How to get your photo/share a beer with Chris Moneymaker

You could say that Chris Moneymaker is the people's champion. The American democratised the game of poker when he won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003 as a PokerStars online qualifier. Even if you don't entirely buy that, you'll have trouble arguing that the game wasn't popularised by his have-a-go hero win. Unlike many of the scary Texans and old time hustlers, Chris looked like a guy that you could have a beer with while cracking some jokes and playing some cards. And, you know, maybe win a million bucks while doing so.

That isn't a carefully stage managed public persona, that's the reality. If you're coming to the Isle of Man for the UKIPT this week you'll be able to find that out for yourself.

"I am pretty well known for sinking a few and will most likely shut down the party," said Moneymaker, which will come as no surprise if you've been to the PCA. "In my older years, I have slowed somewhat and may find the door around 3am and a few beers lighter, but, either way, I expect the party to be fun. I always have a good time hosting at my table or just mingling on the dance floor."


Multi-tabling and multi-beering: Moneymaker shows his talents

So he likes a brewski, but what about a friendly little chit chat? Maybe you want a photo with the legendary Team PokerStars Pro? Simple! Just bring $50. (You don't need to bring $50.)

"Pictures are easy, just show up with $50 and a smile!" said Moneymaker. "Honestly, I enjoy meeting new people and think it is the best part of what I do. If you're looking to talk, take a picture, have a beer or whatever, I am very approachable so just come up and ask. To make it easier, I will be playing the charity tournament on Saturday night and that is a great place for a picture and a beer before I head off to the UKIPT party at Tahiko night club."


Say cheeeeeeese

Moneymaker touches down in the Isle of Man - the home of poker you might even say - later this week for the first time.

Qualify for this weekend's £350,000 UKIPT IOM
There's a big money guarantee on the £770 Main Event which gives you the option to re-enter on Day 1B if you bust at your first attempt. Or you might just want to go hunting for Moneymaker with camera (and beer) in hand. A couple of last-minute satellites are yet to run. Check out the UKIPT Isle of Man section in the tournament lobby:

29 September: £33 re-buy (1 seat guaranteed)
30 September: £82 Hyper-Turbo (1 seat guaranteed)

Rick Dacey is a Corporate Writer for PokerStars.

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