5.35pm: Stalemate
Not much to report in the last few minutes. Chris Brammer forced a fold from Ganesh Jayaraman by betting on the king-high flop. Then in a hand between Jamie Sykes and David Clifton-Burraway, a bet of 100,000 from Clifton-Burraway forced Skyes to fold on a board of K♥8♥A♦A♠J♦. - SB

5.20pm: Salmon getting fried
It's fair to say Tony Salmon has not had a good time of it since we combined to the final two tables. He started this period of play with around 1,500,000 and was the chip leader.

He's now down to around 630,000, in part due to doubling up Chris Brammer (see 4.15pm post) but having Brammer and Jamie Sykes to his immediate left has not proved fruitful.

In the latest example of this he opened to 30,000 from the hi-jack, Sykes three-bet to 80,000 from the button, Salmon four-bet to 130,000 and Sykes moved in. He had Salmon covered meaning he'd shoved for an effective 700,000. Salmon shot bolt upright in his seat and played with some chips in his hand, exasperated and the constant punishment.

Eventually he laid his hand down, pot to Sykes. -- NW

5.10pm: Forsyth's saga at an end
Adam Forsyth was the short stack at the start of the new level so was always under pressure. So when he found pocket sixes he pushed in behind a raise from Ganesh Jayaraman. Jayaraman thought about it briefly, then called what amounted to about 200,000. He showed pocket jacks.

The board ran K♠7♦Q♦8♦8♣ to end Forsyth's day. With a big sigh of relief Jayaraman moves up to around 700,000. - SB

5pm: Cagey stuff
The number of players has been stuck on 12 for around 75 minutes of play and the cagey action has continued in level 21.

The only showdown I've seen was in a hand between Chris Brammer and Jamie Sykes in which the former made it 35,000 pre-flop from the cut-off and Sykes flat called from the big blind.

The two of them then proceeded to check it down on a 8♦[10d]K♠6♥3♥ board, Sykes opened A♥Q♦ to claim the pot.

Other than that most pots have been claimed pre-flop. -- NW

4.45pm: Chip counts going into the new level

11 , 1 , Ganesh Jayaraman 420,000
11 , 2 , David Clifton-burraway 1,100,000
11 , 3 , Adam Forsyth 280,000
11 , 4 , Tony Salmon 880,000
11 , 5 , Christopher Brammer 1,200,000
11 , 6 , James Sykes 1,100,000

13 , 1 , David Price 730,000
13 , 2 , Ben Vinson 600,000
13 , 3 , Richard Lawlor 870,000
13 , 4 , Ben Mayhew 505,000
13 , 5 , Tim Hong Wong 860,000
13 , 6 , Sergio Aido Espina 620,000

4.40pm: Play continues
Live coverage of the UKIPT Nottingham 6-max Main Event continues here. Click here to find all the details of the days play up to now.

The action continues

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