UKIPT4 Dublin Day 1A: Level 1-4 updates (100-200 ante 25)

4:10pm: Break time
That's four levels done and dusted, so the players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level five updates in a new post. -- NW

3:55pm: The grandest of champions
EPT Grand Final champion Steve O'Dwyer was a late arrival but has already lost nearly half his stack.

Some damage was already done to his stack before he three-bet an open from the small blind. His opponent called and then bet 1,100 on a 5♠K♥A♥ flop when O'Dwyer checked to him.

O'Dwyer called and then both players checked the 5♣ turn. O'Dwyer checked again on the 7♣ river and tank folded when his opponent bet 5,600 (with just 1,600 behind). He dropped to 12,300. -- MC

3:40pm: Misread leads to big stack
Janos Jeszek is up to 43,000 after misreading his hand and getting all his chips in with just seven high. He held [7][6] and by the turn there was a [4][5] and [2] on the board. Jeszek thought he already had the straight and committed his chips against Stephen Eccles (who another player informed me was already all-in before the turn) who had aces and Patric Huemmerich who I was told had a pair and flush draw.

Once the cards were turned over and Jeszek realised his mistake, no matter though as he made his straight on the river to eliminate Eccles, whilst Huemmerich dropped to around 11,000. -- NW

3:32pm: They came; they saw a little; they headed for the bar
Phil Baker will certainly need a drink after his pocket queens were cracked by an opponent holding pocket jacks. A jack on the flop did for Baker's tournament.

Fintan Gavin was a late arrival and has also busted. Joining them on the emerald rail were: Thomas McAlister, James Tomlin, Manats Visockis, Thomas de Rooij, Oscar Lima, Anton Tonkoglas, Sean Judge and Thoams Ries. -- MC

3:20pm: Day 1A intro with Nick Wealthall
There's a video team in situ here at UKIPT Dublin and earlier today UKIPT host Nick Wealthall did an introduction to Day 1A which you can see below. Watch out for a video with Joeri Zandvliet which will be posted here shortly.

Blinds up: 100-200

3:10pm: Michael Griffin Coolered
Michael Griffin was down to 6,500 or so chips and in the big blind. He looked down and saw K♥K♣ - an almost perfect hand to help halt the rot, especially as there was a raise from David Wilkes.

He moved all in and soon found out the bad news; Wilkes had A♥A♣ and made a quick call. The board ran out 6♥3♠J♥T♦3♥ changing neither hand. -- MC

3:05pm: Quite the overbet
The word legendary gets banded around a little too often in poker circles but it certainly applies to Scott Gray. He final tabled a WSOP event way back in 1989 and finished fourth in the Main Event in 2002.

He's got one UKIPT cash to his name, it came in Dublin in Season 1 and he's got a nice boost early on here in his quest to make it two UKIPT cashes.

2:55pm: Zandvliet no Nightingale
Former double UKIPT champion Joeri Zandvliet has moved up to 33,000 after he hit a set in a three-bet pot versus Florence Allera.

The Dutchman opened to 350 from early position and called after Allera three-bet to 750 from the cut-off.

Both players checked the flop before Zandvliet led for 700 and 1,700 on the turn and river. The board rested as 4♦2♠A♠2♦6♣ and Allera called all the way but mucked upon seeing Zandvliet's 4♥4♠ for a set. -- MC

2:40pm: Exits
Three more players are out taking the total number of exits to five. Glen Coroner, John Horan and Maxim Floris van Eijk are all out. 210 of 215 players remain. -- NW

2:30pm: Gavin among the latecomers
The total number of players in the field has ticked up to 220 and UKIPT2 Edinburgh champion Fintan Gavin is one such late comer.

His appearance takes the total number of UKIPT champions in the Day 1A field up to four as Dean Hutchison (UKIPT4 Edinburgh), Joeri Zadnvliet (UKIPT Manchester and UKIPT2 Dublin) and Robbie Bull (UKIPT4 London) are also playing today.

Gavin's not been in the field long and as such still has his starting stack. -- NW

2:15pm:A catch up with former UKIPT Dublin champion Joeri Zandvliet
On how it feels to be back in the city of his second UKIPT triumph:

"It's nice; I like the city; good vibes and nice people. I've got to get used to the accent for a bit again, but that worked so I like it!"

Talking about poker/work balance now he's finished his studies:

"I slowly came to the conclusion that I really like poker but as a recreational thing on the side, and for the time being I'll continue to have it like that. I've finished studying and now I doing some (and looking) for some more serious work. In the ideal world I'd like to work three or four days and play the rest.

I would rather concentrate on other things than poker because I've already experienced that and realised it wasn't the thing I wanted to do full time.

I have 23,000 chips so far and the company at the table is great and that's the most important thing". --MC

Blinds up: 75-150

2pm: Break
The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

1.52pm: Intelligent neighbours
This UKIPT flight might be one of the most intelligent seen on the tour.

Dan Wilson and his work for the European Space Agency has already been mentioned, and now Sam Grafton and Joeri Zandvliet are getting deep into discussion about urban planning.

Zandvliet has just finished postgraduate studies on the subject in London and it seems one of the many subjects that Grafton can wax lyrical about.

Mid discussion Grafton stopped taking to raise to 300 from under-the-gun. Zandvliet apologised for continuing to talk but Grafton stopped him and said, "Don't worry, when playing a hand it's looks massive to be in discussion and then raise under-the-gun!"

Paul Man called but folded to a delayed c-bet on the turn of a 9♥4♠7♠3♣ board. -- MC

1.40pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of some of the notables in the field: Chuck Fabian (27,500), Steve Jelinek (16,000), Robbie Bull (29,000), Adrian Mateos (23,400), Dean Hutchison (29,000), Julian Thew (23,000), Dara O'Kearney (26,500), Sam Grafton (19,800), Joeri Zandvliet (22,500), Phil Baker (16,000), Thomas Ward (20,200), Diego Gomez (21,500), Mateusz Warowiec (22,000), Andy Black (24,000), Scott Gray (19,800) and James Tomlin (14,000).

We've also lost one more player with Simon Brooks the man to bust. -- NW


WSOPE Main Event champion Adrian Mateos

1:25pm: Carroll's not singing anymore
Raymond Nielsen has more than 40,000 chips after he took out Darren Carroll, the second elimination of the day.

The two players made it to the river of a Qx-4x-9x-8x-6x board. Two spades were on the board by the turn and that lured Carroll into calling a bet before he over-shoved the river with A♠Q♠. Top pair was no good though as Nielsen called with JxTx for a straight. -- MC

1:15pm: Big Mick swells field; Jenkins lucky to be in
The number of runners in Day 1A has now reached 190 and Ireland's first Supernova Elite - Mick 'BigMickG' Graydon - is one of the late arrivals.

Whilst Ben Jenkins may well feel he lost the minimum in a cooler of a hand

1:05pm: Man with a telescope and some chips
Despite the reputation held in some quarters, poker players are actually an intelligent bunch, on the most part.

A case example is Dan Wilson, who's in the field today. He's busy looking over some notes on optical modelling of telescopes. It's certainly reading about as far as can be from a red top newspaper.


Wilson's wonderful world of telescopes

Wilson has been working on a thesis for his PHD for the European Space Agency and has his viva tomorrow where he'll spend three hours presenting his findings.

"Three hours of torture!" was how Wilson described what lays ahead.

The PokerStars blog wishes him luck and hopes he can build a stack that can be seen from space. -- MC

Blinds up: 50-100

12:55pm: Meet the staff
Back in October when the UKIPT headed to the Isle of Man, the home of PokerStars, a decision was made that Rational Group (PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker) employees were allowed to play in the UKIPT main event for the first time, a point Lee Jones talks about here. Given that Dublin is the home of Full Tilt, the experiment is being repeated here. One player to take advantage of this opportunity today is Chuck Fabian.


Fabian - hasn't given up the day job just yet

You might recognise the name as Fabian finished runner-up to Zandvliet right here in Dublin in Season 2. Back then Full Tilt was not part of the Rational Group so it was fine for employees of Full Tilt to take part. Many of them did and indeed Fabian was part of the same home game as UKIPT champions Nick Abou Risk, Max Silver and UKIPT runner-up David O'Connor. That's some line-up. -- NW

12:40pm: Sapiano the first to bust
It didn't take too long for the first bust out on Day 1A and its Albert Sapiano who's headed to the rail. The man who got his chips - Ian Byrne - told me how Sapiano busted. "He limped the button with 5-4 suited, I isolated from the small blind with pocket jacks and he called. The flop came j-5-4 and the chips went in."
There was no outdraw on the turn or river and unfortunately for Sapiano, Dublin, unlike the next UKIPT stop in Nottingham, is not a re-entry. -- NW

12:30pm: More faces and tricky tables
It's fashionable to be 20 minutes late and a lot of today's players are fashionably conscious (Edit: most actually aren't!).

As the tables fill up, some interesting tables have emerged. WSOP bracelet winner Steve Jelinek has been joined by Nick Newport; Julian Thew has to battle with UKIPT Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison and UKIPT London champion Robbie Bull has to face off with WSOPE Main Event champion Adrian Mateos.

Also in the field: Nicky Power and James Tomlin. So far, 170 players have registered for Day 1A. -- MC

12:15pm: Who's about?
The UKIPT runs a tight ship and play was underway pretty much on time, meaning a lot of tables were left sparse of beings.

A few players who kept good time include: former champion here Joeri Zandvliet, Tom Ward, Albert Sapiano, Bruce Jones, Steve Jelinek, Tom Ward, Dara O'Kearney and Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassador Ben Jenkins. -- MC

12.05pm: Shuffle up and deal
Cards are in the air. -- NW

12pm: Can Dublin deliver another strong showing?

Max Silver, Joeri Zandvliet, Richard Evans, who's next?

One thing's for sure in the past three seasons UKIPT Dublin has delivered, with each winner using it as a springboard for further success or having already achieved considerable success. Take Max Silver, UKIPT Dublin champion in Season 1, he wrapped up the final table in a little over four hours (a UKIPT record) and hasn't looked back. He's since racked up three further UKIPT side event wins, including two UKIPT High Roller titles, an EPT Side event win, two EPT 'final tables' and of course another UKIPT final table, finishing fourth at UKIPT2 Dublin.

The man who denied him that title, knocking him out at the final table no less, was Joeri Zandvliet. The Dutchman's victory at that final table made him only the second person (at the time) to have won two UKIPT Main Event titles, as Zandvliet had previously won UKIPT Manchester.


Richard Evans (pictured at UKIPT3 Dublin)

And last season Richard Evans took the title. The Welshman satellited in for €15, found himself down to just 1.2 big blinds on Day 3 but produced a remarkable comeback to win €75,000. He then won the UKIPT Champion of Champions so he's completely freerolling Season 4. Tidy as the Welsh would say.

Play is about to get underway here in the Round Room at Mansion House, Dublin.

Key UKIPT Dublin facts

- 20,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 400 big blinds
- One hour levels, we'll play eight today with no dinner break meaning play will end around 8.45pm
- Late registration is open until the start of level five - roughly 4.30pm.
- Two starting days, then Days 2, 3 and 4 will be a combined field to a UKIPT champion.
- There's still time to win your way to the event live at the venue in a €50 + €5 unlimited re-buy 10 seats guaranteed satellite. It gets underway at 6pm with late registration open until roughly 7.45pm. Full live tournament schedule here.
- Buy-in is €700 + €70 and there's a €350,000 guarantee on the tournament.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT