UKIPT4 London 2: Day 1A level 5-10 updates (600/1,200 ante 200)

00:05am: Done for the day
The players have bagged and tagged their chips and are marching out of The Grand Connaught Rooms into the night. The race for chip lead was tightly contested to the last, but Gino Levrini is the man who finishes on top with a big stack of 260,800. -- NW

11:50pm: Last three hands
A random card was drawn and each table will play three more hands before bagging up for the night.

11:35pm: So close...
To making Day 2, but these players fell just short: Tamer Kamel, Mike Adamo, James Rann, Luke Hallinan, Nir Levy, Michael Rossiter, Filip Mihailovic and Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_liv_boeree2.jpg

Boeree has busted near the end of the day

11:25pm: Woodcock the centre of attention
A couple of hours ago a player asked the PokerStarsBlog to write an update about him, often we acquiesce to such requests (tip: especially if you ask nicely). The player in question - Arron Woodcock - though was asking us to write a piece about the drunk guy in seat one, as in him! It appears he hasn't slowed down over the past couple of levels and has subsequently got the attention of the tournament director Toby Stone. He asked Woodcock to stop shouting - which he's been doing a fair amount of - and gave him a warning that he'd receive a penalty if he didn't quieten down.

"I'm not causing offence to anyone," said Woodcock loudly. "No one cares," at this juncture Deborah Worley-Roberts couldn't resist making mischief. She stood up and said: "You're offending me from three tables away," before laughing. "Buy her a drink," responded Woodcock.

"If it's an offence to have fun then ok. Everyone's so miserable," continued Woodcock. 30 minutes remain in the day. -- NW

11:15pm: Lots of outs, but Hemsworth's out
Simon Hemsworth is another of the late night fallers who've just failed to make it through the day, he got it in with plenty of outs but was drawing very thin on the turn.

11:05pm: Snippets
As the last level gets under way here's a snapshot of what's going on around the tournament room:

- 10 levels is a lot, even for the youngsters, and whilst the grey haired Mark McCluskey is live tournament regular he's obviously feeling it a bit as he's currently getting a massage and using a hand held fan to keep himself cool.
- Tudor Purice - who finished 14th in the EPT Main Event here last year - is up to 65,000 and wearing a hoodie that sits squarely in the salmon pink ballpark. You can't miss him.
- Max Silver's quest to add more points to his tally in his bid for UKIPT leader board glory continues. He's got a stack of 37,000 which whilst plenty, is below average.
- Kima Kimura is one of the big stacks, she has around 127,000
- Deborah Worley-Roberts is going strong on 77,000. Sh e was rewarding herself with a beer and offered to buy anyone at her table a drink but got zero takers. "I can't believe none of you wanted a drink," she said as she took delivery of a large cold one. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600/1,200-200

11pm: Mitchell written out of the story
James Mitchell is off to find the "boys" in a local bar after he joined them on the rail.

The former Irish open champion opened to 2,200 from under the gun and was only called by Alain Bissailogbo in the big blind en route to a 9♥A♦J♠ flop. Mitchell continued for 3,500 and Bissailogbo check-called.

The turn came 2♠ and Mitchell bet 5,000 and called all in for 18,300 when shoved on. He opened A♣T♣ but was behind to Bissailogbo's A♥Q♦. The 9♦ river confirmed Mitchell's demise and saw Bissailogbo move up to 170,000. -- MC

10:45pm: Gone but not forgotten
The tournament clock is indicating that only 135 of the 353 players who started the day still have chips. The latest players to be left potless include: Christopher Barnes, Ali Chaaban, Miguel Suarez, Steve O'Dwyer, Hassan Khalil, Ross McMahon, Ramey Shaio, Jorge Coello, Bart Besselink, Daniel Burrow, Max Johnson, Robert Slack, Patrick Clarke, Charlie Coombs and Carla Sabini. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_steve_o'dywer.jpg

Another EPT Champion has been eliminated

10:35pm: McLauchlin KO'd; Gordillo making ground
Down to around 10 big blinds Marc McLauchlin committed his chips with A♥Q♣ but ran smack into Thierry Lelouche's pocket kings.

And Pablo Gordillo has knocked out Jeremy Del Gallo to climb to 140,000. -- NW

10:25pm: Late night betting for victory
Former Swindon Town FC chairman, Jeremy Wray, is a man used to getting his own way. Whether he's in a boardroom or at a poker table, he wants to chair.

He just took a pot off Daiva Barauskaite on the river but actually wanted a call. He opened to 2,200, bet 2,400 on the flop, 4,300 on the turn and 14,600 on the river. Barauskaite called all the way to the river but gave up at that junction. The board read A♦3♦K♥Q♥A♥.

Wray flashed A♣K♠ to show he wasn't messing about. -- MC

10:15pm: One for me, one for you
Down to just 14,100 Nick Hicks moved all-in from middle position and it folded to Mike Adamo in the big blind. The American, who runs a bar in Turks and Caicos, squeezed his first card and said: "The first one is good for me," he then squeezed the second. "That one's good for you," before mucking his hand. "The first one gave me seven snap outs and 11 or more tank outs," added Adamo as Hick restacked his chips. -- NW

10:05pm: Chip leaders
As the final two levels of the night get under way these are the players to catch:

Fabrizio Fuchs - 175,000
Garrett Levrini - 148,000
Javed Ullah - 120,000
Hrair Mekhsian - 105,000
Lucas Blanco - 90,000

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_farbrizio_fuchs.jpg

Fuchs is on top

Blinds up: 500/1,000, 100 ante

9:45pm: Break time
The players are now on their final 15 minute break of the day. -- NW

9:40pm: Level eight exits
The latest fallers include: Alin Rapoport, Darren Fuller, Leng Ong, Yehonatan Levy, Michael Bale, Robert Jamhouri, Timothy Dearing, Alexandry Tibulca, Barry Hamill, William Dorey, Colin Thomas, Seun Oluwole, Chihao Tsang, Robert Schulz, Marti Aguilar, Christophe De Meulder, Paul Parker, Paul Byrne, Daniel Toffel and Richard Garbutt.

171 players remain. -- NW

9:25pm: Some UK and Ireland counts
It's no surprise that the majority of players in the field are from the UK & Ireland, here's how some of the notables are getting on:

Max Silver - 43,000
Chaz Chattha - 29,000
Ryan Spittles - 39,000
Mark McCluskey - 23,000
Steve O'Dwyer - 18,400
Jamie Burland - 58,000
James Mitchell - 18,000
Jeremy Wray - 39,000

9:10pm: Cody canned
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody will just forget UKIPT London. He was bluffed off the fourth-nut flush earlier has never got any momentum going after that.

Down to his last 8,875, he shoved all in with J♦9♦ and was called by Matas Cimbolas
holding K♦Q♦. The board ran 8♦Q♠K♠5♦7♥ to send the pot to Cimbolas.

Cody will be back on Sunday or Monday for the EPT London Main event. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_jake_cody.jpg

Cody - couldn't get anything going

9pm: Gordillo going for more gold
Winning one tournament on a Sunday on PokerStars is a fine achievement, two would be positively superb and a hat-trick of wins would, cynically, lead to cries of foul play. Which is sort of what happened when Pablo Gordillo, a Spanish pro now living in the United Kingdom, pulled off an almost unbelievable hat-trick, winning the Sunday Kick Off, the Sunday Storm and then The Bigger $55, to earn a combined $101,060. For every 'congratulations' there was a cry of 'rigged'.

Gordillo made his way to UKIPT Isle of Man shortly after his triumphant Sunday, but had no luck away from the virtual felt. He's taking another shot here in London and it's going far better, he's up to 70,000 after winning a decent pot against Ilias Macropoulos Lalaounis.

Gordillo led the betting on all streets, firing 8,600 on the turn of a 3♠[10h]5♣7♥ and after Lalounis had just smooth called, he set the American all-in on the 4♠ river for what looked like an effective 25,000. After some time in the tank Lalounis elected to fold and Gordillo dragged a pot that takes him up to 70,000. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_pablo_gordillo.jpg

Pablo Gordillo

8:52pm: Don't try to pop this star
Wojciech Lozowski is a pop and TV star back in his Polish homeland but he's a dab hand at this poker lark too.

He battled in as three-way pot with Ramey Shaio and one other, coming out on top to rise to around 60,000.

All three were still involved with the board reading 8♠Q♥6♥K♣ and Shaio led out for 6,600. Lozowski raised to 14,000 and Shaio was the only caller to the 2♣ river that was checked.

Shaio opened J♠T♠ for a missed straight draw and Lozowski scooped with the winning 6♦6♠ for a set. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400/800, ante 100

8:45pm: Tough table
There are some strong contenders for table of death but the one containing Team PokerStars Pros Liv Boeree and Matti De Meulder is up there for sure. Both are comfortably stacked with Boeree on 58,500 and De Meulder on 57,000.
They're sharing a table with UKIPT Season 3 Online Qualifier of the Year Dara O'Kearney (27,000) and Carla Sabini (16,000). -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_liv_boeree.jpg

Boeree is at a tough table

8:35pm: Brief observations
It's not been a good day in the Deadman household. Both Simon and his better half, Shola Akindele, are keeping Andrew Hulme company on the rail.

Tamer Kamel is showing them how to hang in there; open-folding pocket queens to an all in raise on an ace-high flop.

Adam Owen is a smiley chap generally, especially so recently though after his stack passed the magic 100k-mark. -- MC

8:20pm: So long, farewell
To play tournament poker is to bust, most of the time. Just ask:

Cetin Erbil, Marc Hunter, Joel Jordana, Italo Raillo, Michael Stephenson, Marc Radgen, Dirk Jaspert, Michael Hoerl, Yordan Dimitrov, Rob Harrison, Jannick Wrang, Scott Franklin, Max Pescatori, David Crane, Mikael Haddad, Matteo Parlato, Robert Haigh, Rocco Marotta, James Khoury, Nick Craze, Neil Kilgour, Alberto Gomez, Andrew Seabright and David Cabrera. -- MC

8:10pm: Chip leaders from the outer tables
There are still eight tables in the outer (main room) at the moment and three players who are in that room are having a particularly good time of it. Martin Bader is up to 78,000, Garrett Michael Levrini has 82,000 but trumping them all is Ross McMahon as he's got 119,000. -- NW

8pm: The rich get richer
Fabrizio Fuchs' stack has reached the dizzy heights of 110,000 after a flopped top pair was good.

The Swiss chip leader was happy to take the pot control line out of position in a heads up pot. He check-called a 2,800 bet before the J♦ river was checked through. Fuch confidently opened A♠6♠ and raked in the pot after his opponent mucked. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300/600, 75

6:32pm: Dinner Break
The rush for the exits has commenced as the players are now on a 75 minute dinner break. -- NW

6:30pm: Room 101
With 252 of 353 players remaining exactly 101 have been eliminated so far including: Philip Butt, Chris Gordon, Vlad Lache, Sean Williams, Yann Del Rey, Michael Wellend, Norman Gold, Paul Testud, Bruce Atkinson, Kevin Williams, Jeff Kimber, James Morris, Dominic Kay, Iaran Lightbourne and Adrian Smith. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_kevin_williams.jpg

It's a watching brief for Williams

6:20pm: Dealer drops a deuce to keep Zahid alive
Shann Mamtora was heard audibly cursing his luck and well he might as he just a pot in which he had Jabran Zahid bang in trouble. The latter was all-in pre-flop for 10,100 holding 2♥2♦ and facing elimination as he was crushed by Mamtora's pocket jacks.

However the 7♦A♦8♣2♠A♥ board favoured Zahid and he lives to fight another day. -- NW

6:15pm: De Meulder wins three-way pot against Mr. Remarkable
Pablo Gordillo scored a remarkable hatrick of tournament wins on PokerStars a little more than a week ago and you can read his thoughts about the achievements here.

He's cruising as well here today, sat on 48,000, despite a squeeze play not working out for him. He made it 3,400 from the small blind after Matthias De Meulder raised to 1,200 and another player called.

All three checked the 4♥A♠5♦ flop. Gordillo check-folded to the Team Pokerstars Pro's 4,750 bet on the 8♦ turn but the third party called before he and De Meulder checked the K♠ river.

De Meulder missed his flush draw with K♦9♦ but found a pair good enough to beat his opponent's J♦J♥. He moved up to 41,000. -- MC

6:05pm: No joy for Oluwole
Seun Oluwole was a UKIPT regular in Season 3, we've not seen a lot of him in Season 4 but he's trying his luck once more today.

He was busy playing a pot against Christopher Barnes when the PokerStars Blog spotted him. There was 5,050 in the pot and Oluwole (button) had been checked to by Barnes (big blind) on a K♦5♦Q♦3♦ board. Oluwole bet 2,425 and after a brief dell Barnes smooth called.

The 6♣ filled out the board, both players elected to take a free show down and Barnes tabled K♠Q♥ to win the pot. -- NW

5:55pm; Lappin from the trough of defeat
David Lappin has joined fellow crew member, Dara Davey, out in the cold. His exit hand saw him come out third best with pocket kings versus ace-queen and pocket threes. He also tweeted the following hand that had cost him earlier:

5:45pm: Lewis, Channing amongst the recently eliminated
Former Irish Open champion, Neil Channing, and former EPT Vilamoura champion, Toby Lewis have hit the rail.

No details of Channing's exit but rumour has it he squeezed with ace-queen and emptied the clip on a jack high board; smooth called all the way with an opponent holding pocket aces.

These two heroes were joined by: Peter Amner, Jai Saha, Clive Sinclair, William Cheung, Denise Good, Peter Blow, Mark Osifov, Radu Pop, Philip Gorres, Nicolas Renee, Jordan Kaplan, Luca Falaschi, Ben Philipps, James Tomlin, Samuel Diaz and Fabio Sperling. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_neil_channing.jpg

Not a marvellous day for Channing

Blinds up: 200/400, ante 50

5:35pm: Strong start from Palumbo
He might not have a UKIPT cash to his name yet but Rocco Palumbo, who does have a WPT title and WSOP bracelet win to his name, is off to a great start here in London. He's more than doubled his stack already and is up to 46,000. -- NW

5:30pm: The numbers are in
Late registration ended at the start of this level and the total number of runners for today is 3353. Roughly 300 of those who entered remain as level five comes to an end. -- NW

5:20pm: O'Kearney spikes the river
When Dara O'Kearney gets his chips in pre-flop at this stage of a tournament it's pretty solid bet that he's got something solid. He five-bet jammed for 10.900 and Martin Bader, who had four-bet to 3,100 went into the tank. He had about 42,000 back and eventually he tossed the requisite calling chips into the middle.
O'Kearney: A♥K♦
Bader: J♠J♣
The 4♦2♠8♥ flop changed nothing and O'Kearney shuffled his seat backwards a touch in preparation to leave. The 7♦ turn saw more O'Kearney movement but the A♦ reversed it all and he sat back down as he spiked the double up to 20,425. A short time after he flopped a straight and is now up to 35,000. O'Kearney is one of those still in the hunt for the leader board title as he's currently fifth overall.
His friend and former tablemate Dara Davey was not as fortunate as O'Kearney in all-in situations as a short time ago he was eliminated with KK against KJ all-in pre-flop. -- NW

5:05pm: Worley-Roberts rivered
"Oh of course you're here to see this one," said Deborah Worley-Roberts to the PokerStarsBlog as she shipped some of her stack to Juan 'El bigotes" Benito, although the Spaniard, who finished sixth at UKIPT4 Nottingham 2, is now minus the moustache that earned him that nickname.
n the hand in question there was 7,600 in the middle and a complete board of 2♥5♠7♦5♥4♠ on the felt and Worley-Roberts fired out a bet of 2,500. Benito casually tossed out a raise, making it 8,400 total. Worley-Roberts chewed it over for a while before making the call, Benito showed A♥3♥ for a straight and Worley-Roberts mucked.

"Did you have a five?" asked Benito to which Worley-Roberts replied cheekily, "I'm not telling you because you're still stacking my chips!" She's down to 16,000, Benito is up to 40,000. -- NW

4:55pm: Watts Fuchs off
Steve Watts was not a happy bunny after he was eliminated in a cooler by Fabrizio Fuchs.

The two were heads up to the turn of a A♥T♣5♠K♥ board where most of the chips went flying in.

Watts opened A♠K♣ for top two pair, ahead of Fuchs' A♦5♦ for an inferior two pair hand. The board completed with the 5♥ to make Fuchs a full house. Watts stormed off while Fuchs mouthed, "Wow" and admired his stack worth around 80,000. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_steve_watts.jpg

Cruel river ended Steve's day

4:40pm: A tickle in the Ribs by Silver
Newly married Max Silver's day got a nice boost just now after a pre fop raising war led to the demise of Filipe Ribeiro.

Silver had 3,700 out in front of him and was raised to 8,600 by Ribeiro. He responded by raising to 17,200 and calling when Ribeiro shoved for 23,800.

Silver: A♦K♣
Ribeiro: A♣qs]

The board ran 2♠5♦6♠T♥J♦ to see Silver's big slick hold. Silver only had his opponent covered by 300 chips. -- MC

4:20pm: Chips and exits
We're 40% of the way through the day and as players come back to blinds of 150/300 ante 25 here's how some of them stack up: Liv Boeree (21,000), Rhys Jones (17,400), Carla Sabini (21,800), Paul Parker (18,800), Adam Owen (40,000) and Charlie Coombs (22,000).

ukipt4_london 2_day1a_carla_sabini.jpg

Carla Sabini

There are roughly 320 of 345 runners remain but sadly, Kattikeya Khazanchi, Darren Kis, Antonio Ferres, Thomas Rowland, Ovidiu Barna, Francois Goulet, John Bonadies, Fabio Di Stefano, Andrew Hulme, Suketu Patel, Michael Quinn, David Sandford, Emran Hussain, Miguel Iglesias, Daniel Hau, Mario Trattou, Achim Prinzing and Jacqueling Cachia are all out. -- NW

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT4 London 2: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT