UKIPT4 Isle of Man 2: Day 1B Level 5-10 updates (600/1,200 ante 200)

11:50pm: The klaxon sounds on Day 1B
That's all folks, Day 1B is over! The chip leader at the end of the day appears to be Matthew Baker. A full wrap of the days play is on the way and we'll bring you the overnight chip counts and seat draw before play starts tomorrow. -- NW

11:30pm: Last four hands
The clock has been paused and the last few hands of the night are now in progress. -- NW

11:16pm: Apologies to Van Veelen
The Dutchman is still flying despite our premature claims of Thomas Van Veelen's demise earlier.

With 60,000, he's actually doing rather well. Keep it up sir and we'll do our best not to bust you. -- RS

11:12pm: Hey now, hey now! Don't dream it's over...
...unless you are the following players.

Several big name players are amongst their number. Bad luck folks. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Maximilian Mast
Max Silver
Timothy Chung
Jamie Martin

11:06pm: Coren Mitchell showing her pedigree
Cream rises to the top they say, although in poker you always need the lubricant of some good fortune.

Vicky Coren Mitchell has shown time and again she has the skills to make deep runs in tournaments and with the additional bonus of a touch of run-good, her stack has now blossomed to an impressive 75,000. -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Victoria Coren Mitchell_M3DM2409 - Copy.jpg

Can Coren Mitchell add UKIPT glory to her double EPT success?

11:02pm: The B-wag blog blag
It's debatable whether Bruce Wagstaff, known to his nearest and dearest (so he tells us) as "B-Wag", has merited a mention in the blog but he was so desperate to get a shout out, who are we to stand in the way of his dreams?

Wagstaff has grinded a shortstack for several levels, teetering on the brink of elimination, but he is clearly a man who believes firmly in the concept of a chip and a chair as he refuses to buckle just yet.

"Look at me grinding away. It's B-Wag and Max Silver grinding away!"

As he gestured over, Silver looked round grinning, holding up his 12,000 stack, confirming that he too was part of the grinder club.

It's an elite group who can also count amongst its number Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody (21,000)

Anyone fancy backing B-Wag in a last longer between the three? Don't all shout at once!-- RS

10:55pm: Didika striving for tournament glory
Donatas Didika is quietly but efficiently going about his business and is really looking like a formidable presence now, his stack up to 135,000, well in contention at the top of the leaderboard.

Most recently he was seen betting 3,500 on a 7♣3♣3♠, rewarded with a fold as he quietly showed pocket fours.

10:45pm: Adeniya ebbs and flows
Garnering a big stack at a poker tournament is no insurance of success as Adeniya is finding out.

We joined his table to find he had slipped from his earlier lofty position of 150,000 chips to 110,000 - a spanner flying into his works somewhere along the line.

A trough perhaps but a peak was just around the corner as Michael Josem raised to 2,500, Adeniya peeled and Dominic Evans moved all-in for 12,500.

Josem and Adeniya now both flat-called - the flop peeling Q♠8♦Q♦.

Josem checked, Adeniya fired 10,000 into the side pot and Josem folded, leaving him to showdown pocket eights for a flopped boat!

Evans groaned. "I'm drawing dead," he said showing pocket threes, and although running threes or queens would have saved him, neither arrived and he busts just prior to the end of the day.

Adeniya back to 137,000 and challenging for the chip lead once more...

10:35pm: Level 9 emergency
Just 99 players remain in the Day 1B field as we move from level nine into level 10. Dominic Evans, Colin Lovelock, Rocco Palumbo, Ryan Foster, Adam Bilcock, Dave Maudlin, Jan Bures, Yiannis Liperis, Micahel Zauner, Sam Kenny, Dariusz Paszkiewicz, Mike Adamo, Joe Grech, Sarah Boston, John Keown, Jan Przysucha, Andreas Bolling, Selwyn Rogers, Miltos Miltiadous, Stuart Atkin, Peter Robinson, David McAndrew, Simon Steedman, Sam Onions, Michael Boyd and Fraser Macintyre were all casualties of level nine though and are all out. -- NW

Blinds up: 600/1,200, 200 ante

10:20pm: Team Beetroot
There's approximately 85,000 residents on the Isle of Man but only one of them can call themselves the Manx Chef of the Year and that person is playing in this very poker tournament today.
Darren Woods won that award for a dish which he jokingly called beetroot 15 ways! But how would Woods describe it on a menu? "Locally sourced beetroot, goats cheese and quail eggs. It was the first vegetarian dish to win, go Team Beetroot" he said proudly.

He works at a restaurant called 14 North on the island should you wish to sample his fare. He's got some hard work to do here at the Villa Marina first though as he's currently got a stack of 23,000 -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_chris_jonat.jpg

Former Supernova Elite Chris Jonat

10:15pm: Home win?
Usually PokerStars staff aren't permitted to play UKIPT events but an exception is made for events in the Isle of Man and Dublin where the Rational Group have offices. Many Isle of Man based members of staff took the opportunity to take to the felt today and quite a few are still in and checking, raising, calling and folding as the end of the day draws ever closer.

Heath Cram is sitting on a stack of 50,000, Robert Dix has 35,000 which is a bit more than Chris Straghalis (21,000) but less than Chris Jonat (39,000). The latter two finished 19th and 4th respectively in last year's UKIPT Isle of Man Main Event. Leading the charge though are Michael Josem (97,000) and Ian Marmion (100,000). -- NW

10pm: The return of Rick Dacey
As a former PokerStars Blog staff writer Rick Dacey was a familiar fixture on PokerStars TV chatting to Sarah Grant at EPT stops all around Europe on a daily basis. His appearance in this tournament was briefer than he'd have hoped, but earlier in the day Grant got the band back together for one last gig to discuss his new role, life on the Isle of Man, impending fatherhood and, his newest project, Inside PokerStars.

9:55pm: Once more unto the breach
The players have milled back into the tournament arena for the final two levels of the day. 126 remain but we can expect that number to be cropped considerably in the coming two hours as blind pressure and the bid to chip up cause more than a few players to fall into the abyss of broken dreams.

Who can skirt its dangerous extremities and rise from the pack, ready to enter day 2 with a challenging stack? One stellar name who won't be in that number is Ike Haxton, whose formidable skills are no longer part of the equation having busted over the last level.

Blinds up: 500/1,000, 100 ante

9:35pm: Break Time
Eight levels are done and dusted and the players have just departed for their final 15 minute break of the evening. We'll be back soon to bring the final two levels to you - this should give us a real idea who some of the contenders for the title will be. See you then! -- RS

9:30pm: Adeniya snatches chip lead
Those in the know are well aware of Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya's ability at the tables. Give the man a stack and he is a very tough proposition and guess what? He has a VERY BIG stack.

Skill edges are all very nice, but a touch of fortune never hurts and he had that a few moments ago, engaging in a pre-flop chip war with the short-stacked Thomas Van Veelen - his A♥9♥ behind the Dutchman's J♠J♣.

A board of A♣Q♦T♠ turned the tables though and staring down the barrel, Van Veelen couldn't find one of the six outs he required as the board completed itself with the 3♥[ and 5♣.

One more notch in Adeniya's knockout post - one more victim departing sadly to the rail.

Adeniya is the chip leader with 150,000 and he will be a tough man to displace at the summit of the leaderboard. -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Martins Adeniya_M3DM3121.jpg

Timing his run to perfection

9:35pm: Gone
Too many exits to tell you about them all individually but we can tell you that: Jamie O'Connor, Willie Elliot, Scott Margereson, Dean Hutchison, Ben Jenkins, Mick Graydon, Renee Xie, Neil Van Der Merwe, Pablo Gordillo, Kevin Killeen, Tom Hall, Marcin Milde, Derek Murray, Jon Spinks, Jonee Stanton and James Morris are all out. -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_dean_hutchison.jpg

Dean Hutchison - the UKIPT champ is out

9:20pm: Chip counts
We're almost 80% of the way through the day, here's how some of the riders and runners who're still seated are getting on:

Willie Tann - 11,000
Luca Pagano - 13,000
Thomas Ward - 38,000
Jake Cody - 35,000
Daniel Myers - 70,000
Phillip Szeto - 129,000
Fraser Macintyre - 12,000
Joe Grech - 26,000
Martins Adeniya - 125,000
Michael Josem - 75,000

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_michael_josem.jpg

Michael Josem

Ike Haxton - 53,000
Dave Woods - 49,000
Max Silver - 50,000
Chris Jonat - 43,000
Fintan Gavin - 20,000
Victoria Coren Mitchell - 60,000
Kelly Saxby - 65,000
Ducan Wilkie - 29,000
David Lappin - 70,000
Andrew Hawksby - 100,000

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_ike_haxton.jpg

Ike Haxton

9.08pm: Prizepool breakdown
The number crunchers have crunched and we now have the numbers.

The winner of the tournament is guaranteed a whopping £65,900. Drinks will be on them, though there might be a drink or two in it for you if one of your friends reaches some of the other payout slots.

True some spots might mean you get a bottle of bollinger whilst others probably mean half a hofmeister with a dog-end in it but it's all alcohol, right?

Here are the full payouts. -- RS

8:52pm: New Chip Leader!
Alert! Alert! Donatas Didika appears to have climbed to the top of the chip rankings with a very impressive 130,000. Lithuanian poker fans everywhere are chanting his name we assume.

Can he maintain his stranglehold on the competition? -- RS

8:40pm: Men overboard! Moneymaker and Katchalov crash out
Not a good 30 minutes for Team PokerStars Pro as both Eugene Katchalov and Chris Moneymaker have been eliminated.

Katchalov ran ace-king into kings and Moneymaker had top two pair with ace-jack on a [A][K][J][6] board with three clubs. Unfortunately for the 2003 World Champion, Matthew Davenport held Q♣8♣ for the turned flush. -- NW

Blinds up: 400/800, 100 ante

8:25pm: Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome waiting to pounce
It's not often that we get to see Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome on the UKIPT. The reason for this is at least three-fold. Firstly she resides in Edmonton in Canada, secondly she has a job (other than poker) as an Occupational Therapist and thirdly she's recently become a mother.

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_adrienne_rowsome.jpg

Andrienne Rowsome

Her forte is non hold'em cash games, specifically omaha, both regular and hi/lo. Indeed her biggest live tournament scores are in triple stud (a combination of razz, stud and stud hi/lo) and a half Omaha hi/lo, half stud hi/lo tournament.

She's seated at the same table as Chris Straghalis and Kelly Saxby to name just two and currently has a below average stack of 26,000. But should she find a situation to get her chips in the middle there are no shortage of stacks who could double her up and still be above average as Mindaugas Kriauciunas has 70,000 as does Ian Marmion.

As for talonchick, she's sitting serenely at the table in a sea of calm, patiently waiting to pounce. -- NW

8.15pm: Silver goes for gold
It's been a long shortstacked slog for Max Silver for much of the day, and he isn't out of the woods just yet, though a full double was much appreciated.

When he raised and Chris Jonat re-raised, he moved all-in for his remaining circa 10,000 and Jonat made the call.

"I don't know why I thought you'd fold there!" Jonat said berating himself with a smile.

He was behind but live with K♠7♦ versus Silver's A♠Q♦ and looked like he was about to dismiss one of the tournament's more dangerous players, but over the 6♠3♣7♣5♥A♥ board, Silver finally got there.

He put down the coat he'd been picking up, organised his new 22,000 stack and prepared to return to the grind. -- RS

8:05pm: Tip of the hat, wag of the finger
A tip of the hat and a wag of the finger to Bruce Wagstaff for doubling through at the expense of Marcin Milde, albeit with the worst hand.

On one of the more chatty tables, Wagstaff had shoved his smallish stack of 6,150 into the middle, although in a battle of the shortstacks he had Marcin Milde covered.

He needed help though, behind with the K♥T♥ - he spiked the T♦2♠3♣9♣J♦ board to defeat Milde's A♣9♦. Milde was eliminated.

"Yeah!" he chanted happy to double through, although Chris Straghalis did his best to dampen down his neighbour's celebrations ("Oh sit down you!")

His entreaties fell on stony ground however as a new stack was brought to the table and Wagstaff warned him he was in for a rough ride.

"Have you ever seen 'The Walking Dead?'

You're like the new guy. We all just want to bite and scratch you!"

Reluctantly Straghalis agreed with that assessment. "Yeah, you're like the guy in the red uniform on Star Trek!" -- RS

7:55pm: Exits
It's so long to: Jeffrey Harper, Christopher Backhouse, Pawel Keller, Stuart Hulston, Terence Mills, Darren Delahunty, Shola Akindele, Ross Mannion, Cesar Bello, David Stonehouse, Elliot Smith, John Baldini and Mark Wagstaff. -- NW

7:45pm: Major headache
Just before the dinner break Dave Maudlin eliminated David Major in a big all-in pre-flop pot. It was major who four-bet shoved for around 18,000 with A♠K♦ but he ran into Maudlin's pocket aces. The Boro boy just had Major covered and he's up to around 40,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 300/600 ante 75

6:40pm: End of Level 6: Dinner break
That's six levels of power poker we've played through. Dreams have risen and been crushed, heroes are being carved out of this field and the tension and stakes really are becoming palpable.

A one hour respite is most welcome as the players restock on fuel whilst giving their tired mental faculties a break from all those complex calculations.

Back at around 7:40pm for level 7, then we'll play to a finish. See you then! -- RS

6:30pm: Phillip Szeto the first over 100,000
There's a new chip leader and his name is Phillip Szeto. He's got 105,000 and leads from Guoxiao Zhang who has 87,000.

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_phillip_szeto.jpg

Szeto is setting the pace

Here are some more counts from around the room:

Adrienne Rowsome - 35,000
Chris Straghalis - 57,000
Kelly Saxby - 25,000
Chris Jonat - 48,000
Michael Josem - 35,000
Dave Woods - 32,000
Paul Delaney - 17,000
Kevin Killeen - 19,000
Victoria Coren Mitchell - 45,000

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_victoria_coren.jpg

Coren Mitchell has staged a comeback

6:25pm: No triple or double for McLellan
Bad news for history seekers - Duncan McLellan will not be adding a third UKIPT title and second Isle of Man UKIPT title to his resume as he has busted just prior to the dinner break.

At present we have no details of his exit, although Vicky Coren Mitchell is now boasting a 40,000 stack, suggesting it is possible she dealt out the final blow. -- RS

6:20pm: Haxton game for combat
There are people to make the move on and those who will pick you off like a sniper.

Haxton falls into the latter category - something Terence Mills might have been wise to pay heed to.

Mills went for a resteal with 7♠3♣ but Haxton was wise to his game, making the call for a smallihs chunk of his stack with A♥9♥.

"I knew I'd be live!" a remarkably upbeat Mills commented.

Live but a dog, his hand never spiked sufficiently across the A♠4♥T♠4♠3♦ board.

"Good game" the Hax man offered as he stacked up his bounty - his chips rising to an ever more threatening 37,000 or so. -- RS

6:12pm: Silver squeezes out the rocks
Tongue in cheek comment, few people would call Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody and probable tournament chip leader Willie Tann rocks, but Max Silver just made both hand over some of their stacks to him moments ago.

Cody had opened to 950, Tann flat-called and Silver made the move all-in for 11,175.

Cody mucked quickly, and Tann took his time before electing to follow suit.

Silver hasn't had a great day so far, but he's back to 14,000 and refusing to buckle under the pressure.

Cody meanwhile has had something of a renaissance, back to 26,000 following that big cooler earlier in the day (set under set.)

Tann remains the man with a plan however, his 67,000 looking like the biggest stack in the room right now. -- RS

6:10pm: Star names fall
There were plenty of exits during level 5 and amongst them a handful of top-tier players meaning everyone's ROI% has gone up a smidgen. Steve O'Dwyer, Jude Ainsworth and Chris Brammer are three tournament titans who're all now cursing the vagaries of variance.

They aren't alone though as Aaron Spence, Barry McCann, Eoin Kennedy, Dylan Coady, Alexander Schilt, Norbert Berent, Carl Falconer, Thomas Spencer, Andreas Schmitt, Mark Baxter and Hubert Zauner are all out. -- NW

5:55pm: Tann's the chip leader
The current chip leader appears to be Willie Tann, he's up to around 70,000 but he ran up a decent stack yesterday before busting. Another player on his second bullet is Martins Adeniya, earlier he eliminated Rick Dacey and he appears to be putting those chips to good use as he's up to 56,000, which is good for second in chips.

Elsewhere Thomas Ward has 26,000 and David Lappin is up to 33,000. -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_martins_adeniya.jpg

Adeniya - downed Dacey

5:40pm: The best short stacked player in Europe
Drumroll please, the award goes to...Duncan McLellan. At least that's the opinion of Fintan Gavin, although you sense he was using his Irish wit to embellish the truth somewhat given that Gavin's statement came seconds after McLelan had won a hand by shoving for three times the pot and showing top pair.

As for Gavin he said: "I'm doing ok, I've got 50,000," McLellan for his part has around 12,500. They're both at the same table as Victoria Coren Mitchell who's trundling along on 11,300. She just lost some to Gavin as did two other players who called his pre-flop raise of 800 before folding on a 2♣K♣5♣ flop. -- NW

5:28pm: Beastly river sinks O'Kearney
666 is the number of the beast and it also happens to be the hand that just put paid to O'Kearney's hopes of a deep run.

He was most unfortunate, firing his last 5,000 chips or so into the middle with pocket eights and looking in great shape when David Radnor called him with pocket sixes.

A cruel board of 3♥Q♦J♦A♦6♥ however saw him ousted at the last, meaning his long list of UKIPT cashes won't be bolstered on this occasion.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400-50

5:20pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but: Gary Whipp, Christoph Koehnen, Mats Gjertsen, Tom Gallagher, Gil Lobo, Mateusz Zbikowski, Miguel Iglesias, Nigel Holliday, Diego Gomez, Donald Elliot, Nicole Zauner and Mark Burns are all out. -- NW

5:10pm: Barometer reads storms ahead
We are reaching that tipping point of the tournament, where picking up the blinds and antes is so valuable for some players that they are willing to risk their tournament life to do so.

Even the larger stacks can get into trouble here, as they vie for position at the table, 3, 4, 5 and perhaps even 6-betting each other with napkins as they look to assert their authority.

Thusfar, eliminations have been few and far between but this trickle could well thicken to a steady stream and finally a flood over the coming levels.

Keep them locked on this position. --RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Rick Dacey_M3DM2394.jpg

Regardless of your level of talent, variance can strike at any moment

5:05pm: Spinks back from the brink
Short with around 7,750, Jon Spinks needed some love from the poker gods to get back into contention.

He looked to make his own fortune, cold 4-bet shoving his stack into the middle with pocket tens following some action round the table.

Just one caller took on his aggressive move - holding A♦K♠ but Spinks' slim edge held over flop, turn and river and he was left back to where he started the day - just a tad under 20,000. -- RS

4:55pm: Poker Term of the day
The vernacular of the poker player can seem abstruse and esoteric to the outsider, but once you've steeped yourself in the game for several years, you think you might have a handle on the language.

Imagine our surprise then when we learnt a new term today!

UKIPT Nottingham final tablist Willie Elliot was the man to enlighten the blog team about exactly what a "Dundee chop" referred to.

"It's when you start a multi table tournament, one guy gets knocked out and the rest of the players chop the prizepool. It's a real thing I promise you!"

We can confirm that there is an entry in the urban dictionary referring to the "Dundee chop", although apparently Merriam-Webster are still in board level discussions about the validity of its entry into their ranks. -- RS

4:45pm: Tournament snippets
The PokerStars Blog spotted UKIPT Season 3 leader board winner Tom Hall in the field, he's at the same table as Ike Haxton, but was involved in a pot against Craig Parker. On the turn of a 4♦6♠Q♣7♣ board Hall fired out a bet of 1,800 and an in position Parker smooth called. The 3♦ rounded off the community cards and Hall fired another barrel, this time 2,500 was the price for Parker. The latter though decided to bump it up to 5,300 and after much chip clanging in his hands and face chewing Hall let his hand go.

Elsewhere Daniel Myers is up to 50,000 and he's got Chris Moneymaker ribbing him about not folding king-queen in a hand earlier in the day, Moneymaker is doing just fine on 24,000. As is Chris Jonat, the Rational Group Staff member who is Senior Manager of Team PokerStars Online, finished fourth last year and is up to 40,000. Whilst Chris Brammer is down to 5,500. -- NW

4:35pm: Chip counts and exits
As the fifth level gets under way here are the chip counts of some of the notables:

Ben Jenkins - 15,000
Jon Spinks - 7,000
Willie Eilliot - 24,000
Chris Jonat - 21,000
Luca Pagano - 29,000
Eugene Katchalov - 17,000
Vicente Delgado - 26,000
Dean Hutchison - 8,000
Pablo Gordillo - 14,100
Andrew Hawksby - 44,000
Martins Adeniya - 32,000

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_willie_elliot.jpg

Willie Elliot

Whilst, Theo Jorgensen, Sinem Melin, Menelaos Pissarides, Rick Dacey, Geoff Ansell, Andrew Campbell, Darren Webb, Marc Hunter, Steven Pritchard, Krzysztof Jacyk, David Lewis, Brian Watterson and Paul Allen are all out. -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day1b_sinem_melin.jpg

Early exit for Sinem Melin

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Isle of Man 2: Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT