UKIPT4 Edinburgh Day 2: Level 9-12 updates (1,000/2,000, 300 ante)

4.20pm: End of the level
That's the end of the fourth level of the day, you'll find level 13 updates in a new post shortly. -- NW

4.10pm: Painful exit for Campbell
Down to just 21,000 Paul Campbell committed his chips with A♣7♠ and was up against Jason Beazley's Q♦[10h].

A 4♣8♣3♦6♠[10c] board saw Beazley spike the river to send Campbell to the rail. -- NW

4.10pm: Raised tables and raised stakes?
There are three tables up on a raised stage here at the Assembly Rooms, the tournament room is usually a theatre. They're no different from any other table in the room, they're not feature tables or anything like that but there do seem to be a number of well known players seated around those three tables.

As well as the table containing David Vamplew, Dominik Nitsche et al (see below), the following players are also up on the stage performing: Neil Raine (99,000), Liv Boeree (135,000), Andrew Teng (101,000), James Williams (106,000), David Lappin (65,000), Nick Newport (95,000) and Ben Jenkins (77,000). -- NW

4:05pm: New table, same problems for Vamplew
Overnight chip leader David Vamplew hasn't had the best of days. If he was hoping a table change would help, he was wrong.

For starters, here's how he and the other big names at the table stacked up when he first arrived:

David Vamplew - 90,000
Dermot Blain - 110,000
Dominik Nitsche - 99,000
Jonathan Lundy - 95,000
Dean Lyall - 22,000


Tough table

Nitsche is one of Vamplew's best friends in poker, and it was he who caused him more pain as the two tangled in hand.

Nitsche opened to 4,500 and Vamplew called in position en route to a 9♥5♣J♥ flop. Nitsche continued for 7,000 and called after Vamplew raised to 1,700.

No more chips ventured into the middle as they checked the 8♣J♣ turn and river down. Vamplew opened A♥4♥ for a missed flush draw, losing out to Nitsche's Q♣T♠ for a straight.

Vamplew dropped down to 53,000 as Nitsche rose to 130,000. -- MC

3:55pm: Chip leader
Arron Fletcher has a stack of 255,000 in front of him and that makes him the man to catch. -- NW


Arron Fletcher

3:40pm: Szczotka sets up a double up
Jakub Szczotka just got a much needed double up at the expense of Russell Wood. The Pole raised to 4,000 from under-the-gun, Leon Louis flat called from middle position and Wood did likewise from the big blind.

On the 6♣[10s]5♣ flop Wood led for 6,000 and both players called. The 4♥ fell on the turn, Wood bet 12,000, Szczotka moved all-in for 30,000, Louis passed but Wood called the extra.

Wood: J♦J♣
Szczotka: [10h][10c]

The Pole had flopped a set and Wood was drawing to just two jacks, the river wasn't one of the two outs he needed. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000/2,000, 300 ante

3:30pm: Parton looking for a new hero
They say you should never meet your heroes, even if they are poker ones. It seems that Sam Grafton may well have been Andrew Parton's poker hero. We say "have" because Grafton just sucked out on Parton to bust him.

The action folded to Parton in the small blind and he raised to 4,800. Grafton peeled from the big blind to see a J♥8♣5♦ flop where he faced a 6,000 c-bet. He responded by raising to 12,300 and calling Parton's shove.

Parton: A♣A♠
Grafton: J♦Q♣

Parton was in great shape to double up but the board ran out 9♥T♠ to make Grafton an unlikely straight. "Unlucky, bud. Really unlucky," said Grafton with an out-stretched hand. He moved up to 105,000. -- MC

3:25pm: Have a craic at qualifying for Dublin
Max SIlver, Joeri Zandvliet, Richard Evans, you? The next UKIPT event takes place in Dublin between February 27th and March 3rd and you could be the next UKIPT Dublin champion, qualifiers are running now...

3:15pm: Bust outs
Just 114 players remain as the following players have all been eliminated recently: Chris Wood, William Elliot, Ross Elliott, Andrew Moore, Dara O'Kearney, Brian Tannerhill, David Nicol, Ross Hamilton, Michael Lewis, Keith Douglas, Robert Swikker, Michael Bourke, Andrew Abernethy, Andreas Høgh, Lewis Barber, Richard Evans, Sean Prendiville, Dominic O'Brien, Kay Wookey, Stephen O'Dwyer, Mikko Väisänen, Stephen Burke, George Phiniotis, David Lloyd, Antony Hallam, Milan Stanislav, Julian Thew and Barry Blackwood. -- NW


Evans - eliminated

3:10pm: Vamplew woes not as bad as O'Dwyer's
David Vamplew lost a couple of small pots on the bounce to drop to less than 125,000, but that's a whole lot better than O'Dwyer's zero.

O'Dwyer lost a big flip to Michael Kane, with pocket queens versus ace-king. O'Dwyer will most likely seen in the High Roller tournament later.

Kane used those chips to barrel Vamplew off a hand. The action was four-way to a 2♦K♦4♥ flop and only Vamplew called Kane's 5,000 bet. The former EPT champion called another 10,000 on the 6♠ turn but admitted defeat when faced with a 25,000 bet on the A♣ river. Kane moved up to 123,000.

The next hand Vamplew opened to 3,200 before tank-folding to Andrew Hulme's 35,000 shove. -- MC

2:55pm: Big pot for Boeree
My thanks to Richard for telling the Blog the action up until the river in the following hand...

It was Blacklock himself who got the action started, raising to 3,200 from under-the-gun, he picked up calls from Milan Šašek (hijack), Neil Raine (cut-off) and Liv Boeree (big blind).

On the J♣9♣9♦ flop Blacklock checked, Šašek bet 4,800 and Boeree was the only caller. The 4♠ fell on the turn Šašek bet 11,800 and Boeree again check-called. The 7♦ completed the board again Boeree checked, Šašek fired a third barrel, this time 22,200, Boeree responded by moving all-in for roughly 70,500.

With action back on Šašek the Czech PokerStars Qualifier went deep into the tank, checking and re-checking his hand before eventually electing to fold. He's down to 144,000 whilst Boeree climbs to roughly 152,000. -- NW

2:45pm: Chattha takes quiet line
Sunny Chattha moved up to around 70,000 after he almost flopped a royal flush. He decided on the cautious/trappy line when the board paired though.

His 3,200 raise from second position was called by Nicolas Cardyn (button) and Viktor Leonov (small blind). The flop came 9♦Q♦A♦ and all three players checked to the Q♠ turn where Cardyn bet 5,400 when the action was checked to him.

UKIPT_Edinburgh-397_Sunny Chattha.jpg

You can never be too careful, Sunny

Only Chattha called to the 4♦ river where both players checked. A sheepish looking Chattha opened K♦T♦ and scooped the pot as Cardyn mucked. The Frenchman dropped to 62,000. -- MC

2:25pm: Chip leaders
As level 11 gets underway these players are the chip leaders from the 144 players who remain:

Ondrej Drozd - 231,200
Andrew Niven - 176,000
Leon Louis - 168,000
David Vamplew - 165,000
Patrick Weifels - 160,000
Vytenis Salickas - 158,000
Adam Picken - 155,000
Thomas Hall - 145,500
Francisco Minguez - 140,000
Thomas Ward - 140,000
Daniel Charlton - 138,500
Alan Brown - 133,500
Ludovic Geilich - 131,000
James Williams - 125,000


Leon Louis and Sam Grafton share a joke

2:20pm: Whatever the stakes, O'Dwyer is your man
Before UKIPT Edinburgh, Steve O'Dwyer was last seen at the PCA playing the $100,000 buy in Super High Roller Event, the $10,000 Main Event and the $25,000 High Roller Event.

The PokerStars Blog caught up with him in the break to see how he's adjusting to playing a smaller buy in event and how he's coping with being a short stack on Day 2.

"I love the game. No matter what the stakes, I try my hardest. It's different playing much lower stakes with a different type of field but I enjoy everything no matter where I am. I just enjoy everything."

"I started with 9,600 and I've got 53k now! I'm running pretty good though; I got lucky with ace-king against kings. I'm happy!"

2:10pm: Exits
These players failed to make the first break of the day as: Gary Bertram, Wai Kiat Lee, Erik Mertens, Robert Balaz, Paul Febers, Lloyd Muir, Steven Heron, Jiri Adamek, Gergő Kovács, Milorad Dobrijevic, James Bott, Lorenc Boci, Emrah Yildiz, Ellie Biessek, Mohamed Dawood Anuar, Benjamin Picken, Erdim Koz, Garry Smith, Stephen Docherty, Oliver Schaffmann, David Phelan, Gareth Derbyshire, Ross Loggie, Sven Wendt and Daniiar Bakchiev are all out. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, 200 ante

2:02pm: Break it up in there
The remaining players are having their first 20-minute break of the day.

2pm: Ferguson felled
"At least they're suited," said a very short stacked Andrew Ferguson as he stood up. He was all-in with 7♥2♥ for a few thousand and up against Michael Kane's Q♠9♣.

The J♠K♥7♦ flop was a decent one for Ferguson, but Kane took the lead on the Q♣ turn and the A♣ river kept him in front. -- NW

1:50pm: Derrick Downed
Chris Derrick had three deep runs in the UKIPT in 2013, with one final table, but 2014 hasn't gotten off to the same start.

He open shoved for 12,600 from the cut-off before Nathan Davies moved all in from the small blind and Anthony Galloway called all in for 21,400 from the big blind.

Derrick: A♦4♦
Davies: A♣9♠
Galloway: 3♦3♣

The board ran J♠4♠3♥8♣J♥ to make Galloway a set for a near triple up. Derrick wished everyone luck before he departed and Davies dropped to 30,500. -- MC

1:40pm: Selected chip counts
Mickey Petersen - 73,000
Tom Hall - 116,000
Leon Louis - 110,000
Ludovic Geilich - 76,000
David Docherty - 39,000
Richard Evans - 60,000
Sean Prendiville - 20,000
Sam Grafton - 70,000
Julian Thew - 22,000
Daniel Charlton - 123,000
Thomas Ward - 150,000
Emmett Mullin - 85,000
Tim Slater - 45,000
Andrew Ferguson - 24,000


Team PokerStars Online's Mickey Petersen

Andrew Hulme - 27,000
David Vamplew - 144,000
Steve O'Dwyer 32,000
Kevin Allen - 37,000
Andrew Teng - 34,000
Nicholas Newport - 47,000
David Lappin - 26,000
Ben Jenkins - 60,000
Dermot Blain - 54,000
Dean Lyall - 80,000
Dominik Nitsche - 55,000
Jon Lundy - 105,000
Liv Boeree - 124,000
Neil Raine - 41,000
Dara O'Kearney - 34,000


Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

1:25pm: Adeniya defeated despite being dominant
Martins Adeniya has been eliminated despite getting his chips in good.

The pot opened with a raise from Daniel Charlton before the Full Tilt Poker tour ambassador shoved from the small blind. Ross Hamilton was in the big blind with K♥Q♠ and shoved as well. Charlton called with ace-king and soon saw Adeniya had the same hand.

The dealer fanned a 5♦9♥Q♦9♠6♠ board so send Adeniya packing. Hamilton rocketed up to 95,000 with his lucky break. -- MC

UKIPT_Edinburgh-385__Martins Adeniya.jpg

Martins Adeniya's luck was out today

1:10pm: Exits
A few exits to tell you about...

First Mickey Petersen eliminated Sung Hee Yun. The latter was all-in pre-flop for around 7,000 with [10c]7♣ and in bad shape against Petersen's K♣6♣ which even had her suit covered. That would prove crucial as the 2♣5♦3♣2♠5♣ board gave them both a flush.

Elsewhere, Kevin Killeen was all-in for 17,000 with 6♠6♣ against Michael Kane's Q♣Q♦. The dominating pair held up on the 3♦2♣[10c]2♥A♠ board.

Also out are: Christopher Thomson, Andrew Hawksby, Ryan Hutchison, Jordan Wong, Rupert Elder, David Chau, Marc Foggin, Fraser Macintyre, Jon Warmerdam, Alexander Tong and John Thain. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, 200 ante

1pm: Would Thew believe it?
Julian Thew has dropped just below 10,000 after he was unlucky against Viktor Leonov after a pre flop all in showdown.

Frederico Silva opened to 2,000 from early position and was flat called by Leonov in mid position before Thew raised to 4,200 from the big blind. Silva folded but Leonov shoved for 29,200. Call.

Thew: Q♥Q♣
Leonov: A♥Q♦

The board ran K♣7♦T♥J♥3♥ to make Leonov a straight.

Thew hardly reacted as he paid out his opponent and assessed the damage to his stack. -- MC

12:45pm: Twitter update
So much goes on at the start of a Day 2 that it's impossible to catch it all. Thankfully twitter is on to hand to help.

The blog noticed that Steve O'Dwyer was up to 20,000, double his start of day 9,600. It seems he got a boost from eliminating Ian LeBruce.

Dara O'Kearney won a big flip late last night and has won another one early today. The Dan he refers to is Dan Wilson.

And Jon Lundy, who got off to a good start today, is not liking his table draw.

12:40pm: Woods chopped down
Poker journalist Dave Woods has been eliminated by Day 1A chip leader Leon Louis in a flip.

Lois opened to 2,000 from early position and called after Woods shoved for 21,000 from mid position. Call.

Louis: A♠K♠
Woods: 3♣3♠

The board ran a Louis friendly K♣8♣7♦6♦K♣.

"You've got to win your flips," said Woods, who busted in his first all in of the tournament. Louis moved up to145,000.-- MC

12.35pm: Exits
As per usual a lot of players have exited in the opening 30 minutes of Day 2. Louis Salter, Keith Hawkins, Daniel Wilson, Katja Svendsen, David Gallagher, Saman Ziarati, David Shallow, Magnus Martin, Donald Koh, Stuart Giulian, James Metcalf, Ian Le Bruce, Danny McHugh, David Price, Paul Delaney and Dan Rankin are all out. -- NW


Dave Shallow

12.25pm: Lundy loving life
At the start of play Jon Lundy had a very healthy almost double average stack of 83,300, he's now in the six-figure club after eliminating Steven Turner. With a complete board of 5♦J♠J♥3♦2♠ and over 20,000 in the pot, Lundy set Turner in for his final 18,000.

The PokerStars Qualifier mulled over the decision for a while before dropping his stack over the line, Lundy rolled over A♥J♦, Turner nodded to indicate it was good and flashed pocket nines before exiting the stage.

He's not the only early casualty on Day 2 as Ewan Le Marquand, Nicholas Lynn and Andrew Good are all out. -- NW

12:15pm: Sneaky Sunny doubles up
Sunny Chattha got the start he was after by sneakily playing pocket jacks.

David Gallagher opened to 2,500 from early position and was flat called by Chattha in the small blind before Ryan Hutchison squeezed to 8,000 from the big blind. Gallagher called the raise but Chattha surprised them both by moving all in for 47,400.

Hutchison took his time and moved in as well, which was enough to oust Gallagher.

Chattha: J♦J♣
Hutchison: A♦K♣

The board ran Q♦J♠7♠3♦Q♣ to make Chattha a full house. Hutchison dropped below 20,000. -- MC

12:05pm: Table 13: Unlucky for most
Steve O'Dwyer and Ian LeBruce were two of the shortest stacks coming back today with less than ten thousand. Being drawn at the following table would have hardly filled them with fresh optimism:

Seat 1. Pat Murray - 29,400
Seat 2. Andrew Hulme - 23,900
Seat 3. Andrew Ferguson - 32,700
Seat 4. Kevin Killeen - 10,000
Seat 5. Michael Kane - 39,000
Seat 6. David Vamplew - 146,200
Seat 7. Stephen O'Dwyer - 9,600
Seat 8. Andrew Hall - 31,700
Seat 9. Ian LeBruce - 3,800

Good luck one and all! -- MC


"So where do you keep your EPT trophy?"

12.01pm: Cards in the air
Action is underway bang on time. -- NW

12pm: Day 2, the day of doom
If Day 1 was a gentle introduction to this tournament Day 2 is anything but. Of the 427 players who came to Edinburgh 202 remain, that means 47% of the field are still in. By the end of the day roughly 45 players will remain meaning almost 80% of the remaining field will be culled today.

For the majority of those their efforts will be in vain as they'll leave empty handed, but with 63 players getting paid, for some their loss of chips will come with financial recompense.

One player who'll be expecting to still be around for Day 3 is David Vamplew. The EPT7 London winner is top of the all-time Scotland tournament winnings list and is also top of the UKIPT4 Edinburgh field. His stack of 146,200 means he's the only player left who has a stack bigger than what the average stack will be when the money bubble bursts (135.500).

UKIPT_Edinburgh-374_David Vamplew.jpg

Vamplew - on course for back to back UKIPT Edinburgh final tables

Other players hoping to turn big stacks into big cash include: Leon Louis (122,700), Thomas Ward (119,000) and Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree (115,000). Whilst Mickey Petersen (69,500) also flies the Red Spade and Ludovic Geilich (96,500), Emmett Mullin (82,000) and Richard Evans (19,200) are chasing a second UKIPT title.


Liv Boeree

Play is about to start, strap yourself in for eight more levels of action, you can see the seat draw right here. We expect the money bubble to burst late in level 14 or during level 15.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT