UKIPT4 London 2: Day 1A level 1-4 updates (100/200 ante 25)

4:17pm: Break time
The players are on their second 15-minute break of the day. Further updates will appear in a new post.

4:10pm: Owen going along strong
Adam Owen is a very good mixed game player and he's showing he's not too bad a Holdem either as he has amassed around 40,000 already. His demeanour at the table has also impressed; just smiling whilst a neighbour tried to get under his skin.

Rather than reacting, he just looked down at his table chip-leading stack and smiled whilst folding. -- MC

4pm: More than one UKIPT title up for grabs this week
Last season's UKIPT leader board race went right down to the final event with Tom Hall pipping his good friend Neil Raine to the title. This season looks like being no different as it's very tight at the top. Going into UKIPT Isle of Man 2 Dara Davey was three points clear of Max Silver, but his victory in a side event has vaulted him into the lead (the table just hasn't been updated yet).

But whilst Silver leads by around 30 points with big fields expected in London a side event win or top 50 finish in the Main Event could be enough for most of the top five to leapfrog Silver. We'll be checking in with the race for the title throughout the event, but both Dara Davey (7,900) and Dara O'Kearney (15,200) might need side event success to take the title and the buy-ins and accommodation to all Season 5 stops that goes with it. -- NW

3:55pm: It's twins!!
The De Meulder brothers have entered the fray. Christophe, who's sat at the same table as Max Silver, had the better of it in the Isle of Man, making Day 2 before busting out. Whilst Matti tried, and failed, to make it through Day 1 twice. No re-entry here in London though so he's only got the one shot this time. It seems though he doesn't know his Day 1A from his Day 1B! -- NW

3:50pm: Chips ahoy!
Some selected chip counts from around the room:

James Mitchell - 17,000
Robert Haigh - 19,800
Jannick Wrang - 4,400
Nick Hicks - 22,000
Steve Watts - 21,500
Simon Deadman - 17,000
Steve O'Dwyer - 25,000
Neil Channing - 8,300
Sylvain Loosli - 28,000
Jeff Kimber - 15,000
Jake Cody - 10,300
James Tomlin - 16,000
Kevin Williams - 16,500
Mike Adamo - 27,000
-- MC

3:30pm: Aggression pays for big names
Max Pescatori and Toby Lewis are recent additions to the field and both had no trouble in firing in multi-way pots.

Pescatori opened, fired the flop when three-handed and fired the turn when heads up. The board read Q♠Q♥4♠ and he scooped to rise to 22,000.

Lewis opened under the gun and also picked up two callers. He continued on a 3♠3♣A♣ flop and both opponents folded to put him up to 21,700. -- MC

Blinds up: 100/200, ante 25

3:10pm: Dorey more than doubles
After a limp from Simon Hemsworth from under-the-gun, Trevor Pearson, who final tabled UKIPT4 Nottingham 2, bumped it up to 475 and picked up five callers, including Luca Falaschi and Will Dorey, who was in the small blind.

The 9♠9♦9♥ flop was checked to Falaschi, the Italian bet 1,100 and Dorey was the only caller. The 3♣ turn card was again checked to Falaschi, he asked Dorey how much he had left (roughly 8,400) and then bet 2,500, call from Dorey.

The 5♠ completed the board and Dorey checked for a third time, Falaschi set him all-in and Dorey snap called all-in for 6,100, turning over 9♣8♦ for the nuts as he did so. Despite being an all-in hand Falaschi didn't show his cards, nor where they turned over by the dealer, but his face suggested he likely had an over pair to the board. -- NW

3pm: Put some ice on Day 1A, it's swelling!
The number of entrants for today has risen to 335. Some of the new arrivals include Team PokerStars Pros Christophe and Matthias De Meulder; Tamer Kamel and Oliver Price.

They can take the seats vacated by Chen Wenbin, Ares Daneshpour, Jose Noronha, Yury Gulyy, Stephen Fecher, Eric Lescott, Stylianos Podarogiannis, Daniel James, David Phelan, Amar Al-Hussona, Deborah Haddad and Jiri Mentlik. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_yury_gulyy.jpg

On to the next one for Gulyy

2:45pm: You might recognise me from such EPT trophy ceremonies as...
This might be 'only' a £770 pound tournament but it hasn't stopped some EPT winners going in search of another PokerStars title. There are, by the PokerStars Blog's count, four EPT winners in the field today. Whilst Jake Cody, Liv Boeree and Steve O'Dwyer stand out in almost any crowd, it's possible the players at table three don't know they have an EPT champion in their midst.

Jannick Wrang triumphed at EPT8 Campione, defeating Olivier Busquet heads-up (not easy) to top a field of 570 players. He's not had the best of starts in London though as he's down to 12,800. -- NW

2:35pm: A certain somebody just showed up!
Team PokerStars Liv Boeree is in the house:

2:20pm: Burland bounces two out
Some players will do anything to get in the blog, won't they Jamie Burland? Or maybe he just flopped a draw to the world and had little choice in getting involved.

He took to a 8♠T♥9♥ flop sandwiched between Bo Nilsson and Mateusz Zbikowski. Nilsson led for 1,025 and was called by Burland before Zbikowski raised to enough to put Nilsson in for his last 4,125. Burland then shoved and Zbikowski snap called all in.

Nilsson: T♠9♣ for top two pair.
Burland: K♥J♥ for overs and a straight flush draw.
Zbikowski: Q♣J♣ for the current nut straight.

The board ran out 2♥6♣ to make a flush for Burland. He moved up to around 40,000 while the other two players hit the rail. -- MC

Blinds up: 75/150 ante

2pm: Break Time
The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

1:55pm: Talented
The big names keep on coming! Charlie Coombes, Ryan Spittles, Andrew Hulme, Dom Kay, Jeff Kimber, Jeremy Wray, Chaz Chattha, Steve O'Dwyer, Mark McCluskey, James Mitchell, David Lappin and Tudor Purice have all entered the fray. -- NW

1:50pm: Not you again
Simon Hemsworth, Mike Welland and Will Dorey battle each other on a near daily basis in online cash games, so they probably find it amusing that they're all at not only the same starting table, but the same half of the same starting table given that they're in seats 6, 8 and 9 with Welland having position on the other two. -- NW

1:40pm: Gone
A few players have busted out before the first break, they are: Terence Jordon, Florian Costan, Janice Phillips, Rahim Tadj-saadat and Marvin Weiland.

Whilst their hope of a UKIPT Main Event title are in tatters, with 45 events taking place across the festival there's plenty more poker for them in London. -- NW

1:35pm: A firm bunch of players today

1:25pm: Brighton rocks
Deborah Worley-Roberts seems to be in a pot every time eyes are on her table. She lost the latest one witnessed but only dropped to an impressive early 29,000.

Around 3,000 had made it into the middle after Worley-Roberts (UTG) had check-called a flop bet. She check-called another 1,500 to see a final board that read J♠9♥2♠A♥Q♦. She checked once more and her opponent, Harald Voss, checked behind saying, "Pot is high enough."

Worley-Roberts opened A♠5♠ and lost out to the German's A♦9♦. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_deborah_worley_roberts.jpg

Worley-Roberts is one of the early pacesetters

1:10pm: Get here early to avoid the queues
Day 1B will definitely be busier than Day 1A and there was a queue today to get PS Live cards at The Grand Connaught Rooms meaning many players missed a few hands.

So if you're playing Day 1B and need to get a PS Live card our advice is to either a) get here early or b) pick yours up tonight as the desk is open until 11pm. You'll also need a Hippodrome Friends card, which is required under British gaming regulations. That can also be picked up at The Grand Connaught Rooms or at The Hippodrome Casino, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One player who got caught in the queue today was UK poker legend Neil Channing who looked on the bright side, sort of...

Blinds up: 50/100 ante

12:57pm: Debs destroying early on
Deborah Worley-Roberts - AKA Debs the Destroyer - had been living up to her name in the first level of play. Her aggressiveness has seen her stack rise up to 23,000.

She was sat with pocket fives and three-bet a 150 under-the-gun open up to 400. The player directly to her left four-bet to 1,200, a bet that only she called. The two players went ahead and checked down the 6♠9♣T♣T♦J♥ board and Worley-Roberts opened up her 5♠5♦, which was good for the pot. -- MC

12:50pm: More faces and more attention needed
EPT Vienna finalist Mike Adamo, James Tomlin, James Morris, former UKIPT champion Jamie Burland and the godfather of UK poker, Neil Channing, are the latest faces to make an appearance on Day 1A.

Morris started badly by accidentally raising to 1,000 the very first hand he played. An opponent may have picked up on the mistake and put in a three-bet to force Morris off his hand. At least Morris has 19,000 more working capital. -- MC

12:40pm: Who knew?
"So in this country 7-2 is a good hand," boomed an American accent belonging to a female poker player at one of the tables in the center of the side room. Law of averages means on some occasions that the worst starting hand is hold'em is far from that. -- NW

12:30pm: More faces
Halfway through the first level the tables are starting to fill up and more dealers are on standby to open tables as players arrive. Currently there are 20 tables in use, split over two adjoining rooms with four tables down the far end of a room dominated by the Shark Cage TV set, which films here on Sunday and the other 16 in an adjoining side room, which confusingly is actually the main room as the four 'outer' tables will be the first to break.

We've already spotted a few familiar faces but also playing today are: Carla Sabini, the Canadian who finished fourth in the €10,000 High Roller at EPT London last year just days after a deep run in the Main Event where she finished 30th.

Ex-professional footballer turned poker player, Steve Watts is busy limbering up his poker muscles, he was involved in a pot as we walked by his table. ISPT and Sunday Million Winner Nick Hicks, who's up there with Julian Thew in terms of 'nice guys of poker', is here too as is serial satellite qualifier Dean Clay. And Yury Gulyy is one of many players who've made the short hop from the Isle of Man to London for their second shot at a UKIPT title in October.

The board is currently showing 150 players are registered, but expect that number to rise significantly before late registration shuts at 4:30pm. -- NW

12:20pm: Quiet start
Midday is like the break of dawn for many poker players, so it came as no surprise to see so many empty and barely filled tables once cards were in the air. There's a steady stream of hopefuls coming through the front doors though so that will soon change.

Players noticed so far include: Kevin Williams, Deborah Worley-Roberts, Terence Jordon (15th place at UKIPT4 IOM2), Robert Haigh, Chris Gordon, Simon Deadman and his better half, Shola Akindele. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_simon_deadman.jpg

Deadman - looking for another UKIPT cash after Isle of Man success

12:10pm: Hemsworth hoping for home win
Does home field advantage exist in poker? Simon Hemsworth, who lives in London, certainly hopes so. The cash game specialist is now slouch in tournaments either as he final tables the monstrous Estrellas Barcelona Main Event back in August, finishing ninth.

12pm: Let's get it started
Bang on time play is under way in the UKIPT Main Event. -- NW

11.45am: UKIPT Season 4 reaches home stretch
April 2013 seems a long time ago but that's when the fourth season of the UKIPT officially kicked off, Jake Cody winning the inaugural UKIPT Series event at The Hippodrome Casino. Now, 16 events later we've reached the final furlong of the season and the last act will take place in London almost a year to the day since Robbie Bull won his UKIPT title right here at The Grand Connaught Rooms.

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_connaught_rooms.jpg

The Grand Connaught Rooms plays host to the UKIPT Main Event

We're about 15 minutes away from shuffling up and dealing and for now there's a relative hush in the tournament room. Soon it will be filled with the sound of chips riffling, friendly banter and the sound of poker. The PokerStars Blog will be here from first card to last as we bring the curtain down on Season 4 with the UKIPT Grand Final.

Key UKIPT4 London 2 facts:

- 20,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 400 big blinds
- One hour levels and we'll play ten today.
- Two Day 1s then the Day 1 survivors will merge for Days 2, 3 and 4 until a winner is crowned (cue winner's photo, trophy swinging around, celebrations in Trafalgar Square).
- There's a live satellite here at the Connaught Rooms tonight. It's a £150 + £15 freezeout and it starts at 6pm.
- If you're planning on playing any events in the EPT London Festival, in partnership with The Hippodrome Casino, you need to read this, as it contains important information about where/how/when you can register for events.There's even a flow chart!
- The full festival schedule can be seen here.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT4 London 2: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT