UKIPT Series 6 London Day 1B - Level 5-8 (400-800-75)

6.27pm: Breakdown
The players are just colouring up their soon-to-be-redundant 25 chips, following which they will be streaming out for a twenty-minute break. We'll be back shortly for the resumption to play out the final four levels of the day. It should be fun - see you soon!

6:17pm: Official numbers
The entrants have been tallied, cross-checked and verified and we now have the official number of entrants. 193 registrants today join the 163 who played yesterday to make 356 total players, the prize pool coming to an impressive £86,330.

The full prize pool payouts will be posted shortly...

6.05pm: Pettit takes Kyriacou scalp
Forced into a move by the rising blinds, Demetrios Kyriacou just went for a double-up with Q♠5♠ only to run into the A♠T♦ of Trevor Pettit.

He had live cards but an ace spiked to send his chances tumbling down the rabbit hole. When he emerged, the rail beckoned as he became the latest casualty of the day.

130 remain now...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800-75

5.53pm: Ground down by variance
Poker takes no prisoners. You're either in the thick of the action or watching enviously from the rail. These are the latest men to be removed from proceedings. Apologies if the list contains a friend or loved one. They tried hard!

Martin Hellmuth
Sadman Shefan
Marc Hunter
Philip Barnes
Lotfi Boughanmi
Stephen Williams
Ernest Waczkow
Richard Chappell
Attila Csaka
Giovanni Borzello Miceli
Nick Green
James Herraghty

5.30pm: 150 remain...
With the increasing pressure on the players, shouts of "Allin on table [X]" are increasing in regularity, shortstacks bidding to double up or go home trying.

Thirty minute blinds mean the poker landscape is becoming increasingly tumultuous and we should be in for an exciting finale to the day.

NEIL2632_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Pokerstars_Live_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Some stars are rising; others are falling

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600-75

5.22pm: Two ships come sailing in

Table two is a shove-fest just at the moment. Here are the two most recent all-in confrontations to be rocking that part of the poker room.

Part 1 : Hallam doubles through Clements.

After Bruce Clements had opened to 1,200, Paul Hallam shoved for around 5,500. Clements made a quick call with A♦J♣ and when Hallam turned up pocket threes, a coin-flip race was in the offing.

The equity balance all changed on the J♦3♦6♦ board - Hallam spiking a set to give him a decent edge, although a diamond could still have turned the tables.

Nothing of note transpired over the 7♠A♠ turn and river however and Hallam was left sporting a still-below-average but much healthier stack of 11,600.

Clements meanwhile falls to roughly the same.

"Glad I passed pocket fours!" announced a relieved William Funnel.

5.36pm: Part 2: Beardsmore back to 20,000
Another shortstack to get promotion back into contention is James Beardsmore, also at table two.

This time we saw a raise from early position, followed by a flat call and a re-raise to 3,175 from Colin Marks on the button.

Beardsmore now shoved for 8,500 from the blinds and once everyone else had folded, Marks announced "I raised foolishly there," before feeling priced in to calling the additional 5,000 with his likely-behind K♣9♣.

Indeed he was, although live, as Beardsmore showed down A♦Q♠.

A board of 7♦7♠2♠J♦4♥ held few demons for Beardsmore however and he vaults over the 20,000 mark for the first time in a while. Marks meanwhile drops to 12,000.

5.02pm: Akhtar snaps off big move
Umberan Akhtar just made a quick call to good effect, building a large stack in the process. He was heads up with his opponent on a A♠J♣7♥ board - leading out for 2,500, only for his opponent to shove for 15,000.

Akhtar felt confident his A♣K♥ was good and quickly called, leaving his red-faced opponent to turn over the surprisingly weak 8♥9♠ for a mere gutshot draw.

Akthar still had to fade four outs, but did so -improving to two pair over the K♦ 5♠ turn and river. As his opponent exited quickly a smiling Akhtar swept up the pot to move to 43,000. Poker's easy sometimes!

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400-50

4.49pm: Reisner receives welcome boon
The early levels have proved a tough nut for Timothy Reisner to crack - his chip stack charting a downward curve. He has just put the brakes on this slide however, his negative trajectory arrested courtesy of Ilana Belsky, who took on Reisner with Q♦K♦ on the Q♥3♠2♥ board - only to find herself critically out-kicked by his 10,000 shove with A♣Q♠.

The 2♣J♣ on turn and river changed nothing and Reisner rises above his starting stack to 24,000 whilst Belsky has joined the critical list with around 10,000 or so.

4.32pm: Lady luck deserts Murray
With the blind pressure rising, it's hard not to put the whip to your big hands. Niall Murray did just that a moment ago, finding pocket queens and going to war with Vamshi Vandanapu preflop.

When the cards were tabled, he got the bad news that Vandanapu had him crushed with A♦A♠.

There was to be no redemption over the K♣T♦4♦5♣5♠ and Murray's tilt at the title ends in inglorious defeat, although he was the model of respectability as he wished his table good luck and departed amiably on his demise.

4.25pm: The game begins anew
The players have finished their break and taken to the felt once more to do battle. Level 5 is in effect; the blinds are 150-300-25 and the tension is beginning to ratchet up...

8G2A2759_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Pokerstars_Live_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Expect twists and turns aplenty

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Series 6- London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by neil Stoddart.

Rod Stirzaker
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