UKIPT4 Isle of Man 2: Day 1B Level 1-4 updates (100/200 ante 25)

4:21pm: End of level four!
Another two levels have passed meaning the players can once more stop, take stock and assess their current trajectory. The chip leaders will be patting themselves on the back on a job well done - the shorter stacks will be plotting and planning revenge on the mean fellows who have relieved them of their chips.

Whilst they formulate their new strategies, there will be a fifteen minute break. We'll be back shortly for level five where the update will continue on a fresh, clean, delicious page. See you soon!

edit: you can find level five updates here.

4:04pm: Gavin in a cheerful mode
There's something reassuring about seeing Gavin Fintan sitting over a towering stack of chips cracking jokes and bantering with his table and dealers.

Up to 41,000 having arrived a little late to the party, he has the towering stack part of it covered and he just enjoyed a moment of levity with one of the dealers as she was relieved of her post.

"You're one of the best dealers I've seen today. Well definitely in the top three anyway!" -- RS

3:55pm: Bright Stars
Here are some interesting chips counts for you to sink your teeth into readers as we approach the end of level four:

Jake Cody - 9,500
Max Silver - 17,000
Willie Tann - 22,000
Duncan McLellan - 8,200
Fintan Gavin - 41,000
Victoria Coren Mitchell - 23,500 -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Duncan McLellan_M3DM2783.jpg

Shock News: McLellan not chip leader at a UKIPT for once

3:45pm: Wilkie's star beginning to shine
Duncan Wilkie had a bad start to the day, plane delays meaning he arrived at the venue tired and discombobulated. Things seemed like they were getting worse as his table draw appeared to have put Isaac Haxton in position on him - not a preferable situation for any poker player.

The poker gods were about to smile upon him though as it transpired the pair were sharing one ID. The mix up was soon reported, sorted and Haxton was deported.

As reported earlier Wilkie also managed to avoid being sat at Vicky Coren's table. "I'm running good at swerving PokerStars Pros!" he told us with a grin.

Despite this Wilkie dropped to 13,000 in the early stages, but has now mounted a recovery and with 28,000 he is well set to move forward and build his stack as the day progresses. -- RS

3:40pm: De Meulder done and dusted
It's not been a good day for Team PokerStars Pro Matti De Meulder as he's busted his second bullet.

3:25pm: Chip counts
Some of the tables are quite hard to reach in the packed tournament room, but here are a selection of chip counts:

Steve O'Dywer - 8,800
Martins Adeniya - 21,300
Jude Ainsworth - 19,900
Chris Straghalis - 29,500
Adrienne Rowsome - 26,500
Victoria Coren Mitchell - 25,000
Duncan McLellan - 14,400
Tim Davie - 28,000

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_duncan_mclellan.jpg

Duncan McLellan - back for a second shot at a third title

Jamie O'Connor - 23,475
Duncan Wilkie - 24,000
Max Silver - 27,500
Ike Haxton - 31,250
Diego Gomez - 26,600
Sin Melin - 23,000
Michael Josem - 24,000
Thomas Ward - 29,300
Fraser Macintyre - 17,500

Keep an eye on our chip counts page as we'll be updating it throughout the day. -- NW

Blinds up: 100/200 ante 25

3:10pm: Crushing right now
If any further evidence were required that today's numbers (circa 225 at present and rising) have put yesterday's roll call well into the shade, ask the waitresses, who are gamely squeezing their way through the closely interlocked table grids to deliver teas, coffees and food to the players.

One or two of the ringside reporters look to be regretting their decisions to eat that extra pie at dinner yesterday as well - yours truly included.

Breathe in...-- RS

3:00pm: Tens moment ends Denison's run
Willie Tann opened the betting to 400, called by Wei Li on the button, before Carl Falconer elected to re-raise to 1,400 from the big blind.

Paul Denison now made the call off around a 5k shortstack, bringing Tann and Li into the action - a biggish pot now brewing.

The board fell J♦9♣9♦ - Falconer checking, before Denison now moved all-in for his remaining chips.

Tan and Li folded.

"Go on then," said Falconer calling with A♦K♦, whilst Denison could showdown the currently-ahead-but-not-by-much T♠T♣.

Any hopes of a double through were virtually dashed as the K♥ hit the turn to put Falconer in a virtually impregnable position, and his equity advantage held firm as the J♣ river consigned Denison to an early bath.

"Sorry about that," Falconer said sympathising, but Denison took it well and handshakes and wishes of good luck were the order of the day.

Falconer up toward the 30,000 mark. -- RS

2:50pm: Poker and chess combine to equal a sum greater than their parts
Tonight at 6pm the UKIPT will play host to the first ever combined chess and poker tournament. But this morning saw PokerStars' Mind Sport Ambassador Jennifer Shahade take on a challenge of her own.

She played three speed chess matches and three heads-up poker matches at the same time, Sarah Grant was there to catch the action for PokerStars TV

2:35pm: Gone
Paul Denison, Adrian McElhinney and Markus Borel have failed to get past the end of level three boss as they're all out. -- NW

2:25pm: Back in effect
The players are re-seating in preparation for level three. We're back in effect people. Good luck all.

Blinds up: 75/150

2:05pm: Break it up
That's the first two levels of the day wrapped up. The players have a short hiatus now to gather their thoughts and stretch their legs. We'll do likewise and see you shortly for level 3. -- RS

2:03pm: Dacey shows his teeth
Rick Dacey is not just here to make up the numbers as he showed moments ago, fearlessly taking on Matthew Davenport in a hand.

Opening to 250, from the cut-off, Davenport three-bet from the button to 600. The blinds folded but Dacey was less easily dissuaded, calling the additional chips.

The pair saw a board of 9♠6♠2♠ peel, neither looking to commit any chips just yet as they both checked.

The turned 9♣ however saw Dacey enter the fray with a half pot bet of 650. Davenport saw the man's steely determined look and knew the game was up, mucking his hand.

Not the biggest of pots perhaps but a welcome boon to Dacey after a slowish start at his tough table(shared by Martins Adeniya and Steve O'Dwyer amongst others) had seen him drop below his starting stack. The comeback is on. -- RS

2pm: Cody and De Meulder take hits
Jake Cody has lost half his stack, but many other might have lost it all in this situation.

Whilst Matti De Meulder is down to just 5,000.

1:57pm: Chip counts and exits
There's not been too much movement in the opening two levels, but Chris Brammer is up to 23,000, Sin Melin is down to 17,500 and Team PokerStars Pro Matti De Meulder isn't finding his second shot any more enjoyable than the first as he's down to 9,000. But, they are all still in, but Allister Neil and David Major are both out. -- NW

1:55pm: Moneymaker making merry
At the start of the week we bought you news about your chance to have a beer, a chat and heck even a photo with Chris Moneymaker, who's in town for this event. Well, Barry Curtis, Daniel Myers, Ian Drake, Tom Willoughby, Dean Hutchison, Mark Hawks, Sandor Kiss, Paul Allen have got the chance to do rather more than that as they're sat at the same table as the 2003 World Champion.

Moneymaker is actually to the direct left of UKIPT4 Edinburgh winner Hutchison, the Scotsman is holding steady on starting stack whilst Moneymaker is already up to 32,500. -- NW

1:45pm: Theatre of dreams
The splendiferously decadent hall in which the action is taking place is noticably fuller today than yesterday. It took a while for the atmosphere to build on Day 1A as the stalls encircling the playing arena began to fill but already today the buzz is growing and will only get more intense as the day progresses -- RS

1:36pm: All hail Cesar
Spaniard Cesar Ripalda Bello has had a great start to the day, chipping up effectively.

Seeing a flop of Q♥3♦7♠in position three way versus Allister Neill and Simon Steedman, Bello raised Steedman's initial bet and all three called.

The turned 7♥ saw the action checked to Bello who bet out 2,200 - Neill the sole caller as Steedman mucked his hand after a little deliberation.

Come the 8♦ on the river, Bello quickly put out a 6,000 bet, which Neill called equally quickly only to receive the bad news that Bello had pocket threes for a full house.

Neill showed a queen and conceded the pot, taking an early hit - down to 12,000 or so whilst Bello is up at the 30,000 mark at this early stage.

"Made an alright fold there," Steedman announced happily. "Well it was fairly standard really..." -- RS

1:35pm: The generation game
The table draw means that Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody is sat next to poker veteran Willie Tann, although it's possible Cody has played more hands than Tann due to being from the online generation.

Their generational gap is summed up quite nicely by their choice of hat. Cody is decked out in a blue baseball cap, whilst Tann is sporting a camel coloured flat cap. -- NW

1:25pm: Meet hometown hero Conor Cummins
Sarah Grant, of PokerStars TV, caught up with professional motorcycle racer Conor Cummins and the Isle of Man resident talked to her about his profession and its similarities to poker.

1:15pm: Silver takes gold
The race for the UKIPT Season 4 leader board title and the entries and hotel to all Season 5 events that goes with it, was tighter than a coin-flip coming into this stop of the tour. Dara Davey was top, but he led Max Silver by just three points.

After busting the UKIPT Main Event yesterday Silver hopped in the £100 turbo that started at 8pm and just under six hours later he'd taken it down for £2,150 and, more importantly, precious leader board points. As it stands he's now top of the pile and Davey, who's still in the Main Event, and everyone else in contention have some catching up to do. -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_max_silver.jpg

Silver's top of the podium as it stands

1:10pm: Fast Lane outta here
Mark Lane, who was on his second bullet, is the first player out today and Antonis Poulengeris was the man who got his chips. The PokerStars Blog didn't see the hand in question, but the dealer at the table told us that Lane was down to 11,000 at the start of his exit hand, he turned two-pair but ran into Poulengeris's turned flush. - NW

Blinds up: 50/100

12:55pm: The rebuy wizards
Generally, you lose all your chips at a UKIPT, that's it. Finito. Turn off the poker life support machine. Not so for yesterday's poker casualties who have had life breathed into them once again in the form of a second bullet on Day 1B.

A number of players have seized this opportunity with great relish including:

- Chris Straghalis - who has toned down yesterday's blindingly colourful apparel for something slightly less dazzling today.
- good friends Jon Spinks and Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Ben Jenkins, both back for shot number two
- EPT 2013 Grand Final winner Steve O'Dwyer
- double UKIPT title holder and defending champion Duncan McLellan
- Team PokerStars Pro Matthias de Meulder
- UKIPT regular Kelly Saxby.
- serial UKIPT casher and seasoned campaigner Dara O`Kearney

The one bullet heroes
For some however the thought of buying in twice is anathema to their sensibilities. They are here to do mortal combat at the felt and if their chips are gone, so be it. They fought and died at the felt with honour. Well metaphorically anyway. Always metaphorically.

Anyway, those taking a single shot at glory include:

- Willie Elliott - "I'm here for one bullet and one bullet only!"
-PokerStars Team Online Isaac Haxton looking determined and focused.
- WPT and WSOP winner Theo Jorgensen, one of Denmark's most celebrated players.
- Double EPT champion (a feat as yet unmatched) Victoria Coren Mitchell. -- RS

12:50pm: Oh dear Dacey, here comes O'Dwyer
Former Team PokerStars Blog writer Rick Dacey is one of the many members of Rational Group Staff who are taking the opportunity to partake in a UKIPT Main Event here on home soil. He probably liked the look of his table draw at the beginning of the level, but tournament staff leave a couple of seats open for any players who late register. One of those who did just that was bearded wonder and EPT Grand Final champion Steve O'Dwyer, he's now sat three to Dacey's left and the Corporate Writer's day just got a whole lot harder. -- NW

12:35pm: Play with Jake
If you follow Jake Cody on twitter (@JakeCody) then you'll probably be aware of his 'play with Jake' promotion in which he picks out an interesting hand he's played and gives you a free shot at naming his two cards, correct suits and all. In return, if you get it right he'll offer you a 0.5% freeroll in the tournament he's playing at the time. It seems he's keen to do another one here in the Isle of Man so if you don't already follow him, get on it.

12:20pm: McLellan victorious in game of Duncan variance
About 10 minutes into the day Victoria Coren Mitchell entered the fray and headed towards her assigned seat. It was to the direct left of poker journalist Duncan Wilkie, who was involved in a pot against Mark Wagstaff at the time. The two-time EPT champion put down her bag, took off her jacket and hung it on the back of her chair. She then gave the slip of paper with her table and seat number on it to the dealer.

After a few seconds the dealer informed Coren Mitchell that she was at the wrong table and that in fact she was in seat six at the table immediately behind the one she had headed to. In her defence the signs can be confusing, so she picked up her things and was on her way, leaving seven or so poker players disappointed.

She soon made the same number happy though as she took her correct seat a short time later, at this table she finds herself two to the left of another two-time winner and another Duncan! Duncan McLellan to be precise and, true to form, he was also involved in a pot as Coren Mitchell took her seat. -- NW

12:00pm: Cards in the air!
That's it, we're off! The players are all seated in the theatre area and the sense of occasion is palpable. Expect fireworks ladies and gents!

We're back at the Villa Marina to resume the UKIPT Isle of Man on Day 1B. Yesterday saw a 145-strong field combine to contend the first of two starting days and with talent running in rich seams through the bedrock of the field, there was no quarter given or taken.

Donald Rae was the man who carved out a path to the summit of the chip counts, accumulating 154,900 by the close of play, though there were impressive performances from the Rational Group's Steve Day (135,000), PokerStars SportStar and last year's runner-up Fatima Moreira de Melo (91,600) and 2013 UKIPT Marbella champ Ludovic Gelich(123,700).

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Fatima Moreira de Melo_M3DM2777.jpg

de Melo ripped through the field yesterday

A new slew of competitors are champing at the bit to match and surpass these high fliers - their numbers likely to be swelled by many of yesterday's vanquished taking the opportunity to lock and load a second bullet today.

Team PokerStars Pros Jake Cody, proud owner of the fabled triple crown, and double EPT champ Victoria Coren Mitchell will be just two of the big names ready to provide stiff opposition whilst Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sin Melin will also provide a tough obstacle for anyone with designs on the title.

We're close to the start of play and anticipate both a fulsome field and an exciting day so stay with us as we bring you all the peaks and troughs of what should prove a fascinating ten levels of play.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Isle of Man 2: Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT