UKIPT Series 6 London Day 1B - Level 9-12 (1,000-2,000-300)

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Alexander - the one man wrecking machine

9.15pm: George Alexander blasts into chip lead at UKIPT Series 6 Day 1B
Once more The Hippodrome Casino opened its doors to all and sundry - some of the cream of London's poker scene visiting to test their mettle against an array of opponents great and good.

Mirroring the whirlwind pace we witnessed yesterday, the 193 players who ponied up the entry fee were shorn away ruthlessly by the unforgiving blades of variance, just 57 remaining when the final bell sounded after twelve breathless levels.

Previous UKIPT Series winner and Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya, 2010 Irish Open winner James Mitchell and double UKIPT winner Duncan McLellan were some of the elite players to take their shot at the title.

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The action was smoking in the Hippodrome

Mitchell and McLellan both perished prior to the end of the day, but Martins Adeniya was quietly efficient before a late burst saw him raise his stack to 76,700, keeping his chances of winning consecutive UKIPT series titles well alive.

However, it was George Alexander who employed his skills with panache to rise to the chip lead come the close of play - his dazzling play matched only by his dazzling red polo shirt. Buoyed in the latter stages having despatched opponents twice with aces, he ended up with a gargantuan 227,400 in chips.

The final chip positions come the end of Day 1B can be viewed here.

To view the combined chip counts from Day 1A and day 1B click here.

Play starts at 12.00pm tomorrow and Day 1A and 1B's surviving players will converge - the 105 remaining players set to battle down to a winner. 47 players will be paid - the full payout slots can be viewed by clicking here.

Join us then as we continue on the path to crown the UKIPT Series 6 champion. Good night and sleep tight. See you tomorrow!

8.41pm: That's all folks!
Level 12 has come and gone and the players are now done for the night. The rest is administration and tallying - still important work as it will let us tell you who has risen up to the challenge of their rivals best.

We'll have news of that shortly along with a short summary of how things panned out today. For now thanks for following guys!

8.31pm: Last three hands of the evening
We're close to the finish now. 65 players roughly are in contention and we'll have news of the chip leader once the players bag and tag their remaining chips.

8.15pm: Desilva swerves the bullet
By all rights Thissa Terence Desilva should be the latest man heading out of the door.

The wrong side of a cooler, he battled with Adam Churcher preflop, happy to commit his chips with pocket kings, only to get the bad news Churcher had him snookered with a pair of aces.

A board of 9♠T♣J♥ opened up a few avenues of escape for Desilva and he slipped down a sneaky gutshot corridor as the Q♦ spiked on the turn to give him a straight.

A brick river and a glum-looking Churcher was handing over a chunk of his stack to Desilva who rises over 50,000. Churcher meanwhile is shorter - down to 28,500...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000/2,000/300

7.59pm: Dewan makes impressive call; Allen goes down fighting
If they were handing out awards for testicular fortitude, Karun Dewan would be the man atop the podium right now spraying champagne over his fellow competitors.

Having raised to 3,200 pre-flop, he saw Paul Allen re-pop him to 8,800. He contemplated his action before making the call.

The flop fell Q♥6♥5♦, Allen leading for 7,200. Call from Dewan.

The turn was the Q♠, Allen fired again - this time for 10,200. Call.

The rivered 4♥ was the cue for Allen to move all-in for his remaining 24,600. Dewan mulled it over...then made the call.

Allen slowly turned over A♠J♣ for a three-barrel bluff. He could hardly have tried harder to win the pot. However Dewan had held tight, calling him down with A♦K♠ for a better ace-high.

Allen busts and Dewan did a micro fistpump at his judgement being borne out - his stack now an impressive 90,000 +.

Wow, good call.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600-200

NEIL2759_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Paul_Findlay_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Folding out better hands is a skill Findlay appears to have mastered

7.45pm: Findlay marches up the leaderboard
Representing Scotland with panache is Paul Findlay, who has accumulated a 50,000+ stack over the day so far.

Moments ago he made a big move, shoving for 44,100 after an opening raise had been three-bet by Stephen Hancox to 6,100.

The opening raiser melted into the ether and as Hancox vacillated, the genial Findlay engaged him in some banter.

"You don't want to knock out another Scotsman do you?" he asked jokingly - Hancox eventually electing to fold, showing pocket jacks.

"You should have called," said Findlay as he swept up the pot to move his stack north of 50,000.

7.31pm: Bustouts continue thick and fast
It started as a trickle, cracks appeared in the dam and it became a steady stream but now there is a gushing waterfall of eliminations as the blind pressure afflicting these players really takes its toll.

Here are the latest men and women to succumb to the recalcitrant waves of variance sweeping the poker room:

Nader Sarhan
Edward Milliner
Karen Chappell
Jai Patel
Mark McShane
Gary Taylor
Antonio Ferres Jurado
Mia Dac Liu
Pablo Bodi Jimenez
Jamie Wilson
Samuel Puche
Andrew York
Zak Lung Ly
Demetrios Kyriacou
Yuri Kaganovich
Craig Sweden

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600/1,200-200

7.10pm: Prizepool breakdown
With the figures in, we can now confirm the full payouts. Click here to view the prizepool. £16,800 is the prize the winner can expect.

8G2A2959_UKIPT_Series_Sep14_Andrew_Christos_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Andrew Christos feels the fickle caress of fortune

7.01pm: Christos storms up leaderboard as two-outer spikes
You need some luck in poker and Andrew Christos just had a healthy dose of it, winning a three-way coup in fortuitous style.

Seeing a flop of T♣9♣8♥, Christos went to war with Thales Filho and Bryan Coyne with top two although when all the hands were revealed he was going to need a great deal of help to secure the pot:

Christos : 9♠T♦ - for top two pair.
Filho: 9♥9♦ - for middle set.
Coyne: J♠J♣ - for an overpair and open-ended straight draw.

Filho was the favourite for the pot, although the table let out a collective gasp as the T♣ spiked on the turn to make Christos a virtual lock. When the bricky 2♣ arrived on the river, he had busted two tablemates and was now sporting a handsome 75,000 stack.

"I hate to do that to a fellow Tottenham fan," he said to Coyne as he departed, although the broad grin across his face suggested he didn't hate it that much.

Christos is well placed to make it through the day near the summit of the leaderboard now.

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The camera loves mirrored shades

6.49pm: Welcome back to the Hippodrome. The Final Furlong
Level nine is now in effect. Just 115 of the initial 189 players who initially
bought in have made it through to this level. Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya is one of those to have survived the early going. It will be a frenetic run-in to the final.

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride beautiful people!

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Series 6 - London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT