UKIPT Series 6 Day 2 London - level 22-30(60,000-120,000-10,000)

11.42pm: Paul Findlay is the UKIPT 6 Champion!
It's been an epic journey for Paul Findlay but finally it has reached its close and its zenith simultaneously.

He started the heads up game with a deficit but after flopping two pair with K-7 on a K♣Q♠7♥, he checked the flop, eliciting Trattou to shove the turn with Q♦4♠.

Snap-call from FIndlay and when he faded a queen on the river, he finished the hand with a 5-1 chip advantage.

Some aggression from Trattou preflop over the next few hands saw him gain a few of those chips back but finally Findlay applied the finishing touches, limping the button and leading for 375,000 when Trattou checked the K♠Q♥9♦board.

Trattou moved all-in with a queen and Findlay snap-called with a slow-played pair of pocket aces.

An A♠ on the turn sealed the deal and it was all over!

Click here to read a summary of Findlay's path to glory.

NEIL3360_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Paul_Findlay_Neil Stoddart.jpg

UKIPT Series 6 winner Paul Findlay!

11.25pm: Zarghampour out in 3rd
The floodgates have opened and suddenly we are heads-up for the trophy, remaining cash and CoC seat.

The situation was precipitated by the exit of Khashayar Zarghampour, who was obviously in gambling mode as he opened the button with Q♠7♠ and called pretty quickly when Mario Trattou set him in with K♣5♦.

The board of 9♠8♠Q♣ was incredible though, top pair and a flush draw looked set to give the Iranian player a big double-through.

He called for the K♠ to complete his flush, but the poker gods were toying with him and delivered the K♦ on the river to send him crashing out.

"Yes!" shouted Trattou as he finds himself heads up with Paul Findlay for the trophy with a small chip advantage. Good game Khashayar Zarghampour, you played very well.

11.10pm: Garcia Damaso beaten out in 4th
With the deal agreed, the players have loosened up their starting and stacking off requirements.

Having said that, Damaso would have surely always moved all his chips into the middle with 8♠6♠ on a board of T♣8♥6♦ for two pair.

He was called by Q♦T♠ and looked ready to double through until the board ran out J-9 to give his opponent (we believe Khashayar Zarghampour) a straight.

Good game Damaso, he departs with a large cash and a grin on his face. Well played!

10.55pm:Deal agreed
After some furious excel spreadsheet calculations, the players have agreed on the following splits based on chip counts:

£10874 - Mario Trattou
£8,896 - Paul Findlay
£9,688 - Khashayar Zarghampour
££9,092 Garcia Damaso

They will play on for £3,500, the trophy and the Champion of Champions seat for the winner!

10.40pm: Dag eliminated in 5th(£5,100)
Yes, indeed. After waiting for an hour and a half for an elimination we get three in 5 minutes. Insert some cliched reference to London buses.

Anyway, Dag was the latest man to be unceremoniously dumped from proceedings, his pocket nines losing out to Garcia Damaso's ace-king over the J♥A♣5♦J♦Q♠ board.

Four-handed, it looks like the players are going into a cosy huddle to discuss some sort of deal...back soon...

10.35pm: Murphy eliminated out in 6th(£3,900)
Darren Murphy was always going to struggle to regain a credible stack following that hand but he tried!

Shoving with J♥7♣ he was looked up by Khashayar Zarghampour, who had called with the marginally ahead Q♣5♥.

The board fell 6♣5♦2♠ to give Zarghampour a pair.

"I don't care about that," said Murphy. "I'm so live!"

The turn however was the Q♠. "I care about that one though," he admitted, his chances of doubling through scuppered. The hand played out and Murphy wandered off to sort out his money and transport home after a good day.

He departs in 6th, leaving the players five handed.

10.35pm: Findlay lays down the law - Lewzey eliminated 7th (£2,850)
There were murmurings of deals being done amongst the players with time ticking on and seemingly no one getting eliminated.

Then all hell broke loose!

Suddenly Steven Lewzey counted his chips and announced all-in for around 500,000. Darren Murphy moved all-in over the top and Paul Findlay snap-called! What was going on?

The answers were in the cards.

A♣7♣ for Lewzey;
8♠8♦ for Murphy and
A♠A♥ for Findlay!

A board of Q♠T♠6♦5♣Q♥ left Findlay punching the air - up to 1,600,000 whilst Murphy was crippled to 200,000 and Lewzey departs in 7th place. Six remain battling for the title.

10.15pm: Mario slips up
Mario Trattou has had a pretty comfortable ride so far on the final but he is in a spot of bother now. After raising to 160,000 preflop, Khashayar Zarghampour peeled from the big blind and checked the Q♣J♠4♠ board.

Trattou shoved all-in and Khashavar snapped him with Q-J for top two!

Trattou showed down T-J for an open ended straight draw but when the 7♠ and 8♥ bricked on turn and river, he had given Zarghampour a full double up to close to million and been knocked down to just 1,000,000 or so himself having ridden high for much of the final.

10:01pm: Double bubble for Zarghampour
It's the evening of the shortstacks here at the Hippodrome. Virtually every confrontation on this final table involving an all-in has favoured the shortstack and this pattern continued as
Khashayor Zarghampour called his stack off against Onur Dag, who had only just doubled himself.

When the hands were revealed, this time Dag was facing off against pocket tens with his A♠K♣ and an exciting board ran out K♥T♣9♣K♦J♠.

An excited Zarghampour had made a full house and leapt up and hugged his rail - having ballooned his stack to around one million. Dag meanwhile takes one step forward and immediately another back - forced into the realm of the wannabes once more, but still alive.

9.45pm: Findlay doubles Dag
Onur Dag just shoved his shortish 350,000 stack into the middle with pocket tens and after Mario Trattou gave a quick speech ("He who dares wins Rodney!") he folded leaving Paul Findlay to make a quick call with A♦Q♣ from the blinds.

A board of 9♣3♥8♣2♠J♦ saw Dag collect the pot. "I was thinking about calling with K♠6♠," said Trattou.

"If you call that, then it's "Rodney you plonker!" said Dag.

Dag moves to 800,000, Findlay down to 600,000...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000/80,000/10,000

9.25pm: "We're just passing the chips around here"
Quote from Paul Findlay with no one else looking like being eliminated. There have been a few changes in chip stacks though - big hand coming up...

9.05pm: Chiang is first faller - 8th(£2,100)
Jen-Yie Chiang has been eliminated in a pair of unfortunate hands - Paul Findlay doing the damage - not the first time today he has dealt dual pain to an opponent.

The first hand of note saw Findlay find pocket kings at the same time Chiang found A♠K♠. A cooler like that was always going to cost Chiang and with no help from the board, he was forced to hand over a big chunk of his stack to Findlay.

Now down to 400,000 and the blinds a whopping 25,000/50,000, pocket eights in the cut-off was like the nuts to Chiang - he moved all-in, but once again Findlay had him pipped with T♥T♦.

Again the board bricked meaning Chiang bows out and Findlay has moved to second in chips with over a million...

8:52pm: Triple up for Lewzey
The final table has commenced and already Steven Lewzey has had a stroke of luck to chip up.

With Mario Trattou raising to 100,000 and Onur Dag calling, Lewzey decided to go for it - shoving his 165,000 into the middle with A♥[6h.]

Trattou called the additional 65,000 and Dag now moved all-in for another 650,000. Trattou looked upset, having apparently folded A-Q.

A board of 8♣9♠Q♥3♥7♥ bailed Lewzey out at the last, his nut flush taking it down - and he is up to the lofty heights of over 500,000 for the first time in a while.

The UKIPT Series 6 Final Tablists

Seat 1: Jen-Yue Chiang (USA) - 1,040,000
Jen-Yue Chiang is a 38-year old investment manager. He has lived in London for the past 8 years - although originally he hails from Arizona, USA. He likes to keep on his toes with a mix of tournament and cash games. His wife travels with him to live events - in fact she played this event with him. He enjoys the UKIPT circuit and his biggest cash is $100,000 at a £1k side event at the 2009 EPT London.

NEIL3326_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Jen-Yue_Chiang_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 2: Darren Murphy (United Kingdom) - 365,000
Darren Murphy, from Crawley, describes himself as an online tournament grinder in the mid-stakes games, successfully enough to be a poker pro at age 23. His biggest score has been for $8,000 and this final table (a rare outing onto the live felt for Murphy) represents a possibility to outdo that if he can maintain the momentum that saw him finish Day 1a with the chip lead.

8G2A3315_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Darren_Murphy_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 3: Mario Trattou (United Kingdom) - 2,450,000
Mario Trattou has come to the UKIPT Series fresh from a break from the game - in fact he last played live in 2011 - but it doesn't seem to have done him any harm. The 36 year old self-employed landlord and property investor usually specialises in PLO cash games but intends to play more UKIPT events if this one continues to go his way. "I'll do them all in London, the UKIPT, the EPT," the capital-based chip leader said. He doesn't play too much online at the moment but admits, "I do like to have a punt." With over twice the chips of his closest rival, he's the one to beat.

NEIL3196_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Mario_Trattou_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 4: Paul Findlay (United Kingdom) PokerStars Player - 520,000
Paul Findlay nearly didn't return for Day 2, as he lives in Essex (although is originally from Glasgow) and was pondering a commute with just under 10bb. In fact, his playing at all was down to chance - he signed up to play a satellite into the £770 UKIPT London Main Event thinking it was a satellite here, then found he'd won the ticket plus expenses which he promptly used to play this "as a warm-up." Findlay has played poker for four years but only has time for a "bit of grinding" online at night when not working in a bank. Findlay enjoys the occasional Vegas cash game trip and has played in the Edinburgh UKIPT stop previously.

NEIL3225_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Paul_Findlay_ Steven_Lewzey_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 5: Onur Dag (United Kingdom) PokerStars Player - 835,000
Onur Dag says of the time he puts in to poker that it's simply "not enough." Dag, 30, works as a company director and is left with little time to play, but tries to fit in as much poker as possible, "dabbling" online and playing No Limit Hold'em tournaments where he's already found success. He's cashed in two UKIPT events (London last year and Edinburgh in March) but a win here would top his previous best live result, a cash for €19,689 in the Namur Poker Classics. This final table represents a substantial comeback from the 8bb he found himself pre-bubble.

NEIL3263_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Onur_Dag_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 6: Steven Lewzey (United Kingdom) - 240,000
Steve Lewzey is a 50 year old computer analyst, residing in Chingford, London. He learnt to play the game four or five years ago and since then has moved up the ranks, becoming a regular at the Hippodrome and Palm Beach cash games. He doesn't play online much and his biggest results have been finishing 19th in the EPT Vienna High Roller and 22nd in the Main Event, both of which he satellited into.

8G2A3235_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Steven_Lewzey_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 7: Khashayar Zarghampour-Boygrammadz (Iran) - 710,000
Khashayar Zarghampour-Boygrammadz is a computer engineering student residing in London. Originally from Iran, he has lived in London since 2008. He bought into this UKIPT and enjoys playing a mix of Hold'em and Omaha. He has enjoyed particular success at the Hippodrome where his last 10 visits have been profitable. His biggest result is for around $8,000 playing a $300 tournament on PokerStars, although he recently won a $1 rebuy that he described as a "lot of fun, with some crazy players!"

NEIL3320_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Khashayar_Zarghampour_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Seat 8: Damaso Garcia (Spain) - 875,000
Damaso Garcia is a 23 year old professional poker player from Gijun in Spain who now calls London home. He's been playing poker for five years and started with friends in home games. After graduating to online tournaments, he's racked up results including cashes in SCOOP events and the Sunday Special at

NEIL3252_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Garcia_Damaso_Neil Stoddart (1).jpg

8.25pm: The Final Table chip standings
Here's how they will kick off the final table when they resume - Mario Trattou leading the way:

Mario Trattou 2,450,000
Jen-Yue Chiang 1,040,000
Garcia Damaso 875,000
Onur Dag 835,000
Zhashayor Zarghampour 710,000
Paul Findlay 520,000
Darren Murphy 365,000
Steven Lewzey 240,000

7.45pm: Final Table set - Sachdev eliminated 9th(£1,700)
It was difficult for Rahul Sachdev to lay down pocket nines when he saw Mario Trattou (who has been throwing his weight around with his big stack) three-bet an open from Jen-
Yue Chiang. He decided he couldn't and moved all-in - Trattou quickly calling with aces.

It looked grim for Sachdev and the board ran out J♦7♦5♣4♦7♠ to confirm his exit. And with that we were down to 8 players!

The remaining eight have been sent on their way for a constitutional dinner break and they'll be back in forty minutes for the resumption. See you then!

7.20pm: Wells runs dry - eliminated 10th (£1,450.00)

It must seem a long time ago since Dominic Wells won that huge four-way hand with aces.

His chip stack since then has been eaten away and when he made his move with K♠Q♦, he ran into the dominating A♣K♣ in the hands of the marauding Mario Trattou.

Trattou yelled "Hold up ace-king for once," and his entreaties were rewarded, the poker gods sending a few shivers down his spine over the J♦9♦4♥3♦3♠ board but ultimately awarding him the pot.

Wells finishes up with £1,450.00 to soften the blow and we have our (unofficial) final table. It will become official with one more elimination. The players are on a short hiatus whilst they aggregate on one single table.

We'll be back in a moment for the playdown to the champion.

7.08pm: Piotr Majewski falls afoul of Mario Trattou - eliminated 11th (£1,450)
Trattou passed jacks earlier in a big pot, but this time, he made the call and it has proved to be very beneficial.

The hand saw an open from the cut-off, Majewski shoving from the small blind and Trattou making the call.

The initial raiser backed out and Majewski showed down A♦T♦ which was going to need the proverbial ace from space if he was to survive.

No such luck, the board ran out low and once it was established Trattou had Majewski covered by a slim margin, the Pole was eliminated in 11th spot.

Trattou meanwhile has built a huge mountain of chips - 1,500,000 or thereabouts which looks to be the chip leading stack at this point...

8G2A3332_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Piotr_Majewski_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Majewski showed some great skills but comes up just short

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000-4,000

6.45pm: Ilyuki crushed by Findlay run good - eliminated 12th (£1,280)
There's not doubt Paul FIndlay cuts a genial, chatty figure at his table but he has also experienced some hefty slices of fortune at times in this tournament too.

Victor Victorovich Ilyukhin didn't look best pleased at being on the receiving end moments ago - firstly calling Findlay's re-steal with A♦Q♥ - Findlay only able to table K♠4♠.

A dramatic board of A♥2♦5♣Q♦3♣ saw Findlay river a straight to dust off Ilyukin's two pair - before yet more heartache followed two hands later as Ilyukin shoved with pocket deuces and was picked off by Findlay, who held pocket threes.

No surprises on the flop and Iluykin departed - turning his nose up at Findlay's proffered handshake as he left - his annoyance visibly surfacing.

6.35pm: Tension breaks as Sanchez crashes out 13th(£1,280)
You can tell the players have applied an extra level of focus to their play with the winning line in sight. There's a little less banter and a few more lines of concentration wrinkling the brows of the assembled combatants.

Moments ago though, we had out first all-in confrontation for a while, Juan Ignacio Sanchez raising to 60,000 - only for Jen-Yue Chiang to move allin for his 430,000 stack. Sanchez quickly called with A♦Q♦ - but he was dominated by Chiang's A♥K♣.

A board of 6♣5♦J♣9♣A♣ saw Chiang's hand improve to the nut flush and after a quick count of the stacks, it was apparent he had the Spaniard covered. Chiang moves to close to the top of the leaderboard and the Spaniard's brave tilt at the title grinds to a halt.

6.20pm: Jahanshahi eliminated in 14th(£1,150)
Farhad Jahanshahi just ran his A♥J♦ into the brick wall that is Paul Findley, whose A♠K♦ held up to send him spiralling out of contention toward the cash desk.

13 left now...we draw ever closer...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000-3,000

6.15pm: Cash Machines
To bring us up to date with all the cashers, here's the rest of the men to have parlayed a profit from their buyin.

16th Ajay Bhadresa £1,020.00
17th Aleksander Spadijer £1,020.00
18th Mark Goodchild £890.00
19th Jack Glass £890.00
20th Patrick Murray £890.00
21st Adam Kossew £800.00
22nd Michael Lee £800.00
23rd Thomas Young Jr £800.00
24th Dean Perry £710.00
25th Orlando Ferreira £710.00
26th Leon Campbell £710.00
27th Peter Mok £710.00
28th Niazi Suleman £630.00
29th Carid Hassan £630.00

6.01pm: Onur Dag leads the way
Onur Dag has the edge in the chip standings right now - his stack an impressive 810,000.

TO see the full counts with two tables left, click here.

5.45pm: Goodchild and Spadiier bow out
Mark Goodchild tried and failed to double though with K♣7♣ versus Steven Lewzey's A♣9♥ - failing finally over the T♠T♦J♠K♠A♥ board and Aleksandar Spadijer's challenge floundered when his short stack shove with A♦9♦ ran into the big slick of Jen-Yue Chiang and he failed to improve.

Their exits leave 16 players still in contention so the players are taking a few moments out to re-organise themselves onto two tables...

5.28pm: Homing in on glory
The players are back in their seats, ready to go toe-to-toe as they battle through to the final. Good luck everyone!

We'll have the current chip counts delivered shortly.

8G2A3090_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Adam_Kossew-_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Can you feel it?

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Series 6- London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT