UKIPT4 Dublin Day 4: Level 29-31 updates (80,000-160,000, 20,000)

7:25pm: Max Silver eliminated in 2nd place (€53,700); Kevin Killeen wins UKIPT Dublin (€87,700)
Kevin Killeen managed to survive four all ins throughout his ding-dong heads up battle. Max Silver, on the other hand, was eliminated the first time his stack was at risk.

Silver opened to 320,000 and then four-bet all in for around four million after Killeen three-bet to 825,000. Call.

Silver: Q♠8♠
Killeen: K♣Q♣

Silver was dominated and needed help. The 6♦4♥2♣ flop didn't bring it. The 3♠ turn offered chops out and Silver commented that he would take that, but it failed to appear in the A♦ river.

Killeen's rail stormed the barricades and hoisted their man aloft in celebrations.

Congratulations to both players on their fantastic performance this week. -- MC

7:15pm: Kevin Killeen wins
It's all over here in Dublin and Kevin Killeen has won UKIPT4 Dublin. Details on the final hand to come. -- NW

7:10pm: Killeen trims Silver's chip stack further
Kevin Killeen is up to almost 10 million after taking a big pot from Max Silver. It began with Killeen making it 350,000 to go and Silver calling from the big blind. On the 9♥2♠[10d] flop Killeen c-bet 375,000, Silver check-raised to 1,000,000 straight and Killeen smooth called.

The K♥ fell on the turn and Silver check-folded to a bet of 1,000,000 from Killeen. After that hand Silver is down to 3,800,000 whilst Killeen is up to 9,600,000. -- NW


It's Killeen who's in gold position now

7:02pm: Killeen leads
For the first time since heads-up play began Kevin Killeen has taken the chip lead. It happened in the following pot.

Max Silver raised to 320,000 on the button and called when Killeen three-bet to 825,000. Both players checked the Q♥K♦J♠ flop and the [10d] fell on the turn. Killeen led for 750,000 and Silver smooth called. The 8♥ river was checked through and Killeen showed A♥5♦ to take the pot. He now has a roughly 6.9m to 6.4m chip lead. -- NW

6:58pm: Chip counts
The players are back and playing the following stacks:

Max Silver - 7.975,000
Kevin Killeen - 5,380,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 80,000/160,000, ante 20,000

6:45pm: Break time
The two remaining players are now on a short break. -- NW

6:41pm: We need to talk about Kevin
It's been all Killeen since his last double up and he's won the only two pots that have gone to showdown. Both have been reasonably small but they all count.

In the first Max Silver raised to 240,000 and Killeen called from the big blind. It checked all the way to the river on a 7♣J♣8♣Q♦9♠ board at which point Killeen check-called a bet of 200,000. "Two-pair," said Silver, but Killeen had [10s]7♦ for a straight.

Then on the final hand before the break Killeen raised to 240,000 on the button and Silver called from the big blind. Again they checked to the river, this time the board came 4♦A♦Q♦J♠6♦, Silver bet 260,000 on the river and Killeen had a long think before calling. Again Silver had two-pair, 6♥4♥ to be precise, but Killeen had 3♦3♥ for a small flush. -- NW

6:26pm: Killeen gets another double
Another double for Kevin Killeen and it might be Max Silver who's getting drunk on his inability to seal a second UKIPT title.

After Killeen opened to 300,000, Silver moved all-in and Killeen snap called.

Silver: 7♦6♣
Killeen: A♦K♣

"He's so live," said one of Killeen's rail at the fact that Silver, although behind, had plenty of clean outs. The board ran J♠5♦3♥[10h]3♠ and Killeen doubled to around 4,500,000 whilst Silver drops to 9,000,000. Game on. -- NW


Another all-in, same result

6:18pm: Killeen gets short, doubles yet again
Kevin Killeen is proving a difficult opponent to finish off. Max Silver had him down to just over ten big blinds before another all-in confrontation.

He was down that low because he called a 1.1 million bet from Silver on the river of a 2♣5♣8♥A♥3♠ board. Silver opened 4♣7♥ for a wheel and Killeen mucked.

The very next hand Killeen moved all in for 1.26 million with 8♥9♣ and Silver called with J♠T♦. The board ran A♥6♠3♥9♥Q♥ to make Killeen a pair of nines. One more double up for Killeen and the game will well and truly be back on. -- MC

6:05pm: More for Silver
The heads-up patten is repeating itself as Max Silver has, yet again, ground Kevin Killeen down so that he again has an almost three to one chip lead. In the latest big pot that they played Killeen made it 300,000 on the button and Silver called from the big blind.

Both players checked the 6♠Q♣9♦ flop and the 3♦ fell on the turn. Silver led for 400,000 and Killeen smooth called. The 3♥ completed the board, Silver fired out a bet of 600,000 and Killeen called, Silver showed J♦9♦ and it was good.

Pot to Silver, 9,900,000 plays 3,500,000. -- NW


Silver is well in front once more

5:50pm: Silver scoops one with a pair of aces
A standard raise of 250,000 from Kevin Killeen was met with a standard call from Max Silver and the two of them took a 2♠[10d]A♦ flop. Check by Silver, bet of 250,00 from Killeen, call by Silver.

The Q♦ hit the turn, check from Silver, bet of 600,000 from Killeen, call from Silver. The 9♥ completed the board, Silver checked again and this time Killeen folllowed suit. "Ace" said Silver as he rolled over A♠7♣, Killeen nodded to indicate it was good and he mucked his hand.

Pot to Silver who's up to 9,000,000, whilst Killeen is down to 4,500,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 60,000/120,000, ante 20,000

5:40pm: Kevin Killeen doubles through Max Silver
Kevin Killeen has just doubled through Max Silver for the second time in this heads-up battle. And much like the first he was in front when the money went in but not by much.

Pre-flop Silver opened to 200,000 on the button and Killeen called from the big blind. On the J♠5♠Q♥ flop Silver bet 240,000, Killeen check-raised to 640,000, Silver re-raised to 1,240,000, Killeen moved all-in for just under 3,000,000 and Silver made the call.

Killeen: Q♠7♣
Silver: K♠3♠

Killeen was a 56% to double up and he did so as the turn and river came 5♦2♦. So stacks are roughly even again, with Silver having a slight advantage. -- NW


Silver stands to sweat the all-in


Killeen has restored parity once more

5:35pm: Back and forth they go
Although Max Silver four-bet pre-flop to 1,000,000 even in one hand and Kevin Killeen moved all-in in another that's about the sum total of the action in the last 10 minutes. It all means it's pretty much as we were, although Killeen has perhaps grabbed a couple of big blinds back. -- NW

5:25pm: Killeen dips below 30 big blinds
Another sizable pot has gone the way of Max Silver and it means Kevin Killeen's stack has dipped below the 30 big blind mark for the first time during heads-up play.

It was Silver who started the action with his standard raise to 200,000 on the button, Killeen raised to 525,000 from the big blind and Silver smooth called. On the 6♦5♣9♣ flop Killeen c-bet 500,000 and Silver again smooth called.

The 3♣ turn completed the flush draw and Killeen check-folded to a bet of 725,000 from Silver. Stacks now roughly 10.7m plays 2.6m. -- NW

5:15pm: Silver surges back into big lead
Max Silver just won a six million chip pot to quickly reestablish a hefty chip lead...

He raised to 200,000 on the button and Kevin Killeen smooth called from the big blind.On the 6♦6♠8♦ flop Silver c-bet 180,000, Killeen check-raised to 450,000 and Silver flat called.

The turn was the 9♦ Killeen bet 560,000 and Silver called again. So there was 2,620,000 in the pot as the 5♥ hit the river. Killeen slowed down, checking it over to Silver who fired out a bet of 1,750,000. Killeen went deep into the tank but after a couple of minutes he made the call. Silver rolled over 9♣6♣ for a full-house and Killeen mucked his hand.

The stacks are now roughly 9.5m plays 3.9m in Silver's favour. -- NW

5:10pm: Say hello to Max Silver
UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall seemingly cobbled everyone before the start of play here in Dublin. His latest victim is Max Silver.

5pm: Kevin Killeen doubles through Max Silver
Max Silver had stretched out to a 10.2m to 3.2m chip lead when the biggest pot of the tournament played out.

Killeen opened to 200,000 on the button, Silver three-bet to 525,000 from the big blind, Killeen moved all-in and Silver made the call.

Silver: K♠Q♣
Killeen: 9♥9♦

It was a race and the pair stayed ahead on the 6♠5♣[10c]T♦6♣ board. As a result the stacks are all but even. -- NW

4:55pm: Meet Kevin Killeen
Whilst Max Silver is at his fourth UKIPT Main Event final table and is searching for his second title, this is Kevin Kileen's first tilt at a title. Nick Wealthall caught up with the start of final table chip leader before play began.

4:50pm: Heads-up chip counts
After a short break the two players are back in their seats and heads-up play is about to start. These are the chip counts at the start of the heads-up battle:

Kevin Killeen - 5,000,000
Max Silver - 8,355,000

And a reminder of what they're playing for:

1st. €87,700
2nd. €53,700. -- NW


Heads-up play gets underway

4:40pm: Chris Wood eliminated in third place (€38,400)
We're now heads-up here in Dublin as Chris Woods has fallen in third.

He three-bet all-in for 1,960,000 from the small blind over the top of Kevin Killeen's button open of 200,000. Back on Killeen the Irishman got a count before calling the all-in.

Killeen: K♠Q♦
Wood: 7♦6♦

The board came [10h]A♦Q♠J♠5♦ and a chant of "T is for Torino (Killeen's online screename is torino2000)," rang out around the Round Room. -- NW

4:37pm: Four in a row for Silver
Max Silver has won the first four pots of the level to further stretch his chip lead. -- NW

4:32pm: Who's left?
UKIPT Dublin is down to three players, here's a reminder of who they are and their chip counts heading into level 29. Max Silver has 8,035,000 of the 13,355,000 chips in play.

Kevin Killeen, 24, Dublin, Ireland, PokerStars Player - 2,960,000
Online pro Kevin Killeen is our chip leader going into the final table after knocking out both Michael Naughton and Declan Barker in 11th and 10th places respectively. He mostly plays online, where he's a mid to high stakes tournament specialist - his biggest cash to date was $33,000 in the Sunday Second Chance on PokerStars. He's proving that his online skills translate nicely into the live game this week, though - currently he has almost a million chip advantage over his nearest rival. He has plans to move to Mexico later in the year where he intends to continue playing online for a living.


Kevin Killeen

Christopher Wood, 30, Hartlepool, UK, PokerStars Qualifier - 2,360,000
Christopher Wood is no stranger to final tables - he finished second in the Irish Winter Festival here in Dublin back in 2008 for €106,000. Despite this, he regards himself as primarily a cash player - he started playing at home with friends before progressing to the online game and then from there moving on to live cash. He tries to go to all the UKIPTs and as many EPTs as he can, playing mostly cash games but also playing the tournaments when he satellites in. Wood is one of our shorter stacks going into the day, but his experience and track record mean that he cannot be discounted just yet.


Christopher Wood

Max Silver, 23, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - 8,035,000
Max Silver has become something of a fixture at the UKIPT Dublin final table - he won this event in 2010, and then finished fourth in 2011. Silver has also racked up one more UKIPT final table appearance (sixth in Edinburgh in 2010) as well as one EPT final table (sixth at EPT Prague 2013) and a final table bubble spot at the PCA this January. Dublin has been extremely good to Silver - so much so that the native Londoner now calls the city home. Silver is not the only player at this final table who has been here before - Joeri Zandvliet shared the final table with him at both UKIPT Dublin and UKIPT Edinburgh, and the pair are about to do battle for a third time. Silver will be looking to even the score with Zandvliet and claim his second UKIPT victory.


Max Silver

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT