UKIPT Series 5 Day 2: Level 18-24 updates (blinds 15,000/30,000)

8.45pm: Martins Adeniya wins UKIPT Series 5 (£4,800); Samuel Welbourne second (£3,415)
It's all over and Full Tilt Poker Ambassador has pulled off a magnificent Day 2 comeback to win the title. He was the shortest stack of the 29 remaining players who began the day but he's the only one left with chips now.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_martins_adeniya3.jpg

Adeniya - went from worst to first to win

In the final hand he limped from the button, Samuel Welbourne raised the pot to 90,000 and Adeniya made the call. "You'll probably get me here," quipped Welbourne. The flop fell 2♥6♣9♠, Welbourne took his time before betting the pot (180,000), Adeniya then re-raised the pot, which was enough to set Welbourne all-in and Welbourne called all-in for roughly 550,000 total.

Adeniya: A♥8♠7♥5♣
Welbourne: K♦K♣Q♦8♣

Despite not currently being in the lead Adeniya was a 59% favourite to win the hand and the title. The 5♦ turn card meant he was now a 100% favourite as it gave him an unbeatable straight and the meaningless 4♥ completed the board.

Cogratulations to Martins Adeniya on winning the UKIPT Series 5 and £4,800 and commiserations to Samuel Welbourne who finished runner-up collecting £3,415.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_samuel_welbourne.jpg

Welbourne - mounted his own short stack comeback to finish second

8.37pm: 100% accurate counts
Just before the break Samuel Welbourne pulled off a nice river bluff, getting Martins Adeniya to lay down a full house on a four diamond paired board.

So as play gets back under way Welbourne has 665,000 and has closed the gap significantly on Adeniya who now has 755,000. So there's just three big blinds between them.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_heads_up.jpg

The PokerStars blimp was bought out of retirement for one last job

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000

8.22pm: Break time
We've reached the end of level 22 and the two players are now on a 15 minute break.

8.18pm: Heads-up chip counts
As heads-up play gets under way the chip counts are as follows:

Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 980,000
Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 440,000

8.15pm: Patrick Hudson eliminated in third place (£2,235)
Despite getting one double up Patrick Hudson couldn't recover from losing that big hand to Martins Adeniya and it was the Full Tilt Poker Ambassador who finished him off.

Hudson was all-in for roughly 200,000 with Q♥J♣[10c]4♠ and in trouble against Adeniya's A♣A♠[10d]9♣. The best hand held on the Q♦8♦4♥2♠2♦ board and we're now heads-up.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_patrick_hudson.jpg

Hudson - looked the most likely for a long time

8.05pm: Martins Adeniya doubles through Patrick Hudson; then Hudson doubles through Adeniya
For the first time at this final table we have a new chip leader and it's Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya.

He limped the small blind, Patrick Hudson raised to 69,000 from the big blind, Adeniya re-potted virtually all-in, Hudson re-raised and Adeniya called all-in, he was at risk for 394,000 total.

Adeniya: A♣K♠8♣7♠
Hudson: A♠K♣8♦2♣

The 3♠7♥A♥6♦4♥ board meant Adeniya made two pair and has almost 800,000 whilst Hudson, the long time chip leader, dropped to 121,000. However, not for long as a couple of hands later he doubled through Adeniya.

In that hand he was all-in pre-flop for 121,000 with A♣K♥3♣9♣ whilst Adeniya had 9♥5♦8♣6♦. The 5♣A♠[10h]K♣7♦ board gave Hudson a crucial double up to survive.

8pm: Deborah Rogers eliminated in fourth place (£1,720)
The wait for a female UKIPT Series champion goes on as Deborah Rogers has just been knocked out in fourth place.

She had blinded down to just 42,000 and had to put 24,000 of that in blind as she was the big blind. It folded to Martins Adeniya in the small blind, he raised enough to set her in and Rogers put in the extra.

Adeniya: K♥J♠2♠5♠
Rogers: Q♠J♥3♥5♦

The 4♣8♠7♥J♦9♠ board meant both had a pair of jacks but Adeniya's kicker played. He's up to 390,000.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_deborah_rogers.jpg

Rodger - laddered to fourth place

Blinds up: 12,000/24,000

7:45pm: Clifford Jacobs eliminated in fifth place (£1,360)
With the average stack being under 20 big blinds with eight players left this final table was always going to have a sprint finish and it's already been cut in half in an hour as just four players remain.

The latest player to lose his chips was Clifford Jacobs, he three-bet all-in from the big blind for just over 100,000 with A♥Q♦6♦4♦ and Patrick Hudson, who already had 40,000 in the pot, looked him up with K♥K♣J♠7♦.

The 9♦5♥Q♥3♠8♣ board meant that Hudson increased his chip lead over the rest of the field, whilst Jacobs collects £1,360 for finishing fifth.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_clifford_jacobs.jpg

Jacobs - couldn't crack the final four

7:35pm: Richard Wild eliminated in sixth place (£1,065)
And then there were five...

The pot started slowly with Samuel Welbourne limping from the small blind and Richard Wild checking his option in the big blind, It exploded on the J♠Q♠5♥ flop though as Welbourne bet 30,000, Wild moved all-in for around a pot sized bet and Welbourne instantly called.

Welbourne: K♣[10h]9♥6♦
Wild: Q♣J♥J♦2♠

Wild was in front but not for long as the 8♣ turn gave Welbourne a straight. He now needed the board to pair for his own suck out, but the 9♠ river kept Welbourne in front.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_richard_wild.jpg

Richard Wild's ride has come to an end

7:25pm: Chip counts
An exciting level has seen the field reduced to six. Despite that there's no change at the top as Patrick Hudson is still top dog.

Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 125,000
Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 260,000
Deborah Rogers, United Kingdom, 215,000
Patrick Hudson, United Kingdom, 400,000
Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 255,000
Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 130,000

Blinds up: 10,000/20,000

7:15pm: Stephen Pearce eliminated in seventh place (£840)
It's like London buses...

Down to just 64,000 Stephen Pearce raised to 56,000 from the button, Samuel Welbourne set him in from the small blind and Pearce called the extra.

Welbourne: A♦[10h]4♣K♦
Pearce: J♠3♣8♠8♦

A K♥5♥9♦A♠K♣ board meant Welbourne made a full-house to eliminate Pearce.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_stephen_pearce.jpg

Pearce - was chip leader earlier in the day

7.10pm: Grant Mason eliminated in eighth place (£655)
Just a couple of hands after doubling up to stay alive Grant Mason lost an all-in to bust in eighth.

He raised on the button with 9♣8♦7♠6♦ and called all-in after Patrick Hudson had set him in from the small blind with Q♣Q♠3♥6♠. The Q♥J♥8♣9♠J♠ board meant Hudson made a house and means Mason finishes in eighth place.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_grant_mason.jpg

Mason - out in eighth

7pm: Grant Mason doubles through Martins Adeniya
Despite winning 80,000 in a hand that didn't go to showdown against Patrick Hudson, that's about the only thing that's gone right for Martins Adeniya at this final table as he just lost another all-in.

This time it was Grant Mason at risk, all-in for about 50,000 with J♣[10h]9♠3♦ and behind to Adeniya' s A♥Q♣[10c]7♠. But, the K♥Q♦9♥3♣[10s] board doubled Mason to around 100,000, whilst Adeniya slips back to around 160,000.

Blinds up: 8,000/16,000

6:50pm: Deborah Rogers and Richard Wild double through Martins Adeniya
On the first two hands of eight handed play Deborah Rogers there we've had an all-in and call involving Martins Adeniya.

In the first he raised to 25,000 with A♦Q♦8♠7♥ and called when Deborah Rogers moved all-in for 101,000 with K♣K♥3♠3♣. A J♣9♦Q♠6♥4♠ board kept her alive.

On the very next hand Richard Wild raised from a stack of 57,000, Adeniya set him all-in and Wild called it off.

Adeniya: A♦A♠2♦4♠
Wild: A♥J♦[10c]9♦

The board ran J♣[10d]3♣8♦7♦ and Wild doubled to 130,000 whilst Adeniya is down to 134,000.

6:40pm: Final table chip counts
Here are the counts of the final eight players, Patrick Hudson leads, but Martins Adeniya is hot on his heels.

Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 206,000
Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 294,000
Deborah Rogers, United Kingdom, 101,000
Grant Mason, United Kingdom, 68,000
Patrick Hudson, United Kingdom, 393,000
Stephen Pearce, United Kingdom, 162,000
Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 140,000
Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 57,000

ukipt_series_5_day 2_patrick_hudson2.jpg

Patrick Hudson is the chip leader of the final eight

6:25pm: Toran Nicholls eliminated in ninth place (£500)
Down to just over five big blinds Toran Nicholls got his chips in with 6♠5♥7♠7♣ and was at risk against Martins Adeniya who held A♦A♠2♦4♠.

The Full Tilt Ambassador's hand held up on the 9♠2♥A♣[10c]2♣ board and we're down to the final table of eight.

There will now be a 15 minute break before the final table commences.

6:15pm: Unofficial final table seat draw
Here's how the final nine line up, chip counts are approximate.

Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 290,000
Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 230,000
Toran Nicholls, United Kingdom, 65,000
Deborah Rogers, United Kingdom, 130,000
Grant Mason, United Kingdom, 102,000
Patrick Hudson, United Kingdom, 370,000
Stephen Pearce, United Kingdom, 135,000
Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 140,000
Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 67,000

6:05pm: Axel Briend eliminated in 10th place (£435)
The unofficial final table is set and it was third time unlucky for Axel Briend who is out in tenth.

He was all-in for just over 50,000 with K♠5♣[10c][10h] and up against Grant Mason, who had A♦[10d]2♥J♦. Mason only just had Briend covered and won the hand as the board came 9♥3♦8♠4♠A♦.

There's now a re-draw and the players will assemble around one table, but the final table is officially eight handed meaning we're not quite there yet.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_axel_briend.jpg

It's au revoir to Briend

5:50pm: Pearce doubles up; Jacobs takes big pot
Two big hands, one on each table to tell you about.

On table one Stephen Pearce called Axel Briend's pre-flop raise of 35,000 and then shoved for 51,000 on the 5♥3♣9♣ flop. After getting a count Briend looked him up.

Briend: A♣A♦8♥9♥
Pearce: Q♠J♠9♦4♦

The [10d] and Q♦ completed the board meaning Pearce doubled up and left Briend very short.

And Toran Nicholls is down to 50,000 after losing a pot against Clifford Jacobs. The latter three-bet to 75,000 over Patrick Hudson's 20,000 open, Nicholls smooth called and Hudson got out the way.

There was no betting until the river of a K♥[10h]K♦4♠5♣ board, at which point Jacobs moved all-in for 45,000 and Nicholls folded.

5:50pm: Briend doesn't do bubbles
With 12 players left Axel Briend was all-in on the bubble and survived. Just now he was all-in and at risk of bubbling the unofficial final table and survived.

After a raise to 30,000 from Grant Mason in the small blind, Briend shoved for 45,000 from the big blind and Mason called the extra.

Mason: Q♥Q♦2♥2♦
Briend: K♣8♣9♣9♥

The J♣4♥3♦K♠5♦ board meant Briend spiked a king to survive and doubled to 90,000 whilst Mason is down to 75,000.

5:40pm: Adam Owen eliminated in 11th place (£435)
During the bubble Adam Owen lost a big pot to Patrick Hudson (that didn't go to showdown) and he couldn't recover.

He's the first player out in the money, no details but Toran Nicholls is back up to 160,000 so seems the likely beneficiary.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_adam_owen.jpg

Owen - out in 11th

5:30pm: Welbourne gets another double through Nicholls
Samuel Welbourne just got another double up through Toran Nicholls.

Welbourne was all-in for 66,000 with K♦Q♦K♣2♣ and had the best hand as Nicholls had 7♣7♠3♣5♠. "Give me the nut low," said Nicholls, but the dealer favoured Welbourne on the Q♠J♥Q♥A♥2♠ board to drop Nicholls back into the danger zone.

Blinds up: 5,000/10,000

5:25pm: Marc McFadden bubbles UKIPT Series 5
Just one hand after doubling up Axel Briend, the unfortunate Marc McFadden couldn't get a double up of his own.

He got his final 81,000 in pre-flop with A♠Q♦J♥[10s] and Martins Adeniya took him on with A♦A♥[10c]5♠. The Full Tilt Poker Ambassador had only 4,000 more than McFadden so it was a crucial hand for both of them.

The 2♣3♣6♦7♣Q♠ board gave McFadden no help and he was eliminated in 12th place. Everyone else is in the money.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_marc_mcfadden.jpg

McFadden (standing) is resigned to his fate

5:20pm: Briend survives bubble
It didn't take long for an all-in and call on the bubble. Frenchman Axel Briend was all-in for 24,000 with A♣A♥9♥7♥ and he was called by Marc McFadden who had K♣K♦9♣6♥.

Despite the board getting progressively worse Briend held on the 5♣3♠7♠[10c]J♠ board.

5.10pm: Sin Melin out in 13th
We're now on the bubble and it's Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sin Melin who has gone in 13th place.

She told me, "I was down to 35,000 and got it in with [10][10][K][X] and ran into aces. I flopped a flush draw and a pair but that was it."

Her chips went to the other remaining lady in the tournament Deborah Rogers.

5:05pm: Welbourne doubles up
Samuel Welbourne and Toran Nicholls now have similar sized stacks as the former has doubled through the latter.

Welbourne was all-in and at risk for 38,000 with K♠J♠9♠9♥ and up against Nicholls's A♦6♦5♥5♠. The at risk player flopped a straight on the Q♣8♣[10h] flop and held on the [10c] turn and 3♦ river.

4:55pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of the final 13 players, Clifford Jacobs and Patrick Hudson have a lead over the chasing pack.

Clifford Jacobs, United Kingdom, 280,000
Patrick Hudson, United Kingdom, 265,000
Axel Briend, France, 154,000
Adam Owen, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 130,000
Richard Wild, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 129,000

Toran Nicholls, United Kingdom, 115,000
Deborah Rogers, United Kingdom, 105,000
Grant Mason, United Kingdom, 86,000
Stephen Pearce, United Kingdom, 85,000
Marc McFadden, United Kingdom, 75,000
Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 65,000
Martins Adeniya, United Kingdom, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador, 54,000
Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 38,000

ukipt_series_5_day 2_clifford_jacobs.jpg

Clifford Jacobs - chip leader

4.50pm: 13 left, 11 get paid
There were two big hands that played out just prior to the break...

In the first Adam Owen doubled through Samuel Welbourne with 8♠8♦7♦5♦ against 5♠4♦A♦[10h]. The 8♣2♦A♣4♣J♣ board boosting Owen to around 130,000 and dropping Welbourne to around 38,000.

Then on the other table Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sin Melin doubled through Lee Kitchiner. Both were short stacked, the money went in on a 4♣7♠[10s] flop, Melin held A♠Q♠5♣5♦, she was ahead but barely as Kitchiner had K♠9♣8♣3♠. The 4♥ turn and [10d] river changed nothing doubling her to 65,000 whilst Kitchiner had less than two big blinds and was out shortly afterwards.

ukipt_series_5_day 2_sin_melin.jpg

Sin Melin - still smiling, still in

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Nick Wright. Photos by Nika Zbasnik and Gregory Davies

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT