UKIPT4 Dublin Day 2: Level 9-12 updates (1,000-2,000, ante 300)

4:15pm: End of the level
We're halfway though Day 2 so the players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level 13 updates in a new post. -- NW

4:05pm: League of Nations
The 682 entrants to UKIPT4 Dublin came from a total of 37 different countries. It's no surprise that United Kingdom (240) and Ireland (237) contributed the most players. After them Germany (26), Poland (23) and Netherlands (23) round out the top five. The full breakdown is as below:

United Kingdom - 240
Ireland - 237
Germany - 26
Netherlands - 23
Poland - 23
Lithuania - 13
Norway - 12
Spain - 12
Isle of Man - 9
Italy - 9
Belgium - 7
United States - 7
Denmark - 6
Portugal - 6
Czech Republic - 5
Hungary - 5
Finland - 4
France - 4
Slovakia - 4
Austria - 3
Canada - 3
Israel - 3
Romania - 3
Sweden - 3
Croatia - 2
Australia - 1
Brazil - 1
Greece - 1
Iceland - 1
Malta - 1
Russian Federation - 1
Slovenia - 1
Switzerland - 1
Turkey - 1
Ukraine - 1
United Arab Emirates - 1
Venezuela - 1

A Venezuelan UKIPT winner has a nice ring to it. -- NW

3:50pm: Jones can't keep up with Salickas
Sad news as another Rational Group staff member has been sent to the rail, this time Lee Jones is the man to fall.

PokerStars Head of Poker Communications open shoved for 47,800 from under-the-gun+1, it looked for all the world that he was going to get it through as one by one the players folded round to Vytenis Salickas in the big blind.

The Lithuanian, who had roughly 65,000, thought it over and then made the call, showdown time!

Jones: 7♦7♥
Salickas: 9♥9♦

The [10h]2♠6♣4♥5♣ board kept Salickas in front and Jones wished the table good luck as he left. -- NW


Jones - pictured at the start of Day 2

3:45pm: Back to being Debs the Destroyer; busts Adeniya
She was firing blanks earlier but Deborah Worley-Roberts reloaded and fired to eliminate Martins Adeniya.

She raised off the button before the Full Tilt Poker Ambassador three-bet to 27,000, leaving himself with just 100 chips behind. Worley-Roberts called with ace-queen to see an ace-ten-rag flop.

Adeniya check-called all in for his last 100 chips with queen-jack and missed the Broadway draw. Worley-Roberts moved up to 120,000. -- MC

3:30pm: Max Power
During the first break in play UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall caught up with runaway chip leader Max Silver.

3:25pm: Bust outs bring us closer to the bubble
Whilst the bubble isn't in plain sight just yet, if you squint a bit and look in the rear view mirror it's just about visible.

That's because 153 players remain and 103 players will make the money. Among those who've facilitated this tournament being just 50 places off paying are: Nicholas Gavriel, Mick Graydon, Andrew Dwyer, Paul Van Oort, Stephen McGrath and Day 1A chip leader Noel McMahon as they're all out. -- NW


Van Oort is out

Blinds up: 1,000/2,000, ante 300

3:20pm: Chip counts
Here are some chip counts of the name's and notables left in the field:

Cat Taylor - 50,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts - 75,000
Dermot Blain - 30,000
Ed Gascoigne - 127,000
Jack Salter - 110,000
James Young - 42,000
Kevin Killeen - 120,000
Lee Jones - 100,000
Mathias Puzich - 91,000
Mick McCloskey - 157,000
Nick Wealthall - 70,000
Sin Melin - 29,000
Steve Jelinek - 161,000
Tim Chung - 155,000


Blain is still grinding

3:15pm: Silver and friends at the top
Max Silver is still the chip leader with around 440,000. Here's how the top five round out:

Daniel Stacey - 290,000
Michael Naughton - 260,000
Dirk Thijssen - 240,000
Robert Schulz - 190,000

Also worth noting is that father and son team, Ian and Ed Gascoigne, are doing well. Ian (130k) made the point he's catching up with his son (Ed- 135k)! -- MC

3:10pm: Davey doubles through Geilich
I joined the action on a 3♦[10s]4♠ flop, Ludovic Geilich fired out a bet of 7.700, Daragh Davey then moved all-in for 36,200 and Geilich made the call.

Geilich: Q♣Q♥
Davey: A♦A♣

The 3♥ turn and 7♣ river completed the board, "nice hand," said Geilich. Davey is up to 80,000 -- NW

3:05pm: Chuck chucked out
They'll be no final table repeat in Dublin for Rational Group Employee Chuck Fabian. He finished second to Joeri Zandlivet in Season 2.

3pm: Stacey stacking up again
Daniel Stacey has already made two deep runs during Season 4 of the UKIPT (11th UKIPT London and 6th UKIPT Isle of Man) and with 230,000 he's got almost three times the average here in Dublin.

He got to that lofty height by eliminating Mark James in a pot worth almost 70,000. Marc Kennedy opened to 3,500, James then moved all-in for what looked like 29,000. It folded round to Stacey who slid out 50,000 (10x blue 5k chips), Kennedy asked if it was a raise and it was ruled as one. "I meant to flat call if it helps your decision," said Stacey. After some thinking Kennedy folded (pocket jacks he claimed) and it was time for showdown.

Stacey: K♣K♥
James: A♥Q♥

The board ran 8♠2♦4♣J♣[10d] and on the turn Kennedy said: "that's me." Pot to Stacey and he's up with the chip leaders now. -- NW

2:50pm: Kevin Kileen-ing up

2:45pm: Debs the destroyer firing blanks
Deborah Worley-Roberts is back down to 85,000 after she emptied the clip Sean Flood and failed to find a lethal shot.

Flood played the hand very passively but it worked for a full double up. He called from the big blind when Worley-Roberts raised from under the gun.

The board ran out 2♣T♠7♠6♥K♣ and Worley-Roberts bet 4,100, 5,200 and 18,800 on each street. The 18,800 bet was the last of Flood's chips and he called them off with A♣7♥ after some thought.

It was good as a surprised Worley-Roberts mucked her hand whilst saying, "You're a mini hero, aren't you?" -- MC

2:30pm: Over a hundred out in the first two levels
A massive 103 players busted out during the opening two levels, 55 in level 9 and a further 48 in level 10. Some of the notables who just failed to make the first break of the day were: Ian Bruce, Andy Black, Tim Boyle, Robbie Bull and Eldon Orr. -- NW

2:24pm: Poker - a zero sum game
Plenty of tweets during the break from players still in the tournament. Some are up after two hours, others are down. Here's a selection:

Blinds up: 800/1,600, ante 200

2:02pm: Break time
That's the first two levels of the day done with, to celebrate the 207 remaining players have been let out to play for 15 minutes. Bagsy the swings. -- NW

2pm: Six-pack
Despite the exits of Robbie Bull and Duncan McLellan earlier today there are still six UKIPT Main Event champions left in the mix here on Day 2.
Whilst the exploits of Max Silver - who's the current chip leader with over 400,000 - have been well documented - let's take a look at the other five are getting on.

Ludovic Geilich came into today with almost 140,000 and he's increased his stack to 170,000 whilst Joeri Zandvliet is up to 120,000 from a start of day 81,100.
Sam Razavi is also a member of the six-figure club as he's got 105,000, which is a massive increase from the 24,400 that he began Day 2 with.

Thomas Finneran has 65,000, more than double the 27,500 he started with and Dean Hutchison has 54,000 which is a slight increase on the 51,500 he bought into Day 2. -- NW


Silver has gathered more gold

1:55pm: Hall can't be shifted
Tom Hall couldn't be shifted off a hand and his stance helped his stack rise to 115,000.

He was in the big blind and defended after an early position raise from the big-stacked Robert Schulz. The German bet the flop and bombed the turn before both checked the river. The final board read 9♥8♦8♣3♣5♠ and Hall opened J♠9♠ for two pair. It was good as Schulz mucked to drop to 175,000. -- MC

1:48pm: All pots count for Robinson
When you're short stacked, every pot counts. Just ask Owen Robinson.

He opened to 2,400 from the hijack and was called in three spots en route to a 4♠J♠K♦ flop. All four checked, as they also did on the 7♥ turn. Robinson bet 5,000 on the A♥ river and picked up one caller.

Robinson opened A♠J♣ for two pair and took the pot to move up to 37,000. -- MC

1:40pm: Petersen one of the High Rollers
The Main Event isn't the only tournament taking place right now as the €2,200 High Roller got underway at noon. It's a single re-entry event and thus far it's attracted 24 entrants, including six who got in via a satellite last night.

One of those to hop in is Team PokerStars Online's Mickey Petersen. He's at the same table as Robbie Bull and Adrian Mateos. Whilst we've also spotted Dean Lyall and Simon Hemsworth in the field. -- NW

1:30pm: Level 1 bust outs
There were a total of 55 eliminations during the opening level of the day, we've already reported the first spate (see 12.15pm post) but can now tell you that: Edward Tombs, Robert Molloy, Duncan McLellan, Inaki Santos, Paul Fowler, Ciarian Cooney, Steven McKenzie, Garry Hughes, Kristian Sehstedt, Colin Fitzgibbon, Adrian Smith, Alex Jobling, Peter Barrable, Michael Rossiter, Juan Roig, Dale Philip, Gary Robb, David Lyness...

Luigi Knoppers, Krzysztof Zakrzewski, Gerry Glynn, Shaun Hegarty, James Glossop, Toby Woolard, Sean O'Neill, Mateusz Warowiec, Dawid Paczka, Matthew Willis, Javed Ullah, Danny McHugh, Richard Pearson, Paul Keogh, Steve O'Dwyer, David Scully, Sam Holden, Birger Rasmussen, Michal Havavka, Conor Blain, Philip Plunkett, David Tierney, Michael Grimley, Marcel Wachter, Julius Schneider and Ambrose Travers are also out.

234 runners remain and the average stack is 57,000. -- NW

1:25pm: Dominated Dacey departs
Rational Group employee Rick Dacey's UKIPT Main Event adventure had come to an end. He was rather unlucky to run into two big, dominating, hands either side of him.

Timothy Chung opened from the hijack before Dacey three-bet all in for 24,000 from the button. Yiannis Liperis was in the small blind and just cold called the shove. Chung wasn't in the same mood and shoved behind. Call.

Dacey's king-queen was in a world of trouble against Liperis' big slick and Chung's pocket queens and the board ran blank. -- MC


Dacey downed

1:10pm: The saddest man in the room
I'm not sure the PokerStars Blog has ever witnessed a man so unhappy to have doubled up in a poker tournament. Take a bow Michael Kettiros, he hasn't been to bed yet and clearly wants to get there!

He is sitting there with hood up and sunglasses on trying to shut out the world. He open shoved for 41,600 with A♣J♥ and sat there stoically not following the action. A few seats round Noel McMahon made the call and when the dealer instructed Kettiros to turn his cards over he said: "Did I get a call?" Informed that he did, he turned his hand over and saw that he was in bad shape against McMahon's pocket kings.

The 2♣A♥A♣ flop gave Kettiros the lead, "You're sh****g me," said an excitable Kettiros. The board ran out 8♣[10h] and Kettiros said: "I should be happy, but I'm not," as he collected his chips. He's up to 85,000 whilst McMahon, who was the Day 1 chip leader is down to 70,000. -- NW


Kettiros - dreaming of sleep

1:02pm: Day 2 introduction with Nick Wealthall
Before Day 2 got underway UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall set the scene.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,00-1,200, 200

1pm: McLellan shoved into Jelinek's straight flush to bust
Duncan McLellan's Day 2 ride has come to an after an eventful first level. Steve Jeinek and Igor Wilk were also in the hand, the former being the player who scopped the lot with a straight flush.

The turn was out and the board read K♣T♦8♦9♦. Jelinek led for 4,500 from the big blind before McLellan shoved for 49,000. Wilk called the shoved and then called off the extra when Jelinek shoved for 66,000.

Jelinek: 6♦7♦ for a straight flush.
McLellan: A♦J♠ for the nut flush draw and open ended straight draw.
Wilk: K♦7♠ for a worse flush and straight draw.

McLellan and Wilk were both drawing dead rendering the 9♠ river meaningless. Wilk was left with 70,000. -- MC

12:55pm: Dale done and dusted
With a below average stack of 26,800 to start the day it was always going to be a case of trying, rather than hoping, to get back on parity for Team PokerStars Online's Dale Philip. Well the sole remaining player flying the Red Spade tried, but sadly failed.

12:45pm: Respect your elders
Dara O'Kearney is not your typical 'older' poker player. The former ultrarunning champion who describes himself as an 'old guy who clicks buttons' clicks them pretty well for an 'old guy'. He was the UKIPT3 Online Qualifier of the year and is currently ranked inside the top 10 in the Irish Online Poker Rankings and inside the top 20 in the Irish Live Poker Rankings. So perhaps fear, rather the respect is better terminology.

12:40pm: Dutch courage goes unrewarded
When we heard that a player wanted to speak to a blogger about a bad beat that had ended his UKIPT4 Dublin Main Event we metaphorically rolled our eyes, if you've heard one bad beat story (we've heard a thousand) you've heard them all.

Turns out our cynicism was unfounded as Pieter van den Hoogen - a Dutchman who qualified for just €22 - had a quite wonderful story to share. And true to stereotypes he wasn't foaming at the mouth, but totally chilled about what had happened.

"So very first hand of today Duncan McLellan, the guy who won Isle of Man shoves from under-the-gun+1 for 26 big blinds, I'm next to act and look down at queens. I think for about 30 seconds, it's the first hand after all, and then move all-in. He has 8♥4♣ and the flop comes 4-4-2!"

After that brutal beat Van den Hoogen was left with six thousand. "The very next hand McLellan shoves again! I have ace-queen so it's easy to commit my last six thousand, he had 9-8. The first card that the dealer shows on the flop is a queen, but then it comes eight-nine and I'm out!"

The Dutchman intimated that he'll probably come back for the €330 Dublin Cup which starts at 6pm tonight. You can see the entire UKIPT Dublin schedule here. -- NW

12:35pm: New day, same Max Silver
Max Silver is a sick man. That was meant in the best possible way though. He had a rail of Steve O'Dywer and Sam Holden as he dismantled two opponents (one eliminated) and moved up to around 420,000.

Silver raised to 2,000 from under the gun and was called by Edward Gascoigne two seats along before Javed Ullah squeezed to 4,200 off the button. The raise was small enough to tempt both opponents into calling.

The flop fell 4♥A♠9♠ and Ullah continued for 6,800. Silver check-raised the bet up to 16,700 but failed to shift either opponent as both called. On the T♣ turn Silver moved all in.

Gascoigne tanked for a few minutes before deciding to fold and preserve the 70,000 or so he had remaining, but Ullah called all in for around 63,000 after thinking for a good while as well.

Silver: T♦9♦ for a turned two pair.
Ullah: A♦Q♣ for top pair.

The board completed with the 3♦ and Ullah was gone. -- MC

12:25pm: Holden and O'Dwyer Depart
There was no comeback for either Sam Holden or Steve O'Dwyer.

Holden ran ace-nine right into an opponent holding aces and O'Dwyer lost a flip when his tens couldn't stay ahead of ace-king. -- MC

12:20pm: Table of Doom

28, 1, Ambrose Travers, United Kingdom, 25,500
28, 2, Joeri Zandvliet, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 81,100
28, 3, Stefan Ebinger, Germany, Rational Group staff, 48,000
28, 4, Thomas Hall, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 62,700
28, 5, Remco Gerlach, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 10,300
28, 6, Timothy Boyle, Ireland, PokerStars player, 87,800
28, 7, Dale Philip, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, 26,800
28, 8, Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 53,600
28, 9, Michael Josem, Isle of Man, Rational Group staff, 61,600

That's a pretty sick line-up given that it contains Joeri Zandvliet (two-time UKIPT champion), Tom Hall (UKIPT3 leader board champion and recent 10th place finisher at the PCA), Dale Philip (Team PokerStars Online), Daniel Stacey (sixth place finisher UKIPT4 Isle of Man) and Michael Josem (PokerStars Head of PR). -- NW

12:15pm: Seat Open
Players are busting out at a rate of knots at the start of Day 2. At least one table has already been closed as 11 players were knocked out in the opening 10 minutes. They were: Philip Gildea, Chris Murray, Dariusz Paszkiewicz, Henry Port, Scott Gray, Pieter van den Hoogen, Tony Ranis, Karl Murphy, Ricardo Da Fonseca, Sam Grafton and Brian Holland. -- NW

12:05pm: Gray one of the first to go
The legendary Scott Gray was one of the first to exit on Day 2 here in Dublin, he shoved with A♦2♦ for around 14 big blinds and ran into the pocket eights of Gerry Glynn and got no help from the community cards. -- NW

12:01pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Cards are in the air for Day 2. The plan for today is to play eight levels, meaning play should finish around 9pm. That's just in time for the party then! -- MC

11:50am: Silver starts Day 2 in the gold position
Welcome back to Day 2 of the UKIPT Dublin. For the first time in the Main Event all remaining players are in action together and the race to make the money is on.

Max Silver starts the day as a massive chip leader with 311,700, more than double what Marc Kennedy had in second position. There are still 309 players remaining and their main focus will to still be alive when 103 players remain. Do that and you'll be in the money and guaranteed €1,250 for less than two days work.

Dale Philip is flying solo for the red spade on Day 2 but Full Tilt Poker is still being well represented by Tour Ambassadors Sin Melin, Dermot Blain and Martins Adeniya. Rational Group employees still in the hunt include Lee Jones, Rick Dacey, Chuck Fabian, Michael Josem and Roger Lu.

Cards will be in the air at midday.


Dermot Blain still in the hunt on home turf

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT