UKIPT4 Edinburgh Day 2: Level 13-16 updates (2,500/5,000, 500 ante)

9:10pm: Play ends for the day
No more players busted through the last four hands. A full wrap of the day's play will be up on the blog shortly.

9:03: Last four hands
The last four hands will be played at each table and then play is over for the night.

9:02pm: Boeree busts Raine
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and Neil Raine were the two smallest stacks at their table and they went to war in a pre flop all in showdown.

Boere opened ace-jack and flopped a jack to eliminate Raine and his pocket eights. -- MC

9pm: Huge cooler, huge pot
Patrick Weifels must've felt untouchable a while ago, as he was clear chip leader. Then he lost a pot and gave up the chip lead at his table to Jonathan Lundy. Then the two of them clashed in the biggest pot of the tournament. It left Weifels holding his head in his hands and Lundy as massive end of day chip leader.

Lundy raised from under the gun and was called by Weifels in the next seat before Nicolas Cardyn squeezed from the button. Lundy responded by four-betting and then Weifels moved his big stack all in!

Cardyn folded but Lundy said good luck and called.

Lundy: A♠K♥
Weifels: A♣K♦

The two players smiled at each other, expecting a chop. Then the dealer flew through the board and delivered A♣J♠8♠6♠9♠.

She dealt at such speed that it took a few seconds for it to sink in that Lundy had made a flush. In less than a level, Weifels had gone from clear chip leader to out. He looked distraught and understandably so. Lundy hand a mound of chips to count but he could have more than 750,000 chips. -- MC


Weifels sat in shock

8:50pm: Williams wakes up with a monster
The tournament is stuck on 40 players remaining after another double up. James Williams was the beneficiary in a cold hand that cost Andrew Teng.

The action folded around to Teng in the small blind and he raise-called Williams' 88,500 shove from the big blind.

Teng: 8♠8♦
Williams: K♥K♦

The board ran 9♣2♣J♠3♥A♠.

Williams said he saw a king and was ready to go, before he saw the other one too! Teng dropped to 110,000. -- MC

UKIPT_Edinburgh-515_Andrew Teng.jpg

Andrew Teng & James Williams

8:40pm: Weifels can lose
Patrick Weifels is human after all and is able to lose chips. The chip leader doubled up Vytenis Salickas to drop back to 320,000 chips - still a very big stack.

Salickas opened to 10,000 and then moved all in for 88,500 after Weifels three-bet to 24,000 from the button. Call.

Weifels: Q♥Q♦
Salickas: 6♥6♦

The board ran J♠7♥9♣2♦K♦. -- MC

8:20pm: Big slick no good for Leonov; fours no good for Spence
Viktor Leonov found big slick but ran into aces to bust.

Chip leader Patrick Weifels opened from under the gun and called after shoved from the button.

Leonov: A♠K♠
Weifels: A♣A♦

The board ran J♦6♦2♠T♦K♦ to see Weifels hand hold up. He's up to an impressive 440,000.

Moments later, Aaron Spence made his move with pocket fours, but was called by an opponent holding pocket eights. The board ran A♥Q♥6♥7♦A♦ to send him home. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500/5,000, 500 ante

8.05pm: Chip counts
Below are the chip counts of some of the players left in...

Tom Hall - 125,000
Sam Grafton - 75,000
Daniel Charlton - 315,000
Tim Finne - 132,000
Nicos Nicolaou - 325,000
Arron Fletcher - 210,000
Patrick Weifels - 375,000
Thomas Ward - 70,000


Nicos Nicolaou

Nicolas Cardyn - 145,000
Mickey Petersen - 110,000
David Lappin - 105,000
Andrew Niven - 295,000
Caicai Huang - 203,000
Liv Boeree - 70,000
Andrew Teng - 195,000
James Williams - 68,000
Neil Raine 138,000


James Williams

8pm: Charlton snookers Louis
Day 1A chip leader Leon Louis has just been knocked out, but he got it in good against Daniel Charlton.

The latter opened to 8,500 from the cut-off, Louis three-bet to 21,000 on the button, Charlton set Louis in for what looked like somewhere over 100,000 but less than 130,000 and Louis made the call.

Charlton: A♠J♣
Louis: A♦Q♠

The J♠5♣7♥4♣[10h] board meant Charlton hit his kicker to kick Louis out of the tournament and climb to 315,000. -- NW

7:55pm: Newport falls down in 54th
It was a battle of the flush draws between Nicolas Newport and Ronni Borg although, the chips did all go in pre flop.

Newport moved all in for his last 36,000 from early position and Borg followed him in for not much more, from the cut-off.

Newport: A♣K♣
Borg: A♠T♠

The board ran J♠9♣3♠J♣2♠ to make Borg a flush. -- MC

7.45pm: Packed full of talent
"What a line-up we've got here," said Sam Grafton as Mickey Petersen wandered over to take his seat a couple to the right of Grafton.

And the Londoner is right, Petersen now occupies the five seat, Tim Finne is in seat six, Grafton in seat seven, Daniel Charlton is in seat eight and Leon Louis is in seat one!. -- NW

7.35pm: More exits
Short stacks who clung on to make the money are now trying to double up to make more money. Not all of them are being successful in their endeavor though...

Russell Wood moved all-in for 18,000 from early position with A♠K♣ and David Lapping looked him up from the big blind with K♦[10d]. The 4♥8♣J♥9♠7♠ board giving Lappin a straight - he's up to 82,000.

And Dean Lyall was almost all-in in the big blind so he put in his final 2,000 with K♠J♦ which was still less than Chris Gordon's open with A♦Q♥. The latter's hand held on the 3♥6♦[10c]Q♠Q♦ board to send Lyall out.

54 remain. -- NW

7.30pm: First three in the money, but out
We expected a lot of all ins after the bubble burst and the players didn't disappoint.

Adam Picken went in 63rd after he three-bet shoved from the big blind with A♣K♦. Andrew Teng had raised from the button with T♦9♦, called, and hit on the 3♠2♦4♦T♠2♠ board.

Next to go was Gerard Hickey. He flopped two-pair with ace-eight but, unfortunately for him, David Stonehouse had pocket aces for top set and took all his chips.

Whilst this hand was playing out, Matthew Ireland was busy getting eliminated in 61st place a few tables down. -- MC

7.15pm: Carl Falconer bubbles UKIPT Edinburgh
The players are in the money here in Edinburgh as Carl Falconer has bubbled this event in semi-brutal fashion.

He moved all-in from the button for 14,000 with A♦6♣ and Ashiq Abdullah made the call from the big blind with 3♥2♥. The 8♦J♥4♠ flop was safe enough for Falconer but the 5♥ turn gave Abdullah maximum outs going to the river. And the river was the 3♠ giving him the winning hand.

The two players shook hands and Falconer left the table. -- NW


Carl Falconer during his exit hand

7.10pm: Hand for hand play resumes
Here are the top six stacks with play still on the bubble:

Patrick Weifels - 360,000
Ondrej Drozd - 310,000
Nicos Nicolaou - 280,000
Andrew Niven - 261,000
Frederico Silva - 255,000
Dean Hutchison - 245,000

Blinds up: 2,000/4,000, 500 ante

6:50pm: Break time
It's going to be a long 15 minutes for the short stacks, the players are now on break. -- NW

6:45pm: Heaney gets a double up
Ciaran Heaney is the latest player to double up on the bubble...

Pre-flop he opened to 6,000 in early position and Jason Beazley called from the button. The K♦7♦8♣ flop was checked through and the J♠ landed on the turn, Heaney bet 18,500 and Beazley made the call. The 5♥ completed the board, Heaney checked, Beazley set him all-in for 81,700 and Heaney called.

There then followed a few minutes where hands at the other tables had to be completed before the cards could be exposed, when the time came Beazley showed J♣7♣ for two-pair but Heaney had pocket jacks for the turned set. -- NW

6:30pm: Picken and Galloway survive
There have already been two all-in and calls on the bubble. Here's what happened...

First Adam Picken moved all-in for 8,800 with pocket kings and picked up a call from Milan Šašek, who held A♣Q♠. The 2♥6♣2♦ board kept him in front. "Deuce on the turn," whispered Thomas Ward behind me and indeed the 2♣ fell on the turn meaning another on the river would counterfeit Picken's pair. But the river was the 9♥ meaning hie survived.

On another table Thomas Galloway three-bet shoved for 36,400 with K♣Q♠, Patrick Weifels was the original raiser and he called the extra with 5♦3♦. The 2♣J♣4♥Q♣5♥ board ruled in Galloway's favour and the bubble continues. -- NW

6:15pm: Nitsche, Blain and Vamplew all bust
Three big names, three exits just before the bubble.

Dominik Nitsche was the first to go, according to his tablemates Nitshce called a raise with A-10 after Caicai Huang opened with A-4. She bet all three streets of a A-K-4-A-J board and Nitsche called all-in on the river.

As for Vamplew he shoved around 55,000 with pocket sevens but ran into the aces of Chris Gordon. And Blain had previously doubled up Vamplew to leave himself with just over a big blind. That went in with 8♠3♠ against Ho Yin Lee's K♥Q♦. The J♠7♠4♥2♦9♣ board just about missing Blain to cause his demise.

Their exits mean we're now on the bubble. -- NW

6:10pm: Bamber and others depart
Andrew Niven saw his stack hit 180,000 after he eliminated John Bamber.

Bamber was short and shoved with A♥Q♥ but was unfortunate to run into Niven's K♠K♣. The board ran A♣K♦8♣7♠6♣.

Also out are: Dominik Nitsche, Dominic Davidson, Benjamin Bauer, Waheed Ashraf and Bayazit Zorlu. -- MC

6:05pm: Carter got
Graham Carter is the latest player to bust, he shoved for around 30,000 from the small blind with Q♣8♣ and ran into Nicos Nicolaou's A♠J♣ in the big blind. The [10h]4♦9♦K♣3♦ keeping Nicolaou in front. -- NW

5:55pm: Exits
We're down to 73 players here in Edinburgh, Manig Loeser, Brent Burnett and Robert Schulz the latest to fall. -- NW

Blinds up: 1,5000/3,000, 400 ante

5:45pm: Boeree and Lappin fold; Vamplew shoves
Some snippets from the stage...

After Milan Šašek raised to 4,800, Liv Boeree three-bet to 13,000 on the button and Šašek made the call. They checked all the way to the river on a 2♠8♠J♦8♣4♦ board at which juncture Šašek bet 14,400. Boeree gave him a good stare down but eventually folded.

One table along Dominik Nitsche opened to 5,000 but folded when David Vamplew moved all-in for roughly 40,000. And on table one David Lappin opened to 5,500 from the small blind and Ronni Borg made the call. On the 8♠J♦J♥ flop Lappin c-bet 6,100 and Borg called. On the 9♠ turn Lappin checked, Borg bet 8,100 and Lappin folded. -- NW

5:35pm: Allen and Turnball Depart
Kevin Allen admitted he'd been shoving all day, so wasn't too disappointed when he was eliminated.

He three-bet all in for around 45,000 after Dean Hutchison opened. Call.

Hutchison: K♣K♠
Allen: 7♥7♠

The board ran 5♦4♦Q♦3♣9♠. Hutchison moved up to 190,000.

Seconds later, Andrew Turnbull departed. His ace-ten faired badly against Tom Hall's ace-king. Hall's stack moved up to 250,000. -- MC

5:20pm: Grafton gets a double; Finne doesn't win
I joined the action to see Sam Grafton (big blind) all-in for 41,500 with 9♥9♦ and Daniel Charlton (under-the-gun) having raise/called with 5♦5♣. The A♣6♣6♠J♣[10d] board kept Grafton in front and he doubled. He and Charlton are clearly friends and he gave him a bit of a ribbing for his call. "I suppose I could've fours," said Grafton, before adding. "What kind of strategy is, "I'll give you a spin."

It was all good natured though, Grafton now up to 85,000, Charlton down to 135,000.

On the table behind them Tim Finne and Yiannis Liperis were involved in a hand. I don't know exactly when the money went in but Finne was sending 24,500 the way of Liperis. The board was J♦6♣[10h]K♣2♠, Liperis had A♣Q♣, Finne A♣K♥. Given that Liperis has 100,000 and Finne 65,000 it clearly wasn't an all-in pre-flop hand. -- NW

5:10pm: Bubble Psychology
With the tournament around 15 spots from the money, it's likely that certain players will try to make moves to accrue chips, leveraging on the financial psychology of the situation.

Dominik Nitsche tried such a move but Ho Yin Lee picked him off.

They were heads up to the river where a K♣4♣7♥K♠4♥ board rested. Lee bet 11,000 from the button and faced a raise to 35,000 from the big blind from Nitsche. Lee called with J♦4♦ beating Nitsche and his 8♥7♦.

Lee's stack rose to 160,000, whereas Nitsche's dropped to 95,000.

Neil Raine may have been trying the same thing on Liv Boeree. He wasn't looked up though. They were heads up to the turn of a K♠5♠K♥7♥ board and Raine bet 20,000. Call. On the 8♥ river Raine shoved for around 80,000 and Boeree quickly folded, preserving her 125,000-stack. -- MC

4:55pm: Chip leaders
During the break tournament staff did a comprehensive chip count of everyone left in. We'll be flowing that in to our chip count page shortly.

But as a taster I can tell you that Patrick Weifels (272,000), Arron Fletcher (247,000) and Paul Kerr (240,000) are the top three. And that Andrew Hulme, Ludovic Geilich and Majid Iqbal have all gone out in level 13. -- NW

UKIPT_Edinburgh-454_Patrick Weifels.jpg

Patrick Weifels

4:50pm: Blain not disappearing anywhere soon
Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassador Dermot Blain has been making steady progress here on Day 2. He does find himself at a tricky table though with the bubble fast approaching. He had a word with the Blog during the second break of the day.

"My day's going pretty good. I came back with 44k, lost a flip early with king-queen against tens, so wasn't looking good then. I went on a heater though and went from 20k to 120k. I've got 100k now after getting caught making a small bluff, but it's all good."


Blain squeezed in between two sharks

"The two players either side of me (David Vamplew and Dominik Nitsche) are two of the best players left in the tournament, so I won't be getting too out of line. I have a stack that will serve me well, I'll have to reassess if I drop down to around 60,000. I'm not playing to go crazy on the bubble; I'll just play hands with value. " -- MC

4:40pm: Bubble approaching, just 85 remain
As level 13 gets underway it will prove to be unlucky for a number of players. That's because 85 remain and just 63 will get paid. The bubble shouldn't burst in this level but in level 14 or 15.

For the following players though their tournament is already over: Richard Blacklock, Sunny Chattha, Andrew Parton, Andrew Hedley, Mark Hawks, Andrew Laurie, Emmett Mullin, Tim Slater, Padraig McDonagh, Josef Šnejberg, David Docherty, Marius Øvretveit, Paul Corrigan, Andrew Hall, Jonathan Lynas, Richard Pearson, Paul Campbell, Colin Gillon, Rohil Chavda, David Wilkes, Dave Wearing, Kaida Zhao, Craig Sayers, David McGlone and Sam Laurence. -- NW


Emmett Mullin

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT