UKIPT Series 4 at The Hippodrome Casino Day 1C levels 9-12(1,000/2,000/300)

8.48pm: Victor Ilyukhin leads Day 1C at close of play
Following the crazy shenanigans that played out yesterday, we anticipated another fast day's poker. We were not disappointed. With 12 30-minute levels and 130 players pencilled in to play, there was plenty of poker to be played out and we were entertained throughout.

The early levels saw Albert Sapiano and Craig Sweden among the more vocal players at the tables, though both were to perish prior to the end of the day - their barks worse than their bites on this occasion.

Raphael Augustin showed his mettle in collecting the MicroMillions title in March and his form held today at a significantly higher buy-in level as he finished the day with 89,300.

UKIPT4_Day1C_Raphael Augustin.jpg

Augustin - the micromachine

Other players who illustrated skill and panache to find their way through the day included Richard Paul, who finished up with 154,100 chips and Matthew Stock, who,managed to accumulate an impressive 133,900 by the close of play.

It was Victor Nikolaevich Ilukhin however who swept all before him in a peerless show of No Limit Hold'em prowess to top the chip standings with 189,800 when the final tally was in.

UKIPT4_Day1C_Victor Nikolaevich Ilyukhin.jpg

The aptly-named Victor Ilyukhin

The 39 players who survived the day will meet up with the 52 survivors from the first two flights at 12pm tomorrow to play to a finish. It will be fast, brutal and exciting. We'll be bringing you all the information so make sure to log in and follow us. Chip counts for the combined Day 1A, B and C survivors can be found here.

For now though, thanks for following. We'll see you tomorrow!

8.30pm: Day 1C Finished!

That's it! Another tough 12 levels of poker, another slew of vanquished foes, another horde of run-good warriors emerging from the casino with with their dreams of UKIPT poker glory intact. Just another day on the UKIPT.

Victor Nikolaevich Ilyukhin is the man who ran best today and heads the chip counts which we will be publshing shortly. He finished on around 189,000, which means he will be overall chip leader when the players return to play to a finish tomorrow at 12pm.

We'll have a final wrap up post shortly but for now thanks for following!

8.26pm: Littlejohn goes for broke...and succeeds
With around 11,000 Stephen Littlejohn wasn't keen on returning tomorrow with less than five big blinds and, finding pocket sevens, he quickly moved all-in.

Aaron Lee Helmore had barely more than him, but he also had a worthy hand in A♠K♣ and similarly shoved.

There were murmurs of interest from other parties but eventually they all folded to leave the two shortstacks heads-up.

Littlejohn survived the overcards on the 8♠4♠8♦ flop but the A♦ on the turn meant he was facing oblivion and his fate was sealed on the 6♦ river.

Well played sir, bad luck on busting one hand short of making it to the final day! Helmore doubles to 27,000...

UKIPT4_Day1C_Aaron Lee Helmore.jpg

Late double gives Helmore boost

8.12pm: Last three hands of the day!

With the end of the day in sight, the TD has called for the dealers to deal out three more hands. The end of the day is rapidly approaching...

8.03pm: Prizepool!

The full prizepool has been tallied. Here are the numbers for your perusal and enjoyment!

313 players have combined to form a prizepool of £75,905. £14,790 awaits the winner of the tournament with a total of 47 places to be paid out as follows:

1st  £14,790
2nd  £9,400
3rd  £7,040
4th  £5,700
5th  £4,490
6th  £3,430
7th  £2,520
8th  £1,850
9th  £1,520
10th-11th  £1,275
12th-13th  £1,125
14th-15th £1,010
16th-17th  £895
18th-20th  £780
21st-23rd  £705
24th-27th  £630
28th-31st  £555
32nd-39th £485
40th-47th  £435

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300

7.49pm: Big call from Szeto reaps dividends
Daniele Giulivo just ran a big bluff but Philip Szeto made the right read to pick up a sizeable pot.

The hand saw Giulivo lead for 3,400 on the A♠Q♠5♦ board, called by Nathan Thomas-Peter after a pot-spread and Szeto in position.

The turn was the A♦ and when Giulivo checked, so did the other two players.

The 2♣ on the river elicited a huge 12,000 bet from Giulivo. Thomas-Peter was done with the hand and lay down - though Szeto spend little time calling with Q♥8♣!

Brave call and a good one as Giulivo mucked. Szeto sweeps up a pot that boosts him over 80,000.

Meanwhile Nathan Thomas-Peter has expired since that hand. He be gone.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1600-200

7.27pm: The count falls further...

53 players remain, these being the latest fallers near the final hurdle...

Philip Lee
Keith Christie
Lawrence Hamer
Rupom Pal
Hylton Goss

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800/1600/200

7.06pm: A tale of two shorties
There are plenty of stacks in the danger zone now with the blinds a whopping 600/1,200/200. Oscar Tompsett was one of those looking to get his tournament back on track with a bit of showdown justice. He re-shoved over the top of a tablemate's open with A♥7♣ - his opponent shrug-calling with 5♣5♥.

A board of K♠J♦9♣2♥4♠ was of no use to him however and Tompsett hits the rail.

Showing better winning-at-showdown skills was Stephen Littlejohn, whose re-shove with A♦T♦ was called by Richard Dawson, who had opened with the dominated A♠6♠.

A board of K♠8♦7♥4♥2♠ meant Littlejohn kept his advantage and he moves up to 21,000.

Incidentally, there are only a few ladies left in contention but one of those is the leopard-printed Camille Abram. She's a little short but only a few double-ups away from the top of the leaderboard really. We wish her good luck!

UKIPT4_Day1C_Camille Abram 2.jpg

Abram showing some good stickability

6.52pm: More broken dreams
It just wasn't to be this time was it :

Victor Victorovich Ilyukhin
James Beardsmore
Mark Shepherd
Mohammad Mehdi Shahnameh
Quoc Nong

No it wasn't. Next time eh!

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200-200


The dealers are doing some sterling work

6.48pm: Chang spin-up fails
A big hand moments ago saw Canadian John Chang's stack reduced to a paltry 2,000. He shoved blind under-the-gun, and Balbir Singh Pottiwal gave him some protection by shoving from the small blind.

He showed down A♥J♥ and Chang opened his hand curiously to reveal T♠J♠.

"Already my outs are gone!" he lamented and the board ran out with no help.

One more down - Chang departs...

6.37pm: Chip Leaders
Here are the men who have pulled away from the pack. It looks like Raphael Augustin - the March MicroMillions winner has been busy!

Matthew Stock - 135,000

Phillip Szeto - 85,000

Raphael Augustin - 79,000

6.30pm: The home stretch
It's been tough, unrelenting, at times tetchy poker all day long but the players are now in the final furlong. 77 remain and we'll be posting up the men at the head of the chip counts shortly.

For now though, it's once more unto the breach dear friends! Good luck...

UKIPT4_Day1C_Matthew Stock.jpg

Matthew Stock heads the chip counts

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Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT