UKIPT Series 6 London - Level 5-8(400/800/100)

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6.25pm: Break
The players are racing off their chips and taking a short twenty minute break at the end of level eight. We'll be back shortly for the resumption!

6.20pm: Official numbers
The final tally is in and a whopping 163 players have turned up to take their shot at the title today. With tomorrow's field likely to eclipse this, we can expect a 350+ field in total, building a very healthy prize pool.

8G2A2584_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Hippodrome_Neil Stoddart.jpg

The field beginning to thin out

6.10pm: Bowtell wins monster; Tann regrets passing huge draw
A giant hand played out at WIllie Tann's table - three players moving allin on the flop of a A♠T♦8♦ board. WIllie Tann elected to fold 7♦9♦ for an open ended straight flush draw..."I knew I was up against pocket eights and a bigger flush draw so I folded - but a jack came on the turn and I would have won a monster pot."

Instead, it was left to Keith Bowtell to showdown pocket eights (up against A♦3♦ and A♣T♠) and when the river bricked, he collected the 80,000 + pot, putting him as the likely chip leader at this point.

Willie Tann meanwhile was understandably aggrieved at having missed out on this opportunity to accumulate a huge stack...

6.01pm: Gone but not forgotten
Variance can be a cruel master; these players have been beaten by its rough end today. We're sure you'll be back for glory at a later date however.

Youssef Darwich
Finn Stewart
Kevin Abecassis
Christopher Charles Mccall
Fabiano Junior Ozelame
Marc Sanchez Ibern
Alain Logbo
Mark Prescott

5.46pm: Slick move holds up for Camille
Camille Harriet Abram has accumulated an impressive stack of 35,000 in the opening levels - most recently eliminating a tablemate when her A♠K♣ held versus his K♦Q♦ of her opponent.

The pair went to war on a K♥6♥4♠ board and when it ran out the 5♠, then 9♦ Abram had bested her foe and was busy stacking chips.

"I was sure she had queens," her opponent offered as he shook hands and departed...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800-100

5.32pm: Mario mushrooms up
He hasn't quite collected the star of invincibility just yet but Mario Trattou is riding a crest of good fortune nonetheless. Mark Norman played the role of vanquished Bowser, suffering a brain-freeze by calling with pocket threes on a 2♠K♣K♦5♥5♣ board, despite having had his pair counterfeited.

Trattou was delighted, having been bluffing with Q♠T♠ and collected the pot with queen-high with a gleeful smile.

"It's all a barrel of laughs anyway," said Trattou as he rises to 30,000.

Norman meanwhile looked a little shell-shocked at his decision, down to 12,500.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600-75

5.18pm: Fallen Warriors
There can be only one - these men will not be it. Bad luck fellas - enjoy the sunshine!

Jerome Bradpiece
Jon Koldo Berastegui Gal Dos-
Joe Johnson
Marco Lo Cicero
Robert Drummond
James Koumis
Jan Mohammad Nader Zadeh
David Dean

4.50pm: Double trouble for Ilyukin
If you were going to pick a likely name to crop up twice in this field Victor Ilyukhin might not spring readily to mind.

Well, you'd be mistaken as there are, or at least were, two players sporting this name in the field.

Victor Nikolaevich Ilyukhin is the man to depart, his exit seeing him run bullets into a flopped set of nines. Sad for him, although it saves the potential confusion the media might face if the pair went heads up.

4.32pm: Convey exits in ignominious style
No one likes to get one outed, but at least it gives you a story to tell. That's the shred of comfort Marc Convey can take from his painful elimination. Admittedly, it's not much!

His exit saw him overlimp with pocket nines, following a spate of calls, including Adam Kossew - all the players seeing a board of K♥9♥2♠ peel off.

A beautiful flop for Convey, he was yet more delighted when Kossew led for 800 and a further player called behind. Convey had earlier joked with Kossew about how he was going to raise to induce and with the perfect situation presenting itself, he popped it to 2,600.

Kossew refused to back off, making it 5,000, Convey finally firing his remaining 10,000 into the pot.

WIth Kossew showing down an inferior pair of deuces, it looked like the double up was done and dusted but the fickle poker gods intervened - a two spiking on the river to leave Marc with a fascinating story to tell but no chips.

Kossew up to 32,500...

NEIL2311_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Marc_Convey_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Painful exit for Convey - in more ways than one

Unfortunately for Mr Convey, there was an additional beat attached to his exit. He was involved in a last longer with Sin Melin and Jake Cody - the loser of which had to wear an outfit of their opponents' choosing in the coming UKIPT Isle of Man event.

Outfits including telly tubbies, man-kinis and other such disastrous sartorial choices have been banded about. Make sure you tune into the coverage at this event to see Marc in all his glory!

4.20pm: Level 5 in effect
CIgarettes smoked, capuccinos drained and energy reserves restored, the players are back at the felt resuming on level 5.

Good luck one and all!

8G2A2454_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Chips_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Get ready to rumble

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Series 6- London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT