UKIPT4 London 2: Level 26-32 updates (100,000/200,000, 30,000)

8:45pm: Brett Angell wins UKIPT4 London 2 (£115,083)
Five days ago the final UKIPT of Season 4 got under way and 1,089 runners entered the fray. Almost 32 levels later only one player had chips, Brett Angell. He's been a fixture on this tour for a number of years and he got his own personal monkey off his back in London tonight.

In February 2011 he finished runner-up to Gareth Walker at UKIPT Nottingham but after defeating Fabrizio Fuchs heads-up he can finally call himself a UKIPT winner. You sense this is one of those times when the win and the trophy really does mean more than the money. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_Brett_Angell.jpg

Brett Angell - UKIPT Grand Final Champion

7:45pm: Fabrizio Fuchs eliminated in second place (£98,717)
It's all over here at the Grand Connaught Rooms and Brett Angell is the final winner of a UKIPT Season 4 Main Event.

On the final hand Angell opened to 400,000, Fabrizio Fuchs three-bet to 1,000,000, Angell then reached deep, four betting to 2,600,000 total. His Swiss opponent then counted down his chips - totalling around 7,000,000 - he then announced all-in and Angell swiftly called.

First to show was Angell, he opened A♣K♣, "do I have to show?" asked Fuchs. He knew he had to and Angell now knew he had him Fuchs showed first the A♠ and then the 9♦. The 4♥2♦4♠ flop through up some chopportunities, the 3♥ even more but the 8♦ river gave Angell the win, the title and a rapturous round of applause from everyone.

Fuchs, who started the day as the second shortest stack played, a great final table but will have to be content with second place. Whilst for Angell it's redemption after his runner-up finish in Nottingham in Season 2. The IT professional from Middlesborough takes home £115,083 for the win. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_fabrizio_fuchs.jpg

Fuchs - a worthy runner-up

7:35pm: Fuchs changes tactics
Fabrizio Fuchs has taken to limping the button since this level started? A wise move or fool's gold? Only time will tell. -- NW

7:25pm: Exact chip counts
Brett Angell - 13,895,000
Fabrizio Fuchs - 7,885,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100,000/200,000, 30,000

7:10pm: Break time
The players are on a 15-minute break. Exact counts coming up.

7:05pm: Fuchs takes more from Angell
Fabrizio Fuchs made a large, polarising bet on the river and, after some thought, Brett Angell paid him off.

Angell raised to 375,000 from the button and continued for 405,000 on the 8♠J♥9♠ flop. Fuchs called both times before the 4♣ turn was checked by both. The board completed with the 6♥ and Fuchs led for 1.2million. Angell called and winced upon seeing his Swiss opponent's J♦4♦ for two-pair. -- MC

6:55pm: Fabrizio Fuchs doubles up
Fabrizio Fuchs is back in the game after fading a big draw...

He raised to 325,000 pre-flop and Brett Angell defended from the big blind. On the K♦5♠3♦ flop Angell checked, Fuchs bet 375,000, Angell check-raised to 1,100,000, Fuchs shoved for 2,775,000 and Angell called it off.

Angell: J♦2♦
Fuchs: 6♥6♠

Fuchs was ahead but Angell had a 46.5% chance of sealing the deal. The 5♣ turn took away one of his outs and the 9♣ evaporated the rest. Fuchs is now up to around 6,200,000 whilst Angell has 15,580,000. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_fabrizio_fuchs.jpg

And relax...

6:50pm: Fuchs drops further still
Fabrizio Fuchs is down to just 2,800,000 after Brett Angell picked off his river bluff.

The Swiss player raised to 325,000 pre-flop and then bet a further 325,000 on a A♦9♦A♠ flop, an out of position Angell calling both bets. The 4♥ turn was checked through and the 2♠ fell on the river. Angell checked, Fuchs bet 500,000 and Angell called. Fuchs simply mucked his hand face down and Angell took the pot.

Can Fuchs stem the tide? -- NW

6:45pm: Sit down!
Fabrizio Fuchs raised to 350,000 and Brett Angell smooth called from the big blind.

Flop: 9♥5♦9♣ - Fuchs bet 325,000, call from Angell
Turn: 4♠ - Fuchs bet 550,000, call from Angell.

This was now a serious pot and Angell's rail got to their feet thinking this could be the final thand. The river was the 4♥ Angell checked and Fuchs turned to his right and said: "You can sit back down again," he checked behind and Angell's 8♥5♥ was good. "I just want to make a pair once," said a laughing Fuchs after the hand. -- NW

6:35pm: Angell soaring
Brett Angell has won three big pots to open up a four to one chip lead.

First he picked off Fuchs' river bluff, on a 6♣3♠J♠2♠5♠ board Fuchs bet 650,000 with 8♥3♥ and Angell looked him up with 7♠6♦.

Then on a 4♥A♥2♥[10c] board Angell bet 300,000, Fuchs bet 1,100,000, Angell shoved and Fuchs folded.

And the final battle saw Angell open to 300,000, Fuchs three-bet to 750,000 and Angell come over the top to 2,200,000 total. After getting a count Fuchs let his hand go to slip to 4,200,000, Angell meanwhile has 17,580,000. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_brett_angell3.jpg

Angell is bossing proceedings

6:25pm: High Roller update
They've reached the final table in the £2,000 UKIPT High Roller and British player Chris Brammer is chip leader. Also still in are EPT Madrid champion Frederik Jensen, EPT Barcelona Super High Roller champion Olivier Busquet and Gaelle Baumann.

PokerStars Team Online's Vicente Delgado from Spain, the overnight chip leader, finished tenth for £9,400. The winner will receive a massive £107,300 first prize after the event attracted a record 276 entries: 233 players with 43 re-entries. Last year Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst beat UKIPT Dublin champ Max Silver heads-up to take the title. -- MH

ukipt4_london 2_day4_chris_brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer

6:20pm: Fabrizio takes one on the river
The two players are still deep stacked and there haven't been too many pots over 10 big blinds so far. Fabrizio Fuchs though won the first pot that saw both pre-flop and post-flop betting.

Brett Angell raised to 375,000 from the button and Fuchs defended from the big blind. The 9♣Q♦A♥ flop was checked through, Fuchs then bet 400,000 on the turn and Angell called. The [10h] completed the board, Fuchs fired again, this time 900,000 was the bet and Angell swiftly folded.

Blinds up: 80,000/160,000, 20,000 ante

6:10pm: Angell has the momentum
Brett Angell has extended his chiplead and now has roughly 14,200,000 to Fabrizio Fuchs' 7,500,000.

In the only hand that's gone to showdown so far Angell opened to 250,000 and Fuchs called. Fuchs check-called bets of 250,000 and 355,000 on the flop and turn of a 8♥6♥8♦3♠ board before the 2♦ river was checked through. "Ace high," said Fuchs, but Angell had Q♦2♥ for a pair of twos, which was good enough to win the pot. -- NW

6pm: Play resumes
Heads up play in under way.

ukipt4_london 2_day4_heads_up.jpg

heads-up play in London

5:55pm: Deal agreed
The two players, with the help of TD Toby Stone, have come to a deal based on ICM calculations.

With 12,425,000 chips Brett Angell will take home a guaranteed £105,083 and Fabrizio Fuchs, with 9,230,000, will be guaranteed £98,717. That leaves another £10,000 to be played for.

The clock is paused but play will resume shortly. -- MC

5:40pm: Sandro Mescola eliminated in third place (£56,500)
Something had to give and it was the exit of the smiley, diminutive Italian, Sandro Mescola.

He raised to 260,000 from the small blind and Brett Angell defended his big blind to see a 3♣5♠T♠ flop. Mescola led for 335,00 and then called all in for slightly under two million when Angell shoved.

Mescola: K♥3♦ for bottom pair.
Angell: K♦T♦ for top pair.

The board ran out J♣4♠ and Mescola received a generous round of applause.

The clocks been paused and the two heads up players are having their stacks counted and looking at the numbers for a potential deal. Details to come -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day4_sandro_mescola.jpg

Mescola - gone in third

5:25pm: Angell takes some from Fuchs
The gap at the top has closed a little as Brett Angell just took a nibble out of Fabrizio Fuchs' chip lead.

Angell opened to 275,000 from the small blind and Fuchs called from the big. The 8♥K♣8♦ looked like a 'he who bets first wins' kind of flop, but that didn't prove to be the case at all. Instead Angell led for 220,000, Fuchs raised to 525,000 and Angell called.

The A♥ turn card was checked through and the J♠ completed the board, Angell reached for chips and no sooner had he dropped 675,000 over the line then Fuchs mucked his hand. Angell now has around 9,100,000 to Fuchs's 11,200,000. -- NW

5:20pm: Frantic pace but no big pots
The three players remaining aren't hanging around in terms of the amount of hands they're see, really making the dealer earn her money, but no big hands so far.

Sandro Mescola has open shoved twice, and had also shoved over a raise from each player. Brett Angell and Fabrizio Fuchs are playing a lot more cautiously with each other, with no pot making it past the flop as yet. -- MC

5:05pm: Mark James eliminated in fourth place (£42,500)
From under-the-gun Mark James raised to 260,000 and Fabrizio Fuchs defended from the big blind. On the Q♥6♠6♥ flop Fuchs checked and James moved all-in for 2,965,000 into a pot of roughly 630,000.

"That makes no sense," said Fuchs to himself as much as James. He then got a count of the shove. "Why would you do that? You could have the flush draw..." a few more seconds passed and then Fuchs announced call.

James: A♥5♥
Fuchs: Q♠3♠

James did indeed have the flush draw, that and his overcard meant he had almost a 42% chance of winning the hand. The turn and river were the 2♦ and 7♣ meaning James exited in fourth and Fuchs now has over half the chips in play as he's up to 12,000,000. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_mark_james.jpg

James - showed heart but couldn't hit one

4:55pm: Chip counts
It's very close at the top between Fabrizio Fuchs and Brett Angell, whilst Mark James has a few big blinds more than Sandro Mescola.

Fabrizio Fuchs, Switzerland, PokerStars Qualifier, 8,225,000
Brett Angell, United Kingdom, 8,135,000
Mark James, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 3,725,000
Sandro Mescola, Italy, 2,645,000

ukipt4_london 2_day4_fabrizio_fuchs.jpg

Fuchs has a slight lead from Angell

Blinds up: 60,000/120,000, 20,000 ante

4:40pm: Fuchs dents Angell at level close
Fabrizio Fuchs took a good chunk out of Brett Angell's stacks as level 29 came to a close.

Angell raised from the small blind and bet 250,000 on a 7♠A♦5♠ flop. Fuchs called both times and then bet 275,000 on the K♥ turn. Angell called and also called another 525,000 on the K♥ river.

Fuchs opened A♣J♣ and Angell mucked.

The next hand Angell raised to 200 and folded when three-bet to 550,000 by Fuchs. These two players have a large number of small denomination chips so stacks were tricky to count but the players are on a 15-minute break now so full counts will be posted very soon. -- MC

4:25pm: Nickolas Davies eliminated in fifth place (£32,500)
So that's four exits in 25 minutes!

Nickolas Davies opened to 250,000 from the button, Brett Angell three-bet to 505,000 from the big blind, Davies shoved for about 3,500,000 and Angell snap called.

Davies: A♥Q♦
Angell: A♦K♣

A 7♣4♦[10s]K♠8♦ board meant Angell won a huge pot and he's now got towers and towers of chips. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_nickolas_davies.jpg

Davies - downed in fifth

4:19pm: Vladimir Troyanovskiy eliminated in sixth place (£23,800)
It folded to Vladimir Troyanovskiy on the button and he shoved for around 14 big blinds, Fabrizio Fuchs snap called from the big blind.

Troyanovskiy: A♦8♥
Fuchs: A♥A♣

The 6♣K♦Q♦ flop wasn't great for Troyanovskiy and he got to his feet, he'd already wished the table good luck by the time the 9♦ gave him a flush draw, but the J♠ river was blank and he's out in sixth for £23,800. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_vladimir_troyanovskiy.jpg

It just wasn't the Russian's day

4:12pm: Fuchs reps the hand he has
There are certain spots where it's hard to get away from because one's opponent can only be representing one hand. Of course, they can always have that hand.

Fabrizio Fuchs raised from early position and Vladimir Troyanovskiy defended his big blind. The flop and turn were checked by both players to leave a 9♠Q♦8♦A♥4♠ board. Troyanovskiy led for 175,000 and tank called when Fuchs raised to 550,000. Fuchs opened 4♥4♦ for a rivered set.

Troyanovskiy shook his head, mucked his cards, and dropped to around 1.5 million. Fuchs' great day has continued and he moved up to around five million. -- MC

4:10pm: Caicai Huang eliminated in seventh place (£17,800)
Exits, they're like London buses...

It's two exits in two hands as yet again the pair outraced the overcards. Fabrizio Fuchs opened to 225,000 with pocket sixes, one seat to his left Caicai Huang moved all-in for 1,280,000 holding A♦Q♠. Fuchs got a count, lent back in his chair riffled some chips and then placed those chips over the line to indicate a call.

The J♥7♦4♦K♣6♣ was the wrong kind of paint for Huang and she's out in seventh for £17,800. Fuchs is up to 3,500,000 after that hand. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_caicai_huang.jpg

Huang - lost a crucial race to bust in seventh

4pm: Rasmus Agerskov eliminated in eighth place (£12,800)
It took a little over three hours to lose the first player at the final table and when it happened it came down to a flip.

Mark James opened to 210,000 on the button, Rasmus Agerskov then shoved for around 1,100,000 from the big blind and, after getting a verbal count, James said, "yeah I call," but in a tone that suggested he'd rather have just won the pot uncontested.

James: 6♦6♥
Agerskov: K♦[10s]

The K♣5♥7♦ flop meant Agerskov took the lead but the 6♠ turn meant James made a set and Agerskov was drawing dead. The 2♥ completed the board, Agerskov is out eighth for £12,800. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_rasmus_agerskov.jpg

Agerskov - out in eighth

3:55pm:Chip counts
Nickolas Davies, United States, PokerStars Player, 3,055,000
Rasmus Agerskov, Denmark, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,100,000
Sandro Mescola, Italy, 1,800,000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Russian Federation, PokerStars Player, 2,550,000
Brett Angell, United Kingdom, 6,300,000
Fabrizio Fuchs, Switzerland, PokerStars Qualifier, 2,900,000
Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 1,500,000
Mark James, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,800,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000/100,000, 10,000

3:40pm: Angell puts the hurt on Fuchs
Vladimir Troyanovskiy (button), Brett Angell (small blind) and Fabrizio Fuchs (big blind) all put in 175,000 and saw a K♣K♦4♥ flop, Fuchs took a stab at the pot for 150,000 and Angell was the only caller.

The 4♠ turn went check-check and the 3♣ completed the board, Angell led for 505,000 and Fuchs tanked for around four minutes before folding. The two had a bit of a chat about the hand whilst the dealer was preparing the deck with Fuchs saying he folded an ace.

After that hand Fuchs is down to just 1,450,000. -- NW

3:35pm: James in danger
Mark James is playing a 20 big blind stack after three hands played with mixed results.

He raised to 160,000 from the small blind and Nickolas Davies defended his big blind to see a J♦3♥5♥ flop. James continued for 220,000 and Davies called very quickly. When James checked the 3♦ turn Davies shoved and won the pot.

The next hand Davies called a Vladimir Troyanovskiy raise but folded to a c-bet on a 5♥T♥2♥ flop.

One hand later he open shoved from the hijack and picked up no callers. -- MC

3:25pm: High Roller update
Just 17 players remain in the £2,000 UKIPT High Roller. Those still with chips include:
Bryan Paris, Martin Jacobson, Vicente Delgado, Gaelle Baumann, Kevin Killeen, Ian Simpson, Olivier Busquet, Sylvain Loosli and Christopher Brammer.

Whilst the in the money finishers so far today are:

18th. Sorel Mizzi Canada £5,790
19th. Georges Yazbeck Lebanon £5,790
20th. Fabio Sperling Germany £5,790
21st, Yuri Nasedkin Russian Federation £5,240
22nd.Georgios Zisimopoulos Greece £5,240
23rd. Joao Vieira Portugal £5,240
24th. Alexandre Amiel France £4,700
25th. TBC
26th. Andreas Samuelsson Sweden £4,700
27th. Leon Louis United Kingdom £4,700
28th. Ilkin Amirov Azerbaijan £4,170
29th. Micah Raskin United States £4,170
30th. Sotirios Koutoupas Greece £4,170
31st. Sakis Nicolau Cyprus £4,170
32nd.Igor Kurganov Russian Federation £3,700
33rd Weiming Lam Singapore £3,700
34th. Oliver Price United Kingdom £3,700
35th. Elcio Luiz Romao Brazil £3,700
36th. Stefan Jedlicka Austria £3,700
37th. Giuliano Bendinelli Italy £3,700
38th. Thomas Muhlocker Austria £3,700
39th. Rick Trigg United Kingdom £3,700

3:17pm: Still eight handed
By this point in last week's UKIPT4 Isle of Man 2 final table two players had been eliminated. All eight are still in here in London though. The average stack is still 35 big blinds, but Caicai Huang, Mark James and Rasmus Agerskov are all in the danger zone. -- NW

3:13pm: Troyanovskiy scared of an ace
Vladimir Troyanovskiy has moved back up to 2.4 million after winning a small pot with pocket kings.

He opened the pot with a raise to 160,000 from the cut off and Fabrizio Fuchs peeled from the big blind to see an A♣6♣6♥ flop. Both players checked to the 2♣ turn where Fuchs check-called a 175,000 bet from his opponent. The board completed with the 9♥ and Fuchs checked again. Troyanovskiy smiled and thought for 30 seconds before checking behind.

Fuchs opened K♠Q♠ and lost out to Troyanovskiy's K♥K♣. -- MC

3pm: Davey extends advantage at top of UKIPT Season 4 leader board
The UKIPT leader board offers some fantastic prizes to those players who finish in the top three places. The overall points champion will win buy-ins plus hotel to all events for UKIPT Season 5 and it was too close to call heading into the final stop of the season.

Max Silver was leading Dara Davey by just a few points but Davey has final tabled two side events to take the lead. His latest boost came when he finished fourth in a £330 side event yesterday.

2:55pm: Boring!
When is a 5m chip pot boring? When it's chopped of course. Vladimir Troyanovskiy opened to 165,000 from under-the-gun, next to act Brett Angell raised to 400,000 and it folded back round to Troyanovskiy. He looked at Angell, looked as his own chips and then announced all-in. Angell took a quick glance to his right to size up the Russian's stack (about 30 big blinds) and then called.

Troyanovskiy was first to show and opened J♦J♥, "boring," said Angell as he showed J♠J♣. Angell hit a four flush on Troyanovskiy yesterday but there was no repeat on the 5♥5♠9♦9♥6♥ board. -- NW

2:50pm: Huang into shoving mode
Caicai Huang came back with 11 big blinds so had little choice but to get her chips moving forward, and hopefully for her, upwards.

She moved all in from the button and picked up the blinds and antes. The very next hand, she three-bet all in over a 165,000 opening raise from Vladimir Troyanovskiy. He tank folded and she moved up to around 1.2 million chips.

She settled down for a few hands and then came back shoving again. Fabrizio Fuchs opened to 165,000 but admitted defeat and folded to her shove.-- MC

2:40pm: Chip counts from the break
Brett Angell, United Kingdom, 5,700,000
Nickolas Davies, United States, PokerStars Player, 3,600,000
Fabrizio Fuchs, Switzerland, PokerStars Qualifier, 2,700,000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Russian Federation, PokerStars Player, 2,500,000
Sandro Mescola, Italy, 2,400,000
Mark James, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,600,000
Rasmus Agerskov, Denmark, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,300,000
Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 880,000

ukipt4_london 2_day4_vladimir_troyanovskiy.jpg

Troyanovskiy has maintained his stack during the opening two levels

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000/80,000, 10,000

2:25pm: Break time
Level 27 has come to an end and the players are off on their first break of the day. -- MC

2:10pm; Fuchs doubles through Angell
Brett Angell just can't get a pair to hold up when he needs it to. Just one hand after losing a flip to Sandro Mescola, he lost another to Fabrizio Fuchs.

Vladimir Troyanovskiy opened to 125,000 from the hijack, Angell flat called from the cut-off and Fuchs then shoved for 1,085,000 from the button. The Russian quickly folded, but Angell was going nowhere as he made the call.

Angell: 6♥6♣
Fuchs: A♦J♥

The 4♣2♣5♥Q♥A♠ board meant Fuchs was just one card away from elimination, Angell got up from the table to talk to his friends on the rail as he took a mental breather after losing two big pots in a row.

Despite those loses he's still got 4,500,000 and is still the chip leader. Keep an eye on our chip counts page for up to date chip counts. -- NW

2pm; Mescola doubles through Angell
It took a while but the first all in showdown just occurred at the final table and saw Sandro Mescola double through Brett Angell.

Mescola raised to 300,000 and called all in for 1.175 million when Angell raised enough to set him in.

Mescola: A♠K♥
Angell: 9♠9♣

The board ran 6♣J♣8♥A♣7♠ to pair the Italians ace on the turn. Angell dropped to around 5.5 million. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day4_sandro_mescola.jpg

Mescola was too slick for Angell

1:45pm: High Roller set for thrilling climax
There are 39 players going in to Day 2 of the UKIPT4 London 2 £2k High Roller - all of whom are in the money and guaranteed £3,700. The winner though is set to receive a massive £107,300 first prize after the event attracted a record 276 entries.

It's star studded final 39 though with the likes of: Vicente Delgado, Kevin Killeen, Martin Jacobson, Chris Brammer, Sylvain Loosli, Olivier Busquet, Sorel Mizzi, Sotirios Koutoupas and Igor Kurganov still in the mix. You can see the full Day 2 seat draw here. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_olivier_busquet.jpg

Busquet is back for Day 2 of the High Roller

1:40pm: The shoving diaries
Two pre-flop shoves to tell you about now...

From under-the-gun Sandro Mescola, opened to 125,000 from a stack of around 20 big blinds, next to act was Vladimir Troyanovskiy, he re-raised to 360,000 and it folded round to Nickolas Davies on the button. The American has been very quiet so far at the final table, but that all changed when he shoved for around 3,500,000 total. He got through Mescola and Troyanovskiy fairly quickly with the Russian particularly disgusted at having to fold.

A couple of hands later Brett Angell opened to 125,000 from under-the-gun and Caicai Huang moved all-in for 1,065,000. Angell got a count and then said to Huang: "It's close," he mulled it over for a minute or so before electing to fold his hand. -- NW

1:35pm: Four on the trot for Angell
Brett Angell is playing the table very well. No one seems to want to bust first and he's taking advantage.

Three raises went uncontested and then he leveraged Vladimir Troyanovskiy off a hand post flop to extend his lead. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000/60,000, 10,000

1:25pm: Warning: don't try this at home
Bluffing Vladimir Troyanovskiy should come with a warning sign. Only experts should try it.

Caicai Huang raised to 100,000 from early position and Troyanovskiy defended his big blind to see a T♣7♥A♣ flop appear. Huang continued for 130,000 and Troyanovskiy check-called. Both players checked the 9♦ turn before Troyanovskiy checked over the 5♣ river. She bet 200,000 and Troyanovskiy gave that look he gives opponents before calling.

Huang opened K♠Q♠ and lost out to Troyanovskiy's 8♥8♦. He moved up to around three million while she dropped to just over a million. -- MC

1:20pm: Angell five-bets
This final table just woke up from its slumber...

We've just had the first major confrontation of this final table and its seen Brett Angell extend his chip lead. Rasmus Agerskov opened to 100,000 from under-the-gun, Angell then three-bet to 305,000 and it folded back to Agerskov. The Dane capped his cards and went deep into the tank for at least four minutes. He emerged with a four-bet, making it 680,000 total.

Angell looked a little disconcerted at this but his first port of call was to ask Agerskov how much he had back - around 2,500,000 - Angell then cut down a handful of the green 100K chips and slid out a five bet to 1,500,000. It didn't take too long for Agerskov to fold and shouts of, "go on Brett," rang out from the rail. The 'Boro boy has the most chips and the loudest rail. -- NW

ukipt4_london 2_day4_brett_angell.jpg

Angell's wings means he flying away from the pack

1:10pm: Mescola makes his move
Sandro Mescola made a strong move and it seemed like he was getting called but got his shove through.

Brett Angell raised to 100,000 from under the gun and was called by Fabrizio Fuchs in the next seat before the Italian squeezed all in for 955,000 from the small blind. Angell folded quickly but Fuchs took a couple of minutes - all the while staring at his stack and breathing deeply - before eventually folding as well.

No one wants to bust first! -- MC

12:57pm: Angell wins one, loses one
Brett Angell is the current chip leader and he's wasted little time in putting his chips to good use. He opened to 100,000 from the hijack and Caicai Huang smooth called on the button. The two of them saw a 5♥[10s]A♠ flop, check from Angell, bet of 140,000 from Huang, call from Angell.

The 6♠ fell on fourth street, Angell bet the flush draw completing card to the tune of 250,000 and Huang let her hand go.

On the next hand Angell opened to 100,000 but folded when Fabrizio Fuchs moved all-in for 1,250,000. -- NW

12:50pm: Cagey start
The players have gotten off to a quiet start as one would expect.

The first hand saw Nickolas Davies raise to 110,000 from the hijack and Rasmus Agerskov call from one seat along. The board ran out J♠5♥A♥9♣Q♥ with both players checking all the way. Agerskov opened pocket eights and Davies mucked.

The next two hands were "raise and takes." Sandro Mescola's 165,000 and Brett Angell's 100,000 raise were good enough to take the blinds and antes. -- MC

12:40: Shuffle up and deal!
Tournament director Richard has announced the players to the room and cards are in the air. There are 42 minutes left of level 26. -- MC

ukipt4_london 2_day4_final_table.jpg

The elite eight

12:15pm: Get to know the players
While you're waiting to for the action to start, get to know the players more by reading through their profiles. -- MC

12pm: Angell favourite to win last UKIPT of Season 4
The last final table of Season 4 is upon us with a great mix of players who've played phenomenally well over the last few days to outlast 1,081 players and make this point. The table is set up in the shadow of the TV set and across from where the EPT Main Event is kicking off.

Robbie Bull is playing Day 1A of the EPT and walked pasted the UKIPT set up and gave it a glance, for he will be passing on the title to another soul today. Brett Angell is the man to catch with around 25% of the chips in play but he'll have his work cut out as the final is stacked with talent. Here's how they'll be lining up:

Seat one: Nickolas Davies, United States, PokerStars Player, 4,000,000
Seat two: Rasmus Agerskov, Denmark, PokerStars Qualifier, 3,150,000
Seat three: Sandro Mescola, Italy, 1,145,000
Seat four: Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Russian Federation, PokerStars Player, 2,705,000
Seat five: Brett Angell, United Kingdom, 5,190,000
Seat six: Fabrizio Fuchs, Switzerland, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,240,000
Seat seven: Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 1,960,000
Seat eight: Mark James, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2,300,000

UKIPT4_London2_Brett Angell.jpg

Angell has position on the dangerous Vladamir Troyanovskiy

Cards will be in the air at 12:30pm BST so join us back here then.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT4 London 2: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny "Cold Pimp" Maxwell.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT