UKIPT4 Champion of Champions

12:45pm: Dean Hucthison has been crowned Champion of Champions!
Dean Hutchison is officially the "Best of the Best" after he beat all other champions from Season 4 on the UKIPT. The Edinburgh winner has won entry to all season 5 events (including hotel costs) which is due to kick off at the beginning of 2015.

UKIPT4_CoC_Dean Hutchison.jpg

Hutchison with Kirsty Thompson & Toby Stone

The final hand of the tournament saw Hutchison raise to 5,000 and call Ben Mayhew's all in.

Hutchison: K♣J♦
Mayhew: A♣8♦

The board ran 4♣2♦9♣7♥J♥ to see Hutchison make the winning hand on the river.

Mayhew was gracious in defeat and he congratulated his victor.

UKIPT4_CoC_Ben Mayhew.jpg

Runner up, Ben Mayhew

Dean Hutchison and the whole of the UKIPT team will see you in 2015 for Season 5 of the UKIPT!

12:40pm: Mayhew back in the game
Dean Hutchison was one card away from being crowned Champion of Champions but Ben Mayhew hit a flush on the river to double to 47,000.

Mayhew shoved and and Hutchison called.

Mayhew K♣6♣
Hutchison: 4♣4♠

The board ran A♣J♣3♥7♠7♣.

Game on!

12:35pm: Killeen busts third
From hero to zero for Kevin Killeen as Dean Hutchison came back to finish off the job.

The Irishman shoved from the button and Hutchison called from the big blind.

Killeen: K♥7♥
Hutchison: Q♦td]

The board ran 4♠7♦3♥A♣Q♥ to see Hutchison hit the river and take a commanding lead into his heads up battle with Ben Mayhew.

UKIPT4_CoC_Kevin Killeen.jpg

From pole to out in third

12:30pm: Hutchison doubles to take the lead
Dean Hutchison has doubled through Kevin Killeen to take the chip lead.

The Scot had previously limp folded from the small blind but was waiting with a big hand this time. Killleen shoved on the limp and Hutchison snapped him off.

Killeen: K♣T♦
Hutchison: A♠Q♠

The board ran 8♣9♦8♦9♣5♦.

Hutchison doubled tom more than 70,000 and Killeen dropped to 27,000.

12:22pm: 60 bigs in play, Killeen with half the chips
Blinds have moved up to 1,000/2,000, 300 and the stacks have altered since three-handed play began.

Kevin Killeen has been the most dominant and has half the chips in play. Ben Mayhew has made some progress at the cost of Dean Hutchison, both have around 30,000 chips for a quarter of chips in play.

12:10pm: Geillich and O'Kearney bust to Hutchison
A pure Celtic battle saw anther three-way all in and a double elimination.

Geilich moved all in from early position before Dean Hutchison three-bet all in for more than 20,000 and Dara O'Kearney call all in for 19,200.

Geilich: J♠9♣
Hutchison: A♦K♣
O'Kearney: A♠Q♠

The board ran 9♦J♦Q♣6♦T♦

Hutchison was looking like losing to both players but made a straight on the river to win the huge pot.

Play three handed with Mayhew the shortest stack.

UKIPT4_CoC_Dara O'Kearney.jpg

O'Kearney joined Geilich on the rail

12pm: Hart broken, Geilich short
A three-way all in has seen Josh Hart go out, Ludovich Geilich drop to 5,000 and Kevin Killeen take a commanding lead with more than 55,000.

Killeen limped on the button before Geilich raised to 2,000 from the small blind and Hart jammed for 10,000 from the big blind. Killeen re-shoved for 22,500 and Geilich called.

Killeen: A♥T♣
Geilich: K♠Q♠
Hart: A♠7♠

The board ran A♦Q♥8♣9♣4♥ and Killeen scooped.

UKIPT4_CoC_Josh Hart.jpg

Hart can't win two titles in a month

11:55am: Doke sends Findlay broke
Dara O'Kearney has taken out Paul Findlay whilst holding pocket aces but had a real sweat as he had to fade a straight flush draw.

He raised from early position and called after Findlay shoved for 4,600 from the next seat.

O'Keaney: A♦A♠
Findlay: K♣Q♣

The board ran 8♥J♣T♣8♦T♠.

Then there were six.

UKIPT4_CoC_Paul Findlay.jpg

Findlay faltered

11:50am: Cody busts despite fancying it
Jake Cody has busted in 8th place after getting his chips in a dominated situation.

The Team PokerStars Pro shoved for 6,200 from early position and Kevin Killeen did the same behind.

Cody: K♠J♠
Killeen: K♦Q♠

"I still fancy this!" said a hopeful Cody before his hopes were dashed on the 4♣A♦A♣Q♦3♣ board.

He's off for a PokerStars office visit before coming back for the media tournament later.

UKIPT4_CoC_Jake Cody.jpg

Cody had fun despite defeat

11:40am: Level 8 under way and counts
The players are back in their seats for level 8 where the blinds are 400/800,100.

Full counts:

1. Kevin Killeen - 9,500
2. Martins Adeniya 9th
3. Ludo Geilich- 28,400
4. Josh Hart - 17,800
5. Ben Mayhew - 16,100
6. Dean Hutchison - 15,100
7. Jake Cody - 6,600
8. Dara O'Kearney- 18,500
9. Paul Findlay - 5,600

10:27am: Break time
The players are on a short break. Full counts coming up.

10:25am: Adeniya first out of the final table
Martins Adeniya turned up late, barely played a hand and doesn't know what to do with the rest of his day after he busted.

He moved all in for 6,950 from early position and Ludovic Geilich followed him in from the nest seat. Jake Cody almost joined the party but thought better of it.

Adeniya: Q♥J♥
Geilich: T♦T♣

The board ran K♣2♥9♠8♣3♣ to hand the pot to the UKIPT Marbella1 champion.

UKIPT4_CoC_Martins Adeniya.jpg

Short day for the Full Tilt Poker Ambassador

11:20am: Hutchison on the double
Dean Hutchison fancied staying a little while longer (at least) after he found a great spot to get his short stack in.

Josh Hart raised to 1,200 from the button and called when his Scottish opponent moved all in for 5,925 from the big blind.

Hart: K♥J♥
Hutchison: A♣9♠

The board ran 7♠A♠3♠7♣Q♣, hardly a sweat for the UKIPT Edinburgh champion.

11:05am: Final table seat draw
The final nine players have been drawn onto one table, here's how they line up (with rough counts:

1. Kevin Killeen - 10,500
2. Martins Adeniya - 9,600
3. Ludo Geilich- 19,000
4. Josh Hart - 23,000
5. Ben Mayhew - 14,000
6. Dean Hutchison - 5,800
7. Jake Cody - 7,500
8. Dara O'Kearney- 21,000
9. Paul Findlay - 7,000

11am; McLellan hits set, busts to quads
Duncan McLellan's comeback was short lived after Kevin Killeen got his revenge.

McLellan moved all in with pocket fours and was called by Killeen, holding kings.

The board ran 7♠Q♠4♣K♦K♥. McLellan was offered massive hope only for it to be crushed through the turn and river.

UKIPT4_CoC_Duncan McLellan.jpg

No third title this season for Duncan

10:55am: Angell and Bull bust in same hand
A three-way all in saw the first eliminations of the day and two of them in the same hand!

Robbie Bull, Ludovic Geilich and Brett Angell all went to war pre flop and the cards were on their backs.

Bull: A♦J♦
Geilich: A♠K♣
Angell: J♣9♣

The board ran 8♥8♣J♦A♥T♣ and Geilich moved up to 21,000 after taking two scalps.

UKIPT4_Three Way All In.jpg

Three-way all in sees off Bull and Angell

10:50am: McLellan triples and Adeniya arrives
Martins Adeniya arrived at table 2 just in time to see Duncan McLellan triple up.

McLellan moved all in for 450 and Dean Hutchison tried to isolate by raising to 1,000 but folded after Kevin Killeen moved all in behind.

McLellan: K♦T♠
Killeen: A♥J♠

The board ran Q♦9♠9♥J♥8♥ to make McLellan a straight.

10:45am: Cooler cripples McLellan
Duncan McLellan faces a tough task after a house over house scenario with Ben Mayhew saw him fall to just 475 chips.

Most of the chips went in on the river of a 4♥5♠7♣4♣Q♦ board with McLellan's 5♣5♦ losing out to Mayhew's 7♥7♦. Mayhew leapt to 14,500.

10:43am: Three-way action on table 2
Josh Hart has moved up to 15,500 in chips after a three-way, three-bet pot.

In level 3 (75/150), the most recent Isle of Man champion raised to 400 before Dean Hutchison three-bet to 1,150 from the small blind. Kevin Killeen called from the big blind, as did Hart.

All three checked the J♥6♣A♦ flop before Hutchison led for 1,700 on the K♣ turn. Only Hart called to the Q♥ river where his 4,000 bet was enough to get Hutchison to fold. Hart up to 15,500, Hutchison dropped to 7,500.

10:36am: O'Kearney doubles in classic race
It's official, the PokerStars Blog suffers from commentator's curse. Just after we publish a post about Brett Angell's continued form, he dropped down to 4,000 after a big flip with Dara O'Kearney.

All the chips went in pre flop and the cards were flipped up.

Angell: Q♥Q♦
O'Kearney: A♦K♠

The board ran 7♦4♠2♥A♣8♥ to pair the Online Qualifier of the Year's ace. He moved up to 19.400.

10:25pm: Angell continues form
Brett Angell, looking surprisingly fresh faced, has drawn the first blood on table 1.

He raised from second position and Robbie Bull called from the big blind to see a 6♣2♦5♦ flop. Angell continued for 375 and Bull called to the 9♣ turn where he check-raised Angell's 625 bet up to 2,100. Angell called before both checked the T♣ river.

Bull opened 7♦3♦ for a missed flush draw and lost out to Angell's 8♥8♦.

10:22am: Here comes Ludo
The title normally describes the action when Ludovic Geilich enters a pot with a four or five-bet. Now though, it's just to describe his late entry. He's a bit dazed after a late online session meant he only got three hours sleep. He's been drawn in between Robbie Bull and Brett Angell on table 1.

He sat down just in time for the beginning of level 2, blinds up to 50/100.

10:15am: Shuffle up and Deal
Ten players are sat for the start of play, here's how they have been drawn:

Table 1:
1. Dara O'Kearney
2. Paul Findlay
3. Robbie Bull
4. Brett Angell
5. Jake Cody

Table 2.
1. Kevin Killeeen
2. Josh Hart
3. Bem Mayhew
4. Duncan McLellan
5. Dean Hutchison

UKIPT4_Champions of Champions.jpg

The Champion of Champions players

10am: Delayed started
Let's be honest, 10am is a very early call time for poker players, cards were never going to be in the air on time. When play does get underway, each player will have 10,000 chips and the levels will be ten minutes long.

9:50am: UKIPT to decide the best of the best
Welcome back to Grand Connaught Rooms, London for the UKIPT Season 4 Champion of Champions Event.

Most of the the Main Event and Series winners, plus Online Qualifier of the Year, Dara O'Kearney, have been gathered together for a two table freeroll with one prize on offer but what a prize: Entry and hotel to every stop on the UKIPT Season 5 schedule!

UKIPT4_London2_Brett Angell.jpg

Brett Angell celebrating with friends after his victory yesterday

Cards will be in the air at 10am and will be a turbo structure so expect the action to be fast and furious; fun and very competitive. All the below participants are winners, click the links to see how they qualified for this special event.

UKIPT Series 1: Jake Cody
UKIPT Marbella: Ludovic Geilich
UKIPT Series 2: Gabriel Dragomir
UKIPT Galway: Alan Gold
UKIPT Series 3: Dinh Tuan Nguyen
UKIPT London: Robbie Bull
UKIPT Isle of Man: Duncan McLellan
UKIPT Nottingham 6-max: Ben Mayhew
UKIPT Edinburgh: Dean Hutchison
UKIPT Dublin: Kevin Killeen
UKIPT Series 4: Thomas Postlethwaite
UKIPT Nottingham: Duncan McLellan
UKIPT Series 5: Martins Adeniya
UKIPT Marbella 2: Rodrigo Espinosa
UKIPT Series 6: Paul Findlay
UKIPT Isle of Man 2: Josh Hart
UKIPT London 2: Brett Angell

Brett Angell snuck into today's tournament at the last possible moment by being crowned the UKIPT Grand Final champion last night. Let's here from him:

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT CoC: Marc Convey. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT