UKIPT4 Edinburgh Day 3: Level 21-24 Updates (15,000-30,000, 4,000 ante)

8.50pm: Overnight chip counts
Here are the overnight chip counts, Jason Beazley has a narrow lead from Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree. The final table starts at noon local time tomorrow and it should be a cracker.

Jason Beazley, United Kingdom, 2,300,000
Jacobus Visser , Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, 265,000
Ciaran Heaney, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 363,000
Tomasz Raniszewski , Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, 490,000
Dean Hutchinson, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,290,000
Liv Boeree, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 2,229,000
Michael Kane, United Kingdom, 505,000
Eldon Orr, Northern Ireland, 1,136,000

8.45pm: Jon Lundy eliminated in ninth place (£8,830)
With all the short stacks shoving it was somewhat surprising that it's start of day chip leader Jon Lundy that has gone out in ninth.

He open shoved for around 450,000 with A♠K♠ and Jason Beazley called with J♥J♦. The [10d]9♦7♥4♠7♣ board meant Lundy was out in ninth, that Beazley is probably overnight chip leader at also that he won the Skrill last longer which is worth a further £1,100.

A wrap of the days play is on the way as are overnight chip counts. -- NW


Lundy - first in, last out

8.35pm: Lots of all-ins, no calls
There have been at least four all-in shoves since the unofficial final table commenced. Jacobus Visser (twice), Tomasz Raniszewski and Ciaran Heaney those who've picked up chips by moving all-in. You can see all the chip counts of the final nine right here.

8.20pm: Final table re-draw
Here's the re-draw of the final nine players, players will keep these seats for the official final table.

Seat 1: Jason Beazley
Seat 2: Jacobus Visser
Seat 3: Ciaran Heaney
Seat 4: Tomasz Raniszewski
Seat 5: Dean Hutchinson
Seat 6: Liv Boeree
Seat 7: Jon Lundy
Seat 8: Michael Kane
Seat 9: Eldon Orr

With around 1,900,000 Liv Boeree has the chip lead but Jason Beazley (1,600,000) is not far behind. -- NW

8.10pm: Dean Hutchinson doubles through Jacobus Visser
I don't know how the money went in but Dean Hutchinson was all-in pre-flop for around 700,000 with K♠K♣ and found a willing opponent in Jacobus Visser, who held A♣Q♥. Yet again two black kings faded the overcard as the board ran 7♣4♦3♦8♠Q♦ to double Hutchinson to around 1,400,000 and drop Visser to roughly 250,000.

The final nine players are now redrawing to the unofficial final table, when we lose one more player the final table will be set. -- NW

8.05pm: Ben Glanton eliminated in 10th place (£7,320)
After Ben Glanton opened from the cut-off, Jason Beazley three-bet from the small blind, Glanton then moved all-in for roughly 400,000 and Beazley snap called.

"I'm in trouble," said Glanton as he showed A♥K♥ and he was as Beazley had K♠K♣. The J♣[10c]4♣4♦J♦ board kept Beazley in front and sent Glanton to the rail. "See you all in Dublin I hope," he said as he left the table.

Meanwhile there was a hand brewing on the other table...-- NW


Ben Glanton

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000

8pm: Liv Boeree takes the chip lead
What a level it has been for Liv Boeree, she started it as the shortest stack with just 170,000 and has ended it as chip leader with over 1,600,000.

As reported below she doubled up twice to reach around 800,000 but since then she's been on an absolute tear. "We're getting bullied by a girl here boys," said Michael Kane tongue firmly in cheek. But they are.

The biggest pot that she won was a blind on blind battle against Dean Hutchinson, on the turn of a 3♣2♥5♦6♥ board Boeree bet 70,000 and Hutchinson check-called. The [10s] completed the board, Hutchinson checked, Boeree bet 200,000 and again Hutchinson called, but he mucked when Boeree showed 5♣4♠ for the turned straight.

She's won a bunch of small pots that haven't gone to showdown too and has overtaken Eldon Orr who has around 1,450,000. -- NW

7:45pm: Ho Yin Lee Eliminated in 11th place (£7,320)
Ho Yin Lee couldn't keep surviving the amount of all ins he was putting himself through.

His final move came after Jacobus Visser raised to 51,000 and was called in two spots. He shoved for 327,000 from the big blind and was heads up after Visser shoved to isolate.

Visser: K♣K♠
Lee: A♠3♠

The board ran 2♦K♦J♦8♥2♣.

Visser moved up to more than 1.1 million -- MC

UKIPT4_Edinburgh_Day_4_Ho Yin Lee.jpg

Lee - 11th

7:32pm: Lucky Liv doubles again
Liv Boeree was giddy with delight after hitting a lucky river to double up.

She open shoved for 354,000 from under the gun and was looked up by Ciaran Heaney in the big bind.

Boeree: K♥Q♣
Heaney: Q♠Q♥

The board ran 8♠J♠8♣A♥K♦.

Boeree called for a ten on the river but jumped in delight as a king was good enough. Heany dropped to 650,000. -- MC

7.20pm: Liv Boeree doubles through Jacobus Visser
From early position Liv Boeree moved all-in for 164,000, it folded to Jacobus Visser in the big blind and he dwelled before making the call.

Boeree: K♦[10h]
Visser: Q♥9♦

The K♥[10d]9♥ flop had something for everyone, but the 5♣ turn and 3♥ kept Boeree in front and she doubled to around 350,000 which is the most she's had in the last couple of hours but is still less than half the average stack, -- NW


Boeree - back in business

7.15pm: Tomasz Raniszewski doubles through Jason Beazley
From under-the-gun Jason Beazley raised to 50,000 and then called when Tomasz Raniszewski moved all-in from the big blind for 233,000.

Raniszewski: [10c][10h]
Beazley: K♠Q♥

The 3♣9♦8♦7♦6♠ board kept the Polish player in front and he doubled to around 500,000 whilst Beazley slipped to 830,000. -- NW

7.05pm: Daniel Charlton eliminated in 12th place (£6,350)
A total cooler has seen Daniel Charlton depart in 12th place...

From under-the-gun Dean Hutchinson raised to 50,000, Charlton moved all-in for 440,000 from the button and Hutchinson made the call.

Charlton: J♠J♥
Hutchinson: A♠A♦

The board ran 3♠5♣6♦3♦3♥ and Charlton wished the players good luck before leaving the table. -- NW


Daniel Charlton

7pm: The state of play for the remaining 12 players

Four more players need to bust before play ends for the night. The average stack at the moment is 712,000 (30bb).

Table 1:
1. Tomasz Raniszewski - 295,000
3. Jason Beazley - 1,135,000
4. Michael Kane - 332,000
5. Jon Lundy -631,000
6. Eldon Orr - 1,250,000
7. Ben Glanton - 1,050,000

Table 2:
3. Ho Yin Lee - 450,000
4. Daniel Charlton - 485,000
5. Jacobus Visser - 640,000
6. Ciaran Heaney - 1,000,000
7, Dean Hutchison - 990,000
8. Liv Boeree - 170,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante

6.45pm: Break time
The players are on a 15-minute break.

6.44pm: Chris Gordon Eliminated in 13th place
Chris Gordon busted and made a dash for the airport to try and make his flight, which was due to leave in an hour.

He and Eldon Orr took to a 2♣Q♣6♠ flop before the chips went flying in.

Orr: Q♥6♥ for top two pair.
Gordon: A♣3♣ for nut flush.

The board ran out 7♦T♥ to send the pot Orr's way. -- MC

UKIPT4_Edinburgh_day3_Chris Gordon.jpg

Chris Gordon - 12th

6:35pm: Lee lives again!
It's doesn't seem to matter if Ho Yin Lee gets it in good or bad, when he's all-in he's going to win.

His latest escapade was a tale of two hands. On the first he raised to 40,000 from the cut-off from a stack of 325,000 and Ciran Heaney defended from the big blind. On the Q♣5♣Q♥ flop Lee c-bet 40,000, Heaney made it 80,000, Lee raised to 140,000 and then folded when Heaney set him all-in.

That left him with only 138,000 and it went in a couple of hands later when he found Q♥[10d], he found a willing caller in Dean Hutchison who held A♥7♥. The board ran 9♣J♦4♦A♣8♥ and Lee rivered a straight, whilst Hutchinson slips to 745,000. -- NW

6:25pm: Nicos Nicolaou eliminated in 14th place (£5,580)
Nicos Nicolaou waited until he had blinded all the way down to 55,000 before he made his move, which was to be his last.

Chris Gordon opened to 40,000 before Nicolaou made his move. Jon Lundy was in the big blind and successfully isolated by raising to 120,000.

Nicolaou: T♣8♦
Lundy: K♠K♦

The board ran 8♠9♥A♣K♥6♦ to settle the matter on the turn.

Lundy's stack grew to more than 700,000. -- MC

UKIPT4_Edinburgh_day_4_Nicos Nicolaou.jpg

Nicos Nicolaou - 14th place

6:15pm: Raniszewski riding his luck
Tomasz Raniszewski has more than 300,000 now but he could have easily been out.

He found himself all in against Liv Boeree with a dominated ace but the board double paired for a chop.

Two hands later he moved all in for 146,000 and was called by Daniel Charlton.

Raniszewski: 3♥3♣
Charlton: K♣J♣

The board ran a Pole-friendly 3♦2♣5♠6♥J♠. Chartlon was left with 760,000. -- MC

6:05pm: Ho Yin Lee doubles again
It been a case of double up, lose some chips, double up, lose some chips for Ho Yin Lee the last couple of levels and he's just doubled up again.

After a raise to 40,000 from Tomasz Raniszewski, Lee shoved for 143,000 and when it got back to Raniszewski he made the call.

Lee: K♠K♥
Rainszewski: [10d][10h]

It was a battle of the big pairs and the kings won as the board ran 2♥5♣7♣6♦7♠. Lee up to 300,000, Raniszewski down to 140,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000

5:55pm: Ashiq Abdullah eliminated in 15th place (£5,000)
Down to just 111,000 Ashiq Abdullah moved all-in from middle position with [10c]7♣ and after a long tank Ciaran Heaney called from the big blind with K♣8♦. It proved a good one as the board came 6♣5♦A♠Q♥5♥ to send Abdullah to the rail. -- NW


Ashiq Abdullah

5:40pm: Yiannis Liperis eliminated in 16th place (£5,000)
First to go from the final two tables was Yiannis Liperis and he was the victim of one of those bloody blind on blind battles.

From the small blind Ben Glanton made it 40,000 to play, Liperis shoved for roughly 200,000 and Glanton made the call.

Glanton: A♥Q♣
Liperis: A♣7♥

The 4♣J♥K♠6♠4♥ board kept Glanton in front and he's now up to 860,000. -- NW

5:35pm: Larsen and Silver take the side event headlines

Rasmus Larsen and Max Silver have gotten in to steal the headlines before the Main Event has a chance to crown a champion and claim the most glory.

The £2,000 buy in High Roller Event attracted 26 unique players with eight re-entries, helping to create a £68,000 prize pool. Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody bubbled the event in seventh before his good buddy Jamie Sykes lost heads up to Larsen. Here are the full results:

1st. Rasmus Larsen, Denmark - £22,430
2nd. James Sykes, United Kingdom - £15,500
3rd. Kenny Broad, United Kingdom - £9,900
4th. Aleksandras Voisnis, Lithuania - £7,580
5th. Stephen Teatum, United Kingdom - £5,930
6th. Leonard Readle, United Kingdom - £4,620

UKIPT_Edinburgh-637_Max Silver_winner_Edinburgh Cup.jpg

Max Silver - Edinburgh Cup Champion

Somebody try and stop Max Silver, we dare you!

His amazing run of form shows no sign of slowing down after he took down the Edinburgh cup for £10,280.

The £300 buy in event attracted 127 unique players with 25 re-entries, helping to create a £46,600 prize pool. Here's how the final table finished:

1st. Max Silver - £10,280
2nd. Richard Pearson - £6,970
3rd. Ellie Biessek - £4,640
4th. David Maudlin - £3,800
5th. Alain Bauer - £3,050
6th. Michael Bull - £2,360
7th. Padraig McDonagh - £1,750
8th. John Thain - £1,290

5:30pm: It's a shoving game
Get your chips in first and you'll win the pot. That seems to be the name of the game right now.

Chris Gordon elected to lay down a big hand in a pot Jason Beazley and preserve the 600,000 he had behind.

The Londoner opened to 36,000 and was called in position by Beazley en route to a T♣K♣J♦ flop. Gordon checked over to Beazley who bet 59,000 and was treated to a check-raise to 156,000. Beazley's had an answer and it was to shove.

Gordon tanked for a couple of minutes before he opened folded K♥T♥ for two-pair. "Good fold," said Beazley. -- MC

5:20pm: The shoving stakes
Whilst Ho Yin Lee was doubling up on table two, a couple of players were trying to do just that on table one.

Both Jon Lundy (380,000) and Yiannis Liperis (195,000) open shoved but neither got any action.

Still 16 left, you can see the current chip counts by clicking here. -- NW

5.15pm: Ho Yin Lee doubles up
We'd gone 25 minutes or so without an all-in and call - probably the longest without today - and then Ho Yin Lee got looked up by Ciaran Heaney.

Lee shoved for 102,000 - less than six big blinds - with [10c]8♠ and Heaney called from the big blind with A♥2♣. The 6♣4♣7♦ flop wasn't the worst for Lee as it gave him a double belly buster straight draw. It duly hit on the 9♠ turn and it was a good job it did as the river was the A♦.

He's up to 220,000 whilst Heaney is down to 630,000. -- NW

5pm: Play slows
All that stacking of chips into racks and moving tables must've tired the players out as the action has been slow so far this level.

One player bucking the trend was Ashiq Abdullah, who has been showing off his two handed shoving technique. He doesn't really have enough chips to justify the two-handed technique but he has fine form.

The shoves have enabled him to go from 148,000 up to 190,000. No a lot of extra chips but they all help. -- MC

4.45pm: Final two-table re-draw and chip counts
When the field got down to 16 there was a complete re-draw of those remaining, here's how they line-up and stack up

Table 1:

1. Chris Gordon - 670,000
2. Nicos Nicolaou - 440,000
3. Jason Beazley - 730,000
4. Michael Kane - 680,000
5. Jon Lundy - 440,000
6. Eldon Orr - 590,000
7. Ben Glanton - 620,000
8. Yiannis Liperis - 180,000


Jason Beazley

Table 2:

1. Ashiq Abdullah - 148,000
2. Tomasz Raniszewski - 520,000
3. Ho Yin Lee - 185,000
4. Daniel Charlton - 926,000
5. Jacobus Visser - 647,000
6. Ciaran Heaney - 750,000
7, Dean Hutchison - 445,000
8. Liv Boeree - 322,000


Daniel Charlton

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT