UKIPT Series 6 London Day 2 - Level 13-16(2,500-5,000-500)

2.20pm: Break time
The 100 and 500 chips are being removed from play and the end of level 16 means the players can pause for breath and take a short constitutional. They have an extended period during this break - 30 minutes to divert themselves. We'll return in thirty with the bubble beckoning (53 remain now.)

See you shortly.

2.13pm: Adeniya gunned down by cowboys
It would have been some feat to win back-to-back UKIPT series titles, and on this occasion, it's proved beyond Martins Adeniya.

His exit saw him move in over a raise with A♣6♦, only to run into the pocket kings of Rahul Sachdev behind him.

The board of T♥5♠9♥3♠8♦ kept Sachdev in the ascendency and that brings an end to Adeniya's run at the title. Sachdev meanwhile now has a circa average stack fo 130,000.

8G2A3042_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Martins_Adeniya_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Variance claims another scalp

2.00pm: Desilva melted down
Yesterday, we accidentally misattributed a kings versus aces cooler to Thissa Desilva. Apologies for this, but Desilva no longer need suffer at this blogger's hands as he has been eliminated prior to the money spots - his K-Q failing to spike versus Farhad Jahanshahi's marginally superior A-J. Jahanshahi rises to 140,000.

1.53pm: Shrinking field, blooming hopes
With every further elimination, the dream gets a little closer for the remaining players.
These players are the latest to swallow the bitter bustout pill.

Ruben Hernandez
Stig Brandal
Matt Bryan
Matthew Freeman
Darren Fuller
Thomas Baggaley
Thomas McWaters
Carlos Quevedo
Camille Abram
George Evans
Paul Romain
Barrie Gotch

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000-500

1:45pm: 63 and counting
Already, one third of the field has been taken to the barn and sent to animal heaven, just 63 players still battling for this title.

The money is becoming tantalisingly close - 47 paid remember.

1.41pm: Mamtora feels anguish
Some eliminations hurt more than others. Shann Mamtora just went out holding K♥J♣ on a 9♣6♠J♦ board, moving in, only for Joel Visa Jordana to call with Q♦T♦ for the open-ended straight draw.

"Instant service," Michael O'Brien commented as the 8♣ spiked on the turn to leave Jordana a lock for the pot.

Mamtora looked very upset at his exit, departing brusquely mumbling to himself while Jordana becomes the latest Spaniard to take a sharp upswing - his stack now clear of 150,000.

1.35pm: Deflated Ball
James Ball just bounced over the neighbour's fence and was punctured by a pitchfork.

Well, his actual exit was a more standard shortstack shove with A-8, only to run into Thomas Baggaley's dominating A-Q.

6♦T♥K♠6♠4♠ ran the board and Ball was bounced. Sorry James, no more Ball jokes. Well played and unlucky sir.

1.28pm: Melin scooped
Bad luck Sin Melin fans, your heroine has perished just prior to the money spots.

Her exit saw her run (we think) K-Q into the A♣Q♠ of Paul Findlay - the board running out J♣K♦A♥3♦5♥. Findlay rises to around 100,000, but Melin's hunt for a UKIPT series title will have to wait for now.

NEIL2977_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Sin_Melin_Neil Stoddart.jpg

No one wanted to see this Sin washed away

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000-500

1.12pm: Spanish civil war
The field is not chock full of Spaniards but two compatriots managed to find each other moments ago - the pair setting aside any national amity they may have felt to do terminal battle at the felt.

Gerard Contreras and Juan Ignacio Sanchez held A♠K♣ and J♦J♥ preflop and went to war - the latter emerging victorious over the Q♣8♣3♥T♦7♥ board.

Contreras seemed to take this coin-flip variance in his stride, congratulating Sanchez before departing.

Meanwhile Sanchez is riding high now, up to 180,000 after absorbing Contraras' stack

1.04pm: Wakey, wakey!
The 2.00pm starting date for the opening two days seems to have confused one or two players- as evidenced by the vacant seats lying sadly empty.

One such man came into the day as one of the chip leaders but the blinds will have removed a chunk by the time he arrives.

We saw Karun Dewan play some sterling poker yesterday and we're keen to see some more, so come on Mr Dewan, sink a few shots of coffee, splash some water on your face and get down the casino before you're blinded out!

8G2A2845_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Karun_Dewan_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Strong espresso required!

12:57pm: Sanders ends up a fried chicken
Jamie Sanders was one of those plentiful shorter stacks under pressure and finding A♦9♠ he made a move to double-through.

Unfortunately, his timing was awry as was his luck - Nick Wright(not the lovable PokerStars updater but his namesake) picking him off with pocket cowboys, which held over the Q♥T♣4♥3♣3♥ board.

Warm handshakes and commiserations exchanged - Wright was up over 100,000 and Sanders joins the rail.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000-400

12:50pm: The dream is over
As anticipated the few early eliminations have multiplied and we are now seeing the frequency of coats being collected rapidly increasing.

All the following men will have to temporarily shelve their hopes of UKIPT glory for a later date:

James Beardsmore
Jatinder Bhullar
Luke Burton
Andrew McBean
Sung Hee
Piotr Skonieczny

12:45pm: Orbiting Satellites
If you are watching enviously on as these players vie for the juicy cash prizes on offer, be aware that there will be some satellites running later here at the Hippodrome, enabling you to partake in some fo the upcoming events at a welcome discount.

There is a UKIPT satellite at 4.00pm for £250+£250 (£700+£70 prize) and an EPT satellite at 6.00pm for £500+£50 (£4000+£250.) Feel free to come down and register.

12:38pm: Churcher's prayers answered
Down to around 10 big blinds, Adam Churcher went for a blind steal with K♣2♣ but he found Tom Karlsson lurking behind with a real hand - 9♥9♠ - to take him on with.

Churcher needed clubs or a king to spike and the former bailed him out - a board of Q♥T♣5♣7♠8♣ saving his bacon at the last - a relieved grin breaking out over his face as he doubles to over 60,000. Perhaps the poker gods were providing a measure of redemption after Churcher suffered a beat with pocket aces at the tail end of yesterday. Justice?

A stoic-looking Karlsson meanwhile has now been relegated into the danger zone of circa ten big blinds.

12.29pm: Casualties of war
Surprisingly just four players have succumbed so far - the blinds are really eating into some of the shorter stacks now, so expect a flurry of eliminations over the next level.

For now though, these are the men whose hopes have been extinguished in the opening level. Good effort guys.

Brian Hobby,
Raphael Augustin
Austin Gontier
Amaury Legait

12.20pm: Fortune smiles on Adeniya
Full TIlt Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya has had a good start, peeling a raise from Patrick Murray in the blinds before leading out for 7,500 on the 9♥2♣5♠ board. Murray made the call.

The turn was the A♦ and once Adeniya checked, Murray now fired out 15,000. Call from Adeniya.

The river fell the 6♥ and a check saw Murray lead for 20,000 now - again Adeniya called, tabling A♠6♦ for two pair. Murray could only showdown the unfortunately rivered A♣8♦ and Adeniya chips up to over 100,000 - Murray down to 45,000 or so.

We know he has the talent but if luck is also on his side - Adeniya will be a tough man for the rest of the field to match...

12.10pm: Cards in the air
A slight delay but the players are now all seated, the familiar sound of chip riffling is echoing round the poker room and we are off. Good luck everyone!

8G2A2789_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Hippodrome_Neil Stoddart.jpg

The stage is set; bring the noise

11.55pm: UKIPT Series 6 day 2 - Alexander heads the field
Welcome back to the Hippodrome Casino for the final day of UKIPT Series 6. Two breakneck days of poker have led us to this point - just 105 of the initial 356 players remain and once the sun sets on today we will have crowned the champion.

George Alexander is the man best placed to make an assault on the title - his chip-leading stack of 227,400 marking him as the man to watch. There are no certainties in poker however - a rush of cards could see any of these remaining players rise from the pack to secure the title.

London stalwart Willie Tann(170,400), previous UKIPT series winner Martins Adeniya(76,700) and the effervescent, bubbly and very capable Sin Melin(69,300) will all have their own battle plans and the 30 minute levels mean there will be no place to hide - we can expect another day replete with incident and tough, relentless poker.

47 players are set to receive financial remuneration for their efforts, meaning we should reach the bubble at quite a lick today.

The prizepool can be viewed here.

To view the full standings at the start of play, click here.

We are moments away from the start, good luck one and all. May the best player win.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Series 6- London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT