UKIPT4 London 2: Day 2 level 11-14 (1,500/3,000, 400 ante)

4:20pm: Four down, four to go
So that's four levels down and another four to go. Much like a football match today is a game of two halves and you'll find level 15-18 updates in a new post shortly. -- NW

4:15pm: Ace-nine the hand to hold if you to want to avoid the cold
A tip for any short stacked players left in the field: get it in with ace-nine because that hand doesn't appear to be able to lose right now.

The first player to test this theorem was Parker Talbot, he moved all-in for 59,000 with A♣9♣ and found a call from Antonin Duda, who held pocket queens. The 7♦6♠4♦8♣5♥ board gave both a straight but Talbot's hole card gave him a higher one.

At the same time Marcelo Urbina was all-in for 40,000 holding A♥9♣ and he was ahead of his opponent's K♦9♠. The K♣K♥5♣ flop left Urbina drawing thin but he got there on the 3♣ turn and 2♣ river. Cue mini celebration, which was taken in good spirits by the rest of the table. -- NW

4:05pm: Troyanovskiy on the double
Vladimir Troyanovskiy is more used to playing Main Events, High Rollers and Super High Rollers on the EPT but he's representing well at this grass roots level here on the UKIPT. He squeezed into the money and has made a move up the counts with a double up.

Ross Greig opened to 8,000 from under the gun and tank called after Troyanovskiy three-bet all in for 68,200 from the hijack.

Greig: Q♣Q♠
Troyanovskiy: A♠K♣

The board ran A♣8♠J♥5♠6♦ to make the Russian two pair. -- MC

3:50pm; Debs destroyed, bubbles UKIPT London
Deborah Worley-Roberts is used to destroying other player's stacks. This time, unfortunately for her, it's her stack that was destroyed, and on the bubble too.

She opened from under the gun and Pablo Fernandez defended his big blind to see a T♥A♥T♦ flop that both players checked. Fernandez led the 9♣ turn and set Worley-Roberts all in on the 2♥ river. She called both times with A♦K♣ but Fernandez opened T♣9♥ for a full house.

"Hero or zero, boys!" mused Worley-Roberts. "That's poker!" she added before leaving.

Her exit meant there was no need for hand-for-hand play and everyone left in is guaranteed £1,250. -- MC


Worley-Roberts was the bubble girl

3:45pm: Stylianou out in 162nd: Loosli finishes 161st.
We're now on the pure bubble as Sylvain Loosli is out on 161st and Nicholas Stylianou finished 162nd. The latter check-raised all-in on a 8♠5♣5♥ flop for around 20 big blind and was snap called by Antonio Miranda. The Spaniard, who had three-bet pre-flop, had pocket jacks and his hand held up on the Q♦ turn and 3♥ river. After that hand Miranda is up to 600,000 and the probable chip leader. -- NW

3:35pm: Gordillo's luck runs out
Pablo Gordilla must've been one of the most confident players in the field after his remarkable achievements on the Sunday before last. That just took a knock though after he busted just shy of the money.

The Spaniard moved all in for 17,000 from under the gun and was only called by Anatoly Filatov in the small blind.

Gordilla: K♣9♦
Filatov: A♥5♠

The board ran J♦8♣2♦3♣3♠ to miss both players. The tournament is four places away from the money now. -- MC

3:30pm: Just missing out...
On the money are: Daiva Barauskaite, Yucel Eminoglu, Alexander Schechter, Peter Robinson, Antoine Saout, Davide Magnan, Robert Willis, Graham Parkin, Team PokerStars Online's Christian Favale, Jack O'Neill, Wilhelm Sascha, Philip Lee, Min Ji, Andrew Newson, Steven Baker, Jack Ellwood and Jamie Burland as they've all recently busted.

164 left. -- NW

3:20pm: More chip counts
The bubble is firmly in sight, so who's clinging to it and who's abusing it? Here's how some of the names, notables and big stacks are doing:

Hrair Mekhsian - 175,000
Katja Spillum Svendsen - 80,000
Roberto Romanello - 103,000
Keith Hawkins - 40,000
Matti De Meulder - 145,000
Dominik Panka - 170,000
Chris Brammer - 140,000
Brett Angell - 97,000
Eric Theissen - 205,000
Ludovic Geilich - 200,000

166 remain, 159 get paid. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500/3,000, 400

3:15pm; Double close to the bubble
The tournament clock is showing that the players are just ten spots away from the money. It's a good time to double and (obviously) a bad time to bust.

Good news for Nathan Watson that he managed to double then. He raised from the cut-off and then moved all in for 36,300 after Anatoly Filatov three-bet from the button. Call.

Watson: A♦T♥
Filatov: 8♣8♠

The board ran J♠9♥6♠T♦6♦. Filatov dropped to 150,000. -- MC

3:05pm: Nanev doubles Willis
Rumen Nanev is a regular on the European poker circuit but he's going to have to grind it out if he wants to make the money. He dropped to 40,000 chips after he doubled up Robert Willis.

Nanev opened to 5,000 from under the gun and called when his Irish opponent three-bet all in for 22,500.

Nanev: T♥J♥
Willis: A♥9♥

The board ran K♣6♦7♠Q♠4♠ to see Willis stay alive. -- MC

2:55pm: Brilliant Barton speech gets Agerskov to check
"I have you by the b**locks!" said Jason Barton to Rasmus Agerskov. It prompted rapturous laugher from Agerskov, the table and most of the room due to the high decibel level. It was also the climax of five minutes effort from Barton to get his Danish opponent to check behind.

The two players were battling heads up in the blinds and Barton had check-called bets of 7,400 and 15,100 on the flop and turn. The board rested as A♥9♠7♣5♠8♥ and Barton checked for a third time.

Barton was babbling so much that he had Agerskov in a complete spin, so much so that he eventually checked behind with 7♥5♣ for two pair, beating out Barton's Q♥9♥.

"Good speech, you got me to check it!" said Agerskov who climbed to 150,000. -- MC

2:35pm: Chip counts
Most of the tables are now in the main part of Tournament Room A, whilst there's still a few tables in the outer part they're rapidly breaking into the main part of the room as players are eliminated. Here's how some of the players in the outer part are getting on:

Fatima Moreira de Melo - 90,000
Chris Sly - 210,000
Pablo Gordillo - 35,000
Martins Adeniya - 215,000
Sylvain Loosli - 85,000
Jeremy Wray - 28,000
Phillipe Souki - 120,000
Antoine Saout - 107,000

2:20pm: Chip leaders and exits
Day 1A chip leader Gino Levrini looks to be top dog at the moment, his stack of 390,800 which puts him ahead of Evangelos Terzoudis who has 330,000. The latter is at the same table as David Peters, the American has roughly 250,000 so if the two of them go to war we could have a runaway chip leader.

Of course poker is a zero sum game so whilst the chip leaders make hay, others are heading to the exits, they include: Tobias Hausen, Benjamin Windsor, Rocco Palumbo, Lazar Micovic, Gary Solomons, Grayson Ramage, Lee Dixon, George Westwood, Isei Okimoto, Carlos Citara, Padraig O'Neill, Richard Blacklock, Clifford Goldkind, Peter Hegedus, Max Silver, John Bassett, Kristian Svendsen, Kyle Smith, Gregorz Wyraz, Karl Hammerager, Joeri Zandvliet, Jamie Roberts and Javier Etayo.

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day2_gino_levrini.jpg

Gino Levrini

200 players remain. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, 300

2pm: Break
That's the end of level 12 and the remaining players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

1:58pm: Good Evans! Richard makes excellent river call
After seeing he'd made the right call Richard Evans puffed out his cheeks in the manner of a man who'd just been put through the wringer. That's because he had as Alain Bissai Logbo really put him to the test.

The PokerStarsBlog joined the action on a 4♠J♠6♦ flop to see Bissai Logbo (button) bet 12,000, both the small blind and Evans (cut-off) made the call the 6♠, which was a very interesting card, fell on the turn. Action again checked to Bissai Logbo, he bet 27,000 and Evans was the only caller. There was now over 100,000 in the middle as the [10h] completed the board. Evans quickly checked, Bissai Logbo fired again, this time for 52,500 and Evans went into the tank.

At this point Ludovic Geilich arrived at the table having been moved there from a breaking table. He and his good friend Michael Kane - who was sat to the right of Richard Evans - started up a conversation which increased in volume until the dealer asked them to quieten down due to the gravitas of the decision faced by Evans. Another minute ticked by and then Evans decided to call. "Good call," said Bissai Logbo, showing K♠[10d], indeed it was as Evans opened A♣J♥.

After that hand Evans is up to 215,000 whilst Bissai Logbo drops to 150,000. -- NW

1:50pm: More Day 2 fallers
No cash for the following players: Madlena Trifonova, Allan Rawling, Leonard Readle, Paul McTaggart, Vance Martin, Tomas Andersson, Shannon Shorr, Nick Lynn, David Llacer, Marco Fantini, Nick Rampone, Will Dunlop, Matthew Wadsworth, Luke Marsh, Kelly Saxby, Tudor Purice, Adrian Gate, Mark Dillon, Jonas Lauck, Damaso Mora, Andrew Vann, Emiliano Bono, Florian Bordet, Simon Fuller, Alex Todd, Vicente Delagado and Ryan Spittles. -- MC

1:40pm: White turns to black
Oliver White did all he could: get chips in good and leave it in the lap of the poker gods to decide his fate.

He was down to his last 7,600 when he shoved from early position. Jack O`Neill was sat in the cut-off and he raised to 12,600 which was enough to force every one else out.

White: A♣K♠
O'Neill: K♦Q♥

The board ran K♥4♥5♠Q♦8♥ to make O'Neill two pair. -- MC

1:20pm: Ludo doing what Ludo does
That is winning pots and lots of them. Ludovic Geilich was still stacking some small gains from the previous pot when, in position he called a early position raise from Thomas High and this meant the big blind came along as well.

On the 2♦7♠6♣ flop both players checked to Geilich and his stab at the pot was enough to earn him another pot. -- NW

1:15pm: Tank tales with Deborah Worley-Roberts
From under-the-gun+1 Pratyush Buddiga opened to 3,600, Madlena Trifonova then three-bet to 12,500 on the button and action passed to Deborah Worley-Roberts in the small blind and she went into the tank. She riffled her chips and then cut them down to see how much she was playing, clearly contemplating whether she could afford a flat call, should raise instead of if folding was the correct option. A deathly silence enveloped the table as they all realised that Worley-Roberts was facing a tough decision.

A few minutes passed at which point Worley-Roberts glanced to her right and saw Trifonova studying her intently. "Oh Jesus Christ is it on me?" asked Worley-Roberts, cue much laughter. "Why didn't somebody tell me, I'd folded in my head three minutes ago. I'm so sorry." She mucked and then Buddiga did likewise. "I can't believe I did that especially after giving you (Jack O`Neill) shit for taking so long. I had 10-3 offsuit or some trash." To which O'Neill said: "It looked like you had a really big decision to make!" -- NW

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day2_deborah_worley-roberts.jpg

Worley-Roberts - best to just call the clock on her to be safe

1:13pm: Jenkins off to the South of France
Full Tilt Poker's Ben Jenkins grinded so hard yesterday to make it here today but it was all undone after he ran queens into kings to bust.

He actually utilised pocket kings to double early on and had 30 big blinds when he busted. He informed the blog that Tudor Purice had three-bet off 20 big blinds so he had little choice but to rip. He did and the opener had the kings, called, and busted him.

Jenkins is off to join his family in the South of France so don't feel too sorry for him. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000, 300

1pm: De Meulder back to black
Matthias De Meulder dropped some chips early on but got back to where he started after eliminating Andrew Hawksby.

The Team PokerStars Pro raised from mid position and called after Hawksby three-bet all in for 28,300 from the cut-off.

De Meulder: T♣T♦
Hawksby: A♣5♣

The board ran 2♥9♣3♥3♦9♥ to send the Pokerstars qualifier on his way. De Meulder back up to 104,000. -- MC

ukipt4_isle of man 2_day2_matti_de_meulder.jpg

De Meulder - predicted fireworks, got fireworks

12:55pm: Done and dusted
It's been a short day for: Richard Manning, Thomas Dunn, Cosimo Sabatini, Dmiitri Joubert, Trevor Pearson, David Bell, Adi Krispin, PCA9 Champion Dimitar Danchev, Alexander Lind, Henrik Hecklen, Chris Love, Barry Earnshaw, Oliver Price, Marcus West, Stuart Easton, Paul Mallows, Nicholas Berry, EPT 100 Barcelona runner-up Samuel Phillips, Anthony Smyth, Robert Day, Moench Maximilian, Chris Papapakis, Terrance Plummer, Simeone Vulliet, Paul Hoefer, Vaidas Siriunas, Jens Objin, Vladislav Varlashin, Shayne Khanna and Mark Winter.

They don't have long to wait for another tournament to start though as a £200 + £20 turbo deepstack kicks off at 2pm. -- NW

12:45pm: Ace, ace, baby
Jason Barton found a lovely spot to pick up aces to double up to 95,000.

He raised from late position before Javier Etayo three-bet from the next street. Barton came back with a four-bet and snap called all in for 45,200 when Etayo shoved.

Barton: A♣A♥
Etayo: A♠K♣

The board ran Q♦6♥8♠J♥Q♥. -- MC

12:40pm: Silver and Spillum Svendsen double
UKIPT Dublin champion Max Silver was perilously short with just 13,400 when the day started, but he's managed a double up already. "I had sevens against threes," he told the PokerStarsBlog. He's now in the relative comfort zone of 15 big blinds.

Another player who's gone deep in a UKIPT has got a double up as UKIPT4 Marbella 2 runner-up Katja Spillum Svendsen came out on top in a hand against Roberto Romanello. After the EPT Prague winner opened to 3,300, Spillum Svendsen three-bet to 13,500 from a stack of 34,000 and Romanello smooth called.

On the 2♦5♦4♣ flop Romanello checked, Spillum Svendsen shoved for 20,500 and Romanello snap called rolling over pocket sevens as he did so. Spillum Svendsen was behind with A♦Q♦ but not for long as the Q♣ fell on the turn to give her the lead. The 4♠ completed the board and she climbs to over 70,000, whilst Romaenllo drops to around 105,000. -- NW

12:30pm: De Meulder ready to let sparks fly
For some, having the start of day chip leader at your table would be a concern, but its something Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder is positively relishing.

12:30pm: ElkY slips up, busts
Team PokerStars Pro ElkY winced at the moment he knew he'd slipped up and was likely in deep trouble. He was right, and busted.

Wilhelm Sascha opened the pot with a raise to 3,500 from mid position and called after ElkY three-bet to 11,000 from the cut-off. The flop fell 9♣3♥7♠ and Elky continued for 8,500 but was check-raised to 21,500. The Frenchman three-bet enough to commit himself and Sascha wasted no time in setting him all in. ElkY winced and called off.

ElkY: A♣K♠
Sascha: K♥K♣

The board ran out K♦5♣. -- MC

12:25pm: Tasty table draws
Tables 9, 19 and 27 would be contenders for feature table if there were such a thing today. To see why and to see the entire Day 2 table draw click here. -- NW

12:15pm: Westwood not amongst the early fallers
George Westwood came back with just 16,500 chips today but has managed an early double up, through neighbour Chaz Chattha.

His A♠J♣ came from behind to beat Chattha's Q♣Q♦ on an A♣6♠K♠4♥6♦ board.

Frank Bastow, Neils Meibom-Larsen, Andrey Veselov, Vladislav Varlashin and Mark Winter were not so lucky and were the first out. -- MC

12pm: Shuffle up and deal
Day 2 cards are in the air.

11:25am: Welcome to Day 2
It's moving and bubble day on the UKIPT. The remaining 323 (from 1,089) return with the aim of making the top 159 and securing a cash.

For those Day 1A players returning, we have some good news for you: a lot of players turned up yesterday and many didn't make it through but they left a lot of money behind to play for. The prize pool topped out at £762,300 and £133,500 of that is reserved for the winner.

Robbie Bull busted yesterday so the winner's baton will be passed onto a new deserving soul.

The top five counts heading into the day are:

Eric Theissen, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 293,200
Hamid Toghyan, United Kingdom, 279,000
Gino Levrini, United States, PokerStars Player, 260,800
Alain Bissailogbo, United Kingdom, 255,600
Fabrizio Fuchs, Switzerland, PokerStars Qualifier, 220,700
Daichi Tominaga, Japan, 212,400


The all in triangles will be in heavy use today

Cards will be in the air at midday BST so join us back here then as the race to the bubble starts. -- MC

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT4 London 2: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny "Cold Pimp" Maxwell.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT