UKIPT4 Isle of Man 2: Day 4 level 22-26 Updates (25,000/50,000 ante 5,000)

5:30pm: Break time
No major action of note in the final 15 minutes, but Ciaran Heaney gobbled up most of the smaller pots, with Josh Hart on the wrong end of most of them. He's the short stack as we head into level 27.

You'll find updates in a new post in around 15 minutes. -- NW

5:15pm: Hill taking control
He might have been the shortest stack when three handed play began, but the stacks were closely bunched and, after just winning a big pot against Ciaran Heaney, Hill has taken the chip lead.

It was Heaney who lit the touch paper, raising to 115,000 from the small blind with J♦5♦, Hill raised to 325,000 from the big blind with A♠J♣. Usually that'd be hand over, but Heaney cut out raising chips making it 700,000 total. No sooner had he pushed them over the line then Hill announced that he was all-in.

Heaney folded very quickly, dropping to 2,236,000 whilst Hill is up to 3,570,000. -- NW

5:05pm: Double Champion dream over - Gavin eliminated 4th
Fintan Gavin has battled gamely with his short stack, but finally the poker gods deigned to bounce him out of proceedings.

With Josh Hart opening the button, Gavin went for a double-up, pulling the trigger with Q♥9♥ - only to run into Hart's A♥J♣.

He was behind but live and were he to win the 890,000 pot, he would be back in contention, but the door was shut on that idea over the A♣T♦6♥7♠Q♣ board.

No double title for Gavin then, he bows out 4th, collecting £24,400 for his troubles. There was a generous round of applause for Gavin as he left - testament to the Irishman's popularity.

The three remaining players are very close in chips and this could be anyone's title. -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Fintan Gavin_M3DM2857.jpg

Charisma, wit and poker chops - but no second title

5pm: Hill takes the chip lead
David Hill just won a big pot against Ciaran Heaney to take the chip lead but Fatima Moreira de Melo and Nick Wealthall weren't exactly complimentary about how he played the hand.

Heaney limped from the small blind with A♣[10h], Hill raised to 165,000 with K♥6♥ and with the action back on Heaney both commentators favoured a call. Instead though Heaney elected to three-bet to 425,000 total. "I prefer flat calling because you have great equity against his bluffing range and you're bluffing against his value range," said De Melo.

But what came next shocked them more, Hill elected to flat call. "What is going on?" said De Melo, "well he's in position and isn't getting a bad price," countered Wealthall. The K♦J♦4♦ flop was pretty good for Hill though, Heaney continued for 500,000 but folded when Hill moved all-in for 1,659,000.

After that hand Hill is up to 3,000,000 whilst Heaney is down to 2,700,000. -- NW

4:55pm: Straight to the top for Heaney
Four-handed, Josh Hart elected just to flat-call Ciaran Heaney with A♠Q♦ in the big blind when the Irishman raised it up from the button with the cheeky J♥3♥.

A board of Q♥T♣9♦ had something for both players and when Hart checked, Heaney led out, Hart check-calling deceptively.

The turned 3♥ opened up more outs for Heaney, who picked up a flush draw to got with his straight draw but Hart checked and Heaney also checked behind, not wanting to be pushed off his draw.

The river was like manna from heaven for Heaney, the 8♣ arriving to complete his straight.

Heaney fired out 705,000 and a tortured Hart eventually decided to throw away his top pair and cede the pot and the chip lead to the Irishman, who now has almost three million. -- RS

4:45pm: Montage time!

Sarah Grant takes a look back at some of the best moments from the UKIPT4 Isle of Man 2 festival.

4:35pm: Gavin shoving for Ireland
As you'd expect Fintan Gavin hasn't exactly been passive since losing that big pot. He's shoved twice and raised once, each time winning the pot uncontested. He's up to 438,000 as a result.

The other three stacks are all reasonably close with Josh Hart leading on 2,700,000 and Ciaran Heaney and David Hill both on around 2,400,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante

4:25pm: Gavin steamroller derailed
Fintan Gavin loves being the man in charge at the poker felt and he just took a super aggressive line moments ago in a pot versus David Hill.

The hand opened with David Hill limping on the button with 9♠T♣ and Gavin checking his option in the big blind with J♥5♣.

A board of 9♥6♣4♦ saw Gavin check and Hill lead for 65,000.

Gavin now took a very unorthodox line, check-calling with just jack high. The spider senses were tingling at this point, the Irishman clearly having a plan for this hand.

The turn fell the 6♠ and Hill confidently bet out 100,000 when Gavin checked. However Gavin now executed his plan, check-raising to 225,000. Hill squirmed a little, then called.

The 7♠ river saw Gavin move all-in for 1,180,000 - though his effective bet was around 880,000, Hill's remaining stack.

It was a super-aggressive line from Gavin and Hill looked very uncomfortable but finally thought it through and made a very good call.

That hand means Gavin is now crippled down to 350,000 whilst Isle of Man local Hill is representing the island with aplomb - his stack a challenging 2,500,000 now. Gavin is in danger, expect him to make a move sooner rather than later...-- RS

4:20pm: Champion stacks
Here's how the remaining four players' stacks line up with the finish line coming into view.

Josh Hart 3,003,000
Ciaran Heaney 1,984,000
Fintan Gavin 1,525,000
David Hill 1,327,000 -- RS

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day4_josh_hart.jpg

Hart is top dog

4:15pm: Heaney's stack trending upwards
Ciaran Heaney is really gaining momentum and his stack has shot upwards, having been as low as nine big blinds at the start of this level.

He got his latest boost in a three-way pot against Fintan Gavin and David Hill. Heaney raised to 100,000 from under-the-gun with K♠9♠, Hill called with K♣[10h] on the button and Gavin completed from the big blind with J♥8♠.

The Q♥9♦9♣ flop gave Heaney trips and he bet his hand making it 115,000 to go. David Hill had a gutshot and raised it up to 250,000 total. "I'd like to see Heaney just flat call here," said Fatima Moreira de Melo, who's joined the boys in the commentary booth. But, Heaney decided to raise to 550,000 and Hill thought about doing something a bit funky before letting go of his hand. -- NW

4:12pm: Hill rivers Hart
David Hill is up to second place after rivering Josh Hart in a blind on blind battle. Hill raised from the small blind with 8♦7♣ and Hart defended with K♠2♦.
On the [10s]2♣J♦ flop Hill bet 115,000 and Hart flat called. The 3♣ turn was checked through and the 8♠ fell on the river. Hill got back to betting and fired out a 150,000. "Hart's got the pot odds problem," said Nick Wealthall. "He's getting about four to one so only needs to be good about 25% of the time to call."

Perhaps Hart could hear Wealthall as he did call but mucked when he saw the bad news. Hill is up to 1,767,000 and overtakes Fintan Gavin, whilst Hart drops to 3,258,000. -- NW

4:04pm: Radgen can't conquer Hill - eliminated 5th
Marc Radgen has had a few moments of fortune in this final but overall everytime he has made a move, he's run into a stronger hand.

Down to 542,000, A♣T♥ was the kind of hand he needed to make a move with and did so, shoving all his chips into the middle.

He must have got a sinking feeling when David Hill instantly moved all-in behind and he would have been right to feel queasy as everyone else folded and Hill turned over the dominating A♥K♦.

The board of J♠8♥5♣A♦A♠ kept Hill's equity edge intact, meaning yet another warrior has fallen - Radgen hitting the rail in 5th for £19,300 whilst local boy David Hill is climbing rapidly, up to 1,300,000.

Josh Hart remains in control of the four remaining player for now with 3.5 million however. -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Marc Radgen_M3DM2854.jpg

Radgen's had a frustrating day but finishes up 5th

3:55pm: Heaney doubles again
As we saw yesterday, when Ciaran Heaney gets his chips in he's usually got the best hand and so it proved once more as he got another crucial double up. In the hand in question David Hill limped with [10h]9♥, Fintan Gavin decided to attack the limp, raising to 150,000 with 7♦5♥ and Ciaran Heaney then moved all-in for 352,000 with 5♣5♥.
Hill got out the way, "Gavin's going to have to call," said Nick Wealthall, and call he did.

Heaney had a dream situation as he was in great shape against Gavin's hand. The 4♥K♣2♣4♦3♣ board kept the engineer in front and he's up to 769,000 whilst Gavin slips to 1,970,000. -- NW

3:42pm: Snejberg eliminated in 6th
It didn't take long after the break for another player to be removed from contention.

Josef Snejberg min-raised with A♣A♠ from UTG and Josh Hart peeled from the big blind with T♣7♣.

Suited cards have been working well for Hart and once again, he connected sweetly with the flop of Q♠7♠T♦, making two pair.

Hart checked to Snejberg, who led out 82,000, before making a value check-raise to 203,000.

With one million chips Snejberg decided not to waste any time with his overpair, moving all-in. Hart snap-called!

Snejberg was in danger and would require some assistance from the powers above to survive but they were not in forgiving mood as the board bricked out the 8♦6♥.

Nick Wealthall commented "That's super unlucky. There's nothing you can do."

The Czech player looked disappointed but he can proud of what's been a successful tournament for him. He picks up £14,900 for his sixth place finish and the players continue five-handed, Josh Hart now up to 3,508,000. -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Josef Snejberg_M3DM2858.jpg

Bullets provide painful exit for Snejberg

3:30pm: Back at the felt
The players needed that short constitutional after what's been an action-packed first two and a bit levels of the day.

Things are getting really serious now, Josh Hart leading the pack as the remaining six battle for the title. They are back in their seats and ready to do mortal combat. Good luck all! -- RS

Blinds up: 20,000/40,000, 5,000 ante

3:15pm: Chip counts on the break
That's the end of level 24 and the players are now on a 15 minute break. Josh Hart and Fintan Gavin are beginning to separate themselves from the pack, whilst David Hill and Ciaran Heaney are still the men in the danger zone.

Josh Hart, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player 2,744,000
Fintan Gavin, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 2,287,000
Josef Snejberg Czech Republic, PokerStars Player 1,119,000
Marc Radgen, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 807,000
David Hill, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier 520,000
Ciaran Heaney, Isle of Man, PokerStars Qualifier, 362,000

3:05pm: Hart picking on roomie
Marc Radgen must be feeling a little frustrated right now, as roommate Josh Hart three-bets him once more when he raises K-5 from late position.

Hart had him well beaten with tens, picking up the pot but Radgen isn't to know that and might be rapidly approaching the point where he feels the need to draw a line in the sand and "stick it up him" as they say in Frankfurt.

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Marc Radgen_M3DM2868.jpg

Get off my case bro!

3:00pm: Taking stock
Two hours into the final, there have been some startling developments, including those two shock eliminations.

Josh Hart has established a stranglehold on the final for now, and has started to put in a few three-bets, using his stack as leverage to garner more chips. No one is safe, even his room-mate here Marc Radgen has suffered at the hands of Hart's three-betting. It's good pressure from the young player.

Josh Hart 2,663,000
Fintan Gavin 2,087,000
Josef Snejberg 1,090,000
Marc Radgen 1,085,000
Ciaran Heaney 526,000
David Hill 388,000

2:50pm: Ciaran Heaney doubles through Josef Snejberg
From under-the-gun Josef Snejberg opened to 60,000 with A♠3♦ and it folded to Ciaran Heaney. The shortest stack of the six remaining players looked down at A♦7♦ and moved his 257,000 stack (about nine big blinds) over the line. When it folded back to Snejberg he reluctantly called.

The 7♥2♦A♥ flop all but locked the hand for Heaney but the 4♠ fell on the turn to give Snejberg a wheel draw. "It's never easy," said Nick Wealthall, but the dealer produced the 4♦ on the river and Heaney's hand held. He's up to 587,000 and Snejberg is down to 947,000. -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day4_ciaran_heaney.jpg

Heaney's doubled but is still short

2:40pm: Hart flush
Josh Hart hasn't played too many hands, but so far suited cards are working out a treat as he makes another flush to win a pot.

The hand saw Snejberg open to 60,000 from UTG with A♥K♠, called by Gavin (9♥9♠) in position and Hart with 7♠3♣ in the big blind.

The board of A♣K♥Q♣ was very interesting, top two for Snejberg and a flush draw for Hart.

Hart checked and Snejberg led out for 98,000, called by Hart.

The turn T♣ was one of the worst cards Snejberg could have seen and when Hart made a big 250,000 bet, he recognised the danger, making an impressively quick fold with top two.

Hart consolidates his chip lead - starting to look a real threat for the title, especially if he continues making flushes! -- RS

2:35pm: Thomas Ward eliminated in seventh place (£11,120)
With the blinds having just gone up Thomas Ward found himself down to just under 12 big blinds and after Fintan Gavin raised to 65,000, Ward, who was playing his third UKIPT Final Table, moved all-in for 346,000 total. Back on Gavin he made the call and it was time for showdown.

Gavin: A♥Q♥
Ward: A♦[10s]

"He's got really unlucky there as that's the bottom of his range and Gavin is opening a lot," said PokerStars' Mind Sports Ambassador Jen Shahade in the commentary booth. The 8♠5♠J♣6♥3♣ board kept Gavin in front and eliminated Ward in seventh place. -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day4_thomas_ward.jpg

Ward's wait for a UKIPT title goes on

2:30pm:Chip counts
With the elimination of Ludovic Geilich, Josh Hart has extended his chip lead.

Josh Hart, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player 2,295,000
Fintan Gavin, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 1,716,000
Josef Snejberg Czech Republic, PokerStars Player 1,372,000
Marc Radgen, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,103,000
David Hill, Isle of Man, PokerStars Qualifier, 526,000
Ciaran Heaney, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier 473,000
Thomas Ward, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier 354,000

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000, 4,000 ante

2:25pm:Ludovic Geilich eliminated in eighth place (£8,000)
He'd mounted one comeback already today but Ludovic Geilich couldn't make a second. There was an open to 50,000 from Josh Hart from under-the-gun+1 with A♦K♦, it folded to Geilich in the hijack and he moved all-in for 317,000 with A♣8♣. When it folded back to Hart, the chip leader called to put Geilich at risk.

The [10s]6♠6♥ flop meant there were some chopportunities, but the 3♥ turn and J♣ river didn't help the Scotsman and he's first out at the final table. - NW

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Ludovic Geilich_M3DM2882.jpg

Geilich is gone in eighth

2:15pm: Spiky Radgen pricks Geilich
Radgen raised to 48,000 from UTG+2 with A-T, flatted by Snjeberg on the button with K♠J♥. Folded to Geilich in the small blind with pocket jacks, he had a mandatory three-bet, raising to 124,000. Back on Radgen, he moved all-in, feeling Geilich was "at-it".

"That's Geilich's reputation doing the job for him," James Hartigan pointed out on the live commentary stream.

Geilich made an easy call and was suddenly looking like he was about to eliminate the German.

Radgen still had equity however and the board of A♥T♥8♠ was a doozy for him, catapulting him into strong position. LUdovic could only look on, as Radgen's hand improved to a full house on the A♦ turn and a brick on the river left Geilich handing over a massive chunk of his stack.

Radgen rises to 1,184,000 whilst Geilich is now very much in danger of an early bath, down to 326,000. -- RS

2pm: Final table preview
In this final table preview Sarah Grant highlights some of the faces and dynamics to look out for today.

1:55pm: Chip counts
Josh Hart has taken the chip lead, but he's less than two big blinds ahead of Fintan Gavin. Ciaran Heaney and Thomas Ward are both in the danger zone. -- NW

Josh Hart, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player 1,769,000
Fintan Gavin, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 1,730,000
Josef Snejberg Czech Republic, PokerStars Player 1,460,000
Ludovic Geilich United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 744,000
Marc Radgen, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 738,000
David Hill, Isle of Man, PokerStars Qualifier, 589,000
Thomas Ward, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier 429,000
Ciaran Heaney, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier 380,000

1:50pm: Geilich timing off
It was likely that the two aggressive former UKIPT champions would clash sooner rather than later and the two titans crossed swords moments ago as expected.

Folded to Geilich in the small blind, he raised it up to 48,000 with K♥7♦, only for Gavin to three-bet to 84,000 from the big blind with A♦3♠.

Geilich made the call out of position, Martins Adeniya in the commentary booth suggesting perhaps Geilich wasn't giving Gavin enough credit here.

A flop of 5♠2♥3♥ saw Geilich lead for 24,000 - a very small bet into the pot and Gavin made a quick call with second pair and a gutshot.

A gin card on the turn for the Irishman - the 3♦ arriving to give Gavin trips and he must have been ecstatic as Geilich fired barrel number two - this time a chunkier 148,000.

Call from Gavin.

The 7♥ on the river was bad card for Geilich. He'd made top pair and went for a value bet - 150,000 the price to pay. For Gavin with a potential flush out there, flat-calling felt like the best option and he did so with his trip threes.

"Nice hand," conceded Geilich - 40% of his chips disappearing in that big pot.

He is now down to 630,000, whilst Irishman Gavin has rampaged up to the top of the chip counts with around 1,700,000. -- RS

1:45pm: Geilich in real hand shocker!
Ludovic Geilich has a reputation for being crazy aggressive but the evidence of the final table suggests anything but. Yet again he entered the pot with a real hand, raising with Q♥Q♠ under-the-gun and picking up a call from Ciaran Heaney two seats along with A♥J♦. "Ludo's range, even from under-the-gun is so wide that ace-jack is a profitable call but you have to be ready to go broke on an ace high or jack high flop," said Martins Adeniya who's joined Nick Wealthall and James Hartigan in the commentary booth.

The flop came K♠4♠9♥ and Geilich declined to bet, he checked the action to Heaney who bet 76,000, call from Geilich. The 3♦ turn was checked through and Geilich spiked a set on the Q♦ river. The UKIPT4 Marbella champion bet 100,000 - about 30% of the pot - and although Heaney contemplated getting out of line he eventually folded. -- NW

1:30pm: Hart attacks
David Hill just raised from the hijack with K♥J♣, called on the button by Josh Hart with Q♥J♥ and Gavin peeled from the big blind, getting a good price with 6♣2♣.

The flop of A♦T♥3♥ gave Josh Hart a big flush and straight draw, and when it checked to him, he bet out 85,000. Hill clearly had some plans and check called with his gutshot.

Come the 7♥ turn, Hill decided to pull the trigger, having picked up a flushdraw himself.

Unfortunately for him, Hart made his flush with this card and when bet out 180,000, Hart made the call, looking to let Hill hang himself.

The local boy had outs but the 9♣ on the river was a brick - Hill nonetheless firing out 180,000 in a bid to try and take the pot down. Hart seemed torn between calling and raising, biding his time before electing to take the safer route - just calling and picking up a sizeable pot.

That hand moves Hart into the chip lead with 1,749,000 whilst Hill is now the shortstack with 513,000. -- RS

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_David Hill_M3DM3363.jpg

Sliding Hill's timing off

1:30pm: Gavin's aggression pays off
Fintan Gavin isn't a man who easily gives up on pots and he just managed to force two superior hands off the pot in one go.

The UKIPT2 Edinburgh champion opened to 49,000 from under-the-gun with Q♦J♦ and picked up calls from Marc Radgen who had 9♦9♣ and Ludovic Geilich who held [10s]8♥ in the big blind. The 4♣[10c]2♥ flop gave Geilich top pair, he checked to Gavin who continued for 75,000. Both players called.

The 3♣ turn completed the flush draw and Gavin fired again, this time for 180,000. Radgen quickly folded, "he's got to fold there because he's worried about Ludovic behind him," said Nick Wealthall who added. "He's just trying to strongarm it and it looks like he's planning to bet most rivers." That might have been playing on Geilich's mind as he too mucked his hand.

Pot to Gavin. -- NW

1:20pm: Radgen flats aces
Ludovic Geilich opened to 48,000 from under-the-gun and it folded to Marc Radgen in the cut off and the German peaked down and pocket aces. He elected to just flat call which surprised Nick Wealthall who said: "I don't think flatting aces is bad, but why not open up the betting again and let Ludovic potentially hang himself?"

No one else got involved and the two of them saw a 2♥5♠Q♦ flop, Geilich c-bet 74,000 and again Radgen smooth called. Although the 8♦ gave Geilich a gutshot draw he check-folded to Radgen's bet of 140,000. -- NW

Blinds up: 12,000/24,000, 3,000 ante

1:15pm: First big showdown
The first big hand pot of the day has played out!
Josef Snejberg raised to 42,000 from under-the-gun with A♠8♠ and Ludovic Geilich now took control of the pot with a re-raise to 64,000 from UTG+1, holding A♦K♥.

Shock now as Ciaran Heaney moved all-in for 567,000. Facing such strength, realistically Heaney's range was likely to be pretty strong and so it proved as Snejberg laid it down, Geilich made the call and Heaney turned up A♥K♠.

"I'm a fan of just letting them chop it now," Nick Wealthall offered on commentary with a likely chop or a longshot horrendous beat the only two outcomes possible.

The board of 4♠2♥3♠ opened up a slim chance for Heaney to win the whole shebang, but the 7♣ ended his freeroll and the pair chopped up the pot, both small winners in the final analysis. -- RS

1:05pm: Cards in the air
Tournament director Toby Stone has finished his introductions and cards are in the air at the final table. Let the fun begin! -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day4_final_table.jpg

The final table just before battle commenced

12:45pm: Down to the elite eight

Welcome back to the UKIPT Isle of Man as we play to a finish. Three days of teak tough poker have led us to this point - the final table. The remaining 8 players have been hardened in the fiery heart of the Villa Marina crucible, having seen off worthy challenges from PokerStars Pros, talented locals and UKIPT legends to secure their berth.

It will be fascinating to see who can rise to the challenge of their rivals.

One man who has the eye of the tiger is Ludovic Geilich, 2013's UKIPT Marbella winner developing a fearsome reputation in the poker world for his aggressive brand of poker. Gelilich rarely takes a backward step although he will be aware he won't push chip leader Josef Snejberg around easily, the Czech player taking on Geilich with sufficient panache yesterday that he was able to vault him in the chip counts at the close.

UKIPT4_IOM_Aug_14_Ludovic Geilich_M3DM3344.jpg

Geilich gunning for second title

Fintan Gavin will be a real threat for the title also, the experienced Irishman having proved he has the skills to enjoy UKIPT success many times before, including most memorably by winning UKIPT2 Edinburgh 2011.

If that were not enough talent, let's not forget Thomas Ward, the record UKIPT casher, making his 12th appearance in the payout spots of a UKIPT. Mr consistency will be no walkover for the bigger stacks if he can get a chip boost in the early stages.

Here's how they will line up at the start of the day and the full final table profiles can be found here.

Seat one: Marc Radgen, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 743,000
Seat two: David Hill, Isle of Man, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,029,000
Seat three: Josh Hart, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,167,000
Seat four: Josef Snejberg, Czech Republic, PokerStars Player, 1,561,000
Seat five: Ludovic Geilich, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,063,000
Seat six: Fintan Gavin, Ireland, PokerStars Player 1,148,000
Seat seven: Ciaran Heaney, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 589,000
Seat eight: Thomas Ward, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 544,000

We're close to the kick-off on the live stream so good luck one and all. A glorious day of poker lies ahead of us.

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Isle of Man: Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT