UKIPT Series 5 Day 2: Level 9-17 updates (blinds 3,000/6,000)

4:35pm: Break time
The 14 remaining players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level 18 updates in a new post shortly.

4:25pm: Like London buses
We waited 75 minutes for an elimination and then two came along at once...

Overnight chip leader Sidney Oppong was one of those to perish, losing out in a hand against Clifford Jacobs. The latter raised to 21,000 under-the-gun and Oppong flat called from the big blind.

On the 7♠A♣7♣ flop Jacobs continued for 20,000 and Oppong flat called. On the 4♦ turn Oppong moved all-in 26,500 and after getting a count Jacobs made the call.

Jacobs: K♣K♥[10h]4♣
Oppong: A♦J♣[10s]J♦

The K♠ river gave Jacobs the win and a stunned Oppong said: "Seriously," before leaving the table. At the same time on the other table Stephen Lennon was eliminated meaning 14 players remain.

4:15pm: Mason granted extension to tournament life
The all-ins are going the way of the at risk players at the moment with Grant Mason the latest to get a double up. His came on table one which has definitely been the quieter, action wise, of the final two tables.

And the hand started true to form with a limped pot meaning four players saw a [10s]J♣6♠ flop. It was checked to Marc McFadden who bet the pot (24,000), Mason (big blind) then moved in for 38,500, Deborah Rogers got a count before passing and McFadden called the extra.

McFadden: Q♣9♠8♣6♦
Mason: J♥[10h]4♠3♦

McFadden had a lot of outs to eliminate Mason, he turned more as fourth street was the 2♦, but he missed them all on the A♦ river.

Still 16 remain.

4pm: Richard goes Wild at treble up
Richard Wild is up to the giddy heights of 130,000 after getting a treble up. He moved all-in for 30,000 on a [10c]3♦K♥ flop and both Stephen Pearce and Toran Nicholls called.

They checked it down on the 8♥ turn and 9♠ river. They both announced two-pair but Wild held Q♠J♦[10d]7♦ for a straight.

Blinds up: 3,000/6,000

4pm: Hudson trusts his head
Patrick Hudson just made a nice multi-street call to take a chunky pot from former chip leader Stephen Pearce.

Hudson raised to 12,000 under-the-gun and Pearce flat called from the button, neither player bit on the J♦9♠2♠ flop and the J♣ fell on the turn. Hudson checked, Pearce bet 20,000 and Hudson smooth called. The 9♣ completed the board, Hudson checked again, Pearce doubled the stakes to 40,000 and Hudson tank-called. "You win," said Pearce and Hudson showed Q♣Q♦6♥8♠ for a gutsy call.

He's up to 235,000 and looks to be chip leader.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_patrick_hudson.jpg

Patrick Hudson

3:50pm: Nicholls in no mood to check
I just caught the end of a curious hand just played on table two. It seems Adam Owen raised, Stephen Pearce flat called and Toran Nicholls, who was in the blinds meant to call but due to an error was forced to min-raise. It was clear he only meant to call so Owen raised the pot, Pearce folded and Nicholls said: "I'll just flat," and called the 65,000 leaving just 62,500 back.

The flop came 3♦4♣3♠, Nicholls moved all-in and Owen requested a count. After getting the count and mulling it over Owen elected to fold. Nicholls showed [Q][9][8][5] for a bluff and took the pot. Owen said that he didn't think Nicholls had been angle shooting but that he didn't have a hand he could call with.

3:40pm: Adeniya's roller coaster continues
At the start of play Martins Adeniya was the shortest stack of the 29 players who remained. He then went on a heater to get back to average but has since slipped again.

A few moments ago he found himself all-in pre-flop for around 15,000 and he picked up two callers. On the 8♠4♦3♥ flop Axel Briend moved all-in for 40,000 and Deborah Rogers got out the way. The Full Tilt Ambassador rolled over A♠A♥6♥2♣ whilst Briend showed Q♣Q♠J♦2♦. A 9♣ turn and 8♣ river didn't change a thing and Adeniya tripled to around 46,000.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_martins_adeniya.jpg

Martins 'action' Adeniya

Blinds up: 2,500/5,000

3:30pm: Seven good for Wild
"And he gets there," said a player at table two as Richard Wild hit the river to stay alive. He raised to 14,000 on the button from a stack of 25,000, Toran Nicholls set him in and Wild called all-in.

Wild: A♣9♣[10s]5♥
Nicholls: Q♦Q♣9♦K♠

It was another close encounter with Nicholls a 58% favourite to have his hand held up. The poker gods had other ideas though as the 8♥4♦4♣J♠7♦ board gave Wild a straight on the river.

3:20pm: Jacobs doesn't get aces cracked
There were a couple of limps before Sidney Oppong potted it on the button, from the big blind Clifford Jacobs then moved all-in for 63,500. The two limpers got out the way but Oppong made the call.

Jacobs: A♦A♠J♣2♠
Oppong: K♣K♥3♥2♦

The best hand held as the board ran 9♥J♦2♥[10c][10s], Jacobs up to roughly 136,000 whilst Oppong is down to 55,000.

3.10pm: Final two tables
Louis Schwartz has just been eliminated by Toran Nicholls which means they'll be a short break whilst the players redraw for the final two tables.

16 players left, 11 get paid.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_hippodrome_casino.jpg

The view from above

3pm: Price of poker going up
The average stack right now is 84,705, or just over 21 big blinds. In hold'em some see 20 big blinds as a decent shoving or re-shoving stack. In pot-limit Omaha of course it's not usually possible to move all-in with that kind of stack so it'll be interesting to see what happens now the stacks are getting shallower.

Blinds up: 2,000/4,000

2:50pm: Oudshoorn ousted
Down to a handful of big blinds, Wesley Oudshoorn committed them with K♦4♥4♠J♠. He found a caller in the shape of Lee Kitchiner who held a dominating K♠K♣[10c]8♦.

The K♥2♥Q♥2♣A♣ board kepy Kitchiner in front and sent the Dutchman tumbling out. John Hayes has also been eliminated, meaning that 17 players remain.

2:35pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of the remaining 19 players, it's still Stpehen Pearce who leads, with 180,000. Full Tilt Poker Ambasadors Martins Adeniya and Sin Melin find themselves in the middle of the pack.

Stephen Pearce, United Kingdom, 180,000
Adam Owen, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 132,000
Patrick Hudson, United Kingdom, 130,000
Toran Nicholls, United Kingdom, 116,000
Louis Schwartz, United Kingdom, 115,000
Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 95,000
Marc McFadden, United Kingdom, 78,000
Sidney Oppong, United Kingdom, 68,000
Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 61,000
Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 57,000
Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 53,000
Lee Kitchiner, United Kingdom, 52,000
Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 52,000
Axel Briend, France, 50,000
Deborah Rogers, United Kingdom, 42,500
Stephen Lennon, United Kingdom, 41,500
Grant Mason, United Kingdom, 37,000
Wesley Oudshoorn, Netherlands, PokerStars Player, 27,000
John Hayes, United Kingdom, 11,000

ukipt_series_5_day 2_stephen_pearce.jpg

Pearce still has the chip lead

Blinds up: 1,500/3,000

2:15pm: Break time
That's the end of level 12 and with that the remaining 19 players are on a 15 minute break.

2:05pm: Pearce shows the bluff
"That's my first bluff of the day," said Stephen Pearce as he showed 9♦9♥5♦6♥ after betting the turn of a 2♠[10h]7♠A♠ board. He'd bet 10,000 into a pot of 19,200 and both his opponents laid their hands down.

"You were winning," said Sidney Oppong, who was one of those Pearce had forced off the pot. -- NW

1:50pm: Swingy games
Pot-limit Omaha is known as a swingy game and overnight chip leader Sidney Oppong knows that better than most as he's now down to 48,000 after losing a big pot to Patrick Hudson.

Pre-flop Oppong raised to 4,800 and both Hudson and Stephen Pearce smooth called. On the 2♣J♦4♣ flop it was checked to Hudson, he bet 12,000 and Oppong was the only caller. The [10c] fell on the turn, Hudson fired out 15,000 and again Oppong smooth called.

The 8♦ completed the board, Hudson set Oppong all-in, after a lengthy period in the tank Oppong folded, Hudson showed him A♣9♣ - the nuts - as he took the pot. He's up to 150,000 after that hand. He trails Pearce though who, with 200,000, is the chip leader.

Blinds up: 1,200/2,400

1:30pm: Melin puts the hurt on Smith
"I feel ill," said Ashley Smith as he walked away from the table having been eliminated from the tournament by Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sin Melin.

The pot was three-way to a 8♣[10h]J♥ flop Wesley Oudshoorn was the other player, he led for roughly 12,000, Smith called that bet and was all-in and Melin also called. The A♠ fell on the turn, Oudshoorn checked, Melin moved all-in and after a brief think Oudshoorn folded.

Melin: K♦Q♦6♠6♣ - for a turned straight
Smith: A♣[10c][10s]Q♠

Smith had flopped a set but was now hoping he'd hit his full house re-draw or river a chop. Despite being in the lead Melin was only 52.5% to win the hand, Smith was 42.5% to win and there was a 5% chance of a chop. The 9♠ was not one of his outs though, Melin raked in the chips and she's now back up to 105,000.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_ashley_smith.jpg

Smith - did he have too many outs?

1:20pm: Pearce hits house to take chip lead
Stephen Pearce is the new chip leader after winning a huge pot against David Phelan. Pre-flop Pearce limped, Phelan raised to 7,000 from the small blind and Pearce smooth called.

On the 6♥8♥7♦ flop Phelan bet the pot (16,000), Pearce moved all-in for 57,300 and after checking his cards a couple of times and then called the extra.

Phelan: K♣K♠[10d]9♦
Pearce: [10c]8♣8♦7♠

Phelan was ahead with the straight but Pearce had a big re-draw. He hit it on the 6♣ turn and the 5♥ river was a brick. He's now up to 130,000 whilst Phelan is down to 19,000.

edit: Phelan was unable to mount a comeback and exited soon after. And Adam Pan-Latimer is also out.

1:10pm: Adam vs Adam
Adam Owen just spiked the river to double through Adam Pan-Latimer, The former check raised all-in on a [10h]J♥3♠ flop with [Q][Q][K][2] and Pan-Latimer called with K♣J♣[10c]8♣. The turn was a blank, but a nine on the river filled Owen's straight. He's up to 60,000 whilst Latimer drops to 32,000.

12:55pm: Down to 24, time for a re-draw
The exits of Ryunosuke Mason-Brown, Ilan Elghanian and Joe Roberts mean we're down to 24 players. Roberts was very unlucky to exit, losing out to Martins Adeniya in the following hand.

He was all-in and at risk with A♦A♠[10d]J♦ and up against Adeniya's J♦[10c]7♦2♦. "You've got him pretty locked," said another player at the table. Indeed Roberts had a 64% chance to win the hand. The 2♠5♦2♣ flop was gin for Adeniya though and the 9♦ turn and 4♥ river kept the Full Tilt Poker Ambassador in front.

Roberts took the beat in good grace and even joked about it via twitter.

12:45pm: More for Martins
It's been a terrific start for Martins Adeniya as the Full Tilt Poker Ambassador just nearly tripled up to get his stack almost back to average.

By the time I reached the table his opponent's cards were face down but his J♣9♣9♦[10c] was clearly visible. It had connected rather nicely with the 7♠6♦Q♣8♣6♥ board.

He was all-in for 19,200, he eliminated Roberto Dona and severely dented Juan Ares who is now down to 12,000.

Blinds up: 1,000/2,000

12:30pm: Man down
Blogger's curse strikes again... David Gallagher is the first man out today. 28 players remain and they'll be a complete re-draw when that number gets down to 24.

12:20pm: No exits as yet
Whilst pot-limit Omaha is meant to be an action game there have, as yet, been no exits so far on Day 2.

Blinds up: 800/1,600

12:05pm: Double up for Adeniya
Martins Adeniya was the shortest stack of the remaining 29 players at the start of play and it didn't take the Full Tilt Poker Ambassador long to get his remaining 8,900 chips in the middle. Joe Roberts, who finished third at UKIPT3 Galway, was the man to take him on.

Adeniya: A♠[10s][10h]3♥
Roberts: A♦K♠J♥2♦

It was basically a flip with Adeniya having 50.5% equity, the Q♠Q♥5♠ flop made Adeniya a 80% favourite and the 3♠ turn gave him a lock on the hand. He doubles to around 21,000 whilst Roberts slips to around 12,000.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_martins_adeniya.jpg

Adeniya - not so short any more

12pm: Cards are in the air
Play is under way here at The Hippodrome Casino in the heart of London. A reminder that 29 players remain and 11 will get paid. Here's what they're playing for:

1st - £ 4,800
2nd - £ 3,415
3rd - £ 2,235
4th - £ 1,720
5th - £ 1,360
6th - £ 1,065
7th - £ 840
8th - £ 655
9th - £ 500
10th - 11th £ 435

11:52am: Day 2 seat draw, chip counts and pay outs
Here's how the remaining 29 players will line up when play starts. You can see the start of day chip counts in chip order here and the payout structure right here.

Table 1:
1, 1, Adam Owen, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 16,800
1, 2, Marc McFadden, United Kingdom, 67,200
1, 4, Adam Pan-Latimer, United Kingdom, 86,900
1, 5, Patrick Hudson, United Kingdom, 60,200
1, 6, Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 99,900
1, 7, Wesley Oudshoorn, Netherlands, PokerStars Player, 27,000

1, 8, Stephen Pearce, United Kingdom, 66,300

Table 2:
2, 1, Deborah Rogers, United Kingdom, 59,700
2, 2, Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 97,800
2, 3, Ilan Elghanian, United Kingdom, 13,000
2, 4, Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 39,900
2, 5, Ashley Smith, United Kingdom, 37,900
2, 7, Lee Kitchiner, United Kingdom, 39,500
2, 8, John Hayes, United Kingdom, 26,200

Table 3
3, 1, Joe Roberts, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 21,200
3, 3, Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 8,900

3, 4, Roberto Dona, Italy, 14,400
3, 5, Toran Nicholls, United Kingdom, 78,800
3, 6, Juan Ares, Spain, 39,100
3, 7, Axel Briend, France, 47,100
3, 8, Sidney Oppong, United Kingdom, 114,100

Table 4
4, 1, Grant Mason, United Kingdom, 39,000
4, 2, Daniel Gallagher, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 42,200
4, 3, David Phelan, Ireland, 17,000
4, 4, Andrew Norman, United Kingdom, 33,700
4, 5, Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 64,600
4, 6, Ryunosuke Mason-Brown, United Kingdom, 33,700
4, 7, Louis Schwartz, United Kingdom, 99,500
4, 8, Stephen Lennon, United Kingdom, 29,900

11:50am: Day 1B: Omaha lead for Oppong
As expected Day 1B drew a bigger field with 36 players showing up to play, six of those players, including Full Tilf Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya, entered twice meaning there were 42 entries in total.

By the end of nine levels 18 players remained including the overall chip leader. Sidney Oppong ended the day on 114,100, his nearest rivals on Day 1B were Louis Schwartz (99,500) and Adam Pan-Latimer (86,900).

They along with Martins Adeniya (8,900) and Joe Roberts (21,200) and 13 other Day 1B survivors will be back at noon today.

ukipt_series_5_day 1b_sidney_oppong.jpg

Oppong's on top in the Omaha

11:49am: Day 1A: Sin for the win?
The first start day attracted 25 players but with five players taking advantage of the ability to re-enter the total number of entrants swelled to 30.

After nine levels of potting and re-potting just 11 players made it through the day, Leading the way was Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sin Melin. She turned her starting stack of 20,000 into a massive 99,000 to lead from Richard Wild (97,800). As you'd expect in a game such as pot-limit Omaha her ascent to the top was a combination of skill and luck. She one outered EPT Live commentator Marc Convey to get her hands on a decent stack.


Melin was a menace and ended with the most

That major outdraw meant Convey was one of those who failed to make it to Day 2 but he was in good company as two-time UKIPT champion Joeri Zandvliet fired two unsuccessful bullets, UKIPT Series 2 champion Gabriel Dragomir hit the rail and Sam Grafton's grind came to a halt. Here's the full list of those who did make it through.

Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 99,900
Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 97,800

Toran Nicholls, United Kingdom, 78,800
Marc McFadden, United Kingdom, 67,200
Stephen Pearce, United Kingdom, 66,300
Daniel Gallagher, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 42,200
Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 39,900
Grant Mason, United Kingdom, 39,000
Wesley Oudshoorn, Netherlands, PokerStars Player, 27,000
John Hayes, United Kingdom, 26,200
David Phelan, Ireland, 17,000

They were joined by the Day 1B survivors.... -- NW

11:48am: Welcome to the first ever pot-limit Omaha UKIPT Series event
Four cards good, two cards bad.

Yes for the first time ever the UKIPT Series is doubling the number of hole cards a player gets and laying on some pot-limit Omaha action. None of your hold'em nonsense here at The Hippodrome Casino please and thank you.

Apart from the fact you get four hole cards and must use two, and exactly two, to form your five card hand it's pretty much as you were. It's still the same structure as a UKIPT Main Event, although there will be no antes in play, the levels are still 30 minutes long and the survivors from Day 1A and 1B will now combine to play to a winner today.

Cards are in the air at 12pm, if you need a little refresher on the rules of pot-limit Omaha then here's a handy guide that PokerStars made earlier.


There are worse places to play poker

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Nick Wright. Photos by Nika Zbasnik and Gregory Davies

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